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Anyone who has worked in the digital world long enough has been through a migration project. It’s a rite of passage for Web professionals. Technology evolves, new tools emerge, and it’s onward and upward.


We have a strong vision of how we can modernize the community experience. It’s not simply that we’ve outgrown the platform that hosts this amazing community. We know that the notion of ‘community’ is always more than the sum of the bits and bytes on which it operates, but it’s time to realize our collective vision.


By “collective vision” I mean a vision in lock step with One Digital Experience that also brings in everything the community has taught us. No matter what the underlying systems the community has run on, it has always been vibrant not only with discourse about the SAP world, but on how community itself works. This invaluable input has been fodder for our own team of IT professionals and community managers to imagine what could be… beyond the confines of the platform du jour.


Migration Time


And so here we are, on the verge of a major transformation in the community. While this blog series focuses on the content migrations required of the progression, the overall goal is to provide the best functionality for our world-class community to find answers, learn, and contribute. Now it’s time to think about how to pack up for the move!


In taking these strides forward, the project team must take inventory and decide what to bring into the future. Maybe migrations aren’t as much fun or as flashy as devising widgets or coding new applications or “innotechting” the vision. But while challenging and complex, migrations present a unique opportunity to improve the tools, systems, and processes that run the business. Migrations are also the perfect time to eliminate clutter.


So what happens next?

Five Ws (and One H)


To borrow from an old journalistic tool to help explain the new one: It’s the who-what-why-where-when-and-how of blog migration.


Who? It’s all about you.


What? Blogs, to start with. Your blogs. We’ll talk about discussions and documents in subsequent communications.


Maybe the better question is “Which?” as in, which blogs will be migrated? Today there over 60,000 blog posts, most of which will be migrated. There are some exceptions and migration rules that will apply that we’ll address in more detail.


Where? To SAP Blogs.


Why? As in why are we migrating? I attempted an answer at the beginning of this piece, but I think the better answer is well documented in the highly regarded blog by Oliver Kohl, The Long Run.


When? We will begin testing the migration process as early as this month (when the beta site is open), but the actual migration will take place in Q4. Everything created on the beta site until this final cutover date will not be kept for launch.


How? Two factors essentially describe how blogs move to the new system: migration rules and primary tags.


First, about the rules, or “quality algorithm.” We’ll run a set of business rules over the enormous stockpile of blogs in our current system to sort out what belongs in the high-value pile and what belongs in the lower-value pile. The small amount of content expected in the lower-value pile will not be discoverable by search, but will be retrievable should there be any reason to preserve it – be it business or sentimental. What determines the quality bar? The SCN team has worked hard to come up with a quality algorithm that strikes the right balance between conservation and search optimization.


Second, about the mapping. In the blog Goodbye Spaces, Hello World of Tags, I talked about the importance of metadata in the future community and introduced the primary tag concept. Metadata will drive navigation and consumption of content, while the unique primary tag will enable us to run effective moderation and reputation programs. Primary tags are also critical for migration to the new environment. Every space slated for migration must be mapped to a primary tag; i.e. a singular value in the “1DX metadata schema.”


Mapping Matters


This schema will evolve over time of course, but right now the focus is on getting it close enough to complete so that we can finish our mapping of spaces to tags. This exercise is pretty straightforward in most cases: For example, the SAP Lumira space corresponds to a singular value in our corporate product taxonomy, which we can therefore assign for migration. Similarly, ABAP will be an official value in the list of topics (it isn’t a product!), and therefore we can map the ABAP spaces. For other spaces, however, a one-to-one mapping from space to product isn’t possible. For example, SAP Microsoft Interoperability covers two or three products. Or, it may be that no related value exists in the 1DX schema, such as for Life at SAP.


Once the beta site is robust and prepared for content migration, we’ll begin moving over blogs. Blogs will be assigned a primary tag based on the mapping of spaces to tags just discussed. Blogs for which no primary tag has been identified will be given a temporary “migration” tag, to be identified over the course of time by blog authors, moderators, and global moderators. We hope to complete the mapping in such a way that it limits the amount of content without a primary tag, while preserving the integrity of the 1DX metadata schema.


What About...?


The process outlined thus far accounts for most of the blog content on SCN, but there are a few exceptions.


Personal Blogs – Having outlined the purpose of the 1DX metadata schema, hopefully it won’t come as a major surprise that your personal blogs will not have a default primary tag. Your personal blogs (found under http.//scn.sap.com/people/<username>/blog) will be brought over to WordPress with the “migration” tag, like any other unmapped blogs. We will provide an ample grace period for you, as authors, to assign a primary tag to these blogs in the new system before purging any content.


Note that you can move your personal blogs to other spaces at any time (yes, even now already) – but of course you will need to know which spaces do and do not have a primary tag mapping for that move to result in the blog having a proper primary tag in the new world.) Later we will publish the mapping so that you may move your personal blogs to a suitable space with a primary tag.


Blogs in Private Spaces – In general, the content strategy for the few private/closed spaces on the current platform is to migrate to SAP JAM. We will be addressing these migrations directly with appropriate stakeholders.


Non-English Language Blogs – We will migrate non-English language blogs, although the overall localization strategy for the community is still being worked out.


The Path Forward


Let’s face it: Migrations are the uphill climb on the journey forward. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bring the stuff; the heavy lifting just requires endurance and some support. Let’s not lose sight of the vision we’re working towards.


I hope this overview sheds some light on the path forward. We will provide specific instructions in the near future. And we’ll communicate more about document and discussion migration in the coming weeks. Until then, consider this one more stride in “the long run.”

Every week, the SCN editorial staff recognizes some of the best high-quality contributions on SCN by highlighting them front and center in the rotating Featured Content widget, at the top of the SCN homepage. Our editors read through hundreds of posts to find the ones most worthy of bringing to the attention of the whole community. These picks include trending topics posted by some of our top contributors, but also the hidden gems posted by some of our newer members. Topics range from implementation advice, to technology trends, to the future of the SCN community.

Here's a list of the 2015 Q1 featured contributions to give you an easy way to get back to some of the best content so far this year. With thanks to all the contributors who created content that was feature-worthy!

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Please note, this is for the Q1 2015 featured contributors only. Stay tuned for next quarter's announcement, some time in July!

I am a Performance Engineer on the SCN R&D team which is part of the 1DX program.

This means that I'm always looking for ways to push our solutions with better performance for you, the end users, and also make sure that our clockwork will tick while the high workloads kick in.


The upcoming 1DX platform is really exciting! Not only with new set of features and a fancy look & feel, but we are also working to bring it with very fast response times. While today the SCN platform is mostly performing quite well in terms of response times, there are several features we know of which respond slowly and we plan to improve them later this year once we switch to the new underlying systems that will compound the 1DX platform.


One of the new parts of 1DX is the blogging platform based on Wordpress, which we simply call SAP Blogs.

Following the post by Oliver Kohl from March, I'd like to share more insights of the upcoming SAP Blogs performance.


When it comes to you, our end users, performance in your eyes is how fast or responsive the application is.

No one likes to wait several seconds for a page to show up or render. One second is usually too long and might be quite annoying in most cases.

We are trying to make the new blogging platform of 1DX perform faster than today's blogging experience.


We are working on the new blogging platform for several months now, while performance is measured and improved ongoing. We are measuring performance with each and every build and fail builds upon slow performing activities. We run load tests regularly (at least once a day) and continously monitor and improve. I'd like to share some figures of the expected performance we see in the new system and compare them with the current performance.


Some figures

*Note: The following figures are based on our regular realistic load tests which we run from within the same network location where our servers are.

These figures are similar to those of you who live in a Central / Northern European location.


Viewing a blog post

Viewing a blog post - which is by far the most popular activity in terms of blogging - takes around 600ms in the current SCN platform.

That's basically quite good, but this only measures the time our servers worked for generating the page for you.

There's an extra effort on your browser to actually render the page, so you could see the content - which takes around additional 700ms.

This means that usually you will not see much on your screen for about the first second.


In the new SAP Blogs, we have achieved a remarkable fast loading time of below 250ms!

Adding the browser side rendering which is now only about 350ms - means that you will usually get your screen rendered in about 600ms in total.

That's twice as fast as of today!


View Blogpost.png


Why am I so excited about getting a page loaded and rendered in 600ms? Because using a web application which reacts fast make the difference.

One whole second or more already feels slow, click around the applications or web sites you usually use, does any of them respond with a new page rendered in less than a second? I guess that most of them won't and I guess you feel that it is slow and you're just used to it.



Performance is especially important for the homepage. We wanted to get our readers a superfast entry point, while still having the homepage showing dynamic content, based on recently generated content. As most of the traffic on our system is anonymous (90% of our traffic is from un-authenticated users) and usually a user who browses the homepage, is an anonymous user (until he clicks the 'Login' button), we enabled full page caching, based on Varnish.




This means that for anonymous users we do not have to re-generate the Homepage, running logic and rendering on our application servers and fetching data from the DB like we normally do for any page, but instead when such a request coming through our web servers, we check, in-memory, if the requested page is already cached and if it is, than it is immediately served to the user, making the overall process shorter than 10ms (that's 100th of a second)!


Homepage will load for our users only depending on their network latency to our servers. Users within the Central / Northern eurozone should get the homepage starting to show up in usually less than 100ms (not including the images) but still that's as fast as today's Internet can be.


Just for the comparison, today's SCN homepage loads quite fast with about 500ms or less (for European users) but the main difference here is that we will be able to utilize CDN networks much better now, as anonymous traffic can be proxied, cached and served by CDN servers closer to your location.



Content Delivery Network is basically a network of proxies which are located around the globe and allow users to get faster response times from closer proxies.

Today the CDN network doesn't help much for SCN page views, as they all must go to our application servers to generate the page, even for anonymous traffic, where all anonymous users should get the same view / content.
The SAP Blogs platform will allow us to better utilize CDN networks, specifically for anonymous page views.

With CDN enabled we will be able to provide to those of your which aren't in Europe to get page load times which are significantly better than today's.


SCN by location.png

Our figures show the following averages for the SCN Homepage loading times (TTFB + Download): 450ms from Northern Europe, 650ms from Israel, 1000ms from the US West coast, 1050ms from Brazil and 1150ms from South-East Asia.


In SAP Blogs, as we allow full page caching for anonymous users, not only the Homepage, but any other activity such as viewing blog posts, will benefit from improved performance, mostly for our global users. Having a CDN for anonymous traffic should flatten the chart above.

We expect to get you really fast loading times for viewing blogs posts - as if you were working close to our Germany-based Data Center.

One important note is that we haven't enabled CDN yet, as we still need to prove it works as expected. We plan to have it enabled for the SAP Blogs official release.


This is just a short insight into what the team is working on, in terms of performance. There are lot's of other cool stuff we did and plan to do, to provide improved experience and maybe I'll share some more as we go, depending on how much traffic or interest this post will recieve.

There is just so much more to knowing and working in SAP that I almost every day discover something new .. a new initiative that they have launched , a new Tcode , a new Tip or trick .. Some thing which can help so much to make my work easy in my language I call it a "Developer's  delight"  ..

so basically the list is endless .. Being in SAP for so many years It still keeps me on the go to keep seeing or trying to figure out what's new .. and whose posting what ..

To be honest SDN is my new social networking which I use more than Instagram or Facebook

I will try to put certain things that I thought is going to be a  lot useful for those who are new .. or for those who want to go an extra mile to find something they probably haven't as yet ..


The reason why it is always so intriguing to know more about SAP is the reason their processes and methodologies are so well defined there is an ANSWER  to all your question either some one has asked it before or SAP has already covered it ..So there is nothing called as an issue for a LONG time its always resolved .. and they ensure it is done that way ..


SAP customer/ Partner interaction some Unique points :

- Everything is kept neat and clean no SPAM concept and they are even able to monitor it minutely really to that extent to the Ground level ..

- Every person contributes and will reply to you ..

- Replies are not "Automated " of Customer service desk but of real people .. Product owners ,Project Managers every one replying to your queries and helping you to step ahead ..

- KAIZEN Continuously improving .. before you master a product probably in 6 months there will be a new release by SAP , Keeps you on your toes ..

- Motivating people by gamifications , contents .. events seems to be a constant endeavor

-There is something for everyone  If you know coding , or you dont , if you are a Project Manager or a client , If you understand only  one integration or you understand an end to end scenario . or you only work for a particular scenario in Supply chain like P2P or OTC .. so many things for everyone ..

- Everyone in their Ecosystem is involved from clients , customers , Partners and obviously SAP themselves ..

-  No need to sell : SO if you work in SAP it is never important to convince clients to buy their product since that is something they must have already decided .. the only question is how much they can afford to shell out and which product/version/solution  to buy ?


I tried to see how each person at their experience level can contribute .. so I divided into 3 parts Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced

In the end I am listing some of the places each of us can try to explore and see how we could contribute .

(All are learners like i said it has to be a constant lifelong learning )

Beginner :

Step 1 : Know about SAP Product in which you are working .. Join the SAP Space to do that .

Step  2 :Learn More about the Product by working HANDS on as a consultant , end user or a developer .. Read the installation , configuration and product Guides which you can fine via SOLMAN , or online ViA help.sap.com ..

Step 3 : For any issues raised or a new enhancement for your client  check SDN posts , Post a query on SDN if you think its something which you dont understand rather than being a product issue

Step 4 : DO Google to see if any notes raised for the same issue which you could probably implement ..

Step 5:  If nothing works for you . Raise OSS  for any product issues .. collaborate with SAP to resolve them ..or to release new Notes

Project type : Support , Testing , Ticket Management 

Role : End user , Developer , Functional -Technical consultant


Intermediate Learner

Step 5 : Understand more and more about the product , Different enhancement options present

or how you could possibly customize them

Step 6  : Start resolving problems of Peers  and begin to Participate in SDN discussions ..

Step 7 : Get recognized.. from one level to the next ..

Step 8 :  Now start to learn a new Skill or about the new release of your project and start over again ...

Project Type : Implementation , Technical Upgrade

Role : Team Lead , Module Lead ,


Advanced Learner :

Step9 : A user who now understand a solution like a OTC , P2P cycle now should be able to write articles , user guides or Cook Books on how to better use the system

Step 10 : Suggest to SAP some improvement ideas on how you implemented custom changes in the system to benefit to the client

Step 11 : Implement projects , processes and help to prepare system in the Blue print phase ..

Project Type :  RFP , Client discussions , Solution Design

Role : Pre sales Lead , Solution Architect , Practice Area Lead , Product owner


Now , Lets have a look at what are the SAP initiatives which you must know about

  1. http://open.sap.com/          ----- For any Courses you want to learn for FREE
  2. http://training.sap.com/ -----For those who prefer to Pay or looking for a certification
  3. https://sapecom-production21.tangentlabs.co.uk/asset-manager/cdn/static-pdf/LH-Registration-Guide-1.pdfn  ----- The better place to get many courses for FREE
  4. http://sdn.sap.com/ ---- Check existing issues and discussion
  5. https://training.sap.com/shop/crowdsourcing/ --- Submit your questions to SAP to be included in certification exams
  6. http://help.sap.com/ -------- Check installation guides , config guides and more info by SAP
  7. https://websmp205.sap-ag.de/public/saplistens   -----Suggest new Ideas , feedback complains
  8. https://influence.sap.com/11086      ------ Similar to the above but mostly is more product specific changes ..
  9. SAP InnoJam , SAP TechEd http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-32350-- Meet experts in these events


So There still maybe so many things I would not know .. Do share it in the comments section below

Note : Every thing in this article is based on my own personal experience and understanding


Thanks for reading




Joao Sousa is the SCN Member of the Month for May, 2015. João is a manager in the Enterprise Applications division of Deloitte, Portugal, where he uses SAP products to drive technology innovation. João is passionate and fervent, and actively shares his perspective in community discussions, answers questions and contributes popular blog posts.

Some insights from João ...

  • on the community - I really like SCN and the way people help each other.
  • on consulting - I believe curiosity is one of the most important things... even from a business perspective because there is so much to optimize.
  • on OpenSAP - it's a great tool to keep us updated.
  • on support packages -  if your customers don’t trust Support Packages it prevents innovation, it diminishes SAP and makes it less competitive.
  • and on Angola … well, let’s just say having tropical nights every single day is a good thing!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what kind of work you do, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?
I’m 34 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal where I was born. It's a great city with mostly good weather and nice people, where I like to spend most of my time. In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time in Africa specifically Angola, so I could say Luanda (its capital) has been my second home for the last 5 years. Even better weather, summer all year long!


  We were still happy! Benfica went on to lose this final


   Life is hard in Luanda, the foot is mine:)

Inside Deloitte I’m a manager in the Enterprise Applications division, where besides being a project manager, I’ve been responsible for driving technology innovation. I started working 10 years ago with ABAP, but from the beginning I’ve always felt the need to try things out, so I ended up doing many different things like CRM, Mobile CRM (the first one!) and MM/SD on the functional side, and stuff like Office integration, SOAP, BPM, iOS/Android, Webdynpro ABAP. More recently I’ve been focusing on SAPUI5/Fiori/UX. Although I started as a technical consultant, I feel my functional experience brings much to the table, because I’m able to use business knowledge to develop better solutions. I’m a strong believer in the benefits of a functional/technical mix.




   Group photo at Deloitte, Portugal

During my free time, I like to read, play tennis, jog and in Angola … well, let’s just say having tropical nights every single day is a good thing!

When did you become a member of SCN and which areas are you most active in?

I don’t really remember since I’ve had many different users. My current user is from 2009 but I’ve used SCN from the SDN days, so 2006 is more likely. Regarding the areas, it has changed over the years but I’ve had a constant interest in SAP ERP - Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM) MM and SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD), ABAP Development and more recently SAPUI5 Developer Center.

In addition to what’s already covered in the Rules of Engagement, do you have any advice to new members on SCN “etiquette”?
Before posting a question, read it as if you were the person answering it. Consider if you have given enough information to be helped. Unfortunately many people spend less time creating the question than the other users trying to help them. And search, please search.


I see you take an active role in the discussion around the upcoming changes to the SCN community as part of the 1DX project. What are some of your hopes and dreams for the new community?

I really like SCN and the way people help each other but I realize the technology is obsolete, I get why it’s changing. From a technology standpoint I want responsive design so I can use SCN on the iPhone, but I hope it doesn’t break the interconnection between blogs and Q&A which complement each other. In a way I understand if we have to take one step back to take two forward, but I would rather we didn’t From a community point of view, I think it’s great, I hope the people who contribute today migrate to the new SCN.


   João Sousa

You seem to have a great attitude about the fast pace of change with Internet technologies. How do you keep your skills current and relevant?

I read a lot! Much of the time on SCN but I’m a curious person and I keep clicking links and more links so, as an example, I ended up spending my Saturday afternoon reading about web components, Polymer and Angular 2.0 (web stuff). I believe curiosity is one of the most important things in a consultant, even from a business perspective because there is so much to optimize. But reading isn’t enough, and although I work in a large consultancy which are many times seen as “grey”, I’m fortunate enough to have great bosses who trust me enough to: 1) Let me manage my time so I can keep updated; 2) Experiment!


And congratulations on OpenSAP because it has great content (for free). It’s a great tool to keep us updated.


  My university, Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon


   Where I do most of my jogging in Luanda Bay

In SAP support for country-specific legal requirements, you wrote something that resonated with me; can you tell us more about your thoughts on this topic?:

SAP needs to do better support, I would say it's more important than "going Cloud"

There are two sides to this. On one hand I understand that Cloud needs to be addressed, but I don’t understand the “obsession” when so many customers are On-Premise and most won’t change any time soon (to the public cloud at least, in my opinion). I’ve never heard one customer say he wished SAP was cloud based, but I’ve heard them complain about the price and the quality of maintenance.


More investment could go into testing, because if your customers don’t trust Support Packages it prevents innovation, it diminishes SAP and makes it less competitive. Even “old” ABAP is getting better at each SP, we have ABAP Channels (Websockets) in 7.40, but most customers won’t use them because they don’t trust SPs. I’m very passionate about this as someone who thinks SAP is the best ERP out there, and wants customers to be able to use it to the fullest.

Do you have any fun talents you’d like to tell the community about? Jokes, songs, a dance?
I really wish I had! Well I have to confess I sing a lot while I’m driving alone, maybe I’m awesome!

Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?
There are a lot, but I will say the first three that come to mind: Jelena Perfiljeva because she manages to talk about serious issues with a lot of humor, Matthew Billingham for being so blunt (sometimes it’s needed!) and Jürgen L because he is just awesome, he knows everything about logistics.

Easy question: Mac/iOS or Windows? Or Android?
Not so easy! I have a Surface Pro 3 and a Macbook Air and I switch a lot (today is SP3 day). Regarding phones I’m an iOS kind of guy, but as a mobile developer I have to “spread the love”, and there is no Visual Studio for Mac.

Are you on Twitter?
I’m @joaoasousa, but I don’t post a lot. It’s a great tool for keeping updated if you follow the right people.


Every month, a member of the SAP Community Network is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement. See the list of previous members recognized on the SCN Member of The Month Hall of Fame.

Moderator spotlight is our way to show our appreciation to our SCN moderator. This time Michael Appleby is our Moderator Spotlight. Michael is a moderator for SAP for Mobile, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center, SAP Transportation Management, UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center and SAP Fiori.

Please read the interview below to learn more about him.

Bogota20140218FromBruno 001.JPG

Please share with the Community a little about yourself:

I joined SAP in 2008 after working as an independent consultant in Manufacturing (mostly SAP MII, but also some before SAP bought Visiprise and it became SAP ME).  I graduated from the University of Delaware in 1984 (six months early on the 10 year plan) after 4 different majors and 187 credits (only needed 133 for my BSEE).  I am an avid gardener, soccer player, and semi-gourmet cook.  Spent 6 years in the Delaware National Guard as a Microwave Systems technician and repairer.  Worked for Westinghouse Defense Electronics Systems Group for 10 ½ years as a Manufacturing Engineer and Project Leader (mostly Air Force systems).  And at various times, sold video systems, auto parts, and nursery plants, ran a landscaping and mulch business, short order cook, milk and paper delivery boy, business unit manager for a solar cell manufacturer.  Got into IT with The Franklin Mint in the 18 months leading up to Y2K and for almost 5 years afterwards.


When did you join the SCN community?

I joined SCN a few months before I joined SAP in 2008

What motives you? Why did you join?

I originally joined for crass commercial reasons.  As an independent consultant, I needed “street cred” which came from the points I accumulated and successfully answering Forum questions on MII.  It was also one of my PRM metrics.

Why do you moderate? What spaces do you moderate ?

My first community Moderator role was in SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII).  My management were firm supporters of SCN with the idea that more issues solved there meant fewer issues solved in CSS.  As I got more familiar with the responsibilities, the more I enjoyed the flow of the community interactions.  Presently I moderate 5 communities with a 6th coming soon.  SAP TM, SAP MII, SMP Developer Center (as Space Editor), UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center, and SAP for Mobile.

What do you think is most important in your moderation?

Be nice, polite and always offer to help.

What are the differences between moderating a small vs. large community?

Sheer volume of items to review daily.  TM and MII are every third day traffic levels.  The other three communities are every day and weekends often enough to just stay not too far behind.

If you could offer one bit of advice to new members or new moderators what would it be and why?

Read the documentation in the Getting Started link.  Anything you want to do in SCN is covered there.

How has the SCN community helped you?

Learned about Irish Diplomacy.

Have you ever attended TechEd?  How was it? what did you most enjoy?

I was fortunate to be selected to present at TechEd last year in Amsterdam.  The best part was meeting so many of the SCN folks that I had only interacted with via email, DMs, content and the very occasional conference call.  It was great just talking technology with interested and knowledgeable partners and customers.  I also really enjoyed the infinite foosball table.  Spent 20-25 minutes playing one on one with a team member before he finally scored the only goal.  Exhausted afterwards, but very entertaining.

What is your favorite food?

Medium rare 24 ounce grilled Ribeye steak with Bernaise sauce, baked potato with everything, fresh corn on the cob (uncooked).  Yes, I have had my cholesterol checked recently

Is there another moderator or community member that you've found incredibly helpful? 

There are so many supportive people who I have worked with, both moderators, regular members, and SCN Staff, but my first experience as a Moderator in SAP for Mobile was made so much easier as I had Jim Spath to lean on as I was getting over the shock of such a huge volume and the constant change in the technology even month by month.  I also want to thank all the new Moderators who have come on board in the mobile related communities. Their willingness to jump into the responsibilities has been quite rewarding!

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I think I would still go down the path I traveled (plant science, computer science, applied physics, and electrical engineering are an odd mix, but I learned a lot in each major), but I would have taken Spanish language lessons.  I have spent a number of years traveling to Latin America and wish I could better speak the languages there. 

What do you imagine or predict is the future of your topic?

I think the next major milestone will be biological integration of computers and people.  It was a couple of years ago when I was doing a workshop in Dublin, Ireland with the MDC folks.  One of the developers there had a headset which you could train your brain to control the outputs of 7 bars in a chart.  Shocked the heck out of me when I learned I could make the 5th one go sky high and keep 3 others minimized.  When will the next phase of direct connection (plugins for your brain) occur?  Not sure, but I bet it will be 5 years or less!


What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?

Commitment from the members, having good leaders, clear reasonable goals. 


What do you most enjoy on SCN?

I have been recruiting Moderators and Space Editors recently which has been quite successful and personally rewarding with so many great contributors taking the next step in making the communities vibrant and alive. 

Play the game to see if you are a rock star blogger!


Rock star campaign.jpg

Whether you've been blogging since the invention of the internet or you are just getting started, there is room for improvement. Depending on how you approach it, your blog could be a huge sensation, or a complete flop. 

In recent months, SCN Community Managers have received a lot of feedback about blogs that didn't quite meet expectations. In SAP Mentor, Fred Verheul’s blog, What Kind of Blog Posts do we want on SCN?, he asks bloggers to stop publishing marketing blogs. Though he doesn't give specific instructions for how to blog, the comments posted to his blog (which has 38,000+ views) make it clear that Community visitors want blogs of substance.


So how can you make sure that your blog contribution is viewed as positive?

  1. Watch the Rock Star video lesson
  2. Play the Rock Star game – a little bit like Candy Crush with tricky questions peppered in to test your blogging skills.
  3. Posting on SCN? It’s a great place to start with 2.5 million+ visitors per month. Be sure to read the Rules of Engagement.
  4. Check out which content is most popular in the topic you are going to cover. It will help you gauge your audience and determine what they value.
  5. Be ready for feedback and respond quickly and professionally.

Take your Blogging to Rock Star Status

This is one of the most fun ways to become a Rock Star Blogger:

1. Click here to watch a brief and very entertaining video to learn blogging best practices. These tips and tricks will help you gain followers and positive engagement.

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2. Play the Rock Star blogger game to test your knowledge. Once you complete a level of play, a question will appear. Answer correctly to move onto the next level.


3. Share your scores via the social widgets to show off your knowledge and get others to improve their skills.

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There are 20 levels of play, which get more challenging as you progress. Each level poses a new question from the Rock Star video lesson. As you progress, you will get closer and closer to gaining the ultimate high score.

How to Play the Game – Think Candy Crush!

game board.png

  • Match 3 or more of the same colored items in a row by using your mouse to switch them around.
  • Building a row of 4 of the same colors will award you with bonus items.
  • Build rows with the bonus item to remove an entire line.
  • The more items you combine, the more points you will score.
  • Hint: When you see 3 items spinning on the board, this is showing you a possible move.
  • Hint: Answer blogging questions as quickly as possible to get more points.

Earn Your Spot on the Rock Star Stage

Once you've completed the game, take your place on the Rock Star stage by posting your next blog in the "write tone" on SAP Community Network.

Rock On!

Enzo Yue

Blog it Forward - Enzo Yue

Posted by Enzo Yue Apr 23, 2015

Hi every one,


I was blogged by my colleague Blog it Forward - Rachel Tang , and I really like this amazing idea, so I would like to thank Rachel for the invitation. If you are interested in it too, you may join it via Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain.

Who I am and What I do

My name is Yue Yiqian (岳一倩), Yue is my family name and I named myself as Enzo when I joined SAP (it would be easier for our colleagues from other countries to call me). Most of our Chinese colleagues would name English name by ourselves. Sometimes we even change our English name when we change to another company, it is amazing, right?


Currently I am a member of Enterprise Support Advisory Center at SAP, Subject Matter of Expert is HANA area. My team is supporting Enterprise Support to Implement/Run/Innovate Better and Simple. You may know more via following link & picture.



I was a Support Consultant focus on SD component when I started SAP since 2005, and I worked in that area for 4 years. Then I transferred to Enterprise Support Advisory Center. The main reason is that I want to work more closely with our customers, setting up more closed relationship with our customers. And being an Enterprise Support Advisor perfectly meet my goal here! I hold regular conference call with my customers, listening customer`s voice, reviewing customer system/project, guiding our customers to consume SAP Enterprise Support services. I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I got customer trust.

My personal life dream





My hometown is Dalian, a small city located Northeast of China. There is very beautiful sea, and beach. Of cause, BEST seafood in China! Clear four seasons, not too hot in summer,  not too cold in winter either. Dalian is famous in China, because of its delicious seafood, and nice weather.




In my personal life, I love traveling, and tasting delicious foods. So controlling my weight is always my first priority task. My husband is also working at SAP, we shared mentor after we join SAP, then got married. Now we have a 5 years old girl, named Lemon. So SAP, it really means something to me. I spent many important life stages here. And I
have 2 cat, one named - Ham, another one named - Roast Chicken.



Questions asked by Rachel


What is your professional life dream?


- Become an Engagement Architect.







What do you most enjoy on SCN?



- Gaining knowledge, and learn the most popular things.



Which country/city is your last stop in your last trip?

- Japan.




Blogging it Forward:


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:

Maria Isabel Cifuentes Javier Menendez CalvoEcho Xia   Michael Moloney  David Moran  Gian ReisSarah Riolobos Jacky WangNoé Rodriguez Belinda Zhang  Jessica Facchin Lichee Yu

I’m sure you’re already aware of the organizing principle of the current SCN platform: People congregate, contribute, and converse all around the SAP “communiverse” in pockets called “spaces.” Spaces are essentially specialized communities based on SAP products, solutions, industries, topics, and events.


I think the pros and cons of spaces are pretty well-known at this point. They collectively make up our community, but at the same time segment it. They’re efficient, in terms of bringing people and content together around specific topics, but inflexible when it comes to dissemination of content. Returning visitors might not be exposed to information they care about because the platform doesn’t do well with the notion of “Create Once, Publish Everywhere.” As a newbie, you might not even know where to begin. And with the expansion of the SAP communiverse – the inevitable increase of spaces over time – things only get more spread out.


It’s time to explore the communiverse beyond spaces.


Content is king, but metadata rules!


The future community will be based on metadata. Governed metadata will drive navigation and structure content for user consumption, and it will also power reputation and moderation services that keep the community humming along expertly and effectively. Governed metadata is not a new concept for community; it just turned out that the space-based structure proved to be overpowering compared to the implementation of metadata.


As Oliver Kohl, lead architect for the community, put it in The Long Run, “Although tags and even categories exist already, we forced ourselves to organize the content and permissions for managing the content into [the space] concept, which turned out to be a not-so-great idea.”


Currently, visitors to the site must select from among 450+ spaces when choosing where to create a piece of content. Unshackled from the confines of selecting this space or that, users will be able to select multiple tags related to his or her content so that it may surface in the appropriate browse/search/follow experience. This is more along the lines of “Create Once, Surface in Multiple” experience that we strive for.


Meet the “1DX metadata schema”


The metadata schema for the community will simply be the metadata of SAP. There’s much work going on within the 1DX project to align metadata across systems and channels so that we’re all speaking the same language. This is a major piece of foundational work that will help achieve the goals of 1DX on an iterative basis, bringing SAP digital properties in greater and greater cohesion.


We’re doing things like updating the extensive software product list at SAP to get it in shape for this common schema. We’re also refining the list of so-called “topics” to include as values, to support content around such lively subjects as ABAP. There are also solutions, industries, events, and more. The team is working out what to include as these main buckets, or properties, and the values to include within them as part of the governed metadata schema.


The schema will evolve as solutions come to market, products get renamed, and new topics bubble up.


This metadata alignment will help us make connections across digital channels – for example surface relevant blogs on official product pages, but also provide contextual product and support information from the community in the future. Again from Oliver’s blog, “This will allow for a much greater flexibility and more granular contextualization of content and activities.” We’ve had governed metadata on the community before, but a common schema can be shared across all content types – blogs, KBs, Help Documentation, installation guides, and on and on. In short, the common metadata schema is how the 1DX vision will be realized.


The metadata foundation will provide structural integrity and flexibility no matter what applications we plug in to our best-of-breed platform of the future. Combine this with a personalized activity stream and other social features, and the future looks bright.


Think primary tags, not spaces


Today we have spaces. We have managed tags. We have user tags. But these constructs are rather independent from each other. The governed metadata is buried and practically irrelevant.  User tags don’t reach beyond the space in which its host piece of content lives. The extra meaning that contributors (sometimes) take the time to attach to their work literally gets lost in space.


In tomorrow’s community, the user experience will be abundantly better because such concepts will complement each other… except that we won’t have spaces. We will have primary tags.


A primary tag is just a managed tag that the contributor designates as the main subject matter for his/her content.


When contributors click “Create” from the future UI, like today, they will be presented with an interface in which they put in content and metadata, but with an intuitive UI that enables easy tagging.  Contributors will have to select at least one managed tag as the primary tag, and may also select the some number of additional tags. They may also add user tags to further contextualize the content. In either case, tags will be suggested by type-ahead functionality, and contributors will be able to create their own user tags.


Content will aggregate around both types of tags – in other words, users will be able to see content when they click on either type of tag, although there may be more to display around the managed tags.


Metadata, the fabric of the future


The result will be a more interconnected, cross-referential, and navigable universe of content. You’ll be able to follow content based on tags of your choice, but not so exclusively that you won’t find enticing new paths to go down throughout the experience.


One last point on metadata and primary tags is that they will power the gamification and moderation services. In short, metadata drives the consumption and navigation of content, and the reputation and moderation programs – in a sense, tags are the thread and metadata the fabric that weaves the next generation community together.


More to come about metadata and its relationship to reputation, moderation, and migration.

Hi every one,


I was blogged by my colleague Caetano Almeida (Blog it Forward - Caetano Almeida) and Nancy Guo (Blog it Forward - Nancy Guo)and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this called on the blog Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.

My introduction


My born name is Tang Rui (唐瑞), Tang is my family name and I named myself as Rachel Tang when I joined SAP as it's much easier for my colleagues from other countries to call me. Talking about the age, it is a secret for every lady, but you will find out it after reading through my blog.

From my name you may already know that I was born in China. My hometown is a small city located in the north-west of China, called Karamay, it is famous for Oil because it has one of the biggest oil fields in China and named by it.Ketouji.jpg

Driving to the west for no more than two hours from my hometown, you will reach the centre of Eurasia - The fastest place from the sea of the world, this is also why the second large desert of the world - Taklimakan Desert is not far away.


But no WORRY, I was not living in the middle of the desert, my hometown is like a shinning star, it is very beautiful and full of water. Walking through it, you can imagine you are walking in a European town as it's clean and bright.

small1.jpg   small2.jpg

I was born there and lived there for 18 years. I was dreaming of ocean because I was far away from it. So I chose a university which is located in a city just nearby the sea. The city is Dalian where I am living now.


Therefore I need to fly more than 5 hours then drive 4 hours to come back to my hometown now. However, distance can never stop my footsteps back home.


SAP and me

In the year 2006, I finished my 5 years college life in Dalian University of Technology and received a dual degree for Computer Science and International Economy and Trade. Then I joined SAP in the summer of 2006 untill now. My main area are ERP MAN and PLM. I learned a lot here and met many nice people here. I am also happy that I can of some use to help others because of my work. This is my 9th year in SAP, after these years of experience, I become familiar with production process, classification, variant configuration, batch management, project system and some other area. I also grow up in my personal life, I got married, my first boy was born in 2012, my second boy was born in 2014. When I joined SAP, I was a happy girl, now, I am a hot mummy.

2015-04-16 150042.jpg

I love my job and my family. I feel happy with my work, as I can help many others with many problems. I am even happy in my life, as I have two lovely sons. I hope the happy life can continue like this forever.


Fun facts about me:


I do no good at sports but I love watch sports games, maybe not the game itself, but the super stars. I like Luis Figo, Michael Jordan and many top stars. I watch World Cup and NBA. I also like some sports that is not very famous like Curling. I enjoy the feelings during the process, exciting with them, laughing with them and feel regretful with them.

I am also a big fan of cartoon, not only the cartoon from Disney and DreamWorks, but also the cartoon from Japan like One Piece and Naruto.




The last one, I love travel, meet different peopel, know different culture, see different view.


So do you know my age now? If you read my blog carefully, you will find the correct answer. You will get a sweet candy in your dream if you give a correct answer.

Questions asked by Caetano

If you were 20 again, what would you study?


- Art and music.


What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


- Share my knowledge with others, discuss anything freely with others and help others from their pain points.


What is your favorite musician/band?


- Jacky Zhang (张学友) and Westlife


Answer to the 3 optional questions(2 from BIF and another one made by myself):


What is your professional life dream?


- Become an Architect of SAP system.

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

- Share knowledge and learn knowledge and help others.


Which country/city is your last stop in your last trip?


- You should know where it is from the above picture.


Blogging it Forward:


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:

Brendan Ward

Enda Fennelly

Sam Su

Uwe Dittes

Gerald Vilimovsky

Judith Gabriel

Shashidhar Betadur

Harry Wu

Zhenbo Wang

Maggie Su

Summer Wang

Lorand Zoltan Kokai

Ada Lv

Judy Zhang

Claire Yang

Allen Wang

Imola Bogat

Sabine Trosse

Kim Jin

Diana Dai

Jason Shao

Webster Cui

Hunter Lin

Polly Gan

Jane Ma

Yolanda Xu

Enzo Yue


博文传承 - 唐瑞(Rachel Tang)

     This article is part of the Blog it Forward  Challenge. Thank you Diana Mihaylova for challenging me and congratulations for your good article in the Blog it Forward  Challenge.

Once upon a time…


... there was a small boy who was dreaming to become a politician while all other kids wanted to be either spacemen or police officers. That boy suddenly realized that this path will change his life forever and very likely in a negative way. Therefore he decided to become a mathematician and after that programmer. Thus far he is still trying to make the world a better place through technologies…




     I am part of the biggest software provider company in the world since 2012. I was finishing 2nd grade of my bachelor degree of computer science at Sofia University when SAP invited me for an interview. I met them on an entrepreneurship conference and was not planning to change my old job initially. But I realized that SAP could provide me with what I need – new and interesting challenges. Now I am part of a very dynamic environment and I feel like connected to the whole world.

     During my almost 3 years in the Lab I was able to work in different organisations. In the beginning I was part of the development support organisation where I had the opportunity to be very close to our customers. It was interesting and full of challenges job. In the last 6 months I am working in the single sign-on team in Sofia, where we implement the latest security trends in our software... because SAP does not simply helps one’s life run simpler but also run safer.


     In the early 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Hanover, Germany to meet wonderful people, to see wonderful places and to spend wonderful time. I said “Well, if I have to..” , and went there loaded with positive energy. Speaking about energy I later understood that I should have taken my whole bag of energy and not keep half of it at home, because you know… you run out of energy especially after 2 days with almost no sleep. But what was it all about. As every year in the past .. hmm I don’t know how many years, Hanover is the kind host of the CeBIT event, a gorgeous event by the way. But we were not traveling for it, although we had 2 days to walk around the CeBIT. We were traveling for the innojam competition hosted by SAP. Wonderful possibility not only to meet new people, but also to implement a great idea which later can win the competition. Well, we didn't win, but we qualified in the final four, which was great – thank you Nedyalko Yotov huang hua Zoran Lisovac Leonard Nurnberg Jaroslaw ZdanowsSierra Yang Quan Xiaotong and Zong Maggie … for all the great moments, thank you SAP for making this real.


Questions addressed to me by my blog it forward challenger Didi.


Describe yourself with 3 words:

Knowledge_seeker, emotion_seeker and justice_seeker, because if there is no knowledge, there is no progress, if there are no emotions, new friends and funny moments, then you are just a deaf man on a magnificent concert, and of course if there is no justice.. I don’t know, I just love justice.


What do you dream of:

I dream of a world with no boundaries of religions, race, gender, I dream of world dominated by justice not rich people.


Which do you prefer – an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat? Why?

It depends on the price. If I fight for one's life I prefer to save them in an ugly way than kill them beautifully. Fortunately I do not fight for anyone's life and in my daily life I divide the things on those I learned something from and those I did not. After all life requires you to get better every day and sometimes you can learn more from a defeat than from a victory. Nevertheless I am a 'win hungry' individual and I love quoting that "being second is just being first in a long queue of losers". Having this desire to win and striving for more knowledge every day, I am trying to find the balance between losing and winning in my personal and professional life.


Blog it forward

I would like to blog it forward to Ralitsa Dobreva and Lyubomir Lalev

1. Joy is found with simple awareness. What does your joy look like today?

2. What do you value most in this life?

3. Do you like the current situation in your country and if not why didn't you change it yet?

Hi to everyone,


As some of the prerequisites, I would like to thank Arijit Das  Blog It Forward - Arijit Das and Chandra Shekhar Agarwal

Blog It Forward- Chandra Shekhar Agarwal who have invited me to this world of BIF.


I didn't knew that there is such interesting thing on SCN , where you got to know about the people of our SAP community

from different parts of the world. Especially the culture, cuisine and history related to one's native place.


Time to Introduce Myself !!


My name is Somya Sharma (as you have already read on the top). I was born and brought up in the Meerut city Of Uttar Pradesh , India.

I am a fun loving person who loves to explore different places and is eager to know about different customs of the society.

Well, as it is said, the destiny plays a very important role , and I strongly believe in it .





I have done my High School from St. Thomas Convent School Meerut , For higher education I went to Banasthali University, Jaipur Rajasthan.

There I completed my Metrics and Engineering from stream Information Technology.

Just like every one, my college days were the best days with beautiful environment, wonderful teachers and life long friends.

Here I am sharing some pictures from my school and college life.


My School

(On the Annual function day)


My College



My Besties





Presently, I am working as a SAP CRM technical consultant in Knack Systems, Mohali (Chandigarh) .

This is my first company, I have started working with.

I have added my SCN account this year only, and I just love its idea of helping people across the globe.

My Interests:

I am an ecofriendly person and loves to stay in touch with nature.

I can happily spend my leisure time in watching TV , surfing net , cooking and listening music.

Having traits of a normal girl, I am a shopping freak.

My colleagues


Some of the my hangouts!!!



At Nariman Point (Mumbai)

DSC03431 (640x360).jpg






My Visit to Agra ( With cousins At Taj)

DSC06614 (640x426).jpg



   OMG ! This one is from my childhood....... in Kasauli Hills

185 (450x800).jpg



  At Naina Devi Temple (Himachal Pradesh)

269294_376333112422453_1910519023_n (600x800).jpg





Questions asked to me...

My dream job when I was a kid..


When I was a kid , I wanted to be a singer as well as an actress( well who says it was just a childhood dream )

Well that was all, I wanted to share about myself. Hope You guys enjoy reading my first blog .

I would like to BIF to @Umashankar Poojar.

My question is:

How much your college studies help you in your professional life?

For now, you probably heard about the Future of Community and One Digital Experience project. I have to say that I'm honoured to temporarily take over the role of Gali Kling Schneider as the owner of blogs, discussions/Q&A and moderation for six months and to be part of the huge family of the 1DX Community and the wonderful team led by Jeanne Carboni.


But let's get down to business.


I'm happy to announce that we reached an important milestone in the project regarding the new blogging platform and we are looking for volunteers for an experience validation test and to provide feedback.


Who is the ideal volunteer?


It is YOU! You can be a partner, a developer, a customer, a techie or a business person...etc. The only important thing is that you are the member of our Community.


What does this mean?


This study will help us get feedback about our work so far. It will involve recording your opinions as you follow along the tasks, while having a tool recording your computer screen, mouse clicks and audio. At the end of the test, there will be a few short written questions to answer.


We need your feedback!


You can volunteer by adding your name and SCN User Profile to the1DX Blog Testing - Volunteer Application Form. The first eight volunteers will be contacted via e-mail about the next steps. If a volunteer decides that they cannot do the test, we will choose from the additional people (marked with +1 in the form) to participate.




UPDATE: We got a huge number of volunteers in record time, thank you so much everyone! The application form is closed, so no further application is possible now.


Looking forward to getting your feedback!


Hi SCN Guru's,


After following more than 1 year Open SAP courses i was wondering if this could not be more incorporated with SCN. It's already integrated with SAP in a way that single sign on is working with your s-user.

Some ideas for improvement:

  • Full search through the content of Open SAP
  • A broader OPEN SAP awareness
  • Rewards for following a course according to your achievment
  • ...


If any of you guys have additional thoughts or ideas please feel free to react or comment .





This blog is part of the “Blog it Forward” challenge. At the beginning, I would like to thank Diana Mihaylova who Blog it Forward to me.

I will begin with short introduction:


Hi, I am Nedyalko Yotov thank you for reading this blog. I am currently Associate Developer in Net Weaver KM Team @SAP Labs Bulgaria. I am also a Software Engineering student in Sofia University.



I was born in 1992 in the small town of Vidin, Bulgaria. When I was a little child I loved to paint, play football and ride a bike. When I start studying Mathematics in school I start to dream to work numbers, lot of information and to solve difficult problems.
In my high school I was introduced to the word of computers and programming and it changed me a lot. There I met for the first time my big teenage love – JAVA. And I start to learn how the software is really made, not only the coding, but also the whole process of defining, validating and verifying the software and I start a Bachelor Degree in Software engineering.


During second year in University, I applied for Internship Program in SAP. Here is the moment to thank my manager Nedyalko Dobrev for giving me a chance to start my career in SAP. During my Internship program, the whole team and especially my mentor - Velislav Velkov helped me a lot to learn a lot new technologies and helped me to understand that it is not only the everyday tasks that should be done perfect - you should work with collaboration with others and never stop improve yourself technically to be more effective.
In SAP I have an opportunity to learn new technologies, attend to different courses and most important – in SAP I have a chance to meet inspiring, motivated and nice colleagues every day. I build strong friendship with them and we meet, call and write even when we are not at office.


Before couple of weeks I was on the #bestEventEver – SAP InnoJam at CeBIT, Hanover. Thanks to awesome SAP University Alliances Team and Ann Rosenberg for organizing it and for choosing me to be part of it. During the event I met more than 70 students from 15 countries and we create friendships that we least for a long time.

I have also to thank my whole team – TEAM 7 (huang hua, Zoran Lisovac, Valentin Mezev, Leonard Nurnberg, Jaroslaw Zdanowski, Sierra Yang, Quan Xiaotong and Zong Maggie)– You were amazing! For all of the Design Thinking process, 32 hours of coding (using SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5) and presentation at final stage, we managed to hold our team spirit high and work together.


Greetings to the other #InnoJammers - continue to innovate and inspire people around you. I hope that we will meet again soon.


Describe yourself with 3 words?
Ambitious, confident and methodical.


What do you dream of?

I dream to become an expert in SAP technologies and to create and design new products – I think that we are building the future with innovation, fast technologies and simplicity, our applications work with Big Data, make calculation and statistic and everything with information – stored in Cloud and represent all this to our Customers in elegant and simple SAP Fiori interface.
I also dream to stay surrounded by clever, inspiring, creative and helpful people, because people around us, shape the person that we are.


Which do you prefer – an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat? Why?

A beautiful victory. My goal is allays to be a winner, but to win with style, knowledge, excellence, respect to others and to win it such way, that in the end all my rivals stand and give a strong ovation.

Me@Blog it Forward

Now it is my turn to blog it forward to Shrikirti TiwariJeroen Luitwieler, @Zoran_Lisovac, Sophia Shan Dimcho Karpachev and @Nicolas_Goris.

1. When did you first use SAP Technologies? Which is your favorite one?
2. Which is your favorite moment from InnoJam this year?
3. How do you see yourself in five years?

Thank you for your time! Regards,


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