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Creating attachments from Presentation server or notes or URL and displaying or editing them was the requirement given to us. It was all a custom development and custom Business Object was to be used. I found the below mentioned approach to be quickest once to implement the above mentioned requirements.

  • Pop Up to allow user to choose the attachments. User can also add notes and URL also apart from attachments. We created a custom business Object ZBO1 for the same. Then we called the function module SGOS_DOCUMENT_CREATE_DIALOG by passing objectype and objectkey. It displays a popup to select the file/create note/URL. So the first task of getting the pop up for attaching the file was accomplished. You press ok and the file is attached.

  • Second task was to edit them or delete them. this task was also made simple by using another SAP standard function module GOS_ATTACHMENT_LIST_POPUP. In it you have various parameters based on which you can enable editing functionality. For eg Using IP_MODE we can control whether it should be in display mode or change mode.
  • Third task was to write a label on screen mentioning whether some attachment exist if yes then label should 'EXIST' else 'NOT EXIST'. This was also acoomplished by implementing a simple method COUNT_FOR_OBJECT of class CL_GOS_ATTACHMENT. 

You can link these documents to document repository also for which additional confirguration is required.

Please let us know in case we have some better way of implementing the same requirements. It will be great if you can provide your own view and opinions for the same.



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