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2013 will be another year when IT will be asked to manage increasingly complex environment’s with less resources. Falling hardware costs and the “off-shoring” of labor has managed to keep the costs contained if not reduced over the past couple of years. Against this trend the consumerization of Enterprise IT is now driving customer expectations to new levels – “IT needs to be Agile and just work”. With the advent of Cloud based services such as, Workday, Dropbox, Google Apps, Amazon etc. the Business now have alternatives that do “just work” without IT. Also Gartner is predicting that Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) will be spending more on IT than CIO’s by 2017. These changes to the IT Landscape will continue to gain momentum over the next few years.


So are your customers complaining about the below or similar issues?

  • Change takes too long and is too expensive due to complexity
  • User satisfaction suffering due to usability and performance issues
  • System instability impacting availability
  • Lack of responsiveness to fixing issues
  • Communication issues due to teams, data and processes running in silo’s


If so then it could be time to start planning a Strategy to proactively addresses the above. As part of the Application Lifecycle (ALM) it is the Stabilization and Operate Phase (part of runSAP) that sets the foundation for alignment and integration with the business and its processes. An ALM Strategy will help addresses this phase and deal with the above issues by optimizing SAP’s Support tools and processes based on Solution Manager. Once implemented then IT can help drive value through continuous innovation as a part of the Business and remain relevant in the future IT Landscape.     

Solution Manager News (links to the SAP Service Marketplace):

SAP has just released My Learning’s ( - SAP Enterprise Support Academy) that enables individuals to create their own Learning Maps via the Enterprise Support Academy. This combined with the new Role based content (8 roles below) will enable your Application Support teams to continuously improve their knowledge around SAP’s support processes and tools.


·         Application Architect

·         IT Manager

·         Basis Administrator

·         Project Manager

·         Chief Information Officer

·         Security Administrator

·         IT Architect

·         Quality Manager Customer CoE


Solution Manager Training Schedule:

Below is the November Schedule for free Solution Manager training. I have just completed the Business Process EGI and it was a good learning experience. With the BI reporting now integrated into the monitoring for it has definitely improved the usefulness of Solution Manager!

SAP have also just released a new EGI for connecting BOBJ to Solution Manager for Root Cause Analysis and Early Watch reporting. This content can also be accessed via the above roles.


Expert Guided Implementations (EGI’s) for November:

Guided Self Services and Automated Self Services (EarlyWatch Alerts)

·         Business Process Analytics and Improvement (BPAI) – Nov 26th

·         SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (4.0): Basic Configuration and Setup of SAP EarlyWatch Alert for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 - Nov 26th

Setup & Upgrade your SAP Solution Manager

·         Technical Upgrade to 7.1 - Nov 12th

Implement Application Lifecycle Management on Your SAP Solution Manager 7.1

·         Change Control Management I: CTS+ - Nov 12th

·         Change Control Management III: Change Request Management  - Nov 12th

·         Incident, Problem and Request Management (ITSM) - Nov 12th

Implement Run SAP like a Factory on Your SAP Solution Manager 7.1

·         Business Process Monitoring and Stabilization - Nov 12th

·         Business Process Analytics and Improvement - Nov 26th

·         Job Scheduling Management - Nov 12th

·         Configuration Validation – Nov 27th

·         Custom Development Management Cockpit - Nov 26th