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During a productive and friendly conversation with Tammy Powlas I was verbally nominated to "blog it forward" as she did here. I'm going to take a stab at this. So... here we go.

Who I am and what I do


My name is Christine Donato, and I am currently a member of the Customer Alliance Team at SAP, specifically the Customer Storytelling team.  My team aims to be the voice of SAP customers. We target a non-technical audience, hence why the SAP Business Trends space is so perfect for our blogs. Here we can reach the "average Joe" and explain how SAP customers are positively impacting the world around us.


Many times I am lucky enough to interview the customer directly.  Last week, I attended SuccessConnect in Las Vegas, and I had the privilege of interviewing 9 different SAP customers. We talked about how SuccessFactors Solutions positively impact their businesses, recruiting efforts, people management, and corporate cultures. I met with people working in many different industries, and each company was unique and had a particular spin as to why SuccessFactors helped their business run better.


From these customer interviews, I will be able to craft 9 different blogs and share all 9 videos.  All blogs that I write are approved by the customer and tweaked/edited as the customer sees fit.  Nothing is ever published without customer approval. I’m telling the story of the customer after all, so they need to have their say.

IMG_2151.JPGTeam Meeting.jpgIMG_2145.JPG

My personal life dream


In my personal life, I love to travel.  I live outside of Philadelphia, and although I love this city, I can't deny the thrill of exploring new places. So far this year I visited San Diego and Baltimore, and I will return to London for the 2nd time this year with an excursion to Scotland too.  My goal is to experience each country of the world at least once.


philadelphia.jpgsan diego.jpgIMG_2414.JPG

A fun fact about me




Aside from travel, my entire heart belongs to my family and friends.  At the age of 25, I have 5 beautiful nieces and 1 very adorable nephew.  I am the youngest of 3 girls, and with the support and love of my parents, we are a very tight knit clan.  I have a very supportive group of friends and a wonderful boyfriend who puts up with my diva tendencies.  He should be sainted.  


What I love most about my job


One surprising fact (probably quite different from many people my age) is that I do absolutely love my job. I have freedom to be creative, and I get to write all day every day.  I am a proud West Chester University alumna, graduating with a degree in English, writing emphasis, and a minor in political science.  I originally wanted to be a lawyer, aspiring to change the United States healthcare system. But when I graduated from college, lawyers were a dime a dozen, so instead of picking up over $100K in student loan debt, I accepted an opportunity at SAP. 


Now, 3 1/2 years later, I blog about awesome SAP customers who use technology to improve their customer’s satisfaction.  I think that customer storytelling is incredibly important when the customer’s customer is a hospital patient.  I love that I can write about SAP's healthcare customers and how their lives have improved because hospitals are optimizing the way they operate and research cures. I'm learning about the healthcare industry while also promoting just how positive an influence technology can have on hospital systems, disease research, cures for cancer and much much more. 


My professional goal is to save the world


My bigger goal? To someday branch out from telling the story of how technology is helping to change the world and actually be the person making a difference.  I'd like to be up close and personal in the healthcare industry learning where the issues lie, where improvements can be made, and how we can fix the money hungry system in place in the USA.   Then, I want to draft and implement that public policy and, hopefully, positively influence lives.


My #BIF nominations


I’ve talked enough about myself, so it’s time for some of my colleagues to take a stab.  I would like to blog it forward to Darren Hunter and Lindsey Nelson.


Be sure to bookmark and follow the Blog It Forward chain in order to be updated as new people and topics join "Blog It Forward". Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments below, and follow me on SCN, Twitter (@Cmdonato), and G+

Nancy Guo

Blog it Forward - Nancy Guo

Posted by Nancy Guo Sep 15, 2014

Hi every one,


I was blogged by my colleague Caetano Almeida (Blog it Forward - Caetano Almeida) and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this called on the blog Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.


My introduction



My English name is Nancy Guo and my Chinese name is Guo Yiping (郭一平).  Guo is my family name.  As you have noticed the family name is in the first place of Chinese name, but in the last place in English name.  I understand that sometimes foreigners could be confused and don't know which one is the first name and which one is the last name.  I'm 31 years old and just got back to work from maternity leave.  I'm now officially a mom to a seven-month old baby boy.




I was born in a small village which is not far from our Capital Peking and now live in Dalian, Liaoning Province. 


After got my master degree in Electronic Engineering in 2010 I joined SAP.  So SAP is the first company which offered me a job and I have been enjoying it from day one.


Currently I work with the component PP - Production Planning, QM - Quality Management, ME - SAP Manufacturing, Execution  MII - SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence. Which one am I best at? Hard to say. Maybe QM as it is less complex that other components.  My future task would be to find a component and become a real expert on it.


Fun facts about my country China


  • As mentioned in my introduction, we Chinese put our last name first and then our first name.  Chinese don't have middle names.
  • Each Chinese year is named after a particular animal in a 12-year cycle. This year is the Year of Horse.  I was born in the year of Pig and my son was in the year of Snake.

year of the horse.jpg

  • All pandas in the world are on loan from China, and when a baby Panda is born, by agreement, it is sent back to China to help expand the gene pool. The baby pandas are shipped back by FedEx. – Source(http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=123132770)
  • Throughout Chinese history, only one woman has ruled as China: Empress Wu Zetian (624-705) who took the throne during the Tang Dynasty.


Fun facts about my city Dalian


I lived in Dalian for almost 12 years since college. Dalian is a beautiful sea city.  It is located in the Northeast of China.  Xinghai Square (Sea of stars)  is the largest city square in the world . You can smell the sophora flower in spring, swim in the sea in summer, see the yellow ginkgo leaf in autumn and feel strong wind in winter.



Fun facts about myself


I love traveling, but I've only been to a few places in China and one Foreign country Ukraine.


I love playing badminton, but never won a race.


I love tasty food, but not very good at cooking.


I love watching US TV series, and I did watch a lot of them.



Questions asked by Caetano


If you were 20 again, what would you study?


- I want to try everything if I can live 20 over and over again.


What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


- Helping people solve their problems quickly. It makes me feel accomplished and useful to the world.


What is your favorite musician/band?


- I'm not a music fan.  I prefer nice soft music, don't really care who is the singer/band.



Answer to the 3 optional questions (2 from BIF and another one made by myself)


What is your professional life dream?


- Be part of a solution implementation project.  Get to know key functionalities and how the customers use them to satisfy their business needs.


What do you most enjoy on SCN?


- Learn and share knowledge.


What is your favorite TV show?


- Too many to name one. Currently it is Suits.



Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:

Leon Shen

Isabelle Britten

Ada Lv

Please aswer the same three optional questions that I have answered.


Best regards,

Nancy Guo

Hello All,

Welcome to my Blog it Forward. Thanks to Dëv Päträ for the BIF invite.

Let me introduce myself.




I was born and brought up in God’s own country, Kerala,India. If you have seen the AR Rehman Song “Thuhire” from the movie

" Bombay" , the fort, the beach, the greenery ,well that’s describes the geography of my native place.

Bekal Fort.pngbekal3.jpg


I did my engineering in polymer engineering, and by virtue of it, got campus placed in one of the Major Tire Industry as a Process Engineer. 3 years I spent on the shop floor learning the manufacturing processes, quality engineering and people management.  Tire industry is one of the industry which requires manpower in bulk even though automations are there. So it was a great experience interacting with more than 100 people every day.



The decision to implement SAP in my company's  manufacturing location changed my life . I was given the responsibility to work in the core team as QM Team Lead.  The seven month duration that followed, I found that days are longer than nights, seeing the sun & getting the sleep was a rarity ,your workplace became both your sleeping bed and dining table and your only friends where SAP logon, LSWM, BDC, Blueprint, Data collection , data migration and dates and dates and dates ( Repetition is very intentional ).


no sleep.jpgno sleep.png

But it was fun and I could learn end to end of business in a very short time and that helped me to decide to take SAP as a career.

I started as a QM consultant and as years passed , I was in trance whether to continue as a QM consultant or to get into some other module. I had written a blog on this at that time master-of-one-what-next with an apt reply from Michelle Crapo. I  joined the BW practice and its been 3+ years, and now I can say I am a BW consultant as well. Although I do sort out QM issues, BI has been my main focus currently. I am also into Business Objects now in which my focus has been on Analysis for Excel , Analysis for Olap and Design Studio.


I am currently working in ABB GISL , Bangalore . We have an in-house team cutting across all the modules catering to 18 countries on a single platform. Its truly a success story and countries are getting added every year. Our life here is filled with Business interactions across the Region on daily basis, Roll Outs, Supports, Projects, Enhancement packages and the list goes on.




It was when I took the job of a QM consultant that I started to closely follow SCN network. To start with I got the issue resolved by looking into the answers provided by Gurus. Slowly as an interest I started  to answer some of the question put forward in the forum and then it became a passion. It was a great feeling to be recognized and was thrilled when I received certificate of appreciation from Laure Cetin stating  Congratulations on being shortlisted as a Topic Leader in the categories “Enterprise Resource Planning” and “Product Lifecycle Management”!

SCN Qm.pngSCNplm.png

1.What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

    1. Its almost 7+ years in SAP field now. After taking career as SAP consultant my work has taken me across India,  Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait & recently South Africa. You meet a lot of new people, new culture and new experience.
    2. A lot of information coming to you and you as a person can make a difference to the business.
    3. If you thought you have learned enough in one module, wait for the next day, new issues are waiting for your and thereby new learning's.

2. What do you most enjoy on SCN?

    1. If you are facing some issues in SAP, don’t worry, some body has already faced it. Search in SCN you will get the solution. If not, update the solution, somebody else will benefit from it.


3. Do you know any other cool/very unique solutions related to your topic?

    1. To beginners in BW, understand the requirements functionally, technical things will fall into place.


Thanks to all for reading my blog. SCN Rocks

Best Regards


Gajesh Nagesh

Hello everyone !

First of all, let me thank Dëv Päträ for inviting me to BIF.



My name is Lesław Piwowarski. I prefer to be called Leszek what is more popular in Poland. „sz” in polish sounds like English „sh” but polish language is generally much harder.


I have six year old son Staś and wife Gosia.


Pict. 1 - My family at Baltic Sea Coast.



My way to SAP


Shortly after completing secondary school I bought my first computer (as far as I remember it was an IBM XT640 – imagine a computer without any HD inside J ). I started to get to know the computer technology.  Computer programming became my great passion which is until now. 


My journey with SAP started four years ago when the firm I’m  working for adopted it as the main database system. Until now I work as a BW administrator. 


Where I live


All my life I’ve been living in the city Sosnowiec in Silesia province in southern Poland. Silesia used to be known as the heavy industry region. In most cities coal mines could be found. Coal mining was very important for the country and coal miners were very proud of who they are. Society of miners was well organized. They had their own tradition, festivals. Polish miner’s traditional uniforms are well known in Poland. 



Pict. 2 - Polish miners in their uniforms during miners' festival.


Now the heavy industry in Silesia is being closed for economic reasons.





Not far away from the place where I live there’s JURA - region covered with forests with a number of limestone rocks hidden among the trees.

skałki na jurze.jpg

Pict. 3 - Limestone rocks near Zawiercie / Rzedkowice


My hobby

Long time ago I was „poisoned” with rock climbing and until now whenever I can I climb in Jura or do another forms climbing.


Pict. 4 - coming down ... just a minute !.


Jura is also famous for great castles that had at a time been built there.



Pict. 5 - Ruins of the castle in Podzamcze near Ogrodzieniec


Shortly after I started to climb in Jura I interested in climbing in high mountains. The Tatra mountains on the southern border with Slovakia were my first real mountains to climb.



Pict 6. - The Polish Tatras. View from the "Morskie Oko" hut, one day, early in the morning.

Then I climbed in some mountains in The Italian Alps.


Pict. 7 - Me, long time ago shortly before an ascent on Cervina / Matterhorn.



My son is also fond of climbing. I showed him how to climb when he was 4 years old.  

wspinanie stasie.JPG

wspinanie stasia 2.JPG

Pict. 8 - in climbing wall in Sosnowiec.


My another great passion is making photographs. Each year thousands of new pictures and short movies find its way on my computer HD. My favourite are some pictures of my son.


Pict. 9 Staś playing with passion.


Answer to the optional questions:


What is your favorite musician/band?


I love to listen to: Bach, Prokofiev, Shostakowitch music. My favorite musicians are Marta Argerich, Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, Glen Gould, Lang Lang, Youndi Li. 


If you were 20 again, what would you study?


Playing piano. I attended the piano classes as a young boy but I was too lazy to acomplish it.


What is your favorite sport?


I think you already know what is my favorite sport !



Dëv Päträ, asked in his blog two questions about himself. Here are the answers:


1. Your ambition is to be a good human being(which I am sure you are) and to become an SAP MM consultant.

2. Your best friend is Rana Koley.


That’s about it!
I’m blogging it forward to: (if you want to join go here: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-31383)


My questions are:

What affected you to work with SAP technology?

Do you think SAP people are in some way special?


Please compose your own blog. Title it "Blog it Forward - Your Name". Provide a link to this blog as the origination of your participation, and enter the link to your blog in the Blog It Forward Chain once you post it. You can learn about the participation in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge posted by Moshe Naveh.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you will find BIF very interesting.

Hi friends,

"Blog It Forward" (Bog It Forward Community Challenge) is a new and exciting blogging challenge on SCN. Yes it is. So I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog and talking a little bit about myself. I was blogged by Arijit Das, thanks Arijit.

About Me

I’m Rukshani Pathirage from Sri Lanka, Sinhala Buddhist girl. I love to travel all around the world. It's my dream. 


  • Bachelor of Science degree, University of Colombo (UOC).
  • Higher National Diploma in Information Technology, University of Colombo, School of Computing (UCSC).
  • Following a Master degree (MSc in IT), University of the Moratuwa (UOM).


  • Analyst Programmer: Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited, which is the main fuel distribution terminal in Sri Lanka (2013 Feb to Present)
  • Junior/Programmer: EDM Systems, a developer of information management solutions for the engineering and construction industry (2009 Feb to 2013 Feb)

Fun with friendsAlms giving at homeKapruk PujaRuwanmali maha seya

It's my dream



Sri Lanka

One of the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. After the end of civil war, it's time to talking about new era, new developments. Around the country it's blue ocean, really nice to see. While Nuwara Eliya (middle of the country) is having cool climate, Trincomalee (top of the country) is very hot climate. So you will able to see the difference within few hours.

SunsetWildlifeFloating market-PettahDalada Maligaya



Questions asked by Arijit

     1. What are the forums you follow other than SCN ?

              Open SAP         

              An SAP Consultant

              SAP Technical

     2. What you dislike the most inside SCN ?

              Always rejecting my Blog post and Documents (just kidding )

     3. How much your college studies help you in your professional life ?

              It's depend. Even though I haven't learn ABAP in my college studies, almost everything that i have learnt during my school time will be apply in different manner.

More details....

  • ABAP is new to me.
  • I would like to learn/explore new thing when I'm working.
  • It's a kind of self satisfaction when I get the expected output.
  • SCN always helps me to improve my knowledge.
  • I would like to be a good ABAP programmer in my career life.


Blogging It Forward

I'd like to BIF to:

Kaushalya Perera

Pavithra Jayasinghe

Matheus Moreira Santos

manoj kedem

Vidura Wickramasinghe

Darshana Athukorala



And expecting answers for the following questions:

  1. What's the country that you wish to re-born?
  2. When you get free time what you wish to do?
  3. What  is the most memorable day in your life?



Hello everyone ,


I was blogged forward by my colleagues , Nathalia Machado , Georgia Vanin and Camila Zilles, I will accept the challenge and talk a bit about myself , thanks for inviting me guys

Here you can check more information about the "Blog It Forward" challenge:http://scn.sap.com/community/about/blog/2012/08/20/blog-it-forward-community-challenge




My name is Willian Ferraz Moller, my last name comes from German, my name came from my father’s family , my grandpa is a German immigrant ,  he came to Brazil a long  time ago running away of the 2nd World war.


The city that I live is called “Esteio”, it’s a small city on south of Brazil, and here in my city we have annually an event called “Expointer”, it’s an international agricultural fair ,  where people can also sell their animals , personally I don’t have a big interest with this kind of thinks.


Since I was a child, what always got my attention were sports, more specifically football and also computers. I really tried to be a football player , I have played for several teams around my city , but I guess that I was not so good , so , I needed to change my mind and follow the other thing that I like that are the computers.


So, nowadays I am studying Computer Engineering in a university called Unisinos and I also started on February this year working as an intern in SAP Labs with the component MFG-MII –Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence and I am really enjoying this opportunity.


Another thing that I really enjoy is to travel, last year I have done a travel to Los Angeles in California that was really nice.


This is me in Las Vegas, they have their own Eiffel Tower there. 


This is me in the Big Bear Mountain.



Fun fact about my country and state


As I said, I am a big fan of football, so, I will talk a bit about the football rivalry that we have here in our state between Grêmio and Internacional (my team).

The Grêmio fans are called “Gremistas” and the Internacional fans “Colorados” , they started playing against each other in 1909 , so it’s a really big time.

This year, we had the FIFA World Cup here in Brazil and Internacional stadium received some matches, including from the champion Germany.

beira rio.jpg

This is the International stadium from inside.


Questions asked by Georgia



- If you could choose another city to live, what city would you choose?


I would choose Berlin.


-  What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


What I most enjoy is the contact that we have with people from different countries and that every day we can learn something new.


- What is your favourit musician/band?


The Arctic Monkeys


Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:



Please answer these three questions:


- If you could choose another city to live, what city would you choose?

- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

- What is your favorite book? Why?





Hello everyone!




I was blogged by my colleagues Caetano Almeida (Blog It Forward - Caetano Almeida) and Natalia Machado (Blog It Forward - Natalia Machado) and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this challenge in Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.






My name is Camila Blume Zilles and I'm 22 years old. My middle name, Blume, is from my mother's family, and my last name, Zilles, is from my father's family.

Both my middle and last name's are German, and the cool thing is that my middle name "Blume" means Flower in German, however my last name "Zilles" does not have an actual meaning.



I live in a city called São Leopoldo, which is located in the south of Brazil, and I study Environmental Engineering at the local University, Unisinos.

I’m also taking German classes at Unisinos together with Natalia, who invited me to this challenge.



I started working at SAP Labs Latin America in March of 2012 as a Rotation Intern, and during my internship I was able to work in three different areas: CoE (Center of Expertise), SAC (Support Advisory Center) and PS (Product Support).


I have been working as full time employee since November of 2013, and I'm currently working with the component EHS - Environment, Health and Safety.


I enjoy very much listening to music, watching movies, studying and reading books. I also love traveling and I really like to sing!

Last year, I traveled to Europe for the first time! It was definitely a great experience and a dream coming true.

The cities that I liked the most to visit were Paris and London, as you can see in the pictures below:


This is me and my mother with the Eiffel Tower behind us!1004664_559054914136002_160204135_n.jpg


This is me in London!


Fun fact about my country



I have already mentioned that I live in a city called São Leopoldo, which is located in the state named Rio Grande do Sul. Many people do not know much about this state, so I would like to tell you a little bit more about it:

Rio Grande do Sul is located in the south of Brazil. A big part of its population is of European descents, which was the result of the immigration in the region.

Besides that, the state is famous for its weather, which is the coldest in the country, and also for its natural beauty. The landscapes are lovely and you can also find beautiful waterfalls and fields. You can see some of them in the pictures below:




São Miguel of Missões




Gramado City




Caracol Waterfall




Fun fact about me

A fun fact about me is that I like arts very much!

When I was about 15 years old I started to take painting classes, and I was actually very good at painting.

Unfortunately right now I don't have much time to continue with my painting classes; however I was able to paint enough pictures to decorate my house!

You can check some of my paintings in the picture below. The paintings were made using oil paint.






Fun Questions asked by Caetano and Natalia:


- If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I'm 22 and I like very much studying Environmental Engineering.


- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I like the fact that I learn new things everyday, and I also enjoy the work environment very much.


- What is your favorite musician/band?

Maroon 5.

- What is your favorite quote?

"Enjoy Every Moment".


- What would you do if you won one million dollars?

I would travel the world.


- What is your favorite book? Why?

My favorite book is "The Book Thief". I love the story and I find it very emotional.



Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Willian Moller

Rodrigo Pessin

Nuane Mazzarino

Denise Blume

Ricardo Dias



Please answer these three questions:


- If you could choose another city to live, what city would you choose?

- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

- What is your favorite book? Why?




Camila Zilles

Hi everyone!


I was blogged by my colleague Caetano Almeida (BIF - Caetano Almeida). So I'm here to accept this challenge and create my BIF blog, sharing some information about me and my country.

You can find more information about this challenge here: Blog It Forward Community Challenge.




My name is Natália Canal Machado, but I prefer to be called by my nickname Nati. I'm 20 years old and live in the south of Brazil, in a city called São Leopoldo (I was born here too). I enjoy reading, travelling and studying new languages (at the moment, German).

I am currently in the 2nd year of Production Engineering at a local University, Unisinos.

I started as an intern at SAP LABS Latin America six months ago, at Product Support, and I'm really enjoying this opportunity. I work with the component QM (Quality Management).


This is one photo of me in Gramado, a small city in Rio Grande do Sul (the state where I live). As you can see, I'm with a lot of clothes in the picture, and this is not what you used to see on TV about Brazil's outfit. Actually, this city is the most close that we have that can be compare to Europe. The weather is very cold in the winter, and the temperature can be negative.



2014-07-25 17.36.37.jpg





Fun fact about my Country


Since everyone have already shared a lot of thins about Brazil, I'd like to share some information about the state where I live, Rio Grande do Sul. It is very different to the rest of Brazil, so I believe you will be surprised by some behaviors.


We have a drink called Chimarrão. Before I explain what it is, I'd like to share a photo of it, so it's easy to understand what I am talking about.





Basically it is a cup (called cuia) filled with erva mate (I think there is no translate for it) and hot water. Everyone drinks in the same cuia, but just one person filled it with hot water after each person finish it. It is complicated but is cultural


The symbol in my cuia in the picture is the symbol of my soccer team: Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, the best of Rio Grande do Sul!!

You probably aren't excite to try Chimarrão, but science also gives you some reasons in this picture I found on Google:





Another fact about my state is that we don't have famous beaches here, so most of people travel out of the state on vacations. But, in my opinion, we have a great beach here too, it is called Torres. One picture (took by me) and you will agree with me:



2014-04-19 09.18.19.jpg


As you can see I really love my state!




Fun fact about me



A fun fact about me is that I love reading. Everything, like magazines, newspapers, and mainly books. I have almost read 300 books I guess, counting since I am 8 years old when my father took me to the library to choose a new book every week. I keep the habit and read is very fun for me, and not an obligation as it is for most of people.

I do not have a picture of my books to show you, but actually I don't have many many books, I prefer to go to the library and take books.




Questions asked by Caetano



- If you were 20 again, what would you study?

Actually I am 20 now, but I'd study Law.


- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

As an intern I really enjoy learn new things and help people with my knowledge.


- What is your favorite musician/band?

Adele and Amy Winehouse.




Answer to the  3 optional questions (2 from BIF and another one made by myself)



- What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

Read and learn everything you can.


-What was your dream job as a kid?



- What is your favorite quote?

"The best things in life aren't things."



Blogging It Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Camila Zilles

Willian Moller

Arthur Braga

Albert Molnar



Please answer the three optional questions:


What is your favorite quote?

What would you do if you wan one million dollars?

What is your favorite book? Why?




Natália Machado

Hello to everyone!



I had visited the BIF of some SCN members, but now it is time to play.

I was blogged forward by Caetano Almeida (BIF). I see Caetano's contributions every day, without having idea about who and how is him. Now I feel that I know more about the person behing the SCN member. This is pretty cool!!


If you want to get more details on the Blog It Forward Challenge, se this article: Blog It Forward Community Challenge




About me


I was born in 1978, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the southernmost country of the South American continent.

I am married, I met my wife in the secondary school, she was in my class. We started dating at the age 13 and we were together during 5 years. We distance for almost 4 years to finally meet again. We got married 8 years ago and now we have three boys.




I'm a Industrial Engineer. I started working in SAP projects in 2003. I started with Master Data migration and then moved to PP. I implemented PM a couple of times and worked in the support team of MM, WM and QM. During the last 5 or 6 years, I was focused in SCM (DP, SNP and PPDS) and PP, I opened a consultant company and I worked as a freelance. Most of the times working in new rollouts and also in business transformations and redesign projects.



I really had fun while implementing APO, PP, PM or MM. I have been in different countries, different continents, different cultures and during these years I met too many nice people. This is why I am very thankful to everyone in my life: my wife, my parents, my partner Marcos Ugarte and SAP. These are some pictures that I was collecting during these years:

SCN 1.jpgSCN 2.jpg




Fun Facts about my country: Argentina


Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, the second largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking one.


Argentina is a country of immigrants. Argentines usually refer to the country as a crisol de razas.

The majority of Argentines descend from multiple European ethnic groups with an Italian majority (55% of Argentines have Italian origins), followed by Spanish plurality. An estimated 17% of the population also have French origins, and 8% descend from Germans.


In fact, my mom borns in Italy.. so I am a good sample!!




I born in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European-styly. These are some pictures of Buenos aires:




Anyway (this is my personal opinion), to visit an European-style city I would visit to Europe.. which is much European and full of history.



So in case you want to visit my country, here you have my 3 favourites places:

  1. Glaciar Perito Moreno - Calafate
  2. Valle de la Luna
  3. Cataratas del Iguazú (we share this place with Brazil)




Fun Facts about me:


Ok.. I will tell you I am a frustrated guitar player!!!!

Yes.. I had long hair, but happily for me and not so happily for you.. I have not digitized any of those old pictures from the 90'!!

Anyway, this does not mean that I don't enjoy what I do.. it is just an old dream that I will maybe have for the rest of my life (I would not want to be a 60 years old rocker).



BOCA.jpgMore about me.. I am a Soccer fan. My team is Boca Juniors.. Boca Juniors is one of the most successful football teams in Argentina. Take a look of the people singing at the stadium: ULTRAS BOCA JUNIORS - BEST MOMENTS - YouTube







Here is a good moment with my sun and my partner and his sun in the last worldcup in Brazil:





Specific questions that were "Blog It Forward" to me by Caetano Almeida


  • If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I would study the same: Industrial Engineering. I really enjoyed the university, all what I have learnt and all what I do. Even when I am a frustrated guitar player!!


  • What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I enjoy the adrenaline of each new project, new issues, new questions, new people.. I like it!


  • What is your favourit musician/band?

I love music, so I will choose more than one and I will add my favourite song of each band.. please take a time to enjoy it (or not ):






These are 3 questions of BIF and one added by me:


  • Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?
    • Be a good father
    • Be part of an organization to help poor people
    • Learn how to enjoy Sunday evenings
    • Visit more countries and cultures
    • Be happy


  • What do you most enjoy on SCN?

Spending my free time in SCN is the best thing that I have decided to do for me. This is a win win case: at the time that I am trying to help other consultants by reading their issues and concerns, I am being favoured in three aspects:

    1. My minds is being exercised, trying to find responses that I could have in a deep part of my memory.
    2. I am learning from other experiences, following what other consultants respond and how a solution is built inside the community of experts.
    3. I am feeling good when I am helping others... So I am doing something for me too.


  • What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

Be honest. Be a hard worker! Be a good person!


  • What is your favourite sport?

I think you already know what is my favourite sport!!




Blogging It Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people. I see all of them everyday trying to help in the respective spaces:

K Kumar an active and valuable member of the PP space.

kiran kumar an active and valuable member of the PP space.

JAGANNADHA BIRAKAYALA an active and valuable member on the SCM space.

Ulrich Köller and Daniele Pistilli new SCN members that help with all of US in the PP space.


Please answer the four questions that I have answered in the session: Questions.



Hope you will enjoy my BIF. Keep in touch!


Kind regards

Mariano Cabalen

Hello everyone!


I was blogged forward by my colleague Caetano Almeida. BIF Thanks for inviting me, Caetano!


Here you can check more information about the "Blog It Forward" challenge: http://scn.sap.com/community/about/blog/2012/08/20/blog-it-forward-community-challenge




My name is Georgia Schlabitz Vanin. My journey with SCN is new, I explore SCN searching answers for my doubts!


My middle name, Schlabitz, is German and is from my mom's family. My last name, Vanin, is Italian and is from my dad's family. I have 19 years old and I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Porto Alegre is a beautiful city situated in the south of Brazil and I love living here. I think the other city that I would like to live in Brazil it's Rio de Janeiro. And here is a picture of me and my family in Rio:




I am studying Production Engineering, at PUCRS (Pontificial University Catholic of Rio Grande do Sul) in Porto Alegre and actually I am in the 3rd year of college. I started working at SAP LABS Latin America in march of this year, as an intern of Product Support. I work with the component PP-MRP (Production Planning - Material Requirement Planning) but I am also studying other components of PP.


I enjoy listening to music, traveling and swimming, but i am also a fan of football. I really enjoyed FIFA World Cup here in Brazil this year. Here is me and my dad having fun in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil. Cameroon x Brazil:



I also like dogs very much and I have a Labrador: Luna


Fun fact about my country and state


Most of people around the world thinks Brazil is only soccer, samba and beaches. But it's not like that.


Brazil has twenty-six states and one federal district, where the federal capital, Brasilia, is located. Each state of Brazil has different cultures. Porto Alegre is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which is the southern state of Brazil. The southernmost city in the country, Chuí, is located in Rio Grande do sul on the border with Uruguay.


We don't have beaches in Porto Alegre, but we have a lot of beaches in the coast of the state. Praia do Cassino (Cassino Beach) is located adjacent to the city of Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and is known as the longest beach in the world (approximately 254 km).




The climate in Rio Grande do Sul is subtropical. In the winter we have too much rains and cold wind. However, in summer, the temperature rises to almost 40ºC.


The habitants of Rio Grande do Sul are the "Gauchos". Rio Grande do Sul is one of the most culturally rich states of Brazil.


Churrasco is the most famous food in Rio Grande do Sul, it's like a grilled meat. And the most famous drink here is Chimarrão, which is like a sugarless tea made with mate wiht hot water. The "Gauchos" usually make a "circle of Chimarrão", where the gourd is passed around for everyone to drink. Anybody can join this circle and it isn’t proper to leave halfway through the circle, drink only a little or decline the Chimarrão. Drinking Chimarrão is a great way to stay warm on cold days, common in the south of Brazil. Pictures of Churrasco and Chimarrão:

churrasco.jpg chimaaa.jpg

We have two big soccer teams in Porto Alegre: Gremio and Inter. I'm a huge fan of Gremio and I like very much going to the stadium to support my team! Here is a picture of me in the old stadium of Gremio. Now, we have a new stadium: "Arena Do Gremio".


Answer to the 3 optional questions


- If you were 20 again, what would you study?


Actually, I'm almost 20 and I like very much studying Production Engineering


- What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


My course in college has not much about programming, so I am learning new things everyday. I learn new things with my colleagues and i enjoy it very much.


- What is your favourit musician/band?


My favorite band is S.O.J.A.



Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Luiz Felipe Giani

Michel Bohn

Douglas Oliveira

Willian Moller

Rodrigo Pessin

Nuane Mazzarino



Please answer these three questions:


- If you could choose another city to live, what city would you choose?

-  What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

- What is your favourit musician/band?


Best regards


Georgia Vanin

Hi folks!


I was blogged by my colleague Pedro Freitas (Blog It Forward - Pedro Freitas) and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this challed on the blog Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.




My name is Caetano Schlabitz de Almeida and I'm 31 years old. My middle name is German, from my mothers family and my last name is Portuguese, from my fathers family. Besides that, I have french and Indian (native brazilians indians, not from the coutry India) ancestors, that means, just like most of the brazilian people I'm a mix of many different cultures.




I was born in Porto Alegre, but I live now in São Leopoldo. Both cities are located in the south of Brazil and they are quite different to the Brazil that you are probably used to see on TV (I'll come back to this later).


I'm a Computer Engineer, married and I have a 3 year old daughter.




I work with SAP for 8 years and at SAP for 5 years. I joined SAP in september 14 together with Pedro, who invited me to this challenge. Currently I work with the component PP - Production Planning and Control and I'm Nexus of the component PP-MRP. It means that I'm an expert in PP-MRP and I help another colleagues with training and in the more complex issues.


I'm also a moderator of the SAP ERP Manufacturing - Production Planning (SAP PP) space in SCN and I'm very active on this space.

Fun fact of my Country

I have already mentioned that the cities where I was born and where I live are very different to the rest of Brazil. In fact, my home land is so different to the rest of Brazil that the state where I live is called Rio Grande do Sul (it means Big River from the South in english) once tried to become independent. There was a long war called Revolução Farroupilha (Ragamuffin War) and a republic was even founded. Below you can see the flag and the coat of arms of this republic.

707px-Flag_of_Piratini_Republic.svg.png brasao_rs.gif


This war lasted 10 years, from September 20, 1835 to March 1, 1845 and at the end Rio Grande do Sul become part of Brazil again. We celebrate this revolution every year on September 20 and there is even a local holiday.




Fun fact about me


A fun fact about me is that (as you could see above) I love history. I have almost studied History instead of Computer Engineering in college and I love to read history and war related books. I have also traveled to many historical places and below there is a picture of me in from of a German bunker, taken on Normandy, in France, where the allied troops landed on the d-day during the second world war.






Questions asked by pedro


Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

  • Travel a lot! I want to know at least the 5 continents.
  • Have another child.
  • Study history.
  • Learn Photography.
  • Live abroad again


If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?

  • Iwould probably go to a park or somewhere with lots of trees and green to play with my daughter.



If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?


  • I would probably be teaching history.


Answer to the 3 optional questions (2 from BIF and another one made by myself)

If you were 20 again, what would you study?


  • If you read the whole blog, you already know the answer.



What do you enjoy most in your work and why?


  • The fact that I can share my knowledge and help people. It's very nice to see someone happy when I help him to solve an issue



What is your favourit musician/band?


  • The Allman Brothers Band




Blogging it Forward


I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:


Raphael da Silva

Georgia Vanin

Gabriella Gyoergy

Natalia Machado

Alexander Teslyuk

Marcelo Pacheco

Ricardo Dias

Rachel Tang

Maria Nunez

Rodrigo Guerra

Nancy Guo

Mariano Cabalen

Camila Blume Zilles


Please aswer the same three optional questions that I have answered.


Best regards

Caetano Almeida


In working at SAP for the past six years, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with some of the most talented and smart people on the planet, one of whom nominated me for the Blog it Forward Challenge… thanks Caroleigh Deneen!


I started at SAP in the Knowledge Management Competency Center, providing User Experience Design Services for internal applications and initiatives, most notably the SAP Employee Network.  I recently transitioned into a new role as a Senior UX Designer for Custom Development. This aligns with SAP’s strategy to put more focus on, and lead with User Experience, to help enhance and “consumerize” our enterprise offerings. So far it’s going great as we develop a new methodology within Custom Development that harnesses various UX activities that will benefit our customers. Stay tuned for more!


On the personal side, I enjoy cooking, refinishing furniture (I love to create and fix things!)… and I’m a huge local sports fan… Go Eagles! My children are my pride and joy, two of whom are in college now.



My daughters Sienna and Elettra.


Here are my responses to the questions Caroleigh posed to me:


How do you think the way you were raised affects your career?
I think the way people are raised has a major influence on their career. I learned from my father that hard work, determination, honesty and integrity in what you do no matter how difficult the odds, are what’s most important in defining who you are and the legacy you want to leave.


What do you enjoy most in your work and why?
Throughout my career I’ve always enjoyed the human “reaction” or feedback to my design work. Whether it’s speaking to someone about what they do, how design could make their life or job easier, more efficient… beautiful… or hearing about how a design was successful. I love to create and I enjoy working on a team that creates and innovates.


Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work:

There are many different resources I utilize that help me with my work. UX Magazine, Communication Arts magazine, Mashable, Smashing Magazine to name a few from the design end… others are more socially faceted such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I'm also a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) which provides many resources for my profession. One of the great news aggregators I use for information and resources is Pulse.me… fantastic experience design on this… simple and easy to use.

That’s about it! I’m blogging it forward to Johann Sarmiento and Annett Hardt!


  • Name the person who affected you most in your career/way of thinking and why?
  • If you could be a super hero who would you be?
  • Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work


Please compose your own blog. Title it "Blog it Forward - Your Name". Provide a link to this blog as the origination of your participation, and enter the link to your blog in the Blog It Forward Chain once you post it. You can learn about the participation in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge posted by Moshe Naveh.

Thanks in advance for participating, I can't wait to read your posts!

Yasemin ULUTURK is a BI Systems and Data Mining expert based in Ankara, Turkey, and the SCN Member of the Month for September 2014. She is a tireless contributor to numerous spaces, where she answers questions and shares her expertise.

It was my pleasure to learn more about Yasemin's progression as a member of SCN. She first used the community to find answers about implementing SAP's systems, but increasingly she is a contributor, actively giving back by answering the questions of others. Some reflections she shared about her SCN participation:

  • In times when I struggle with some job... it is better to move one step back and do something else ... when I turn back it is easier to deal with. In these times I just switch to SCN.
  • Contributing to the SCN is like growing a plant. If you give too little, the plant will not flourish... if you give too much, you will cause damage in the roots.


In addition to being a technical guru, she is a proud mother of two boys, and enjoys meditating every day and sculpting in her spare time.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, who you work for, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?


I live in Ankara, Turkey. I moved to Ankara 20 years ago for a university degree. I graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University.


Since then, I have been working at Aselsan, which is a big company in the defense industry with around 4500 employees. During my 15 years at Aselsan I have had a few positions. I started working as a system analyst in a software development department in R&D. I worked around 2 years in the financial analysis and planning department, which lead me to the realization that I shouldn’t have a job anywhere else than in IT. Finally for the last 10 years, I have been working as a part of the BI team in the Information Systems Department.  In 2009 I also got my MS degree in data mining subjects.


I live with my two kids. Deniz: 10 years old, Arda: 8 years old. They are the joy of my life and I really enjoy spending time with them. Being a mom of two very talented boys is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.  Besides trying to be a super attentive mom at home and taking care of everything a home requires, I try to meditate every day. Once a week when the kids go and visit their dad, I make ceramic objects and sculptures.


When did you become a member of SCN and what brought you to this community?
In 2005 we started using SAP. With the implementation project we had many consultants from whom we could get help. When we were done with the project, internally we still had very little knowledge but many unresolved problems and unanswered questions. So, I became a member and got solutions and advice related to my problems. For the last two years, once I realized that I could be helpful to others, I have actively shared my expertise with the community.


Can you tell us in which areas of SCN you are active in?
Where I like to post most is SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx).  I am also trying to be active in SAP Business Warehouse and Business Content and Extractors.


I notice you generously answer questions in the community, and you earned the Answer Hero Plus badge. What motivates you to share your expertise? And how do you find the time to contribute so actively on SCN?
I do it because I like it. Practice makes perfect. When I know the answer, I just try once more and practice. When I don’t know the answer (that is what I like more), I just start searching and playing with the system until I find something useful. If I find something useful for my company, then I literally implement that for my company. By this way, it becomes a three sided benefit; for me,  my company and the community members posting problems. If you are working with BW there are times when you click on a button and wait for the process to finish. There are also times when I struggle with some job.  It is better to move one step back and do something else in these times, when I turn back it is easier to deal with. In these times I just switch to SCN.


What motivated you to become a developer, and how did you get started with SAP’s products?
Now I have to tell a story which I read in one of OSHO’s books. Somebody asks Picasso what is the motivation when you are drawing pictures? And he answers: Ask the flowers, do they have a motivation to open or ask the sun, does it have a reason to shine. If they can do it I can do it. I was always willing to take the next step that should make me feel successful. The process itself led me to be a developer and I like what I do.


I was introduced to SAP in 2004 when we started searching for an ERP solution for our company. I was part of the PDM team at that moment. After we chose SAP, a new organization was on the agenda. I took my place in our BW team and officially started using the products.


If a new member came to you and asked for your advice on how to be an active and respected member of SCN, what would you say?
I would definitely tell them to read the Rules of Engagement. And I would also tell them it is like growing a plant. If you give less than enough you can’t get any product, if you give more than enough you will cause damage in the roots.

Note from Caroleigh: I think this is a great analogy, and in our video interview, Yasemin explains more about how "over-watering" dilutes the community, and a conversation she had with Colleen Lee that helped her see it this way.


Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?
There are so many people I respect. Some of the ones I'd like to mention are Anshu Lilhori (I wonder if there may exist a question that he can’t answer at BEx ), Ramanjaneyulu Korrapati (same as Anshu in Business Warehouse) and Suman Chakravarthy K successful in both spaces.  I really appreciate their contributions and feedback on all topics. And there is one more special person I admire: Dilek Ersoz Adak. We worked together for around 3 years in the same team. She is so successful, so nice, such good friend, the type of person everybody would want to work with. She also had a great impact on me joining the community.


Easy question: Mac/iOS or Windows? Or Android?
I am not a fanatic user. I use iphone but I use windows as desktop both at home and work. I think I can’t give up any of it


Are you on Twitter?
I have the account @uluturkyasemin . Right now I am not an active user.

Most of you (ALL of you???) will be pleased to know that the little challenge called the 'Epic Birthday Smackdown' has ended.


We started this little snarkfest as a way of getting people involved and aware, and helping to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

Were we as successful as the #icebucketchallenge?  No, sadly not.  But still, all in all, we raised money for MSF, and I call that a WIN.

Now to set the record straight, Greg Myers agreed to join me in this endeavor, because we share the same birthday.  The challenge was announced here. 

It soon took off on Twitter too, with the mysterious appearance of @scn_ebs - a Twitter user who also joined in the fun.




Even Greg's dog got in on the action by making a donation:




There was also some discussion about what the original 'bet' was - and to that end, a survey was published.  There were a total of 11 responses so you can see how socially powerful this challenge was.




And of course, I blogged about it.  Then somehow we hijacked Steffi Warnecke's status update too.  (Sorry, Steffi!)


So the results are clear... We raised over $1000 for Doctors Without Borders in this special campaign.  And Greg is NOT a welcher (apologies to all the Welsh readers, I meant no offense).  As a matter of fact, I have nothing but respect, admiration, and affection for Greg.  He was in the middle of a go-live through the end of this campaign, and he still held up well under my witty onslaughts.


The bet?  As I was reminded today (and so very sorry, Jamie Oswald, Kelly Weaver and others) the original bet was to be settled privately between me and Greg.  There will be no Glamour Shots, which is very sad, especially since Greg is such an avid runner, I thought we might make have him 'prancercize' too.  But my word is my word.

This is what I had in mind for Greg's Glamour Shot (just sayin').




The SCN Community Missions to raise awareness for Doctors Without Borders go on - and if you don't already know about it, by all means, stop by and read Marilyn Pratt's blog announcing the missions.  And, if you should feel so inclined, join in the #sapcc and challenge your friends and family to support you in raising funds for MSF.


Thank you all for your support, for joining in the fun, and for being super patient and tolerant (GREG).  It was great fun!


Once more, with feeling:


Things have been quiet lately on the #SCN_EBS front, most likely because my competitor is now assisting a customer with a go-live.  So much for multitasking.


Meanwhile, in hopes of garnering more support for Doctors Without Borders, I hosted a small party this weekend.

Of course, there are so many things to celebrate!  The launch of the new book, Practical Workflow for SAP (v3).  My dog's 5th birthday.  And the SCN Community Fundraiser for MSF has topped $12,000!


Just to get and keep your attention, here is a gratuitous picture of my dog trying to get at her cake:


(No doggies ate cakes as a result of taking this picture)


There are so many other reasons why this fundraiser is going to keep going, well past the month of August.  Will Ebola be wiped out within the next 6 days?  I don't think so.  Here is one article I found which I thought was particularly compelling.  The quote from Emily Veltus of MSF, on returning Ebola patients to their homes:  "Each time we bring a survivor home, we hug the person in front of their family and friends to show they're not a risk. And we like to get the family together and take a photo with them. We have a wall of survivors in our office."




Is it important to work to vaccinate against Cholera?  Yep.  Will it be over with in September?  Sorry, no.


Sudan cholera.jpg

(Photo courtesy of Doctors Without Borders/Medicins Sans Frontieres)


MSF is also in the heart of the conflicts in Gaza and Iraq, and so many other places in the world, offering medical care to those in need.

So even if my cohort in the Epic Birthday Smackdown (and please notice, I am not naming him here, so he will not be distracted) is busy otherwise, the challenge to SAP Community Members goes on.


We Care.  We Gave.  We Inspire.


Let's see what we can accomplish together!




Feel free to join the community challenge - either by donating directly using the link above, or by entering into the #sapcc.  Should you decide to enter the Community Challenge, you can then get other people in your social networks (or even in your real networks!) to support you and MSF.


Alas, no ice bucket challenges here.  Just a little smack talk when Greg gets his head above water.


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