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ABAP in Eclipse

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Following the Become an ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer and earn the Explorer Badge Challenge, I took a look at the Feature Explorer...


Some missing Features / Issues I see with AiE:


  • Actually working Offline.
    Eclipse is an offline tool. But I cant save my changes without an online connection... Ther should at least be a "local save" variant.
    Maybe something like "sync down" (syncing a whole package to eclipse) or "sync up" (syncing up to the server). Activation would obviously require a "sync up".
    See e.g. SAPUI5 Team Provider...

  • Feature Split between AiE and SAP GUI
    Now we've got several features working ONLY in AiE (e.g. AMDP, CDS -- although both are "jsut plain files") and others working ONLY in SAP GUI (e.g. BSP. So the developer is kind of forced to use BOTH tools...


Some Answers for the Challenge:


Developing in ABAP: The standard way is SAP GUI. I love the "where used" feature. I hate the double-click-to-navigate feature (douple click is commonly used to select a single word for copy/paste)


Developing in Eclipse: I have a strong background developing in Eclipse (mainly, but not only Java). I love the Ctrl-Click-to-navigate feature (and double-click-tio-select)


Currently, I dont see the point of using Eclipse (apart of new ABAP features that are only available through eclipse), because you cant really work offline.


Use case: sync a few packages, work on a programm offline (be it on a train or from outside the intranet without open VPN connection) Once connected, activate and test/debug.

Finally, I have passed this "challenge"!


Well, you might say "That is not any challenge, it was easy for me...". And I agree, finally it was no such challenge, but took some time and effort time.


Firstly I would like to introduce myself shortly. I work as a SAP Basis administrator and I have really no experience with ABAP programming language. But I used Eclipse during my studies for programming using Java, JavaScript and Tcl (scripting language). I think I will never program in ABAP, but I had an idea to pass this mission, because it might have been helpful to understand ABAP language a little bit. Maybe it will help me in the future to solve some Basis issues connected with applications.


I started my mission I think 2 month ago. Firstly I had to prepare my home computer and install all the environment. I mean SAP NetWeaver with database, SAP GUI, Eclipse and so on. I found a very useful blog How to install SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP03 Trial – Ready for ABAP in Ecplipse (AiE). It served as a manual. I downloaded all the files and started the installation. Of course there were couple of problems and I had not so much time to solve them. So I had the installation in the middle and had to stop for couple of weeks. Then I returned to it, read some information, solved the problem and finished installation successfully. Then of course some problems with Eclipse, but not so hard. Couple of days ago I finally started the beginners tour.

And funny part is coming now. I passed first part and then decided to "clear the mess" in my PC. Unfortunately I did not realized Eclipse is not installed, but just unzipped. And of course I did not moved it anywhere else from my download directory. Yes, I deleted whole Eclipse in one shot! Well, no problem, just do again all the settings...at least it helped me to practice.  Then I finished my beginners tour today early in the morning. Here is the approval Ok, not so important, but I have nothing more...




Final conclusion is, that I found the tour very useful especially for me. It made mi to install SAP on Windows and I am really glad to have it on my home computer. Normally I work on Unix OS and it is interesting for me to see how it works on Windows OS. Of course I also have the newest SAP GUI 7.40. We don't have it even in my job yet. The beginners tour itself shows basics steps, but it is good to know about them, because probably  would not find all of them for a long time. And they are useful and they make the ABAP programming easier.


Thank you for reading and best regards next time


By the way, did you heard about I Care, I Gave, I Inspired. Even if so or not, check my personal challenge on my blog. Maybe you will find it interesting.

I am Anderson Balieiro and I'm from Brazil.




My journey started with SAP as an Functional CRM, however I always liked ABAP programming, and I'm improving very in this year.



I liked the experience with eclipse because this environment (Eclipse) is a very versatile.


I'm a new developer in the plataform Eclipse and this plataform improve my knowledge in geral.


Features described in this tour are new experience to me.



Thanks to you Thomas Fiedler to share this and all of involved with this great product.



Last Friday we had the SAP Code Jam event "ABAP on HANA" here in Munich. It took place in combination with the SAP Inside Track event on Saturday.

At the Code Jam event Thomas Alexander Ritter showed us a small little feature in ABAP in Eclipse tools, which was not known very well.


Restrict search for ABAP development objects to object-type


You can use the "Run ABAP application" (shortcut Alt + F8) or "Open ABAP development object" (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A) functions for searching purpose.

Maybe you just want to search for a specific type of object, maybe a program, transaction, class, and so on...

If no object-type is specified your result list contains all kind of objects - often the max. result count of 50 items is reached and you possibly may not find the object you're searching for.



But there is a solution for that issue which I did not know.


Just type "type" behind your search term and use Ctrl + space (code completion) and you will receive a list of possible object-types (all ABAP repository object types available):





By starting tipping the list gets closer (Eclipse standard feature) and helps you to find your desired object-type faster. So finally you just have to select the object you had searched for.



Hi All,


I'm an ABAP developer for over 6 years, I started off as a HR ABAPer, then worked in BW, now I write BADI calculations in the BPC space.


I've heard about Eclipse during my varsity days, but never used it, this is my first time using Eclipse and I'm quite impressed.


I think the feature explorer is very helpful to on board new developers, it highlights most used shortcuts to jump start your coding, and in the same process it get you familiar with Eclipse.


My favorite features are ctrl+space, ctrl+o also the feature that list all the parameters for a class or function, it can speed up programming a lot.


Other features I like is that you can open sap transactions inside Eclipse, the looks and feel are like SAP GUI itself.


and I see SAP HANA development and admin console are in Eclipse as well, its good to know that SAP is behind Eclipse.


Can't wait to use Eclipse for my next development.


If you haven't tried Eclipse yet then you are missing out. Go on and give it a try.




I am a 10 years experienced SAP professional with 4 years of experience in ABAP and 6 years of experience as a functional consultant in SAP FICO. At the start of my career I was trained in JAVA and we used apache tomcat server and eclipse for all our developments back then. After I completed the training I was asked to learn SAP-ABAP. In the beginning I was a bit reluctant towards it, as I think, everyone is opposed to change. The thought process was; all the learning and hard work I had put in learning JAVA is going to go down the drain. But after spending 1 week in the training I felt right at home and I was totally comfortable with the ABAP editor. Since then I loved ABAP.


Working in Eclipse

As I knew Eclipse from my experiences as JAVA developer some years ago, I was really excited to see how ABAP in Eclipse will look. I knew the former problems with the right versions of the JAVA Plug-Ins and their dependencies, This was always a great trouble in the JAVA Projects. So this offer from SAP with a pre-installed development Environment in the cloud works perfect for me! You need nothing to do, just click and execute and everything works. You did a perfect Job, guys!

I might have to spend some time in getting a local installation of AIE in my laptop rather than using AWS cloud image. But i think with all the help availble on SCN it shouldn’t be a problem.


Eclipse feature explorer:


  1. Right at home - Once you are in the SAP HANA development perspective in eclipse, and open any ABAP object, you will feel that nothing has changed. You can still do a command based navigation, as well as menu based navigation.
  2. One stop place – Eclipse is known as one of the best integrated development environments available to date. Now i can code anything and everything in one place, test it, and deploy, be it, my java developments or ABAP. How cool is that!!
  3. Open SQL – Just got off from one of the openSAP courses about enhancements in open SQL and i am quite excited to experiment them on my own. Here is the link to the course.
  4. Debugger – I used the new debugger in eclipse and really liked the new capabilities in there like code editing while debugging. Now i can debug find out the issue and then align the code right then and there. Of course for the new code changes to take effect i have to activate it. I could not find some features like “Go to statement” and “memory analysis covering SAP and ABAP memory” in the new ABAP debugger in eclipse. May be i need to explore a bit more on it.
  5. Web Dynpro Developments – I need to say that this area needs some work. The user interface for all WD-ABAP developments in se80 is much much better than what we have in eclipse. Like if you need to create a node in the context, you have to explicitly click on the node and then rename it, as compared to se80 where the system intuitively asks for a node name. Same applies to the attributes. But i guess, the road forward is Fiori, so now would have to focus on that.
  6. Local editing – The inherent feature of eclipse is code check-in and check-out for all developments. My first thought when i came to know about ABAP in eclipse was yooohoooooo, now we can code locally while having lunch or while travelling back home, i and then sync back the code. But i must agree that i was a bit disappointed here.

Spread the word:

It is a must try for all ABAP developers. If you not tried it yet, please get a trial version on cloud or get a local installation to get your hand dirty. Here are some helpful links.


Getting development  System: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-56314

Development Centre: http://scn.sap.com/community/developer-center

Getting Started: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-31815

Good Blog: http://scn.sap.com/community/abap/eclipse/blog/2012/08/25/lets-see-what-this-aie-stuff-is-capable-of


With the new code-to-data paradigm approach together with the enhancements done in open SQL, the programming would just get more exciting.

I nominate Liew HanYean to share his experience in AIE.

I am Pavithra Jayasinghe from Sri Lanka, island in Indian Ocean. 

My journey started with SAP as an ABAP developer since 2013 ( new to ABAP and SAP ). Although time period is too short with ABAP

I like this experience so much...


Actually I don't know about Eclipse before  took this ABAP in Eclipse Explorer challenge because i'm new to ABAP.

I'm a new developer so the feature explorer is so interesting and helpful for me to improve my knowledge about Eclipse.


Features of this tour are new experience to me. I think new developers like me can get lot of knowledge from this tour and also by referring

documents from SCN and many more ways..

Thank u Thomas Fiedler to add this and all of who were involved with this great product ...






The series of SAP CodeJams on ABAP in Eclipse continues: One event will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany on October 24th, another event will take place in Oldenburg, Germany on November 28th.

What can you expect?


Both CodeJam events focus on the Eclipse-based ABAP tools and how they increase your developer productivity.

Since these are SAP CodeJams you can be sure that they will be highly interactive. You will have plenty of time to chat about ABAP in Eclipse and get hands-on experience.

How can you participate?


Just register yourself for one of the events:

The event is free, but space is limited.


Sign up, now! We are looking forward to see you there!


Hello Community Members,


I am Pravin residing in India. I am working as an ABAP developer from 8 years.

I was not active on new SCN as I was not comfortable to it. But from last few months

learned new SCN ,I mean I understood the navigation of it   Now you can catch

me here rather than facebook or twitter


I read the ABAP in Eclipse Explorer challenge here on SCN homepage. Before this I was

not knowing Eclipse. On 10 Sept 2014 I got chance to attainde ABAP on HANA code jam event

where I come to know more about Eclipse and fall in love with it's feathers.

I took the challange seriously  and explored more by reading many blogs ,wiki ,documentations,

videos..etc and also downloaded development environment.


The feature explorer is very very helpful to onboard new developers without any doubt.


It is very comfortable for development such as inline declaration. My favorite feature is cntrl + space functionality.

and search unused variables and delete them automatically.


UI5 has an added benefit to the developments as it works very well in eclipse.

Many thanks to the development team for developing such great product.


My friends  Modadugu Hemanth Kumar , Suresh Narayan Ram Choudhary must explore about Eclipse Feature Explorer.







About ME

I am working in a the SAP ABAP module for past 2 years and working in a MNC in India,

I had a very good experience in working with the Eclipse and the Apache Tomcat server, as earlier I was a java

J2EE developer.


I created many enterprise web pages by using the eclipse and for the past one year I am using SAP R/3 system

for the custom code developments.


Working with Eclipse


Its been a wonderful experience to have a chance to work in Eclipse instead of traditional R/3 development


I mean to say that there are many advantages and disadvantages that I would share while my developments

in Eclipse.


Eclipse Feature Explorer


Eclipse has the best thing that I like is simultaneous work on many objects without changing the screens,

I mean u just have to click on other object in left side pan and the objects open up,

thus facilitating the navigation.


Also the features like refractoring, debugging and specially the cntrl + space functionality suites very well with the

development and eases the task for a developer.


I even got to know that UI5 has an added benefit to our developments as it works very well in eclipse.


Spread the word :


Yes, definitely its a must try for the persons who like to explore new areas of SAP,

and as far as my view is concerned it really makes a developer life easy.


I would like to share some useful link that I come across that would be helpful to you:-


Must read for a new developer :









       The ABAP Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) are the implementation of the general CDS concept for AS ABAP. ABAP CDS makes it possible to define semantic data models on the central database of the application server. On AS ABAP, these models can be defined independently of the database system. The entities of these models provide enhanced access functions when compared with existing database tables and views defined in ABAP Dictionary, making it possible to optimize Open SQL-based applications. You can find more information on ABAP CDS from help documentation.

As ABAP CDS supports many advanced features like Union , Association , expression etc, it will be apt if there is an easy way to preview the result of CDS views defined  using these features. This is supported by Data Preview in AiE which contains most of feature as SE 16 and  other cool features as well. Detailed information about Data Preview can be found here .

In NW AS ABAP 740 SP08 with ADT 2.31 , the support to visualize the association on ABAP CDS is implemented.  .


In order to showcase the Data Preview feature, we use the DDL source example about the usage of associations mentioned in the keyword documentation.





Here two associations are defined. The initial data source in each case is the first database table snwd_so_inv_head after FROM.

  • buyer stands for a join between snwd_so_inv_head and the target data source snwd_bpa.
  • invoice_items stands for a join between snwd_so_inv_head and the target data source snwd_so_inv_item.

Open Data Preview

One can open Data Preview by right click inside the ABAP CDS source editor and choose open with-> Data preview option



or right click on the ABAP CDS from the project explorer and choose Open Data Preview. Even, Data preview can be opened by executing the ABAP CDS View ( Pressing F8 ).


Data Preview Editor


After selecting the option "Open Data Preview" , it will open an editor as shown below .




The breadcrumb at the top of the data preview is used to display the cds view name. If CDS view contains any association and mentioned in the projection list, those associations will be displayed by clicking  arrow on the left of the cds view name.


Since sales_order_invoice_header contains an association "invoice_items" and included in the projection list, it will be displayed on clicking the arrow as shown below.



The same can be visualized by selecting the row in the table and right click and chose "Follow Associations" .



The list gives information about the association name , target and cardinality . Here the association name is invoice_items , target is snwd_so_inv_item and the cardinality is [ 1.. * ] which is defined in ABAP CDS view.


Follow Association for given Item


  In order to follow the association for a given item , select the desired row from the table and choose the association to navigate to the target view/table for the selected item.The breadcrumb will display the complete path of navigation from the source after selecting the association from the list.One can go back to any level in the path by simply selecting the corresponding node in the bread crumb and follow different path or perform the same for different item in the table.



I am an ABAP Developer since 2003. I never worked with Eclipse.

When I used Eclipse for the first time last year, I thought that it’s complicated too for me.


Last week I found many blogs about “Abap in Eclipse” and so I installed again Eclipse.

I read the “Future Explorer” and some manuals and now… It’s cool create Abap report with Eclipse, but especially “look into the future”.


My favourite feature is the code completion (CTRL+SPACE), the "ABAP Element Info" (F2), the quick type hierarchy (CTRL+T), the quick fix (CTRL+1)




Hello altogether,


I joined the openSAP course ABAP development for SAP HANA which started recently. All you need is an AWS account to get access to ABAP for HANA in the SAP Cloud appliances space. Part of the cloud Installation is version 2.28 of ADT.

Setup was fastly done and after entering a valid license key for the development Edition I could start with ABAP development in ADT.


To shortly introduce me: I work as an independent SAP BW Consultant with strong ABAP knowledge. I began SAP ABAP development in 2001. Before that I did development with MS Access and have also two years professional JAVA development under my belt.  I program most of the time in SAP BW projects ( variable exists, planning functions but also Z-programs or classes to extend available functionality).


As I knew Eclipse from my experiences as JAVA developer some years ago, I was really excited to see how ABAP in Eclipse will look. I knew the former problems with the right Versions of the JAVA Plug-Ins and their dependencies, This was always a great trouble in the JAVA Projects. So this offer from SAP with a pre-installed development Environment in the cloud wroks perfect for me! You Need nothing to do, just click and execute and everything works. You did a perfect Job, guys!


As first thing I started the Feature Explorer tour. As I already knew Eclipse, the first part was very easy. I created a new ABAP development project! After getting through all stages of the Feature explorer, I think, it was really helpfull to get to know the short-cuts to different functions like code Navigation, code completion. If you're completely new to Eclipse you may need a short introduction into the different perspectives and what they are for.


My favourite feature was the possibility to start as many ABAP development objects as you Need from the ADT. This means: You can start any transaction in the SAP backend and it will be displayed in Eclipse. I started different Transactions which I normally use likea RSA1, RSD1, SE09, STMS and I could open more than six Transactions at the same time. This is very cool! With the ADT you're no longer stuck to the Maximum of six open GUI sessions in parallel. When developing a data model and devloping ABAP in parallel this gets a hassle very fast. See a sceenshot how ADT looked after starting several transactions:



That's really cool and very helpfull! Thanks a lot for this!


I will now continue with further exploration and see if there are other cool new features!


Best regards,



Myself Vipul Koladia from India. I have started my journey to ABAP in 2012. Currently working in level 5 company. Having a good knowledge in all the areas of ABAP.

Yes I have used Eclipse in my college life but not to that extend.

Yes definitely feature  explorer is really helpful.

Definitely the short cut and also regarding the web portal by ABAP in Eclipse.

There are many people in SAP community network who know about ABAP in Eclipse.

Yo all my ABAP friends, it's time to feel the difference of classic ABAP and new ABAP in eclipse. Lets jump on to the new stage.


Hy my name is neeraj prabhu preeth daggupati and i'm a certified ABAP consultant and i've been associated with ABAP for over an year.


I've just heard of eclipse but really did not know what eclipse was, So Eclipse explorer challenge was really helpful.


And definitely for the new developers this challenge is super interesting and also knowledge giving.


And in the beginner's tour i would say right from the start everything was well planned so that anyone could understand and i personally feel the workbench was awesome.


And for some hardcore ABAPer's whom i follow are

Markus Ganser

Susmitha Susan Thomas




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