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The Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain has been one of the most exciting and fun reads on SCN so far to me! I can’t think of a better way to get to know a little bit more all passionate community people.


It’s been more than 2 years since Jason Lax blogged it forward to me. Yay my bad... but finally the time has come! This is my last (for now) SCN blog. After 7 years, I have headed up towards other opportunities outside SAP. So here is also my Thanks and Goodbye to the greater SCN community!


A little about me:

I am a Bulgarian currently living in Sweden with my family. My greatest passions are traveling, cultures, languages, equality, sustainability and personal development. I try to experience as much of the local atmosphere wherever I go and I am so blessed to know many wonderful people from all around the world.



Prior to SAP I have been working in several international companies helping them manage change while expanding business operations.


My SAP journey:

I joined SAP and SCN in 2007. All these years have been challenging, full of constant change and learning. Not always simple, but so fulfilling and fun. Most of all I am grateful for all people that I have been so lucky to meet, virtually and in person, about all shared passions that always made me think of the community as my big extended family.


I wish I could thank everyone who has ever influenced me at SAP, but the list will be endless. So hoping for your understanding and thanking you all wholeheartedly I will only mention my top Mentors: Audrey Stevenson, Marilyn Pratt, Jocelyn Dart and Jason Lax. Thank you all!!


Special thanks to Sue Keohan, Genger Gatling, William Li, Michal Krawczyk, Agasthuri Doss and Shabarish Vijayakumar. It's amazing how much I learned from all of you although I've never met some of you. Thank you!


One secret:

I have always thought I have been blessed with the best bosses at SAP. But I am certainly not the only one. My special thanks goes to Eduardo Chiocconi who occupies the top. If I ever have the chance to work with you, Eduardo I won't think twice


Jason’s blog challenged me with some great questions to answer

Here’s a try!


• What do you enjoy most from your work and why?

The constant change, challenge and learning. The urge to break out of my comfort zone. I am not saying that it's always natural and easy but it’s so inspiring to see my own limits expanding. Looking back I can say there were hardly 2 days similar to each other. The people and community who always challenge me to keep going, ask questions and find solutions. I have enjoyed working with the Integration and Orchestration portfolio, with many partners and consultants, designing surveys, newsletters, trials, sharing (mostly good) news and encouraging the ongoing communication between SAP people and the greater community as a way to get closer to our customers and users. My biggest challenge and also fulfillment came from launching and serving as an editor and moderator of several SCN communities, helping them grow and keeping them up to date and (hopefully) informative. I think I lived to the SCN standards since I made it twice among the SCN Topic Leaders and even into the Moderator Spotlight series.


• What have you learned from your mistakes?

That’s a difficult one to dress in a few words. Perhaps everything important I know


• What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

On top of product and solution management I have (already) headed towards business analysis and consulting to help businesses go through change while keeping it simple and staying flexible. And most of all – keep their people happy, motivated and on board. If there is one top advice this would be “take good care of your employees and they will take good care of your customers”. It's far more easy to say than to deliver I am sure everyone will agree! Happy teams do wonders for any business, but how we get there is a whole mountain to climb. Change is never easy and many get lost. Change is the only constant known to mankind but we, somehow, always struggle to get it right and it, somehow, always hits us by surprise. People' and business' costs can be overwhelming so good guides are more wanted than ever. Contributing to this space is my biggest endeavor right now.


• What makes you run? (What are you passionate about)

I am really passionate about sustainability, equality in all its forms, personal development and giving people all support I am capable of, but also space. This includes constantly reminding people what they are good at and encouraging them to nurture and express their highest potential.


I will not blog it forward to anyone specifically. I would just say do it sooner than later


If you would like to keep in touch connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. All the best and see you soon!

When thinking of writing this blog I came across a couple of possible titles. The first title was "Moshe goes mobile" however I chose the second one, "What made me run". Those of you who follow me on Twitter or saw me running around in TechEd Berlin know what I'm talking about. This year the SCN advocates (Jason Cao Marilyn Pratt and my self) had a very interesting mission. The challenge was to take as many Selfies we could with community members. I soon discovered that the Selfie (action) and the Tshirt (prize) were only means. The real goal was to engage with you SCN members and I enjoyed it a lot! In this post I will share with you some of my experiences, great encounters and of course what makes/made me run.




But first, what's the story with the ears?

Many of you saw me taking Selfies wearing special ears (and the fortunate of you joined me) and were probably asking what's it all about? Well, you probably heard about the Blog It Forward challenge. It makes me happy to see how it still keeps growing and attracting more people every day from all over the world. Some of you might remember that in the first blog post in which I kicked-off Blog It Forward I attached a picture of myself and in the background one could see those ears. Some people didn't notice that it's actually a poster.  And for those of you who wondered, it was intentional. So that's the reason why I made these ears and later encouraged people to take photos wearing them .




Meeting great people

TechEd's highlight for me is meeting in-person SCN friends that I have known for years, however  just their web version. My first opportunity came the night before Teched in a gathering of SAP mentors and SCN topic leaders. In the event each new mentor was requested to sing after they introduced themselves and the results were actually not bad:).



[Amazing Marilyn Pratt talking about the Doctors Without Borders intiative, cc Susan Keohan]



The first day of Teched was really exciting for me as it was my first TechEd in Berlin. The venue was huge and of course I got lost when I went to pick-up the scanners. When I got all my gear and had my mobile office setup I started running around as a part of the run with community challenge. Then the real fun began!:)



                  [My mobile office]


Together with my carry-on suitcase I walked all over  and really enjoyed when community members stopped me and took a Selfie with me (and got a hug). A part of the challenge was to post the picture on twitter (using #hugscn) and I was honored to be included in some peoples' first tweets.

After the Selfie we would usually either talk about their BIF (if they are members) or about feedback they had about SCN or SAP. I was happy to provide answers when I could or connect them to the relevant people. Before Teched I promised that whoever takes a picture with me will be included in this blog post. I need to apologize for not fulfilling my promise as I didn't imagine it will be over 70 people?!?!



                          [Malin Liden in DemoJam]


A great closer for the first day was the DemoJam that was kicked-off by Malin Liden, VP of digital experience and community management, honoring SCN Topic Leaders and other significant SCNers. As you know Topic Leaders are very dear to my heart. They are the people who give so much to the community investing their time in providing answers and knowledge. I will use this opportunity to share that Jasmin Gruschke, Topic Leader for  ABAP on HANA will also become a moderator.



[ I wonder if I'm photo boombing Jasmin's Selfie:]

A taste of TechEd

One of my weaknesses is snacks. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw this advanced snacks vending machine. This machine has a Touch screen and a very cool UI that is SAP fiori based. It remembers your previous purchases, enables you to use coupons, give gifts to friends and more:). This is only one example of all the cool things that were presented in TechEd


Moderator meet-up

A very meaningful closing event for the TechEd Berlin 2014 for me was the the moderator meet-up. This is our community gathering that we hold in every Teched enjoying the fact that we can have  face-to-face discussions on SCN's burning topics:

  • Content quality & moderation
  • Training for new SCN members
  • How to handle marketing content on SCN
  • SCN UX
  • And more…

I want to thank Kristian Lehment , Florian Henninger , Lukas Weigelt Hendrik Neumann Andreas Profitlich Jeroen van der A for their great feedback and input. My mission now is to turn their suggestions (as much as we can) into actions. I'm happy to share that the solution for one of the main issues they mentioned is already in the making.

This event really proved to me what makes me run, both in my professional and in my personal life. All that is described in this blog represents the professional aspect. The personal aspect is that this Teched was the first time I was away from Segev, my newborn son. I missed him so much and it reminded what really makes me run every day.

After being a member of 1 years in SCN. I have seen many discussions (or documents, blogs) got rejected by a moderator. Sometimes users take it easy and do not post his query again, sometimes users ignore moderation and post his discussion again in the same way as he did, sometimes he check the notification and understand the issue and post it correctly or sometime users post a question in SCN support (or even other forum) as a question "Why my discussion got rejected ?"

Mostly it happens with new user because they can't able to understand that what he should actually do, They just find the website and post the question without checking the forum/space or without searching.

There are already lots of document, blogs which explain the things about a guidance of posting question.

Firstly the blog written by Mr. Jürgen, Dear Newbie - Welcome in SCN MM space. He has specified the blog as for MM space but I think it is applicable for all spaces. Here he has given FAQs section which is giving a very good guidance how to post a discussion and reply in a discussion.

Mr. Rob has written a blog Asking Good Questions in the SCN Discussion Spaces will help you get Good Answers about how to post a question. Here he has given a very good explanation about a question.

In one sentence, you can get a summary of all these reasons for a post got rejected in this document The SCN Rules of Engagement | SCN

Also there are many similar documents / blogs which can give you a guidance to be much familiar to SCN.


Most of all contents got rejected for some few reasons :

Basic frequently asked and answered question.

Posted in a wrong forum.

Asking for step by step procedure, doc, video, presentation, link

Not an appropriate subject for a discussion.


Basic frequently asked and answered question : As SCN is not a new website, there are more than 3600000+ discussions in this forum. you just need to find your solution for your query. It is also discussed in The SCN Rules of Engagement, option no. 3.

You have these search options :

SCN Search

Google Custom Search- SAP Community Network Search

And the most common and helpful Google.

Also you can find a guidance from this document How to use SCN search


Posted in a wrong forum : This is a very common thing which has done by maximum users. SCN will accept all types of discussion which is related to SAP or related SCN improvement, Idea, query etc etc. You just need to find the specific forum / space. SCN has specified his forum as per SAP modules, here is the SCN Site Index. Where you will find all forums which are associated with SCN.

Suppose you have some problem is your computer or laptop, then you can't call a carpenter to fix the problem. You need to call a computer engineer. The same way, when you will face a problem for MM module, you can't post your query in FI forum. You need to post it in MM forum. Read the document Find Topic Spaces on SCN (Forums) for a brief explanation about how to find the appropriate forum which can be fit with your discussion / Document / blog.


Asking for step by step procedure, doc, video, presentation, link : SCN is a website where you can find all types of content like as document, blog, wiki and help portal. So why should we ask other people for a document as we can find it easily by little searching. Step by step procedure is well discussed in a document, blog, wiki and help portal. Some peoples are asking like that "Can anyone tell me the process of xxxxxxx", "Can you share me some documents for the process xxxxxxxx", "Can anyone tell me what is xxxxxxxxx". It is suggested to stop posting these types of discussion and start searching about the process and understand about that. Other users are ready to solve your problem, they are not here to find a link or document for you.


Not an appropriate subject for a discussion : I have seen lots of discussion got posted with subject of "Please help me", I have a problem", "Dear Guru help me", "I am facing an issue" etc etc etc. Do you really think it is correct ? Subject is the most important when you are posting a query, also when you will try to search by using any search term, the subject will be the first priority to search with regards to the keyword. Do you think anyone can search a discussion with the keyword "Please help me", I have a problem", "Dear Guru help me", "I am facing an issue" ? Message subject is a summary of your whole message. It should be always like a headline of a news which will introduce your whole discussion.


There are some more reasons why your discussion got rejected:

If you post your personal information like as phone number, email id in your discussion. You can see the details in The SCN Rules of Engagement | SCN, option 6.

If you will use some different language or SMS speak language in your discussion, You can see the details in The SCN Rules of Engagement | SCN, option 4.

You can find some more reasons in this Blog post. Mr. Matt has written it very clearly and well explained.


Most of the people (mostly for new users) is not familiar with the tab Action and also little bit about Communication. That because they are ignoring moderation and post his query again in same forum and same query.

An user post his query and just follow up the discussion, if the discussion got rejected then he can't able to see the discussion neither his profile - content nor space - content. Then just one question comes into his mind "Where is my discussion ? "

When a content got rejected by an SCN moderator, then SCN will send a notification to you about your content rejection.


What is the first step when a content got rejected ?

In any page, you will find your three tabs when you will log on to SCN. here it is :


The activity contains this information which you are following. The Communication contains this information which is communicated with you. The action tab contains this information of some alerts or some notifications.

As I have told that SCN will send a notification when your content got rejected by a moderator, then you need to see the action tab.

If a new notification will appear in Action tab (even any of those tabs), then you can see the highlighted green colour number on your tab. You need to click on the green number to see the notification. After clicking the action tab, You will find a notification tab (with highlighted green colour number). Click that notification tab to see the message.

Now you can see a formal message as

Your content "xxxxxxx" has been rejected by an SCN moderator and is no longer visible in the community. Please see the Rules of Engagement for more information on why content is rejected.

Then below of this message, you will find a Reason option. Here you will find your reason why your content got rejected.

It will be looks like below:


Now the reason is in front of you. Read the reason carefully and follow the the same.


What If I can't see the reason option in my notification tab :


That means the moderator hasn't given any specific reason for the rejection. Generally all moderators give the reason for a content rejection, sometimes moderator think you need a brief explanation/guidance about the content rejection. Then he will send you a direct message.

You can see the direct message by clicking the Communication tab.


What I do if I am not able to see any reason in notification or any direct message :


Generally all moderators give the reason of the content rejection or send a direct message to you. In case, if you didn't receive any of those then first you need to read and compare your content with The SCN Rules of Engagement | SCN and check if you are violating any of those rules which is pointed.

If you strictly think that your content is not violating any of those rules, then post a query in SCN Support forum. People (along with moderator) will get in touch with you. But remember do not post only the message like that "I have posted a query in space xxxxxx, but my query got rejected. I want to know the reason". Give a brief explanation that you have compared the all points of The SCN Rules of Engagement and it is not violating any of those rules.


What should I do if I an not able to see any notification or not any highlighted green number in action tab although I am not able to see my post in the space :


Sometimes it happens like that you haven't received any notification and also you can't able to see your discussion in the space overview or content. This will happen when another user will press Alert moderator for your post. If one member think that your content is violating any one of the rules of SCN, then he has the ride to press Alert moderator for your post. if your post got one Alert moderator, then your post got removed only from space's content but it will be visible in overview tab. If your content get one more Alert moderator, then your post will be removed from overview and content both tab. In that situation, you will not receive any notification in action tab as because your post has just got multiple alert moderators but not yet rejected by a moderator. If the moderator will accept your post, then your post will be visible. If moderator will reject your post, then you will get a notification under Action tab. So when you will face that situation where you can't see any notification under your action tab and also you can't able to see your discussion in your content tab or in space's content / overview tab, then you do not need to worry about that.


Finally, I'll suggest to all new and old member that please do not ignore moderation and do not post your query again once it got rejected by a moderator. Follow the simple steps and be a better member in SCN. Follow and respect the SCN rules and encourage people to do the same. Remember if you will behave better in SCN, then SCN (along with all peoples) will serve you better.

If you have any query or need more explanation about any related content, then you can contact me, you will find my contact details in my profile.

Dear members of the SAP Community Network


As a reaction to the recent disclosure of weaknesses in the SSL[1] protocol suite we have launched an initiative to provide stronger, state-of-the-art encryption technology to SCN users via HTTPS[2] . It includes the following improvements:


  1. Dropping support for all versions of the SSL protocol - in favor of the successor protocol TLS[3]  (version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) for encryption via HTTPS
  2. Subsequently replacing all HTTPS X.509 Server Certificates with new certificates that provide SHA-2[4]  signatures for more reliable verification by your browser[5]
  3. Optionally offering Perfect Forward Secrecy[6]  to clients that support it (support for Perfect Forward Secrecy will probably be extended to even more browsers in the near future)
  4. We are dropping support for weak encryption ciphers including RC4[7]  and subsequently also 3DES[8]  to avoid a false sense of security - especially when connecting over an untrusted network, like a public WiFi network or a shared computer in an Internet café


Most of our activities to improve the quality of service are completely transparent to all our end-users. However, in some cases technical restrictions forbid to implement important changes in a backward-compatible way; a tradeoff that may then affect a specific fraction of the user-base. The last point in the above list represents such a change.


By dropping support for weak encryption, users of some older browser-software (for which no updates and support are offered) will no longer be able to establish a secure connection via HTTPS protocol with SCN systems. Currently, we are aware that only users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or earlier) on Windows XP operating system may no longer be able to access all of the SAP Community Network via HTTPS (because this combination depends on weak ciphers (RC4 or 3DES). Logon may fail and consequentially only anonymously accessible content can be viewed via unencrypted HTTP protocol. However as more and more of our web applications will be accessible via HTTPS only in the future, the impact may become more significant. For users not able to update to a more recent version of Windows than XP SP2, there is a temporary workaround to access our sites by using an alternative browser like for example Firefox, which you can download and use freely[9] .


However, this workaround cannot be considered a solution as Microsoft has officially declared end of life for Windows XP more than 6 months ago, and warns that "it’ll become five times more vulnerable to security risks and viruses"[10] . If you are personally affected by this change, maybe you can use this reference to convince your local IT team that you have a business need for an upgrade.


In the coming years we may be forced to further tighten the HTTPS settings and stay up-to-date reflecting proper mitigation as more vulnerabilities are identified and disclosed. We will always try to do this with the least possible drawback and regression for end-users and aim to announce such changes as early as possible. On behalf of my team I apologize for the inconvenience this may involve. Thank you for your understanding!


Best Regards

Fabian Krönner

Team Lead for Production Management of External Community Portals


External References:

[1] https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3566

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Secure

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security

[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Hash_Algorithm

[5] https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2014/09/23/phasing-out-certificates-with-sha-1-based-signature-algorithms/

[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_secrecy#Perfect_forward_secrecy

[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RC4

[8] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_DES

[9] https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all

[10] http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/end-support-help



I am now part of the Blog It Forward Community Challenge thanks to Srivatsava Janaswamy and Jitendra Kansal that noticed me in its blog and via email Blog It Forward - Srivatsava Janaswamy and Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal


My name's Alessandro Iannacci (that's not a mistery). I am italian and I move continuosly between Pescara and Milan, but my original town is Pescara.



I did my Bachelor in Computer Engineering in Politecnico di Milano with the maximum grade (A+) and winning lot of prizes, but I had a small trick: I started programming when I was 5 years old.

After the graduation I started working with an SAP Partner, because I was annoyed about the technology caos, and I needed to follow some big guide in the technology business, like SAP.

Anyway I am always happy to get a look at new technologies, to study, etc. but I only deepen what I consider useful and successful.

I have more than 7 SAP/OpenSAP/OpenHPI technical certifications, about Netweaver, Mobile, HANA, etc.

I like motorcycles, photography and all kind of sports.


This year I was nominated SCN topic leader for the SAP Cloud Applications Studio space, and SAP Mentor. I am so thankful for these nominations, that gave me the opportunity to see the SAP Teched event for the first time in my life: it was so amazing. I think that one developer should see this event at least once in his life.



Now it's time to reply to the questions

  • What makes you think SCN is different? And in what way?


I think that SCN is a great developers community, with lot of interaction ways. Without SCN many SAP consultants do not exist. Sometimes the documentation for SAP products is not enough, so SCN is not only great, it is needed.


  • What's your favorite place? Would you like to have it as your work place or just for vacation?


My favorite place is my original city! Some might think that it is obvious, maybe : I like all the things in my city and I would not change ever. I am always thinking how to improve the business in this area of Italy. One day, I am sure, I will be able to do it.

  • How do you see yourself being in SAP Technology?


As you can see from my description, I like technology, but unfortunately in the real world it is only a tool, the arm of the business. So I would like to be able to understand in time where the business is going, and what is the best technology (SAP or not) to follow for the specific case. I would like to have a great idea to realize, but at the moment I am still thinking


That's all for now! Would like to blog it forward to



Patrizia Rossi

Alessandro Spadoni

Andrea Olivieri

with the following question:

  • Do you have some great idea that can improve SCN?
Faisal PC

Blog It Forward - Faisal PC

Posted by Faisal PC Nov 15, 2014

Hi All,


So, let me start about myself. Trust me, I won't write a lengthy bio.


I am Faisal. As simple as that.




Have you heard of a place called 'God's own country'?. Try searching the same in Google. That is where I belong to. I am from Kerala which is the south most state of India. A small snapshot of Wayanad which is a tourist destination in Kerala. Kerala is a must visit tourist destination and you will never regret if you plan a trip to here.



And my city is called as the 'City of truth' which is Calicut.


I work as a CRM technical consultant with Robert Bosch Bangalore. I have 4.5 years of SAP experience. I started with Accenture and recently moved to Bosch.


On the personal side, I am recently married (enjoying the honey moon period. ..) and my wife is a civil engineer. To be honest, I don't have much hobbies other than browsing and hanging out with friends or family.


I would like to forward this to Luís Pérez Grau.





Hi all!

I was blogged by my colleagues Camila Zilles (Blog it Forward - Camila Zilles) and Nuane Mazzarino (Blog it Forward - Nuane Mazzarino) and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this challenge in Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.

Here you can check more information about the "Blog It Forward" challenge: http://scn.sap.com/community/about/blog/2012/08/20/blog-it-forward-community-challenge





My name is Ricardo de Oliveira Dias. It’s a regular name, no famous family but I’ve heard that the origin of “Dias” is from Portugal. I tried to search the origin of “Dias”, but I am not 100% sure about its origin as it’s a common surname here in Brazil.


I live in South of Brazil, in a city called São Leopoldo. It’s not a big city, but it has everything I need, including 100MB internet, which, for me it’s VERY important.


There is one interesting fact that in south of Brazil (state of Rio Grande do Sul) there is real winter. Sometimes (rarely) even snow on specific cities. Everybody (ok, almost everybody) thinks that Brazil is hot and there are beautiful beaches everywhere. IT’S A LIE… Here in Rio Grande do Sul the beaches are not beautiful.


However, I love our winter and on summer I go to state of Santa Catarina which is near and has paradisiac beaches, like the one below (called Praia do Rosa).




I’m a kind of Geek/Nerd who has social live. I like to spend my free time with friends, playing videogames and also practicing sports like Running. I also enjoy playing piano and singing, but I’m retired now as there are many better people at The Voice and X-Factor, but I’ll share a picture just to remember the old times.



The curious fact is that all the guys in the picture are my cousins, it’s like that band “The Corrs”, the difference is only the talent.


One of my passions is travel, I don’t know many countries yet, but someday I’ll increase significantly the list.


Regarding my professional life, I’ve been working with SAP for almost 7 years now. My career started as ABAP consultant in a SAP partner, participated in a few ECC implementation projects. Then, after 2 years working as consultant, officially joined SAP team.



Now I work in Product Support with PP (Production Planning), OIL/GAS and Batch Management. I’m also instructor of a several technical trainings including the famous BC400.


Just a picture of my my team at SAP:



Fun Questions asked by Camila and Nuane:

- If you could choose another city to live, what city would you choose?
Any city in Canada for sure.


- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?
I love organize trainings and deliver.


- What is your favorite book? Why?
This is hard, but I can say that Chronicles of Narnia is on the top.


- Where and what are the great things about the place you live?
I love a restaurant called Zimbabwe. It has the best pizza of the world.



I would like to hear from you - if you haven't Blogged it Forward yet:
- Favorite movie?
- What was the best game you’ve ever played? (Includes Mario and Donkey Kong).
- Where do you want to live when you’re retired?


Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Raphael da Silva

Felipe Prasniski

Rafael Guimbala

Do I need to explain how and why I am so passionate about MSF?  Does anyone really give a darn?  Maybe not.


I think my first awareness of Doctors Without Borders came during one of Craig Cmehil's 'Friday Morning Report' marathons, during which Craig would stay up and online, and have a variety of guests to talk about the topics they were passionate about while hopefully, viewers would donate to Doctors Without Borders.


Take a look at this lineup from 2010!

FMR marathon.jpg


(Agenda for 2010 24 Hour Marathon | Friday Morning Report)


This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.   Not only was I made aware that there was this fantastic organization, but I started looking at what they do.  They're not a 'big name', they don't do corporate sponsored fundraising, their overhead is extremely low as far as charitable organizations go.

They use the funds that are raised to send doctors and medical and logistic personnel out into the 'field' - which can be wherever medical assistance is needed.


Then the opportunity to help revise the 'workflow bible' (Practical Workflow for SAP, V1) came along, and the always fabulous Ginger Gatling  realized that, not only would it be an accounting nightmare to try to allocate author royalties, but wouldn't it be better to donate our proceeds to MSF.  (There is a long story, but Ginger could share THAT).    The authors (all FOURTEEN of them, I believe) happily agreed.  Version2 of the book is now sold out, but the proceeds generated were about 40K. 
Along can Ina Felsheim and another book with Ginger, the EIM book.  They followed the same model - more people writing, more people donating their time and energy, and more funds to help MSF.


In 2013, we had a little #sapcc (SAP Community Challenge) which encouraged members to do silly or serious things to raise money for MSF.  Most notably, Clint Vosloo and his burpee challenge and Bjoern Goerke and his Marathon challenge should go down in SCN history for their enthusiasm and generosity.


There have been more community efforts to raise awareness and funds to MSF, so the relationship is rock steady.  Marilyn Pratt, Audrey Stevenson, Jason Cao and others in the SCN Community team helped establish the  I care, I gave, I inspired   Missions, and I am so proud to have been able to play a small part in that.


At a this past #saptd in Las Vegas, Megan McGuire of MSF gave a talk about the challenges of going digital. I wish you ALL could have been there.   And the #datageek challenge on Tuesday night (here's just one blog about it) included sapua students, SAP Lumira experts, and various 'data viz' geeks in an evening event to remember.


When you see medical supplies being transported up a river in a tiny row boat, when you see rows and rows of children lining up for something we take for granted, like vaccinations, when you consider that MSF is there after earthquakes, tsunamis, war and epidemics, how can you not be moved?


So yes, I am very passionate about MSF.  I admire them, I cheer for them, I am grateful that they go and do what needs to be done.  I know their doctors and nurses and medical and logistical staff are putting their lives on the line, every single day, whether they are fighting Ebola or helping survivors of deadly natural disasters.  Every time I read something more about what they do, where they go, what they risk, I am more moved.


The #dataviz challenge at #saptdLV was a real eye opener - when you learn that many MSF field workers use spreadsheets to track patients and also supplies - when you understand the massive logistical challenges facing this organization, and when you see the lights come on after some really cool #lumira data visualizations, how can you not be excited?    I wish I were a better @dataviz person than I am (which is to say, not at all) but I do know I can help MSF (and you can too!) one sure way, that is to continue to support the SAP Community Fundraiser. 


So, do you care? 


Doctors Without Borders/Plan a Fundraiser

Well, so I've been invited by Maicon Wallauer to Blog it Forward. I work in the same location Maicon works, in the SAP Labs Latin America, which is located in São Leopoldo, in the southernmost state of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul). You can see where it is in the map below.



Somethings about me



My full name is André Fröhlich Seewald (both of my surnames are german and I have to spell it everytime someone needs to write it down), I am 25, I was born in Porto Alegre, the state capital, but I live in Novo Hamburgo, a city with about 250 thousand inhabitants located 15 min by car from SAP (with good traffic, when it`s bad it can take about an hour).


This is my city



This is me when I was a kid                                                        This is me now



I am graduated in Journalism and I have worked in the area until a begin in SAP, in the end of 2012. With journalism I've worked in my university's TV channel as a news reporter and news anchor for the daily journal. I also worked as a photographer for the university's communications team for about 6 months. By the way, photography is one of my passions, after I bought my first smartphone Instagram has became a good friend.





Besides photography I also like to play soccer. When I was a kid I use to dream to become a professional player, but there's a lack of skills. I also like to travel, doesn't matter if nearby or abroad. When I was 17, I've spent a month in London studying english and doing volunteer work which has been one of the greatest expierences in my life.




In 2010 I went on a road trip throughout Europe with 4 friends. We left Brazil towards Paris, spend 4 days there and then we rent a car to travel for a month in 8 different countries (France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium) driving about 6600 km or 4100 miles. It was also a great experience to be on all these places. It's hard to say which were my favorite places or moments, but I really liked Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Amsterdam and the time we spent at Normandy, in the northern France. I believe that the fact that we went by car, made all the difference, it changed the trip, for better (the GPS helped a lot). During this time, one of my favorite moments was on Maranello, in Italy, home of Ferrari. We went there to see the musuem, but we were offered to try a Ferrari for 10 minutes. After some thinking (about 1 minute) we firmed some terms and conditions and drove a model F430, reaching easily 170km/h (105 miles/h) in 3rd gear.


DSC05070.jpg DSC_0057.jpg

DSC_0220.jpg DSC05598.jpg DSC_0838.jpg


Well, I think this is it.


Almost forgot to answer Maicon's question:


  1. You have 1 million dollars to use in one week but you can't buy anything for yourself (you can go places though). What would you do?

          - I would buy food and clothes to people in need and a trip do my parents.


    2. What super power (the ones from known super heroes) would you like to have?

          - Iron Man's suit



I would like to BIF:


Fabiano Oliveira

Mateus Barth


Check BIF Challenge blog for further details.


Questions I would like Fabiano and Mateus to answer:

1. Quote 2 persons that are inspirations for your life.

2. If you had the chance to go to the moon, would you?

Thank you all for reading it!

André Seewald

Mehwish Haq is the SCN Member of the Month for November 2014. She is from Karachi, Pakistan, where she works as a Senior SAP Consultant and IT business partner for HR.


Mehwish joined me from Pakistan late in her day, and I was delighted to learn about what motivates her contributions:

"I’m contributing purely for just a simple “Thank You”. I remember back in the days when I needed some help it was amazing how I could simply log into SCN. All the members and the forums have helped me gain knowledge that otherwise wouldn’t have been so easily accessible. I think it’s my responsibility now to give back to the community."

She is a seasoned consultant, who diligently answers questions, and she offers the following advice to new members getting started on SCN:

  • Read the Rules of Engagement
  • Search before posting
  • Test your solution before you post an answer

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, who you work for, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?

I am Mehwish, living in Karachi which is the biggest city of Pakistan and the financial hub. I am working in the IT Department of Engro Corporation Limited which is a premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach.


I started my career in 2006 when I joined AbacusConsulting which is one of the SAP implementation partners in Pakistan and got an opportunity to work on different projects across different industries such as Fertilizer, Food, and Automobile. I was also a Senior Consultant in the first IS-U implementation in Pakistan. After four years of consulting, I joined Engro Corporation as a System Analyst where I give ABAP, BI and workflow support to various subsidiaries of the Organization.


In my free time, I like to volunteer for social services, go out for shopping and connect with friends and family!

Office where Mehwish works
Mehwish's view from her office window

Note from Caroleigh: What a view! I love doing the Member of the Month interviews and getting a glimpse into the lives of members all across this big beautiful world!

When did you become a member of SCN and what brought you to this community?
I joined SCN in 2006 when I started my first job. I was deployed on a project as a Junior ABAP resource. Looking for answers I came across SCN and it helped me a lot. I found the members extremely nice and helpful and the content available was so amazing! So, basically I learned a lot from the community and eventually started responding to questions that were posted.


Can you tell us in which areas of SCN you are active in?
Mostly ABAP Development and sometimes on SAP Business Workflow as well.


I see you voted in the SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud App Challenge. I did too – what did you think of the apps submitted by SAP Partners?

I really liked some of the ideas, the applications can bring in a lot of functionality and efficiency in various business processes. I would like to explore them further, however, considering our region, the cost remains a concern.


I notice you generously answer questions in the community, and you earned the Answer Hero Plus badge. What motivates you to share your expertise? And how do you find the time to contribute so actively on SCN?
Initially it was for the “T-shirt” which we used to get for achieving certain points! But now I’m contributing purely for just a simple “Thank You”. I remember back in the days when I needed some help it was amazing how I could simply log into SCN. All the members and the forums have helped me gain knowledge that otherwise wouldn’t have been so easily accessible. I think it’s my responsibility now to give back to the community.

PS - The badges really look good on the profile too

Mehwish Haq
By the time Mehwish gets home...

What motivated you to become an expert in SAP’s products and technologies, and how did you get started?
After doing my B.E. in Computers and Information Systems, I was looking for various career options and I found myself at my first job as an ABAP resource. Working with business users from different industries excited me and I realized that I started enjoying what I was doing. Being able to help business by providing solution motivated me to learn more about SAP.


If a new member came to you and asked for your advice on how to be an active and respected member of SCN, what would you say?
I would ask them to first read the “Rules of Engagement”. Search SCN before asking any question. If answering any query, test the solution before suggesting and be patient if you don’t get points! The first thing I do every morning is log on to SCN and no matter how busy the day is, I try and visit discussion forums or read at least one blog.


Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?
Yes, I really admire Rich Heilman, Naimesh Patel, Thomas Zloch and Suhas Saha. I have never interacted with them directly but always learned a lot from their posts and blogs. They are experts in their domain and always ready to help.

Easy question: Mac/iOS or Windows? Or Android?
iOS for facetime / Windows for work / Android for games.

Note from Caroleigh:  Mehwish Haq I forgot to ask when we talked, but I'm sure the community (and fellow Member of the Month Michael Howles) would like to hear more... what are some of your favorite games?

Are you on Twitter?

Every month, a member of the SAP Community Network is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement. See the list of previous SCN Member of The Month Hall of Fame.

Hello all,

We would like to inform you all that due to stricter security settings, IE 8 on Windows XP users will not be able to access SCN.

Currently members can browse SCN via both a http and https protocol.

Once logged in, the protocol is always set to https, and due to requirements, users of IE 8 on Windows XP are not able to log-in.


IT security requests that all SAP platforms adjust their settings for https communications in order to prevent attacks.

As a result, IE 8 on Windows XP users will not be able to access SCN via the https protocol (at all).

For those members who would like to continue working on Windows XP, we advise that alternative browsers will be used.

Please note that these settings will apply by the end of this month.

Thank you

Hello everyone,


I was blogged forward by Pedro Freitas' Blog It Forward - Pedro Freitas. Before I answer Pedro's questions, let me give you a brief introduction on who I am: my name is Nuane, I am 22 years old and I live in São Leopoldo, Brasil. I joined SAP in February, 2011, as a vocation training intern. After 1 year and a half, I was hired as an FTE in Product Support. Predro, whom I was blogged forward by, was actually my mentor. I am currently studying Information Systems in college, at Unisinos. I am addicted to TV series and Sci-Fi and I love reading. I have lived all my life in São Leopoldo and although I do like it in here, what I love the most is to travel and to get to know different cultures.



Now, let's see which questions Pedro has asked:


  • Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?


Well, life is very unexpected and sometimes we achieve great things we never even knew we wanted, but here are the five things I absolutely want to achieve in life:


  1. Hug a penguin (I'm serious!)
  2. Travel all around the world (who doesn't?)
  3. Read 50 books in a year (tough, but doable)
  4. Live in London (cheers!)
  5. Do volunteer work (do some good)
  6. EXTRA: eat a lot of chocolate (In Progress)


  • If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?

I would probably spend the day reading and eating chocolate and planning trips in order to achieve above goals

Seriously now, I would probably meet with some colleagues and try to come up with some sort of innovation for my team/ organization.

  • If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?

I believe I would probably be studying abroad, as this is something I have always wanted to do.



Blogging It Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Fernando Bassuino

Michel Bohn

Thiago Costa

Douglas Oliveira

Debora de Souza

Georgia Vanin

Luiz Giani

Ricardo Dias

Rodrigo Pessin

Camila Blume Zilles


I would like to hear from you - if you haven't Blogged it Forward yet:


  • Where and what are the great things about the place you live?
  • Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?
  • If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?



I hope you enjoyed my BIF! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!




Please remember to follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you "Blog It Forward" to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.

Hi Everyone,


I was blogged forward by Thomas Kagiri. Thomas and myself started working with SAP at the same day in 2014.




My name is David Wilson Kizito , I am 27 years old and leaving in Dublin originally from Kampala (Uganda).  Kampala is the capital and largest city in
Uganda with a population of approximately 2.5 million.  The flight time from Dublin to Entebbe is 10 hours 22 minutes. I also lived in Germany for 6years before moving to Ireland, therefore am a linguistic who speaks German as well.
I joined SAP in June 2014 after finishing my Honours degree in Computer Systems Management in May, 2014. As part of the CRM Product Support Team, I have been with the team since and l have to say it’s great working with everybody.


Fun fact about my country/yourself


My hobbies include; soccer, Jogging, swimming, hiking and dancing.


   My former team HSC Berg E.V.





Uganda’s weather in general

Straddling the equator, there is little year round fluctuation in temperature and no real winter or summer. The hottest months are January and February when the average daytime range is 24-33°C (52-91°F) with peaks of up to 40°C/104°F in the far north. The south has two wet seasons: from mid- September to November and March to May. The dry season from December to February means only that it rains less and the gorilla parks remain fairly wet during these months. The second dry season- from June and July- is considerably drier. Still, with 1000 to 2000mm
(39.4-78.7in) of rain every year, it can rain at almost any time. The north, including Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley, has one continuous wet season from March to November and a more obvious dry season from December to February.

Rwenzori Mountain, “ Mountains of the Moon”
Rwenzori is the biggest mountain range in Africa, running for over 120kms along the border of
Uganda with Congo.



Bird Watching
Uganda has gained a popular reputation as an exceptional worldwide destination for “bird watching” activities. Although the size of Uganda is not particularly big, it hosts over 1000 species of birds.


Ssese Islands and Lake Victoria.

Much of the Uganda territory is covered by, rivers and lakes. The biggest lakes are: Victoria, Albert, Edward, Kyoga. In particular, Lake Victoria - the biggest in




Questions asked by Thomas:


If you were 20 again, What would you study?


I would study medicine.



And I would be happy if you could answer the following questions:

1.) If you were 18 again, What would you do differently?

2.) Where do you see yourself 10years from now?

Blogging It Forward:


I would like to blog it forward to the following people:

Agneta Alungo

Neal Genocchi

Fiona Ryan

Zeituni Baraka

Brian Patterson

Brendan Tourish


I hope you enjoyed my BIF! Feel free to comment or ask me any questions you'd like in the comments below!


Please remember to follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you "Blog It Forward" to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.


Since I joined SAP almost 5 years ago, I was fortunate to attend SAP TechEd Bangalore twice. Meeting the Indian community members and especially the BiFers was a great experience and absolutely fun. To have a direct 3D conversation with a friend is alot more meaningful than an Email or even a conference call. This is why I'm so looking forward for TechEd Berlin. The idea that I'm going to meet in person so many European community members and BIFers and to spend so much time with Marilyn Pratt  makes me really happy.


To add a little more fun to your SAP TechEd && d-code experience, we've created a special "I Found the SCN Community Advocate" badge! Read more about it in Jason Cao's blog.


I have a lot of plans for TechEd Berlin but I want to highlight a couple of them:


  • Come and have a Selfie with us My mission is to get a as many Selfies I can with community members.
  • Join us for our Moderators Meetup which is also open to community members to allow open discussion around moderation topics and content quality. The gathering will take place: Thursday, November  13th, 17:30-18:30, Lounge 3
  • Reach out! I will be walking around all day long so feel free to say hi, share feedback on SCN or join me in my walk:)


Like always the moderators meet-up is dynamic so if you have anything which you would like us to discuss please let me know. Please let me know by adding a comment below if you will be attending SAP TechEd Berlin so I will look for you when I walk around the exhibition floor.



[ My favorite Selfie]


After the event I will post a blog post about my SAP TechEd Berlin experience so if you want to be a part of it come and have a Selfie with me:).

Hello everyone,


I was invited participate in this amazing Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain by Felipe Esteban Pezo Abarca. I would like to thank Felipe for the invitation, and Moshe Naveh for coming up with this great idea. I've worked with many great individuals here in SCN and I've always wanted to know more about them, so this is something I've been looking forward for a while.


My name is Oscar Fernando Morales-Bello. I was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to the US when I was 14 years old. I went to High School and college in the US and I’ve been living in Illinois ever since. The first time I was exposed to SAP was during some of my Information-Systems/Operations-Management classes at Northern Illinois University. After I graduated from NIU, I landed a job as an ERP System Functional Analyst for a small food-processing company, so I learned a lot about how most functional areas interact with one another from that job. After 5 years working for that company, we got acquired by a bigger company, Butterball LLC (company I currently work for). For the past year and a half I been helping our company implement additional functionality in our SAP system such as Warehouse Management, Production Planning, Handling Unit Management, and Catch Weight Management. Our company had implemented SAP  about 7 years ago, but they were not using all of the great functionality that SAP has to offer, so they decided to expand their SAP use. I’m currently taking ABAP courses to enhance my SAP skills because “I love programming.” I used C#, SQL and Java before, but since I plan on focusing my career around SAP, I figured learning ABAP is the way to go. Although I love to program applications, I will probably try to become a “Functional Consultant” instead of an ABAPer.

This is me (Blog It Forward - Oscar Fernando Morales-Bello ) with a lovely friend of mine during Halloween 2014.



--- Share a fun fact about your country or yourself


United States:

I think the most interesting fact about United States is that there is no official language in the country. Although English is the most common language used in United States, there is no official language of the country.



Mexico City sinks 10 inches every year. I guess that’s what you get when you build a city on top of a big lake.


About me:

I'm obsessed with the Spanish soccer team "Real Madrid."





--- Add a cool picture of yourself or your homeland/town


My adoptive town: Chicago, US




Me at my parents' hometown: Guanajuato, Mexico



My hometown: Mexico City, Mexico





--- Questions asked to me:


· If you hadn't made a career with SAP, what would you be doing with your life? Do you have another passion?

I would open a restaurant/bar. Why? Business is my other passion.


· What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I enjoy helping businesses/people achieve their goals using Information Technology.  I also love being able to work remotely, travel, and be part of a very supportive IT community.


· What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?


--- Questions I picked for me and my nominees:

· If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be? Why?

I’d be Batman. He’s cold!


· What is your personal life dream?

I would love to visit all the continents.


· What is your professional life dream?

I aspire to become a CIO/CTO one day.

The Nominees:

  1. Fernando Muñoz Beltrán
  2. Manish Kumar


---The questions for nominees:


I'd like my nominees to answer the same questions I did.




Best regards and have a nice day!


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