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Hi every one,


I was blogged by my colleague Nitya (aka) Nithyanandam Venu ,a special thanks to him forincluding me in it.I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own Blog-It-Forward blog.

This blog is a part of the Blog It Forward (Blog-It-Forward) challenge started by xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) /Moshe Naveh. Follow and update the Blog It Forward Chain once you have already posted your Blog-It-Forward blog. If you want to join, please edit this Blog Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table and add your name in the last row. Or you can also comment below and I will include you in my "Blog It Forward" list

Here is my Journey:



Myself Naveen a Software Engineer .Working as a BI developer in Chennai. I’ve been working in lot of fields mostly in Web-technologies.

My journey in SCN started with a blog on SAP Design studio SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK Development without Eclipse and also the discussion one of my favourite which made me addictive in the scn

My country:

Republic of India (Hindustan) is a country in South Asia.The name 'Hindustan' combines Sindhu and Hindu and thus refers to the land of the Hindus. The four religions born in India - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, are followed by 25% of the world's population. we exports software to 90 countries.

My State:

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is sited on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It has played a very crucial role in the traditional, historical and academic growth of the country, representing the different elements of the highest variety of the Dravidian civilization. Today, Chennai, the capital city is the 4th largest city of India and is also the leading commercial centre of South India. The credit of the booming economy of the city goes to the leading industries including automobile, software services, petrochemicals, financial services, textiles and hardware manufacturing. Also, Chennai, being an important metropolitan city is very well-connected to all the major cities of India as well as with the countries overseas. And, it is also considered as the cultural hub of South India which is famous for its affluent heritage in classical dance, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts, etc.



My City :

Chennai, the first city of Modern India in Tamil Nadu completes 375 years today on August 22nd. The occasion is celebrated annually as Madras Day. On this occasion, we present some interesting facts and trivia on the South Indian city.



Chennai's Marina Beach runs for 6 km, spanning along the shoreline of the city between the deltas of Cooum and Adyar. It is the second longest urban beach in the world.Chennai is the second oldest corporation in the world after London. It was started in 1687. SIPCOT IT Park (Siruseri) is the Asia’s largest IT Park.






Chennai is now known as the Detroit of India. Most major manufacturers such as Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Renault Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Daimler have transformed the city into an automobile hub. The perfect combination of a number of factors such as the location, proximity of sea port, our infrastructure, flexible industrial and government policies have attracted the giants of the automobile industry to set up their plants in Chennai.

And Finally the Interesting Part

Question Asked by Nitya:

  1. 1.What is the most inspirational movie you ever seen?

Only the “pursuit of happiness” is guaranteed .The Rest is up to you !


2. What is the super power you want to have?

Iron-Man (so that I can travel were ever I want with very less travel time )

3. Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

    • Confidence
    • Happiness
    • Self-control
    • Satisfaction
    • Strength

4.If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?

     Would have studied MBA


5.What do you most enjoy on SCN ?

Discussion – the place where we can learn and share our knowledge.

6.What is your personal life dream?

To make my village(Mathur Thirukkai- Gingee-TamilNadu) people more educated.

Blogging It Forward:

I would like to blog it forward to vinoth kumar ,Arun Kumar ,Devaraj NSVignesh Gopalakrishnan ,Sara G ,Keerthana Ramesh ,Dinesh Lakshmanan, Monissha AgilI would be happy if they could answer below questions:

1.What is the most interesting thing you find in SCN?

2. What is the super power you want to have?

3.What would you be doing if you are not into SAP?

4. If you wish to have coffee with a famous personality who and why?

5. What is your personal life dream?

6. Favorite movie ? why?


Awaiting for your replies

Are the one who clicks backward arrow whenever you see "Blog it Forward" blogs in SCN ?

Do you wish to know when was all this started and who is responsible for all this blogs in About SCN space?

It was a great idea to increase people interaction in SCN by xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) inspired from the movie Pay it Forward and it all started in 2012 with this Blog It Forward Community Challenge as a result of this chain reaction there are huge number of blogs written in this space due to which SCN should have spent some penny more storing all this archival Data on their cloud

If you are still puzzled with this chain "Blog it Forward (BIF)" the only way to get rid of this is-  write one!



Two things before I Start


Why should I blog it forward?

Because I don't have a choice   I have been nominated by Nithya (aka) guruji (aka) Nithyanandam Venu


Why should you read it?

Think about it before scrolling down , you still have a choice!

{{About me}}

I am Karthik Swaminathan BI developer professional in Chennai.My journey in SCN started by searching answers for all concepts in Design Studio which helped me to learn the tool and publish these few blogs like Switch BEx Conditions on demand from SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio ,Dynamic selection in Listbox - using Arrays in Design Studio 1.3 and right answers for some of the questions asked in Design Studio space - see my stuff here .

I love people who innovate new ideas and work arounds so if you are the one of this kind pl get in touch with me -Here is my profiles @ Facebook , Linkedin

{{Where I live}}

I live in a country called INDIA where happiness, love, freedom, culture, respect and devotion comes hand in hand—a paradox; a place of morals in a time of Westernization. The oldest civilization that carries its pride every day for giving wonderful people starting from great scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam to best batsman Sachin Tendulkar.



27-1438013198-abdulkalam.jpg     mahatma-gandhi-quotes_thinkomania1.jpg     10-656x492.jpg

The state I live, "Tamil Nadu" has the pride to claim its language is the oldest(more than 2200 years) and beautiful. Just google it



Now coming back to answer the Questions Nithyanandam has asked me in his Blog


1. What is the most inspirational movie you ever seen?


Shawshank Redemption - The story of an innocent man given two life sentence of imprisonment .The story portrays about "How well you can adapt to even a worse situation and how to reform yourself".

Famous Quote "Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies"



2. What is the super power you want to have?


The power to convince anyone in this world


How cool is that if I have the power to convince everyone around me ! (So that I will convince you read this blog everyday )

3.Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?







4.If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?


I would Have been a Teacher/ Professor since I like talking to people and taking class.

5.What do you most enjoy on SCN?


SCN - A Super Cool Network that provides answers to all your question , the one I enjoy the most is that the way of encouragement and helping attitude people have.

6.What is your personal life dream?


To build a own Villa house like this in "my City"







Now I nominate  Karol Kalisz , Anoovendhan Subramanian Devaraj NS Marisharannath Soundar  Mustafa Bensan Rahul Rajagopalan Nair  

Ganesh Babu To follow the chain and answer the following quesions


1. If you have the power to go to the past what will be first thing  you will do to change the history?

2. What is your favorite food and place?

3. If you think about another career than SAP What is that you want to pursue ?

4. If you wish to have coffee with a famous personality who will be the top 3 in your list?

5.What is the most interesting thing you find in SCN

6. What is your personal life dream?



Thanks for your time, ignore if you have already blogged it forward

Great Thanks to Shanky (aka) Shankar Narayanan SGS to get me post this. His blog it forward chain Blog It Forward - Shankar Narayanan SGS  and now am continuing the chain by adding mine



{{About me}}


I am Nithyanandam also known as Divakar among my friends. a computer engineering professional from Chennai. I am a BI Developer and been a freelancer in upwork (my profile). Worked a lot with web technologies from my college days.


My journey with SCN started with a Design studio blog about designing responsive component in design studio. From there it started, I found SCN quite  interesting and fascinating one.I should say, am addicted to it now.I have done my contribution in discussions, blogs and documents on SAP Design studio community You can find my stuffs here.


I Love to help people to get a kick start in Design studio. Personally, am a more of fun loving person as well as techie who love innovative stuffs. I am a movie buff and a gamer.If you have some cool and crazy tech idea to discuss, feel free to get in touch . My Facebook and Linkedin.I am also more active in Quora.


{{where i live?}}


I am living in a most awesome place in india which is located in the southern part called Chennai. Its a place where you can meet all type of people and also you will be able to find more IT companies. If you ever come to Chennai, don’t forgot to try Thalapakati (non-veg) and Saravana bhavan (veg). My personal favourite is travelling in local train and visiting Bessie.. I think you should also give these things a try,and also don’t forgot to visit me !!



Now its time to shoot the answers!!!


1.What is your most favorite vacation trip destination (visited/planning to visit) and post a image of it


     My dream vacation trip destination is las vegas. Definitely, will make it there once!!

    images (1).jpg


2. What would you be doing if you are not into SAP?


     Developing complex web application to change the way people do things cool right??


3. If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?


    Batman because "He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's  not our hero.He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight."       


4. What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


  Pushing my limits.I enjoy trying new  things,mostly the things that are not yet defined or discoverd. Doing this,keep me excited and motivated.



5. Your prefer destination to settle in life?


     Chennai it is.


6. Finally...Your favorite blog from what i wrote?


      I am a fan of the geek tweaks Series.


Now its my time to pass on the torch and shed light on fellow bloggers. I would like to nominate the following people @Karthik Swaminathan, @Anuragg Lakshmanan,@Naveen Ravichandran. Read about the challenge Blog It Forward Community Challenge and Blog It Forward by answering the below questions.

Very special thanks to Manikandan Elumalai for pulling me along to post this. His Blog It Forward chain Blog It Forward- Manikandan Elumalai and now adding mine to the chain


{this.me} //about me


I am Shankar Narayanan SGS aka Shanky, a Computer Engineering Professional from Chennai,  I am Technology Consultant and IT professional working on few of Technologies including SAP. My usual life starts and ends with Technology  I have been a Technical blogger and My entry to SAP and SCN started with SAP Lumira where i published one of my first big blog SAP Lumira - Geek Tweaks and Connecting SAP Lumira with MongoDB - Part 1 after which my interest in blogging increased and this community made my love towards SCN. You can read my other blogs Shankar Narayanan SGS's Stuff I am not in any social networks (no fb,twitter), you can find me in github sgsshankar (Shankar Narayanan) · GitHub or hanging out in random IRC (am old school)


{} //where i live

Chennai is a major metro city in the heart of state Tamil Nadu in India. You would find it in the map on Southern part of the country. It is a place where busy IT people try run their life (yes! everything seems fast moving here). If you ever drop down to Chennai, don't forget to try its Masala Dosai and Filter coffee plus you get other good food as well (from different cuisine) and visit Marina beach (of all its glory!). My laptop has been my second home where i hang most of my time from playing NFS to writing some random piece of code, it all ends with the key of the keyboard!

Filter-Coffee-Shutterstock.jpg   masala-dosa.jpg     marina beach1.jpg


Now coming to answering the questions.. this is what i have to say.

Where do you not mind for waiting?

Frankly, i am not a person who expects much. I wait for so many things everyday (program builds, software installation, food, transport) but one thing i would never mind waiting is for opportunities.

What would you refuse to do for one billion dollars?

Anything that would not involve computers or Tech (i can never imagine myself working as doctor or lawer, pity the people if i do)

If you go to a psychiatrist, what would he say you suffer from?

Three things! Funny syndrome (being funny most of the time), Sleep syndrome (i dont sleep much) and finally being Crazy (it happens to be with my Gene).

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be?

Theory Exams! Am not a student now, still not fond of the college exams where you have to write pages of stuffs to impress the teachers.


Nothing big, making my way on trying out crazy stuffs and writing more blogs and of-course thinking of a small vacation.

Now its my time to pass on the torch and shed light on fellow bloggers. I would like to nominate the following people Poovin Kumar V Nithyanandam Venu Eshwar Prasanna Keerthana Ramesh MANOJ KUMAR. Read about the challenge Blog It Forward Community Challenge and Blog It Forward by answering the below questions.


1. What is your most favorite vacation trip destination (visited/planning to visit) and post a image of it

2. What would you be doing if you are not into SAP?

3. If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

4. What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

5. Your prefer destination to settle in life?

6. Finally...Your favorite blog from what i wrote?


Am waiting for the answers... Till then





In first place I’d like to thank Jose Antonio Martinez for inviting me to Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain.



My name is Dairo Lozano, I was born forty years ago in Ibagué, a 400.000-inhabitants city in COLOMBIA.












I finished my studies in systems engineering on 1999 and worked 6 years as in-house developer for a Soluble Coffee factory. During that time I worked as Network administrator, software developer, automation engineer, . ISO auditor and even plant supervisor . ...  I learned a lot about technical and non-technical skills and it gave me a wider vision about my career.  After 6 years the company grew enough to require an ERP system, my recommendation was SAP but they decided to go in another way so I decided retiring and starting my life as ABAP consultant.


That was 7 years ago.  Nowadays I work for a consulting company and have participated in several projects in different kind of companies such as Oil & gas, Public Sector, Factories, Food processing, and more.


I’m married and have a son.  My parents passed away time ago.


I’m currently improving my profile with soft skills since my position is becoming more about team management than technology.


  • What passions do you have outside of SAP?  
  • Definitely giving happiness to my wife and my son.

  • What was your dream job as a child?
  • I always wanted to be an inventor like Leonardo DaVinci or even Emmet Brown. Maybe that’s why I finally decided becoming and engineer.


  • Fun fact about your country or yourself?
  • We feel proud in Colombia to have great football players like James Rodriguez and Falcao Garcia, Musicians like Shakira and Juanes and the most beautiful women like miss universe 2014 Paulina Vega.


My Questions for new BIF members are:


  • Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?
  • If you were 20 again, what would you study?
  • If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?


Thanks for your comments and feedback.  I'll be improving my blog soon.

I recently read Tim Guest’s blog Ratings & Likes for SCN Blogs, posted 3 years ago. It called to my attention, so I decided to give a look at content in different spaces and check it by myself. 

My results were the same that he found then, so I’ll let numbers talk by themselves:



Why a post with 7709 visits only gets 5 likes? Or a discussion with 138.669 views only receive 241 likes. Even worst, how come a blog with 1.754 visits only receives 1 like and 1 rating? That’s just 0,057 %.

Numbers mentioned here belong to different spaces, even coffee corner, so I wonder: If people spent their time to share knowledge, achieved with hard work and years of experience, and you had time to read it and learn from it, and people spent precious time finding the way to give you a moment of entertainment and you enjoyed it, why not letting the author know it with a “Like” and express your level of satisfaction with a rate.

If we consider claps as the reward for musicians, likes and rates are the same for bloggers.  So, if you get only 0,057% feedback, is like if you have to clap yourself after singing even if 1.754 people attended your concert. I completely agree with Tim Guest. This may be discouraging even for the most experienced publisher, so imagine the effect that it can generate in a fresher blogger. 

I prefer assuming that this happens because people doesn’t know how to like or rate a blog or might find it confusing so I’ll explain how to:




Last but not least, there are three buttons that publishers should already know but sometimes they forget.  Just in case I’ll show them too:



Well, I just tried to tell my impressions with a little bit of humor.  Thanks for the time you took reading me and hope you’ve liked it.

Madhu Babu Sai is an SAP GRC and Senior Security Consultant currently working with IBM Singapore Pte Ltd, and the SCN Member of the Month for July, 2015. Madhu is fun-loving and kind-hearted and embodies the SCN community spirit of support and guidance. He shares his free time with other SCN members by answering questions and sharing expertise he has gained in GRC through his numerous consulting engagements. He is chatty and friendly... some highlights from our conversation:

  • He's hoping for a better mobile experience when the community site is re-launched
  • He's appreciated the guidance he got on SCN when he was an SAP fresher, and he's happy to give that back in kind
  • He admires all SCN members who are willing to help others and share knowledge!

Part 1 - Video portion


Part 2 - Audio only with fun photos

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what kind of work you do, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?
My native place is Madanapalle, a small town in Andhra Pradesh state in South India.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree (Btech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and after completing my engineering degree I joined Infosys Company in Mysore, India. As a fresher, I started working initially on an SAP Security project where I got chance to work on SAP GRC Access Control module. My Project Manager (Saragadam Acham Naidu), Team Leads (Arun and Raj Bharat) are my gurus who believed in me and helped me to understand the concepts of GRC functionally and technically, which helped a lot for my knowledge and career growth.


After working 3 years in Infosys, I joined and worked for Wipro (Bangalore, India), SAP Labs (Bangalore, India), TCS (Hyderabad, India) and finally now currently working in IBM Singapore Pte Ltd for two years


My Hobbies include watching movies (big movie addict especially South Indian movies), being on SCN (at least for two hours a day whenever free), Facebook Addict (also have a FB page for SAP GRC and SAP IDM which I maintain along with my friends) and listening to music (fast beats).


On a personal note I am very talkative and fun loving person and most of the time apart from mentioned above I will be on call or messaging my girlfriend (Chinni) [She will kill me if I don’t mention her name. ]


When did you become a member of SCN and which areas are you most active in?
I have known about SCN for quite sometime as I started working actively on SAP GRC projects but never got chance to create an account in SCN. When I came to Singapore for one of my assignments, my girlfriend (working as SAP Security Consultant, Mumbai India) introduced me to SCN when I was struggling with an issue. Initially I have posted my query and the help I got from the forum was very helpful in getting my issue fixed. Then I started browsing through the GRC Governance Risk and Compliance space to understand various queries consultants posted and from there my learning really went to next level. I am very inspired by the way people are willing to help, spending their time in SCN, especially Colleen Lee and Alessandro Banzer (should say my SCN gurus) and that’s when I made it a habit to daily check SCN for learning as well as to help others with queries, which slowly pulled me into writing blogs, documents etc. I am really enjoying it here in SCN, as daily I am learning new things and making new friends as well. I am currently active only in the GRC Governance Risk and Compliance space.




I believe SCN has helped a lot in my career growth and now a day’s a lot of people have started recognizing me through my blogs and documents in SCN.

In addition to what’s already covered in the Rules of Engagement, do you have any advice to new members on SCN “etiquette”?
A few things I noticed:

  1. There are a few new members who are posting their queries but don’t provide adequate details about their issue or what troubleshooting they have done so far, or where they are having the problem exactly. This makes people who are willing to help to assume things and suggest solutions … I personally suggest the member to check their query whether they are providing all details before posting.
  2. For new members, SCN has a check where queries cannot be posted until moderator reviews them for a few days but I'm not sure if that is still active, as I see a few queries without proper subjects or without proper details. I personally feel having that check is really helpful.

With the new 1DX project I hope SCN will be improved a lot.


How did you get started with SAP technologies and how is the shift from on-premise to cloud affecting your work?
I have seen lot of discussions about On-premise to Cloud, but I feel new customers can move to Cloud for Customer (C4C), which has lot of new features, but for the existing On-premise customers, until SAP publishes its roadmap, it is not going to be an easy decision and especially if it involves huge investments. As far as my work is concerned I can say it is not much affected by both On-Premise or C4C solutions.

I noticed that Colleen Lee and Allesandro Banzer, two former Members of the Month also very active in the GRC space, have been giving you guidance along the way as you’ve become more active in the community. What are your impressions of the longer-standing members helping along the newer members in the community at large?

As I mentioned earlier, Colleen Lee and Alessandro Banzer are my SCN Gurus and the inspiration for my participations in SCN. Newly joined members or new contributors will be very enthusiastic to help others but as longer-standing members, we should guide and help them to understand how following SCN rules will keep that space clean. New members should take feedback in the correct way so that it will help them with their future contributions, which is what I learned from Colleen and Alessandro.


Have you been following the discussions around the upcoming changes to the SCN community as part of the 1DX project (http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-63650)? What are some of your hopes and dreams for the new community?
Yeah, I have followed the few blogs as part of 1DX project and the features being mentioned are exciting especially “The road to publishing”, “All about Metadata” etc. I hope we will have great digital experience as I heard it will be live by November... Looking forward for it.


Do you have any fun talents you’d like to tell the community about? Jokes, songs, a dance? Can you send some photos for me to include in my blog announcement?
I talk a lot and I love playing pranks and am also a good dancer. I am a good cricket player as well.


I understand you are joining us from an assignment in Singapore. I’ve never been there, is it as beautiful as the pictures I’ve seen? How is the weather? (Send us a shot of you in Singapore if you have one.)
Singapore is a beautiful city but with Humid climate. (No winter or rainy seasons). Singapore is a multi-cultured country which is known for various type of cuisines, night life, style, shopping and mainly it’s a banking hub of Asia and also best country for weekend parties in the Island.


Any plans to do a Blog It Forward post?
I am planning from quiet sometime and Alessandro Banzer invited me as well but was little busy and so couldn’t start, but sure I am going to do it very soon.


Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?
I admire all SCN members who are willing to help others and share knowledge and especially from SAP GRC space I admire Colleen Lee and Alessandro Banzer, who are my inspiration for my active participation in SCN.


Are you on Twitter?
I am on twitter but not an active user there. I am active on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadhuBabuSai


Every month, a member of the SAP Community Network is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement. See the list of previous members recognized on the SCN Member of The Month Hall of Fame.

I'm Daniel Lippmann, born on 22 December 1976 in Heidelberg / Germany. Don't wonder - I have several inactive SCN accounts, so I write this blog again...


In 2000, I started corporate studies in business information systems at SAP where I saw into some departments at SAP. Thanks to Markus Bell, Mario Herger, Tobias Kaufmann, Joerg Schoen and all the other people who supported me! I had an awesome time with Hannes Kuehnemund, Daniel Stollenwerk Ralf Becker, Dominik Held, Daniel Seise and all the other people...


After my studies, I became SAP basis administrator at DEGES GmbH. After some years, I went to Leipzig, where I built a house and live and work now.


My grandparents were the founders of Kindernothilfe, a benefit company which built many orphanages, schools and other buildings in India and Africa. So in some way I'm connected to India... ;-)


I'm interested in Solution Manager and HANA, so I'm glad that I can evaluate HANA in the company I'm working right now.


  • Which 5 things do you want to achieve in life?


  1. Build a house: check. Have two kids: check! Build a company: nope, currently in progress. Shh, don't tell!
  2. Find the Lapis philosophorum... I want to know everything about life!
  3. Grow up two sensible and curious kids.
  4. Make the world a better place. I don't want to tell too much, but it's connected to 1.
  5. Continue this list.


  • Dream job as a kid?


Astronaut. I loved my LEGO sets:

400-499 - 442: Space Shuttle - LEGO Bauanleitungen und Kataloge Bibliothek

Anleitung 1983 - 6900-6999 - LEGO instructies en catalogi database - LEGO Bauanleitungen - Jahr - Instructies 1983 - 693…


900-999 - LEGO Bauanleitungen und Kataloge Bibliothek - LEGO instructies en catalogi database - LEGO Bauanleitungen - An…


  • Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don’t know?


Many people I know don't know that I'm not Daniel but Andreas. My parents decided that two children with -as (Andreas and Jonas) are too complicated for long distance calls... ;-)

(Jake) HyungJik Lee is a positive, upbeat man who is full of life and adventure. He currently attends the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and has an impressive list of previous coop jobs and work experience, not to mention the fact that he is a Student SAP Mentor for 2015. Jake is truly a professional, smart passionate man who likes to have fun.


Fortunately for me I had the pleasure of rooming with Jake at the SAPPHIRENOW Conference in Orlando where I received the privilege to get to know him. His confidence and kindness is something that illuminated off of him and on to others – Jake always made sure everyone in our group of students was having fun and a laugh.


Jake spends time spreading the word about SAP and has created a Facebook group that reaches out to students and others on hot SAP topics. Jake finds what he believes is the most beneficial and interesting material to his demographic and highlights it through various media streams. He believes that it is key for a younger demographic to understand the capabilities and benefits that SAP products provide. Jake works hard on promoting SAP to university students at IndianaU and North America. Below is Jake’s SAP Success Story:

1) What successes have you achieved with the help of the SAP Community/SCN? How has the SAP community/SCN benefited you?

I’ve launched a Facebook community that provides up to date news and issues that relate to SAP. As a result, on a daily basis, I study about SAP to provide the most interesting stories about SAP.

2) During your association with SAP what has been the most positive experience for you?

The SAPPHIRENOW conference helped me gain a comprehensive picture of SAP's impact.

Online education. There are some educational materials that provide introductory information about SAP's offerings and capabilities.

3) Is there a time you felt as though you’ve failed at something that affects SAP? How did you overcome this/what did you learn?


4) What have been your contributing strengths to the SAP/SCN community?

Fields of studies, SAP related work experiences and School organization leaderships.

5) How about your biggest weaknesses? Any skills-gap that you’d want to improve?

No technical background. As a business major, I wish that I had technical understanding of SAP operations...

6) What are your current/future goals in terms of being a part of SAP community? Please be specific.

My current goal is to spread SAP presence to my business school's underclassmen. Early influence is critical to gaining long-term users.

7) If you could work on any project(s) that would benefit yourself and SAP, what would it be and why?

It would interest me to work on a small business network simulation involving SAP products. These simulations would involve supplier and buyer, auditor and client...etc.

8) If you were the CEO of SAP for a year what changes would you make?

Not sure…


Do you have an SAP Success Story to share? Please contact me on SCN to set up a short interview or fill out this template:SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.


Thank you,



Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor:Arif Mohamed Johari

My second discussion got rejected in SCN. Felt bad but I thought it get rejected from the time I raised the discussion but never thought its a meaningless question. It was/is/will be meaningless question (as per Moderator/ Now I too agree)… …!!!


This might happen with most of us (574 threads almost has the same topic). I knew what most of us all do. We ask our seniors and when we get no answer we google it and will get threads of SCN as first reference answers to our doubts.


We visit the SCN with a complete hope that a thread with question will definitely have the answer.

SCN addresses our doubts (which are already put forward by someone else) in two different ways.



We feel happy when we get a thread with Green color word ANSWERED… Happy endings…



I know how it felt when we get this Red color words in SCN. We work on the solutions given by the experts. One or other of the solutions given addresses our doubts (Its worked for me at least) but are red in color because they are not closed by the one who raised it.


Coming to the points where we do not get answers. How to address them?


Lets do this exercise…!!!

1. Is your question carries any meaning? (No hard feelings. We all are consultants and we always ask meaningful questions but lets think it again and ask ourselves do we ask the meaningful questions)

Yes (Go ahead). No (stop thinking of it as it carries no meaning of meaningless question).

2. Do you search it correctly in SCN? (There are N-number of answered discussions of our doubts. Lets take the pain to search it correctly before asking SCN).

3. Still got no solution. OK. Go ahead and ask the question. But prior to post a discussion, check whether you are following The SCN Rules of Engagement? (which I neglected while posting my second discussion. Got a beamer / bouncer from moderator – Rejected as it’s a meaningless question).


If yes is the answer for the third question, then definitely you will get the answer. 


***There are so many blogs explaining the same but thought I should share my experience in SCN too***

Keep learning and keep growing in SCN…!!!

intheknow_75.pngSCN is one of the most active communities in the world! And if you’ve been paying attention, you’re already aware that change is coming soon, big, exciting change.  Hopefully you’ve read Maggie Fox's blog announcing the Future of Community and One Digital Experience.


Even if you have, you probably still have questions about what’s changing and when – and how it’s going to impact you and your use of the SCN web site. The core project team is working hard to make sure your questions get answered. We are releasing regular blog posts describing what’s coming, what’s changing and what’s going away. Many of our most involved project team members have already weighed in, with posts from familiar names like Jeanne Carboni, Marilyn Pratt, and Oliver Kohl. More are planned to be released every month from our other subject matter experts, who will share details about what’s coming, and answer all your questions on important topics like tags, reputation, content migration, moderation, gamification, questions and answers, and more.


Our goal is to be transparent about what is coming, share key decisions as they are made, and keep the lines of communication open for feedback, input and ongoing improvement. The best way for you to stay In the Know on this important topic, is to follow the Communication Overview for #1DXCOMMDEST Krysten Gentile published in April and which she regularly updates as new communications are released.


We think it’s so important that you stay In the Know, we’ve created a mission around it. All you have to do is bookmark or follow Krysten’s document to be notified when there are updates, and you’ll get your badge that tells the rest of the community you are listening and getting ready for the new Community Experience.


Special thanks to Jeanne Carboni Audrey Stevenson, Krysten Gentile, Jodi Fleischman and Sajid Amir for their help in launching this mission!

See how SCN Topic Leaders are driving career growth via community engagement

No matter how much you know, there is still something out there to learn.”  I love this quote from Modak Gupta, 2014 Topic Leader, who is addicted to SCN. He and fellow Topic Leaders, Krishna Tangudu, Sara Iyer (aka Sara G), and Midhun VP, sat down at SAP TechEd Bangalore to share how they’ve established credibility and visibility as leaders in the community.

Watch these quick videos to see how these passionate community members drove career growth by engaging on SCN. 

“For me, the day starts with SCN and ends with SCN”, says Krishna Tangudu. Krishna joined the community to earn his certification in 2011. Like Modak, he became addicted to SCN which offered learning opportunities that led to knowledge sharing and ultimately career acceleration. Watch to see how Krishna became HANA certified by using SCN solely.

Midhun V P started using SCN to get his questions answered, but once he started contributing he was quickly recognized as an SAP Topic Leader and SCN Member of the Month. Watch Midhun’s story to see how he ultimately landed a job at SAP.

“Learn, Earn, & Share” is Sara Iyer’s motto. See how her motto enabled Sara to become an SCN Topic Leader for two consecutive years in a row, while gaining increased visibility and credibility with her employer.

Feeling Inspired?

Check out Audrey Stevenson’s Topic Leader blog to learn more about the Topic Leader Program.


Sam Alexander

Energy For Instance

Posted by Sam Alexander Jun 6, 2015

We're starting a project and are reaching out for help...

The quick and dirty: Corporate utility costs eat away at profits while also creating an ever growing carbon footprint. We want to find innovative ways to reclaim that profit, while reducing carbon emissions, and simultaneously promote the MolsonCoors brand as socially responsible.

Project description: If it wasn’t clear from the ‘Quick and Dirty’ - what we are trying to achieve is: lower MolsonCoors environmental footprint by implementing renewable energy/energy saving technology into existing infrastructure of the company and use SAP predictive and analytic software to track our initiatives initial performance. So far we’ve come up with a few different approaches on which sectors of the company we want to innovate or pursue:

     -Shipping and logistics

    -General offices

     -MolsonCoors promotional events (Powered by the Sun Parties - would be great as a marketing campaign)

    -Brewing process/manufacturing

    … and so on…

What we’re looking for:

-What we are currently seeking is design thinking coaches to help us model our situation and help get a better understanding of problem solving, unorthodox approaches and overall insight.

-Any overall insight from industry professionals. If you work as an environmental consultant or you’re a professional in solar or renewable energy we would love to hear your insight into the topic and challenges we may face!

-Those who see where energy is being wasted and used in a wasteful manner. Do you work in an office? - Perfect! You probably see the problem areas day to day of where your energy is being wasted and can provide great vision into our project!

The end goal: Of course following through and getting an actual solar/wind project underway at MolsonCoors would be absolutely incredible - but maybe too optimistic for our time constraints. Gaining enough insight and expertise to create a predictive model on the impact that a renewable energy project would have on the company is the next best option. Results and findings throughout our initiative will be monitored to create an inside track event at MolsonCoors in Montreal (tentative) where we will pitch our project outline along with the impact it will have.

Thank you for taking the time to read our initiative pitch and we hope you take the time to provide your input!


Dahn Pratt - Student SAP Mentor 2015

Sam Alexander -  Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentors - Alexandre Rivet Papagiannidis, Jim Spath

Dahn Pratt is a current Student SAP Mentor for 2015 - which is a huge honour considering that only 11 Student SAP Mentors were chosen for the year. Dahn is an avid traveller and passionate about renewable energy, social innovation and possesses a great eye for detail. Due to his passion for a 'better tomorrow' Dahn is avidly working on a sustainable energy project for MolsonCoors as a part of his Student SAP Mentorship. Being the kind-hearted fellow Dahn is, he agreed to participate in sharing his 'SAP Success Story'. The following is Dahn's SAP Success Story:

1) What successes have you achieved with the help of the SAP Community/SCN? How has the SAP community/SCN benefited you?

I have been able to start and execute a project on renewable energy with the help of SCN, specifically SAP Mentors. This has benefited me because I am able to pursue my passion and ultimately help move the world in a direction that will hopefully be positive.


2) During your association with SAP what has been the most positive experience for you?

The most positive experience is interfacing with people. The level of patience, compassion, genuine interest, and help is simply astounding!


3) Is there a time you felt as though you’ve failed at something that affects SAP? How did you overcome this/what did you learn?

I haven't been apart of the SCN community long enough to feel true failure but I would say lack of response to published content is disheartening at times.


4) What have been your contributing strengths to the SAP/SCN community?

Getting people to contribute to blog posts and having continued communication.


5) How about your biggest weaknesses? Any skills-gap that you’d want to improve?

I'd really like to understand the software better and gain insight into the predictive and analytic capabilities of SAP.


6) What are your current/future goals in terms of being a part of SAP community? Please be specific.

I would love to be a staple in the SAP community and hopefully work with or for SAP! My goal is leverage SAP's software to create a utilitarian good such as improvement in renewable energy data output.


7) If you could work on any project(s) that would benefit yourself and SAP, what would it be and why?

The project I am currently working on is probably the most exciting for me since it combines my passions for renewable energy and advancement in technology.


8) If you were the CEO of SAP for a year what changes would you make?

I doubt I would be a very good CEO because I would focus on the renewable energy goals of SAP (specifically being 100% renewable). I would also focus on the SAP brand and ensuring that it is a household name. Currently SAP is the business standard but has much less traction in other areas. I think schools, governments, and NGOs, of all shapes and sizes could benefit from understanding and using SAP.


Links to Related Posts (if any)


As you can tell from Dahn's SAP Success Story he is a truly passionate man who wants to have a positive impact on the planet and SAP!

Do you have an SAP Success Story to share? Please contact me on SCN to set up a short interview or fill out this template:SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.


Thank you,



Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor:Arif Mohamed Johari


     Death, taxes...and eventually being asked to post your own "Blog it Forward" blog....these are the things you can count on in life if you are an active member of SCN. And so, much like my Logan's Run "life clock" crystal flashing frantically in the palm of hand (how's that for an obscure sci-fi movie reference?!?!? haha), it seems my time is up!

A Brief History of Time

(* of Chris Solomon's life on this planet)

     Ok so "brief" may be a stretch as I do like to write and can be "long winded" at times...but here goes nothing. At the time of this writing, I am just turing 44 years young...actually, today is my birthday. Although my entire family is from the South, I was born in a small town outside of Boston. I put little stock into horoscopes, but I was born in June and am pretty clearly a Gemini as I have seen it described (logical and creative sides). My Dad was stationed there during Vietnam, so he and my Mom had moved up. However, my Dad was shipped off to Turkey for the war (communications and keeping tabs on the Russians! haha), and my Mom, being very much a Southern girl who missed her family, decided shortly after I was born to move back "home". Although my stint in the north was all of about 3 months after I was born there, I am to this very day jokingly referred to as the one "Yankee" in the family. (haha)

     My childhood years were much the same as any boy. I loved to run and play outside as much as possible...climbing trees, fighting imaginary dragons, building "forts", etc.I tried my hand at many sports and activities...jumping from one to another as my interest shifted here and there. I played soccer, basketball, t-ball, etc. early on while settling for football in my junior high and high school years (I eat, slept and breathed football during those years!). During this time period a few very key things that would shape my life happened....(1) I saw the "Willy Wonka" movie (2) I saw "Star Wars"  (3) I discovered I could "draw pretty good" (art)  and (4) I got into programming. From 1 and 2, I truly believed that anything in this world was possible if only you had the imagination to make it so. Numbers 3 and 4 helped me work on that theory a bit. When I was 10, I was writing programs with a friend on his "TRS 80" (aka "Trash 80"), and my Dad brought home a Texas Instruments "TI-99" for me. If I was not playing outside or doing sports, I was "playing" on the computer. Dad worked for a bank in the operations center. Sometimes he would take me to see the "big computers" there and stacks of punchcards that ran them (yep, THOSE days! haha). At the bank, he also would get deals at times on computers. Around 13, he brought home a Commodore 64 "Educator" for me. That really stepped up my interest in programming! With a neighbor friend who had this miraculous device called a "modem", we would dial up and get on bulletin boards, hunt for pirated video games, try to hack/crack games ourselves, etc. At home, I was coding in BASIC and LOGO. I even wrote a very basic program that I later came to know as a "database" that was like a directory of all my schoolmates. Yeh, the spark was definitely lit! I was also very much into art at this time and continue on to this day. I think the creativity of art goes well with the structure and logical thinking of programming...there goes that Gemini thing again! (haha)

     So skip ahead a bit (I know..."Thank you, Chris! Geeez will this story end!?!?!)....I discovered skateboarding around my sophomore year in high school (15 years old...before I could drive), and it soon replaced my interest in football. For a  brief period, I had intentions to go off to the Air Force Academy...I had the grades and even lined up my "official signatures of reference". However, I had a change of heart when I realized (1) due to a "bad" ear, I would likely not fly "fighter" jets as I wanted to and (2) I saw a short segment on "60 Minutes" or something that showed how cadets were treated by upperclassmen. I really did not like being told to do things I disagreed with and had to just "follow orders" (yeh, I don't think that works well in the military). So I switched gears a bit. I headed off to college at Auburn University. At the time, I wanted to go into art but as my Dad reminded me he was not going to pay for me to go to school for art because it was something I could do without school. We butted heads over it, but he was very right in hindsight. I decided instead to take my love of programming and computers and do something along those lines. I also loved math and did well all through high school (4th in my class). At the time, Auburn did not have "computer engineering". It was all part of "electrical engineering" (EE), so I went into EE with a focus on software and hardware design. My father agreed to pay for 4 years but past that was all up to me (as my sister was beginning school then and he was not going to "foot" two bills at once...do not blame him now! haha). I actually took my time a bit (did not want to overload myself with school work and did want to enjoy my college experience), so I finished up in 5 years. The last year I was working at a restaurant right off campus to pay my bills. That was nice too because I could take home food that would otherwise be thrown out each night, so my roommate and I at least ate well (haha). Also, working at one of the most popular restaurants meant I got little "perks" with other friends working at other restaurants, so we would often switch up on meals.Aside from the intense study EE required, working, and having a social life as time allowed, I still continued skateboarding. It was my outlet and stress relief....much like art which I continued as well (just as my Dad had said..without school for it. haha)

     After college, I was tossed right into the "real" world. I did not have a job in EE right out of school (I did not want to go work at the power company like most EE's around here just do as if it is expected). I lived back home with the "rents" (parents) for a bit and worked at pawn shop (friends from high school got me on there) as their "tech equipment expert" (meaning it if was a TV, stereo or computer, I checked it out and priced it haha). Now THAT was an interesting job. I finally landed a job as a programmer for a small company, PaperSoft, that had a niche software product for the paper converting business. It was very much like SAP but specific to that industry. I had great times there. I met my long time friend, Derrick Banks, as well when we both started our first day together (later Derrick went into SAP after I had and all the ways our lives have criss-crossed over the years is another long story in itself! We are brothers from different mothers as the saying goes). A good paying job meant I finally got to move out to my own place! ....which also meant I got to enjoy another aspect of adult life....real bills! (haha) I worked for PaperSoft for a few years and learned quite a lot. I worked on the "inventory control" module, rewrote their "production" module and wrote a new "shipping" module for them among other things (some of that code was still around as of 4-5 years ago!!!!), but I was ready for a change (Derrick had moved on, so that helped plant the idea in me too). Now rewind a bit...right as I graduated college a company (Ameripack) was on campus looking for an EE to learn this stuff called "SAP". Well, I boned up on "SAP" as much as I could from reading what was available on the internet. I did not get the job though (they picked an EE with some experience). However, at this point while at PaperSoft, I was looking through the classifieds and saw a listing for a local company needing a "Windows developer with SAP experience". As this was around 1996 or so, there were not a whole lot of SAP people around in the US. I went on the interview...which was me at a table surrounded by 4 people firing questions at me. It was pretty intense. I handled the Windows programming questions and was able to at least sound somewhat informed about SAP, so I got the job. That earlier "brush" with SAP had proven to be one those "moments" in my life that I had no idea would decide my path later in life. It was somewhat bittersweet...I had this new exciting job, but I had to tell the owner of PaperSoft that I was leaving. He had become like a second dad to Derrick and I, so he took it rather hard. In fact, we did not speak for several years after that. Thankfully, we do now and laugh about old times.

     End of 1996 or beginning of 1996 was my "start" with this thing called SAP (3.0c) that I had no idea would still be not only with me, but a major part of my life! The company I started with was doing a big implementation. They had a consulting firm in with about 200 consultants  billing crazy amounts at the time ($300+/hr). The development group I was a part of in the company was told that we were to do very little with SAP and just learn from the consultants as we let them do the work. However, I worked with some very sharp/smart people. We all picked up on ABAP rather quickly and were doing some pretty amazing things with Windows, Excel and RFCs. We were still told "look but don't touch" even when we could see bad code coming from the consultants (one had written nested "If Then...Else" chains that went so deep it was mind boggling!) We kept asking to do more and telling them we could do it, but of course met resistance from the consulting company who our own bosses were relying on for advice. We had to finally just show them. The consulting company had written this "vendor account upload and duplicate check" report that was their "golden child". It took about 14 hours to run on most occasions. Our team rewrote it, had it running from an Excel spreadsheet that would FTP itself to a server and then run RFCs from that server remotely to do the "load and duplicate" check. We ran it for our bosses in front of the consulting project manager, and ours took roughly 20 minutes. Guess who got to take over a lot of the development from then on? (haha) 

     I stayed with that company and as some people left (SAP was hot remember!), I was promoted to the development manager for SAP. I had a small team of about 6 developers while still coding as well. I would have likely stayed there for much longer time, but during the company's growth as it was acquiring companies out west, it was caught "cooking the books" (well before the HealthSouth and Enron scandals). The stock dropped like an anchor, and people were leaving the company in droves.

     I had considered going to a consulting company, but after a bad interview experience with a Big 5 company at the time..they said "we want you...but we will only pay you this ($15k less than I was making) but you will get our name on your resume"....I was pretty turned off to the idea. However, one of the guys that had reported to me had interviewed with this "little" mid-market consulting company and taken a job with them. There were looking for more people and my friend said "Chris, I know you hate consulting companies but these folks are different...you will love it here!"...and he was right. I took the trip to Denver and interviewed with Whittman-Hart (that is another funny story I will save...maybe over drinks at TechEd you can ask me about it). I took the job with them and am so very thankful I did (again, one of those deciding moments in my life). I can say without a doubt that I worked with some of the smartest, most talented, inspiring people during my time there (Matt Fraser, Chris Buffum, Leif Nilsson, John Poreda, Richard Westran, Bryson Gamble, and more and more). I learned so much! Of course, it was not all "roses" all the time, and I did see the darker side of some people and consulting (oh lord, the politics at times! haha). But it all was part of the learning process. Whittman-Hart soon merged with a "frontend" consulting company called USWeb/CKS and changed the named to marchFirst (yes, that "m" is lowercase as per some branding managers wild idea of "cool" for the time). marchFirst became one of the biggest victims in the "dot com" crash. I say "victim" but it was their own doing. They bought into the hype and allowed their many start-up "dot com" customers extend their payments based off "what they will be one day". When those companies went belly up, guess who was left holding all the very large bills? Yep...marchFirst. Sooooo....the company sold of parts and pieces. That was around 2001. A company called Divine acquired the SAP practice of which I was a part. I clearly remember a conference call with our CEO in which he stated that he would one day "crush SAP". Now being in the SAP practice, this did not sound like it boded well for me (or my many friends).

     I left Divine around 2002 and decided to branch out on my own finally. For a while, I had found that many clients were not coming to me and saying "hey Chris, is your company Whittman-Hart available for this project?". They were saying "Hey Chris, are you available for this project? We want you.". So the idea to start my own "consulting company" had started about the time marchFirst was imploding. The Divine acquisition only solidified my decision (again...just things happening that put my on my current path). I had been apprehensive about starting a company. It seemed so scary...so much to do...so much paperwork...what about insurance?...how will I pay myself?...what about billing? ...what about contracts?.....but it all turned out to be sooooo ridiculously simple and easy. As they say, the first step was the hardest of all. It also helped that at the same time, I started another company...a side project of mine that was born out of learning web development....a web site, ArtofSkateboarding.com,  aimed at skateboard collectors (think "baseball cards" but skateboards instead....or in many cases as "art" since many of today's top artist started as skateboard graphic artist...there's my "art"-side back again eh? haha). I figured if I was going to start one off, it was as good a time as any to start the other too! Like I said, that was around the end of 2001/start of 2002 and aside from a short stint (2004) with another consulting company again (I was brought into a strictly functional HCM firm to grow their technical practice, but they shifted direction and never really put their focus into it), I have been on my own ever since. Thankfully, I have had many great clients that have come back several times as well as a great network of friends and other consultants who have put me onto new clients (and me for them as well). I am not a "sales guy", so this has worked well for me up till now. Changes in technology as well as client expectations have also made it much easier. For the past many years, my projects have been almost 100% remote. Which brings me to the most recent big change in my life.1173711_10201858640092884_191185815_n.jpg



     In July of 2013, I finally got married. I say "finally" only to mean that my search had ended, and I found the exact right person in this world for me. With all my previous traveling and work life, it had been difficult, but as they say, it happens when it is suppose to happen. I was not traveling as much and met this most amazing and beautiful woman...and she liked me! (haha) We dated/courted (in the South, that is "proper" as my Mom would say) for almost 3 years before I "popped the question" and thankfully she said yes. I have 3 wonderful step-kids (twin 17 year old girls and an 11 year old boy...my little buddy!), so not only did I get a wife but an entire family all in one swoop! (haha)

My Roots

     My country is the United States, but being in the US, I know it's even more important to note the region you are from...or as they say around my part "Where ya from, boy?" I live in Alabama...better known as the South (yes, we capitalize it!) Why Alabama? Well, to be honest, it is because all the incorrect beliefs, misinformation and stereotypes about Alabama! People flock to cities nearby like Atlanta (to the point that it is hard to find someone from Atlanta in Atlanta!), but due to our state's "image" (yes, we do have a dark past but have moved well past that), it has kept our state quite the hidden gem/secret. Good people, great food and easy living! What more can one want? Oh....and I also live in Birmingham which is about the most convenient location in the state not to mention the largest city. It is one of those "not too large but not too small" kind of towns. With my "job", I could live anywhere as long as an airport is nearby. However, Birmingham is just very VEalabama.pngRY convenient (road trips!!!!) And when I do travel, I can come back home knowing that I still know my way around and not a lot has likely changed since I was gone. (haha) If I were ever to move, I think my next spot would be near the beach (good surf and a good skatepark close at hand! *see "fun" below)

     Birmingham as a city was long known as the "Magic City" or "Pittsburgh of the South" due to heavy steel industry influence and production. In fact, there is a statue (designed by Italian artist Giuseppe Moretti and cast from local iron in 1904) of the Roman god Vulcan that overlooks our city. The running joke is that Vulcan's bare backside "moons" folks on the other side of the mountain. Birmingham still has ties to the steel industry, however my city is better known for medical technology and achievements (from UAB University which spreads across much of downtown Birmingham).


     On a final note, a very serious warning if you do visit Alabama. This is a football state. More specifically, a college football state. Upon coming here, you will most certainly be asked "Who do you pull for?". There are only TWO possible answers, and you will be forced to pick one...Auburn or Alabama. There are no other options unless you want to confuse the person asking you. It is just the way things are here. It is like ordering "tea" with your meal here and knowing that it will be "sweet tea" and not that regular, weird, gross tasting "unsweet" old dishwater that some people elsewhere drink (or so we are told). It is just a given.

     Oh yeh...and did I mention our delicious Southern food?


"I do nothing professionally; I only do things for FUN!"

    This has been my long standing motto in life and has served to guide me well. So what are these "things" I do for fun? I will not go into great detail (You're saved!), but simply list a few that come to mind:

  • Skateboarding (yep, still at it since I was 15...travel a lot for it and sometimes still compete)
  • Snowboarding (when I can but it has been far too long since my last trip)
  • Surfing (picked this up about 4 years ago and love it! I do a trip around September to Costa Rica every year to surf now)
  • Running (I prefer trail running over road running as it is easier on my ankles/knees/back. I try to get in about 20 miles a week which works out to several 3-4 miles runs which are not hard on your body as long runs. I will occasionally put in a 6-12 mile run. I have not yet run any races because as competitive as I am, I know that it would consume me, and I would be "training" all the time for runs...which would take the "fun" out of it for me. I do have friends that run lots of marathons...even some that are Ultra runners...and they keep telling me they will get me one day. haha)
  • Working out (helps to keep me healthy for all things above! haha)
  • Fishing (fresh or salt water...very relaxing..as they say "fishing isn't all about catching fish" haha
  • Video Games (I can not sit in front of a computer all day and not "play" too! I love MMOs mostly...on the Camelot Unchained test group now)
  • Art (still at it....enjoy acrylic painting, doodling, pen and ink at times and photography)
  • "Farming" (haha....I have a nice veggie garden I am quite proud of....fresh veggies are the best!)
  • Reading (when I can fit in "leisure" reading and not just pouring through some tech documents)
  • Spending time with my family and friends (who doesn't enjoy this?!?!)
  • Writing long technical specifications (ok not really but seeing if you are still paying attention by this point)




How did I get here?!?!?!

     So how did I get nailed with the BIFfle bat (or tapped with BIF wand if you prefer a less painful sounding means of induction) ? Well, my good OLD friend, Matt Fraser, took it upon himself to call me out in his own blog (Blog it Forward - Matt Fraser ). Matt is a true "wizard behind the curtains"...one of the best BASIS people I have ever met/known. But to me, he is much more...a good friend. Matt is one of those that although we might not be in direct contact for years, when we do see each other again, we pick right up like not a day has passed. Of course, social media has made it much easier for us to get tabs on each other's goings-on. But if I ever get lax and think I know all there is to know about Matt, he is certain to surprise and entertain me with another story of his life. The guy has lived an amazing life...and still filling chapter after chapter! ...and that's just Matt...his wife is great too, and I think they make a perfect pair. (Ok Matt, does this get me a free dinner next time we come out to visit you and your wife? haha)


Matt Fraser's Three Questions of Illumination

  • How do you find time in your day for your many contributions to SCN?

     First off, my "contributions" might seem a lot but keep in mind that I have been on here since day ONE of the old SDN (R.I.P.).....that's back when "Coffee Corner" was quite the place to be! (haha) But now...where does the time come from? That's a tough one. In true consultant speak..."it depends.". If I am working from home, it is a bit easier. I can make it part of my "morning routine" with coffee as I get the ol' motor going (note: I am not a morning person!) If I am "on the road", I might just check in back at the hotel before bed or something. Generally, for forum posts/replies/attempted-answers, I will just check my "activity" and see if anything jumps out at me. For blogs and such, I tend to get "drafts" started when an idea strikes me and just jot down an outline for it. I got back and finish it out as time allows. I always do my blogs as Word docs first (having being hit too many times with doing my blogs directly on SCN that "crashed" or "timed out" or whatever and lost all my work) and then "port" them over.


  • If you hadn't made a career with SAP, or perhaps in IT at all, what would you be doing with your life?

     Well, that implies that you think my career is with SAP. Actually, my primary career that I am still working towards in earnest is to be a "Instant Winner of a record breaking lottery grand prize". It has taken a while longer than expected, so my "fallback" has always been this nagging SAP thing that I can never seem to escape (I would quote the Eagle's "Hotel California" lyric but I absolutely loathe the Eagles...only strengthened by the fact that met Don Henley at my local gym once and he was a complete tool...but that's another story haha). Seriously though....I think I would always being something around technology (for many reasons noted above)....maybe more into the "art" side of it. Who knows. I sometimes laugh at the paths, "lucky breaks", "right place at the right time", etc that even got me here.


  • What are your biggest outstanding life goals that you have not yet achieved?

     To die at a very old age, surrounded by my friends and family having watched them all succeed, help others, grow and go on to build strong, loving families of their own. I still have (hopefully) plenty of time to work on that one! Hmmm ...but past that "biggy"...let's see.....professionally? Grow a company such that I can employ others and help them succeed while of course making plenty of money for none of us to ever "want" for much. Personally? Too many to name...from things as a step-dad (just married coming up on 2 years now) that I need to work on (my wife would likely call me a "work in progress" haha).....to little things like getting to surf more. I guess overall my one goal is remaining happy (in where I am, who I am, what I do, how I treat others, who I surround myself with, etc), so really I just have a lot of little goals that all go towards that greater aim in life. Much easier to manage that way! haha


Chris' Voight-Kampff Test Questions

My 3 questions for my victims...er uh....nominees...are as follows:

1. You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down and see a small Larry Ellison. You reach down and flip Larry Ellison over on his back. Larry Ellison lays on his back, his belly baking in the hot sun, beating his tiny legs trying to turn himself over. But he can't. Not with out your help. But you're not helping. Why is that?


2. What has been your proudest moment thus far in your life and what was your proudest before that one?


3. Was there ever a moment in your life where you were absolutely stricken with fear when faced with something you had to do or try for the first time, and yet you pushed through the fear, did it and found out more about yourself and your limits in doing so? If so, please describe.


....and the Nominees are?

My nominees for BIF are in no particular order, preference or favoritism:

Derrick Banks

Philip Johnston

Martin Gillet (how does he not have one?!?!!?)

Jeremy Masters


And with that my dear friends, my BIF is now done Done and DONE! I hope you enjoyed it, and I am honored to now be an official part of all that shared before me.


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