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I've been got invitation to create my own blog “Blog It Forward" by Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal and Blog it Forward - Kumar Gaurav in the request to join table. I really like the concept of "Blog It Forward" thanks to Moshe Naveh for this wonderful initiative. I am a regular follower of BIF chain blogs and I'm glad to be requested for joining this!


Who am I?

Let’s start about myself, I am Maheshchandra VVNS,(aka mahesh) i felt it a very long name when trying to fill the name in the application forms (job, education),  but for me it’s helping in getting recognition with full name in every place and i like my name. I was born in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. You can see some cool snaps about our state and country here Blog It Forward - Pradeep Kumar Ganugapenta and about my present working company, Jitendra explained a lot in his BIF, I can’t do much justice than him since I changed to this company recently. , , Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal


I like working with computes, either it’s developing a web sites / Blogs or a Hardware workshop. Apart from web I also like travelling and visiting new places a lot, till now I got chances to visit most of the places in India from Sun rise in Kanyakumari (southernmost in India) to Cold nights in Kashmir (northernmost place in India).


I love the nature and so the nature loves me :-) .

Photo0154.jpg IMG_20131024_113833.jpg el.JPG


How all this started

My Journey with SAP was accidental (like so many people here), I joined in a company where SAP implementation was going on, and at that point other than seeing some training centers about SAP I’m not sure about what is SAP, what it does in a company. All I know is user Interface design i.e., Web design and development. so I was brought in to SAP Portal area, I felt a promising growth and career in Enterprise Portals and web user interfaces, so i tried to utilize the opportunity to the fullest. I slowly started exploring SAP & Other modules and their benefits. The point which I made my interest in SAP for my career was, we can’t learn it by simply reading a book (s) or by attending class room training, its (SAP) is all about Knowing the company, the process and the people and applying them in real time. Innovation is the key success for SAP and SAP Consultants; and Change is Inevitable in SAP, How we respond to the change is the key in SAP Consultant Career for his/her growth.


here.JPGI was here: In initial days, my trainer in our project used to tell the Concepts and then "Go and check it in SDN and help.sap" and read yourself. So I registered in SDN, was very active in Portal area (forums), used to read each and every thread and tried to answer some.  I was more active in my SDN account than in my face book. Coffee corner forum was the second most interested forum area for me in those days. Career Center, SAP Web Dynpro JAVA, ESS were other forum areas which I used to very active.

One of my savings old SDN, where I was top in PCM forum with Tobias and others, Record of achievement,.


like.JPGI like it (beta SCN):

I was one of the people who liked the migration to beta SCN and probably the first member to use all the emotions in a single post on First SCN Friday http://scn.sap.com/thread/847461?start=510&tstart=0. New SCN (not sure when beta gone) is like a social network site which has features like easy blogging, reputation, bookmarks, activity, etc..


Questions from Jitendra

1) What makes you smile/laugh?

Playing with our Pet dog, it’s like a super barking dog ‘Blot’. There is No Home like the One You've Got and no enjoyment the one which I got with our pet

2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

I would be in a career where i can travel more and visit new places and people

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

On a road trip, when we are out of fuel, stopping the ongoing vehicles and asking them for Fuel (not lift)


Questions from Kumar Gaurav

1) How do you deal with criticism?

Criticism is like cache in system, allowing it from trusted sites and deleting all on regular intervals will help in improve performance.

2) How you came to know about SCN.

From my superiors, they always insisted me to search in SDN for each topic/ problem. Sometime I search for a topic or a basic problem and finally ended up somewhere else by digging the original problem and knowing about other areas/topics

3) Latest incident that make you laugh.

Last Weekend at home playing with our pet



I would like to invite the following people to BIF chain

Koti Reddy Chimalamarri

Mahesh Krishnapillai


and the questions are

Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?

What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?



Thanks for reading,

Mahesh :-)

Joao Sousa

When should we bother?

Posted by Joao Sousa Apr 19, 2014

I was reading Before You Ask - Just another guide and thought it's pretty common to try and help people ask questions the right way. If we are here contributing to SCN is because we actually want to help people in their predicaments, as we would like help with ours when the time comes.


Just today I came across several situations where people either didn't provide enough information, didn't acknowledge the help that was provided, or showed any indication that they would follow up after the question (basically they didn't follow Florien's advice). The funny thing is that looking at the opening post I had a pretty good idea which people would provide feedback and which ones wouldn't.


It got me thinking. Are we the ones that support this kind of behavior by trying to answer:

  • Questions with almost no information, and that by the third or fourth response by the OP, still have little information - If he doesn't bother providing information, why should we keep trying?
  • Poorly written questions, with no punctuation or grammatical correctness (english is not my native language, but at least I try...., some people clearly don't, and at the very least browsers have spell check)


I see many people, myself included, making all sorts of assumptions with little to no information, increasing the "garbage" in SCN, probably confusing other people who will use search to try and find an answer to their problems. A suggestion made with almost zero information can seem right, and yet be very wrong because it refers to a situation that is not clearly explained or is confusing.


Should we refrain ourselves from trying to help people who clearly haven't made an effort to be "helpable"? This isn't something that could/should be enforced, but I have to question if it should considered SCN etiquette to stop "feeding" posts where the OP clearly doesn't care enough (and people who spend enough time in SCN can already identify them from very far away).


What's your opinion on this?


Update: To me Customer not ready to send free of goods back But he wants money back for damaged stock is mid-range example. The poster makes a very poorly written post, doesn't use punctuation and uses capital letters everywhere, wasting the time of anyone who is trying to understand his scenario. Should he be rewarded with an answer? I chose not to, feel free to disagree and comment below.

Hi there,

in my blog here I collected just some facts how to ask. Of course, sometimes everybody of us do lose the sight of the wood for the trees and that is very ok. But please if you are new to the community and stumble over this blog take your time to read through it and also through the linked blogs. This will help you for sure.

The very first thing you have to do is to read trough the Rules of Engagement here:

The SCN Rules of Engagement

Before asking a technical question do the following:

-Search the web / SCN.

-Search SAPOSS to find a note.

-Read through the content SAP provides you at their Helpportal SAP Help Portal – The central place for SAP documentation.

-Test different things you got in your mind.

-Ask a colleague around you. (Sometimes you really will be surprised, for sure)

-Try to find an answer by reading the source code (of course, just if you’re a developer).

I do not see a specific row in there, please just make sure you did all the mentioned things before you post. It is really annoying to find the answer by just copy paste the title into the search.

By the way: This blog explain how to use the search

How to use SCN search

When you ask

-Make it easy to reply

-A good question contains more than one sentence. (Most of the times)

-Finishing your query with “Answer will be provided with points…. ” makes it quite unlikely you will get an answer. (But this is a personal statement, so I’m not sure if everybody is with me)


Get the people involved and tell as much as you can about the issue you are fighting with. Also tell the people, what you have tried already. If possible, share some screens of the issue.

What to do during the time you wait for an answer

Check the answers regularly and update the status, which means, let the people know, that you are reading their response and you are trying to solve your problem by using it.

Update the issue, if you are getting closer to it, every flame in the dark might bring a solution to it.

After your question is solved or you have found your solution by your own

Share your solution, you also shared the question.

Mark your question as solved and mark the correct answer.

If you do not know how it works, please read trough this blog:

How to close a discussion and why


Ok, that’s it. Not a big thing but I really felt to share this basic instruction. Just did not found a summary.



Thank you very much for calling me here

Kunal Saggar         in Blog It Forward - Kunal Saggar

Chandra Agarwal    in Blog It Forward- Chandra Shekhar Agarwal

Sumeet Gehlot       in Blog It Forward- Sumeet Gehlot

NiTiN J                  in Blog It Forward- Nitin Jinagal  { The first one } .


Do you wanna be featured here , get the details about this initiative here ->> Blog It Forward Community Challenge and to be a part ,add your name in

Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table .


About Me:


Born and brought up at a small town in Ajmer , a very well known city in culturally rich state Rajasthan .

Praveen is a Hindi  word that stands for Intelligent , witty. I am known as Bittu or Munna among friends . I have an engineering degree in Electronics, got my first job in one of the  IT giant based out of India where I was trained in JAVA / HTML , but accidently fell in this world of SAP just after 3 months. I am an ABAP Consultant and look after for CRM and UI related developments .

I am a Jugaadu kind of person who has expertise in doing tricky work in a tricky way and is assumed to be working for lesser hours. This way you can call me a Smart Worker.I consider myself a generalist, which means I don't know always the exact answer, but I know how to find the answer. During Initial phase of my career I was located at Gandhinagar in Gujrat and later shifted to the City of dreams " Mumbai " .I remember, I used to go to office on holidays and even on weekends to debug and understand the CRM components, web ui developments and BSP Applications, though being object oriented I found them quite easy to digest.

I usually don’t have much free time and on most days ran out of it, made big plans only to find not even 30% is accomplished. I am a little lazy , Friends knew that any phone call before 11am will go unanswered. I am much talkative and easily gel-up with people.

About Ajmer:


Surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains, Ajmer,formerly written Ajmere, also known as Ajaymeru,was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th Century A.D. and continued to be a major centre of the Chauhan power till 1193 A.D., when Prithviraj Chauhan lost it to Mohammed Ghauri. Since then, Ajmer became home to many dynasties including the famous Mewar,Marwar, Mughals and Marathas .He ( Ajay Pal Chauhan ) constructed a hill fort "Ajaimeur" or the " Invincible Hill". In 1818 the Marathas sold Ajmer to the East India Company for 50,000 rupees. Since then Ajmer has enjoyed stable governance, although during the 1857 War of Independence some Indian sepoys at the garrison in the nearby town of Nasirabad joined the revolt. Under the British Raj, Ajmer was governed by an Agent to the Governor General overseeing Rajputana.The city gives its name to to a former province of British India called Ajmer-Merwara, which, after India's independence, became the state of Ajmer. After independence in 1947, Ajmer retained its position as a centrally administrated state under a Chief Commissioner for some time. On November 1, 1956, it was merged into Rajasthan state.  The major attractions in and around are :

  1. Dargah Sharif : Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti was one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of the Sufi saints who enlightened and served the Indian humanity. He was born on April 13, 1143 A. D. (537 A. H.), to Hazrat Ghayasuddin Hasan and Bibi Ummul Wara, in the village Sijz or Sanjar, in the province of Sistan in Iran. Perfected in spiritual knowledge by his master, Khwaja Moinuddin embarked on a journey, both inward and outward, which found its culmination at Ajmer where he reached in 1195 A. D. Here he set up a "Khanqah" to spread his message of universal love and brotherhood. He started a new form of devotional music, the "qawwali", and used it to attain the state of rapture.

  Influenced by Sheikh Qandozi Khwaja Saheb,the great Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti set out on a journey to Bukhara and Samarqand, the   famous seats of Islamic learning, in search of knowledge. From there he went to Mecca and Madina. In Madina he happened to meet the great Sufi saint Khwaja Uthman Harvani whom he took as his master and guide. Khwaja Harvani belonged to the Chishti order, so Khwaja Moinuddin also became a Chishti.  

One night Khwaja Moinuddin entered his cabin, locked it from inside as usual and immersed himself in prayers. He did not come out for five days, his disciples were extremely worried on the sixth day. When the door was forced open, the great Sufi was no more. It was March 11, 1223 A. D. 6th of Rajab, 633 A. H., according to the Islamic calendar. He was laid to rest in the same cabin.

After Khwaja Saheb was physically no more, his devotees started holding an annual Urs (congregation) at Ajmer from the first to sixth of the Islamic month of Rajab.

Ajmer during the Urs of Gharib Nawaz, is magically transformed into a kingdom of human brotherhood, religious tolerance and Hindu-Muslim co-existence. Unity in diversity becomes a living, throbbing reality. Various cultures, creeds, races and languages melt and fuse into an universal human presence. All these are blessings of the great Khwaja Saheb who had faith in oneness of God and oneness of Man and who preached that all ways lead to the same Ultimate Reality.  The main corners aronud the Dargarh are :

  • Mazar Sharif : Here  Khwaja Saheb was laid to rest.
  • Nizam Gate :  The main entrance of the Dargah .This is 70 ft. in height. On it are placed huge drums (Naqqaras) which were offered by Emperor Akbar. This is also the place from where shehnai is played five times a day.
  • Akbari Masjid : According to the Ain-e-Akbari (Akbar's biography ), emperor Akbar had to visit Ajmer for military purposes during 1561 to 1568 A.D. but in the year 1570, Akbar knowing the spiritual powers of Khwaja saheb, came to the Dargah and requested Khwaja saheb to fulfil his desire for a son. And as his desire was fulfilled, he got a son named Salim. Akbar came to Ajmer Dargah on foot from Agra to pay homage and to thank Khwaja saheb. The trek from Agra to Ajmer took him 15 days. Akbar had a beautiful mosque constructed in the same year. This mosque is today known as Akbari Mosque. Akbar built this mosque of red stones in 1570 A. D. Its central arch is 56 ft. high.

    Shahjahani_Jama_Masjid.PNG akbari_masjid.PNGMasjid_Sandalkhana.PNG 

      Shahjahani Jama Masjid           Akbari Masjid                     Masjid Sandalkhana  

dargah.jpgdargah 1.jpgdargah-3.jpg



  • Shahjahani Jama Masjid : This mosque is the most beautiful of all the structures, in the Dargah precinct. The mosque was built by Emperor Shahjahan in 1640 A. D. at the cost of about Rs. 240,000 (remember the days ) in 14 years of continuous construction work. It represents all remarkable features of Shahjahan's sense of architectural refinements.
  • Aulia Masjid : this is built at the sacred place where Khwaja Saheb offered prayers for the first time.
  • Jannati Darwaza : Within the premises of the shrine it is a gate on the western side which is opened on six days during the Urs and on first and sixth and tenth of the Islamic months of Shawwal and Zil Hijj respectively.
  • Mahfil Khana : One of the more important places at the Dargah,  Here Sama's ceremony is held during the Urs.
  • Mazar Bibi Hafiz Jamal : The holy tomb of Bibi Hafiz Jamal, the daughter of Khwaja Saheb, was built by emperor Jahangir.
  • Chilla Baba Farid : Situated behind Masjid Sandalkhana, on the western side, it is the place where the great Sufi saint Baba Farid Gunjshakar engaged himself in meditations. Its doors are opened on 5th of Moharrarn, only once in a year.
  • Badi Deg : On the western side of the Darwaza lies the larger vessel, which was donated by Akbar in Hijri 976 (1569 A. D.) During Urs, about  40 quintals of  rice is cooked in this vessel, alongwith dry fruits and condiments. The preparation is called Tabarruk and it is distributed amongst the destitute.
  • Chhoti Deg : Offered by the emperor Jahangir in 1615 A. D. the Deg, kept on the eastern side of the Buland Darwaza is enough to cook about 29 quintals of Tabarruk.
  • Langar Khana : Here the langar (dalya of wheat and barley) is distributed daily in the morning and evening on behalf of the Dargah committee.



2. Pushkar : Pushkar also known as "Tirthraj"  is for Hindus what dargah is for Muslims . Ajmer is also the base for visiting Pushkar (14 km.), the abode of    Lord Brahma, lying to its west with a temple and a picturesque lake. The Pushkar Lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. During the month of Kartik (Oct./Nov.), devotes throng in large numbers here to take a dip in the sacred lake. The Great Hindu epics of Mahabharat and Ramayana make references to this religious place regarded to be Adi Tiratha (Pilgrim Site). Evidence points to its having existed during the fourth century B.C. lake in the inhospitable surroundings of a desert is no less than a miracle.There are many stories about the origin of Pushkar Lake. There are about 400 temples and 52 Ghaats in Pushkar which are located on the banks of the Pushkar Lake.  Most of them are not very old since many were destroyed by Aurangzeb, a Mogul ruler and subsequently rebuilt. The Ghats run down to the Holy Lake where pilgrims are constantly bathing in the holy waters. Joining people at the ghats has to be with some respect for their culture and privacy. And for this reason, removing shoes before approaching the ghats, no smoking and restraining from photographing bathing people is well avoided. The famed waters of the Pushkar lake wash away the sins of a lifetime.

Some of the  very famous temples are :

  • RAMAVAIKUNTH TEMPLE : One of Pushkar's largest and most intricate temples, the Ramavaikunth Temple was built in the 1920's and has beautifully sculpted images of no less than 361 different deities.
  • MAHADEVA TEMPLE : A Beautiful temple built in the 19th century, it was described by a British traveler of the time as "by far the most remarkable, for the elegance of its structure and the nature of its ornaments, of all the temples Pushkar boasts of." It is also noteworthy for its white marble Mahadeva image, with its five faces (and its traditional tufts of hair).
  • VARAH TEMPLE : Originally built in the 12th century, Varah Temple was, like many others, destroyed by the bigoted Emperor Aurangzeb (who, it is said , was particularly upset by the huge idol here of Varah, the god with the body of a man and the head of the boar.) Reconstructed BY Raja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1727. In the evening there is prayer at Varah Ghat with huge lamps and chimes of bell. Attend it, it is mesmerizing.
  • Brahma Temple : The most famous is the Brahma Temple, said to be the only temple in the world dedicated to this deity. It stands on a high plinth with the Marble steps leading up to it. A silver turtle is set on the floor facing the Sanctum-Sanctorum or Girbha-griha. Around the turtle the Marble floor is inset with hundreds of silver coins. Coins engraved with donors names are also embedded in the walls. Peacocks adorn the temple walls as they are supposed to be the vehicle of lord Brahma's consort Saraswati.
  • Old Rangaji temple : Old Rangji Temple is one of the most popular temples among tourists. Having a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture, the visit to the temple will be a memorable experience.The Old Rangji temple dates back to 1823, when it was built by Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal of Hyderabad. Dedicated to Lord Rangji, the temple boasts a high spiritual significance. Lord Rangji is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In this temple  Foreigners( Non - Indians ) are strictly not allowed in this temple.
  • Apteshwar temple : The Atpateshwar Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and is within a stone’s throw of the Jagat Shri Brahma Temple. Legend has it that the temple was built by the Lord Brahma after he had attended a yagna performed by him dressed as a tantric mendicant holding a skull. Angered by the same the Lord Shiva filled the entire area with skulls. Agitated by his act the Lord Brahma meditated to know the reason for this folly. Understanding his wrong doing he asked Shiva to attend the yagna, after which he dedicated this temple to the Lord Shiva. The large Shivalinga of this temple is encircled with a copper snake. The festival of Shivaratri is one of the main attractions of the temple.
  • Savitri Temple : This temple that is located at the top of the Ratnagiri Hill is dedicated to Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma. The temple houses a statue of Goddess Savitri.


    Apteshwar Temple                   Mahadeva Temple                              Varah Temple



Brahma Temple                              Evening "MAHA AARTI"           SADHU pilgrims bathing in the Lake 

Mawa_Malpua.JPGcamel_decor.jpg  shedow1.jpg

1. Pushkar's Mawa - Malpua (A dessert)   2. A decorated Camel during Pushkar Fair  3. Twilight After the "Camel Race" in pushkar fair


                    Other than the temples, Pushkar is famous among the tourist for "The Pushkar Fair" . It is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, the full moon day (the 15th) of Kartik (October–November) in Hindu calendar. The full moon day is the main day and the day, according to legend, when the Hindu god Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake, thus numerous people swim in its sacred waters. It is one of the world's largest camel fairs, and apart from buying and selling of livestock it has become an important tourist attraction and its highlights have become competitions such as the "matka phod", "longest moustache", " Camel Race" and  "bridal competition"  besides camel safari to nearby villages .

Very few, if at all any, fairs in the world can match the liveliness of Pushkar. Most people associate the Pushkar Fair with the world's largest camel fair. But it is much more than that.

3. Archaeological Museum : Archaeological Museum was established in 1949. Located in the Dil-e-Aaram Gardens of Ajmer, the museum is divided into three sections. Comprising a collection of sculptures and some excavated material of earlier civilisations, the museum features two 'Yupa Pillars' (sacrificial posts). These are adorned with inscriptions from Barnala as well as Prathihara sculptures of the 8th century and terracotta belonging to early historical periods.

4. Ana Sagar , Foy Sagar Lakes : Ana Sagar Lake has been named after Anaji Chauhan. It is an artificial lake built by Anaji Chauhan, the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan. Dating from 1135 -1150 AD, the lake comprises catchments that were built with the help of local populace. Spread over 13 km, the lake also comprises Baradari or pavilions that were built by Shah Jahan in 1637.

The Daulat Bagh Gardens,located in the area of the lake  were built by Jehangir. A dam across the river Luni, the lake is surrounded by beautiful parks and marble pavilions. An island lies in the middle of the lake. To beautify the lake, additional constructions were made by the Mughal emperors.
On a hill near the lake is located a Circuit House that used to be the British Residency. From the east side of the Dault Bagh Gardens, tourists can hire boat or water scooter to reach the island.
This artificial lake was a part of drought relief project. Due to its unique flat shape it looks like a pancake. Today it is a beautiful picnic spot popular with locals and tourists alike.

Foy Sagar Lake was built and supervised by Mr. Foy, a British architect. Since its construction in 1891 .


What to Buy :: Ajmer has a women's market (ask for the Mahila Mandi - closed Tuesdays) that sells odnis (traditional veils... they also make nice light table covers) and saris galore. Ornate Lenghas (skirts worn with blouses) are also widely available. Hand tie-dyed turbans (safas) are 9-metre long bands of fabric with various uses and are usually sold wherever fabric for men's clothing is sold.


If you have a hot palate, then you should try Indian snacks (Kachori, Samosa & a special combination of kadi-bhujje[Pakode], unique to Ajmer), these are available throughout the day, but a great way to start your day as breakfast.

Time to answer the questions asked from me :

First of all here are some by Chandra Shekhar Agarwal.

  • The dream job when I was kid .

                I wanted to be a Doctor

  • If given a chance to show your creativity, in which specific field would you make an attempt?

                  Would like to try my hands in Home decor or in cooking. 

  • What is your worst coding program ? The program you would like never to modify ... ?

             I can still remember that. It was a Smartform in materials management.

  • What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

             I am not that crazy , Still some weekends I go to railway station and board in any random train just to visit some  new place . 


       Then the ones from Sumeet Gehlot

  • Movie you liked the most or inspired of?

          I don’t get inspired by movies. Queen, YZHD , ZNMD , Ram-leela , are some of the recent movies that I can watch again and again without getting bored .


  • Where do you want to see you in next 5 years?

                I will be more than satisfiedand happy if I can get a masters degree.  


     Now is the time to answer NiTiN J :

  • If given an opportunity to travel with possibilities to go by your wish, how far would you travel across the universe?

             Would love to spend few days at Pandora island of Avatar movie .

  • A celebrity name, whom you have always dream to date and where??

             How about going with Priyanka Chopra in a cruise somewhere around Cap town . Are you making any arrangements?? 


Here goes the ones from Kunal Saggar:

  • Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

             There are many, dude. I think naming just one or two won’t be fare.


Time to pass the batton and I would love to hear from Purvang Gandhi

My questions for him are :

1 . If given a chance in which movie you would like to play the lead Actor / actoress ??

2.  If it had to be one of Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer for the rest of time, which would you choose and why ?

3.  If you could give yourself a nickname, what would you choose?

4.  If you ran Google, what would you do differently?



Thanks a lot for reading and spending your valuable time.

I was BIF'd by Jitendra (His Blog post HERE)



Irshaad Bijan JanMohammed Roshankhanu Adatia


Above: Running is #RAD

Below: Curling is Cool


Above: World Map showing Taiwan - where I was born
Below: Political map of Taiwan in English - I'm in Tao-Yuan County (two south of Taipei on the west side)



Above: Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan (with Taipei 101 in the background) - which was the worlds tallest building for SIX years!


Father is from Kenya (East Africa)

Mother is from Guatemala (Central America)


Fun Fact about Taiwan

Garbage trucks play music
- To let you know that they're close by (and to get yourself to the curb, and throw garbage out)!!!!!



1) What makes you smile/laugh?

     I enjoy life so much, that I'm caught smiling frequently!

2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

    Probably would've found myself in a cave without the ability to speak.

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

     Cannot say... *looks around suspiciously*

4) If you were 20, what would you study?

     Engineering, I would want to specifically learn Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

5) What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

    I remember growing up always thinking that we never had money. It taught me to be fiscally responsible from a very impressionable age. While I still had many (MANY) lessons to learn by my own hand, this was a lesson I learned very quickly!

6) What do you most enjoy on the SCN?

     I most enjoy... I'm not sure actually. BUT!!! I really do like the great articles and advancements of my favourite space: LUMIRA!!!!! <3 <3 <3




If you actually read this, you can try to search for some of my more crazy experiences on YouTube, if you find them, be sure to tag me in your comment~ Ha!


I'll blog this forward to some members on SAP Lumira (because it's my favourite community):


Sneha D

Nic Smith

Anthony Gandouin

Christina Obry

Ruchi Sethi



I'll let those who were BIF'd by me, please choose (at least) FOUR of the following:


1. If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

2. If you had to pick one current hit song to play continuously, non-stop in the background of your everyday life, what song would it be?

3. If someone's underwear was showing, would you tell them?

4. If you bumped your car into someone else's but no one saw, what would you do?

5. If you could invite three people, living or dead, over for a party who would they be?

6. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?


Remember the rules of the game:


- Follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you blog it forward to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.

- Read /community/about/blog/2012/08/20/blog-it-forward-community-challenge again to make sure you follow the rules in your own blog:

  • Provide an introduction to yourself
  • Provide a fun fact about your country or yourself
  • Add a cool picture of yourself or your homeland/town
  • Answer specific questions that were "Blog It Forward" to you
  • Answer 3-4 optional questions from the bank of questions provided below. Or choose to answer questions you make-up on your own.
  • Create 1-2 personalized  questions you would like to blog forward
  • List at least 2  people who you are blogging it forward to. Share why you choose them. Link to their SCN profile by typing @  and then their name (e.g @HisName).
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Martin Voros 1.jspa.png





Martin Voros is a consultant with expertise in ABAP and Security, and I think that, like our two previous Members of the Month, he’s younger than me. But I didn’t ask, I know better ;-) I am recognizing him this month for his contributions in the Security discussion forums and his polite way of interacting with fellow SCN members. I was also told that he also helps SAP improve its software by contributing to SAP Notes, so he’s precious!





Ahoj* Martin! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, who you work for, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?

I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Voros is not the exact spelling of my name, and it’s not even a Slovakian name, it’s Hungarian. I moved to Australia early 2008 for work and since then have not cared how people write or pronounce my name. Even back in Slovakia people didn’t get the pronunciation right. I’ve been in Sydney for 6 years now. I work as a technical consultant for Ciber Australia. Before that, I worked at HCL Axion. I got there via multiple acquisitions: My first employer in Australia was Consulting Principles, they got acquired by Axon who then got acquired by HCL.

I studied computing science in my home country and have been working with SAP since the beginning. In my third or fourth year in university I received an offer from a company who was hiring people with no prior SAP experience. I joined their team, attended a 2-day SAP bootcamp and then started learning on the job! My main areas of expertise are ABAP and security. On SCN I’m mainly active in the Security space. In the ABAP space there’s too much going on and sometimes too much noise ;-)

* “Hello” in Slovakian. Pronounced [ah-hoy]



When did you become a member of SCN and what brought you to this community?

I think I joined during my first week on the job. I was new in the SAP area and had a lot of questions, but I couldn’t always ask the experienced guys in the office! So I used Google, ended up on SCN and joined the community - it was SDN back then. I never asked questions at the time, never had to since you can find most of the answers on Google. And actually I wonder why people ask the same questions again and again in the forums, because they would get a much faster answer if they used Google!


Note from Laure: Exactly! That last sentence should be framed on all SCN pages ;-)



How do you find the time to contribute on SCN?

I like to spend time on SCN when there is a downtime at work. It’s good to proactively read what’s going on in your field of interest, and of course help whenever you can. Sometimes I read something and then one or two weeks later I get the same issue and know what to do. It’s very easy to learn step by step.



You don’t have many badges on SCN – no offense! Is it because you’re not particularly interested in the gamification side of SCN?

I don’t think black and white about the point and badge system, I have nothing against it but it doesn’t motivate me to contribute either. I’m not particularly motivated to complete missions on SCN. I don’t write blogs very often, but when I do it it’s because I feel like sharing something specific. Some kind of point system is important though to motivate people in general and also from a reputation perspective. In my opinion, people’s status in the community is key information to decide if you should trust someone’s content.

I wish though that we could have a better forum system, e.g. the functionality I'm missing most is the ability to see answers pop up as you start writing a question you want to post. Before you post it you realize you can already get what you need. Also, in the ABAP space there’s a lot of noise, so some kind of mechanism to filter through the noise would be necessary, and the good content should be promoted.



If a new member came to you and asked for your advice on how to be an active and respected member of SCN, what would you say?

Contributing is definitely a good investment of your free time. It pays back because you learn so much on the way. Writing something helps you organize your thoughts and structure your knowledge. It’s not an easy task, but you don’t even need to publish your content to reap the benefits of the exercise.



Any particular blog post of yours that you like?
Yes, Useless Comments is my favorite blog post because it was easy to write, I had the thoughts in my mind for a long time. And the title is funny – it’s a allusion to the fact that in Australia we don’t bake cookies, we bake biscuits :-)

And by the way, once or twice a month I get emails from people who read my blogs and want to ask follow-up questions. They saw my email address in my profile and just reach out, and I’m happy to help them. So fill out the email address field in your profile and make it visible to everyone! Sometimes I even get an offer to do some development work!



Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?

Julius von dem Bussche is a very good moderator of the Security area, he keeps it very clean.

There’s other people that I appreciate but I don’t want to miss anyone…   But since you are asking I will give you two more names: Alex Ayers and Frank Buchholz.



Easy question: Mac/iOS or Windows? Or Android?

I don’t care. I have a Windows laptop and Android phone. No strong feeling to any brand.



Are you on Twitter?

Nope. I’m not much into social networks.

This post is to inform you about changes in our mission design, effective today.


As you know we have had extensive game mechanics on SCN for almost a year. When we launched in April 2013 the community liked the “new experience” and enjoyed completing challenges and earning badges. These SCN badges represent interest, activity and topic expertise, and they can even help give you a sense of people's personalities. Some of them are serious while others are just for fun – although it's true that we have more of the serious badges, being a professional community. Badges can be a way to say “congrats” or “thank you”, but most of the time they provide motivation to do certain things: contribute original, valuable content and demonstrate behaviors beneficial to the community.



Why changes?


You may want to refer to the list of SCN missions for better understanding of the details that follow.


The changes are based on 10 months of monitoring, observing and listening to community feedback. When we launched last year we expected to continuously improve our initial design. Iteration is a key aspect of gamification.

The goals of these changes are the following:

  • Continue to reward (and hopefully encourage) quality participation as judged by the community
  • Encourage behaviors that are beneficial to the community, such as answering questions correctly, participating in discussions and writing thought provoking blogs
  • Discourage cheating such as plagiarism and point cheating


Please refer to the SCN Rules of Engagement to understand appropriate community behaviors.



What changes?

We are removing the prerequisites of some of the onboarding missions and changing points awarded for certain missions. We are also making small changes here and there such as removing the repeatability of the "Pay It Forward" mission.




We want to make people accountable to produce original, high quality content. We also want to discourage any point cheating or copyright infringment. Therefore we are introducing penalty points that result in overall points reductions when blogs and documents are rejected as part of an abuse report (submitted via the “alert moderator” link). Removing points from members who repeatedly ignore moderators’ advice should encourage them to try to improve.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.46.44 PM.png


Additional measures will be taken for anyone having more than 6 pieces of content (blogs and/or documents) rejected.


Blog, document, and discussion mission adjustments:


The feedback we received was that the quality requirements were not high enough. We are changing that for the progression missions "I Blogged!" through "Super Storyteller" and "I shared knowledge" through "Super Tutor".


We also decided to make certain descriptions more vague so that people spend less time pursuing points and badges, and more time engaging with the community and providing helpful knowledge on SCN.


Super Answer Hero, Super Storyteller and Super Tutor are now hidden missions. The badge is more of a "reward" badge than a motivation badge, meaning that members should not be worrying about how difficult it would be to achieve.

Untitled.pngAlso, and this will interest a lot of the discussion forum users, we are introducing a new mission beyond “Super Answer Hero” which will be a surprise for now. Let’s see who gets it first ;-) We felt that it was needed to add a mission in the progression to harmonize our point economy across all our asset types and recognize the amount of effort needed to answer a lot of questions, sometimes without getting feedback from the community. By doing so, we give discussion forum contributors the opportunity to earn just as many points as a blogger or document contributor would.



What next?

We hope you find that these changes provide a better experience in the community. As always, we will observe and make adjustments as needed. We will listen to your feedback and measure the impact of these changes in terms of mission completion, quality of content, and overall community satisfaction.

Today I’m happy to go Behind the Scenes with Brian Bernard, an integral SCN Team member! Brian is a content strategist for a range of technical areas such as the SAP Developer Center, HANA, ABAP, and more. He is a self-proclaimed ‘social introvert,’ which also comes through in the SCN team quotes when they note his quiet ways and “the guy behind the scene” reputation.  He’s been long involved in the community and has great relationships with colleagues and stakeholders all over the world. Please read on to learn about Brian.



Brian1.JPGFirst, in Brian’s own words, a few personal facts about him: When you’ve spent almost exactly half your life in two places, which one are you from? Born in the ‘burbs of Michigan, I spent the first half of my life coming and going from the suburbs, exploring the beautiful northern part of the state or sneaking to Detroit to hear live music. Since then I’ve been stationed in San Francisco where I’ve enjoyed a rich urban lifestyle thanks to rent control.

I’m recently married and super excited to make a second trip to Seoul to visit my wife’s extraordinary family in April.



Can you please share your title and your and role? I’m a content strategist on the SCN Operations team in SAP Integrated Digital. I started in 2004 back in the pre-SCN “SDN” days of the community. What a ride it’s been! I’m proud to be part of the team and the community.

During my tenure on the operations team, I’ve focused on building and maintaining relationships with SAP stakeholders who in turn run their areas of the community. In the parlance of today’s platform, I primarily support space editors. But I’ve also poured volumes of blood, sweat, and tears into the plumbing that makes the platform work, too.

I’ve also enjoyed my role as TV producer, if I may embellish the title. I’ve been the content producer for the past four seasons of the SAP TechEd Live interview program, where I’ve learned a ton and met so many interesting people.


Brian is a ‘people’ person, which I think really comes across from his response when I asked what brings him the most satisfaction from his role: I like when people find answers. And I really like when people make personal connections and even have a good time while helping people find answers.

I enjoy reading the fabulously technical and passionate content that the community produces, and being part of an editorial machine that keeps that conversation going.

That last bit reminds me of my grandmother, a proper English lady, who always felt compelled to keep the conversation going at family gatherings. Awkward silences were literally unheard of. But I don’t have to worry too much about that with my SCN family.


Can you share an interesting project you've worked on? Over the years I’ve worked on a number of migration projects, and I’d have to say the integration of the BusinessObjects Diamond Community was a highlight. Trying to successfully manage the transition of a totally different community (built on the open source Drupal platform) to our landscape was a challenging and rewarding experience. I think back to the quizzical looks on the faces of my new Vancouver-based colleagues when presenting aspects of SCN, faces that I still get to see in the halls of Palo Alto or TechEd. The problem-solving that went into migrating a massive amount of content and lessons learned getting a well-established community back on its feet proved useful later on…

... Indeed, there was another migration in the spring of 2012 that was also “interesting” .


When asked to share a personal experience; one tip/resource/guide that he recommends after finding it helpful (from personal experience), Brian shared the following fascinating story: Know your surroundings. I got stuck in San Jose, Costa Rica on the way to Honduras on one of my first backpacking trips. (By the way, you may note that Costa Rica is not on the way to Honduras, but well past it. How I got dropped off in San Jose is for another time.) “When in Rome,” I figured, so my companion and I began exploring the city. As dusk drew near were enchanted by a beautiful, mutli-colored rainbow like I had never seen – probably a combined result of the recent eruption of Mount Pinatubo and a relative of El Niño’s.

Dusk grew darker and suddenly… odorous. My travel companion and I suddenly realized we were on a trash infested alley, when odorous turned ominous. A local man stepped out of a dimly lit door, took one look at us, and said – in plain English – GET OUT OF HERE. We were not welcome there. And so we got the hell out.

Sunsets are pretty but don’t lose your head!


When I asked Brian what the community would be surprised to learn about him, he texted his wife, who wrote: “That you can handle spicy food like nobody’s business.”

But if we pinned him down… I guess maybe that I consider myself a social introvert?

Gali: I love the term! While it might be a bit of an oxymoron, it works ;-)


Personal philosophy: I studied a lot of philosophy in college so I prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

Personal motto: Work hard, play hard!

Personal hero: Leonardo da Vinci, an exceptional doer of many great things.


The next four questions are taken from the Actor Studio interview questions:

What is your favorite word: Onomatopoeia, because it mixes the senses and never runs out of fun.

Least favorite word: Pfffff

What sound do you love:  A night-time symphony of summer bugs

What profession other than yours would you love to attempt: Industrial designer, pro baseball player, travel writer, or food blogger would all be worth a go.


What is your favorite SCN space/feature and why? Despite certain shortcomings when it comes to content management on the “new” SCN platform, I find the experience of “space” captivating. It’s an immersive, corpuscular community experience that I really do think helps foster engagement around specific topics. And since I’ve always been involved with layouts and templates for how content is presented, I’m excited about the capabilities and possibilities for ‘packaging’ the experience together with widgets and feeds on the space overview pages.


I learned from Brian’s Facebook that he studied physics in the University. So I had to ask, how does one roll from physics to Content Strategy/Editor? Ha! I’ve had to explain the arc of my career before. Good question . I started volunteering at the Exploratorium (“a hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception”) in San Francisco in 1995 as a science consultant for a project called Sports Science. This was an interactive Web site that combined cool cartoon-style multimedia, number-crunching calculators and interviews with professional athletes to teach scientific concepts.

I was fascinated with the idea of exploiting the fledgling World Wide Web for science education. This landed me a job at a small Bay Area company called Classroom Connect writing science curriculum and developing interactive media to deliver to K—12 schools. That’s when I really began a career ‘doing’ content, collaboration, and community – so it wasn’t actually a huge stretch to start working for SDN – although the age of the average end user when up dramatically.Brian2.jpg


You’ve attended many SAP TechEd events and taped many live interviews, could you share a favorite experience or a favorite interview? There have been so many good ones over the last four years. I particularly enjoyed the segment Creating a Successful Culture Creates a Successful Company with Dr. Alea Fairchild (Research Fellow, The Constantia Institute) and Todd Wilmsfrom SAP.

James Governorof RedMonk gave us pretty brilliant interviews the last two years, his latest being The New Kingmakers and the Enterprise with Thomas Grassl of SAP.


[Shameless plug: See the full SAP TechEd Live catalog!]


I know that you are a restaurant connoisseur, any special recommendations in San Francisco (SF)? You won’t find my favorite dish in the trendy food blogs or hipster neighborhoods of SF, but at a Chinese restaurant called Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant. “Extremely Hot Peppers” is an insane potpourri of spicy peppers and bits of chicken (I think) that is addictively painful. TMI?


Gali: As I’m less adventurous than Brian when it comes to spicy, he’s promised me a list of delicious and less ‘hot’ places on my next visit



Brian is a pleasure to work with. He is committed, knowledgeable, modest and as the quotes show "gets the job done". Please read on for SCN Team quotes:

• “Brian exemplifies the voice of reason, which is why it is so important to have him on our team. Although he’s often quiet, it’s because he is thinking things through thoroughly, and anticipating possible outcomes. When he shares his thoughts, everyone listens because it’s usually one of the best answers to burning questions and concerns. The way that Brian works demonstrates wisdom, integrity, and teamwork.”

• “Brian is a valuable member of the team, with expertise in content management and strategy. He knows "his stuff" and is very reliable and helpful whenever I reach out to him. I like his "quiet force": always doing the job (and beyond), never bragging about it.”

• “Brian is great member of our team. He’s a passionate and dedicated Content Strategist, often working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that content remains king on SCN.”

• “One of the reasons this blog series is so great is that community members get to learn more about folks like Brian, whose tireless efforts behind the scene keep the community running smoothly. Brian brings years of content experience to the table and plays a central role in setting guidelines for content and page creation on SCN. He has created the framework for supporting our space editors, and you can depend on Brian to make sure things get done.”

•    “Brian just gets it done. With intelligence, diplomacy, kindness and logical thought, Brian is incredibly adept at sizing up a situation and offering a solution. He doesn’t operate with fanfare; rather, he focuses on collaborating with others to define what is best for the SCN audience – all of our users and stakeholders. Beyond that, Brian just has a likeable personality that makes him enjoyable to work with. He instills trust in others and as a result, our entire team works better because of his presence. It is a pleasure to call him a colleague.”



Follow Brian’s tweets @brianbernard



Go ‘Behind the Scenes’ with additional SCN Team members.

Hi all,


I was blogged it Forward by Jitendra Kansal. You can read his excellent BIF blog here. It was joy reading it. I learned much about India, what I didn't know before.


My introduction:


My Name is Jürgen Noe.

2014-03-28 18.19.04-2.jpg


I work for 13years as an SAP BW Consultant with deep ABAP knowledge now. Since July 2013 I work as Freelancer and independent Consultant. Before I started my career in SAP,  I formerly also programmed in MS Visual Studio, MS Access, JAVA, Cobol, Pascal, SmallTalk, C/C++ and even Assembler. Yes, I like programming a lot and I am always interested in exciting News regarding Software development. SAP BW made a very impressing development over the years. With SAP BO BI and HANA new Technologies were integrated, so you work never stops.


Fun Facts about my Country
Germany is triple worlchampion in Soccer (1954, 1974, 1990), so I think because it's again a year ending with 4, Germany has big chances to win the world Championship this year in Brasil again .-). Yes, I like Soccer very much. Below you find a Picture, where I was in Stutgart Mercedes-Benz Arena and watched the game Germany vs. Chile live.

2014-03-05 20.39.09.jpg

Well, unfortunately the game was not that good as exptected, but as Gary Linnker said: "Soccer is that game, which lasts 90 minutes and Germany will always win".

Beside that Germany:

- has over 300 kinds of bread ( I didn't taste them all, but I can recommend "Bauernbrot", if you ever have the Chance to be in Germany and look for some good tasting bread

- has 35 dialects  - People form Hamburg in the North of Germany don't understand People from Munich deep in the South, if they are  talking in their dialects

- Gummy bears, Mercedes Benz and book printing are invented in Germany, and of course remember Konrad Zuse, Inventor of the first Computer at all

- The longest official word in german language:  Vermögenszuordnungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung  (56 letters) - in the Internet you may even find longer german words


Fun facts about my home town

My howetown is Mannheim.

Karl Drais invented in 1817 the first bicycle, Werner von Siemens invented in 1880 the first electrical elevator, Julius Hatry built 1929 the first rocket airplane - so you can see, Mannheim is a very good place for important inventions. It's not too far from Walldorf, the HQ of SAP. If you travel to SAP's german HQ, give Manheim a visit. It has lots of beautifull places, like Luisenpark - one of Europes greatest and most bautifull parcs and also a good place for many concerts in SAP Arena. Also walk over "Planken" (planks) a very nice  shopping mile, you will like it.

Below you find a Picture of "Rosengarten" - well known for it's DSAG Technology Days (this year for the first time in Stuttgart because of too many participants that "Rosengarrten" could not manage)

2014-03-28 17.06.38.jpg

What is your favourite place in the world?

I like Toscana (Italy) or Provence (France) very much - Toscana in spring is very beautifull, much colours, good drinking, very nice People - I hope I can travel there soon once again.

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

I enjoy most the contests. I participated in an XCelsius contest for the olympic winter games and prepared a nice Dashboard. I didn't win, but it was fun a lot. I look forward too each new contest coming up. I also like the gamification. I will participate in SAP Netweaver Portal 2014 Movie Challenge

What do you think are the key elements for a successfull Project?

I think, the key element is listening and understanding, good communication and working together, helping each other. These are the really key elements in a Project. In my opinion many Projects fail, not because they didn't have the best programmer or the best project Manager or the best Software Tools available, no they failed, just because of wrong communication or no communication at all.

What makes you smile/laugh?

My Little son (5 years) makes me often smile. I also like laughing about a really good Comedy movie, but they're rare in the meantime. I like the old stars like Charlie Chaplin or Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Had you not been in Software at all, where would you have been?
Indded a very difficult question, because I liked programming from the beginning and feel it really as my true profession. If there were no Software at all, I may have become teacher for mathematics. Because I like teaching young people, explain difficult things and work with them.


I would be glad if you can answer some of these questions:

1.) In which movie would you like to have taken part as actor?

2.) Which SAP product has excited you most in the past years?

3.) Which features will your favourite SAP product have within next five years?



Blogging it Forward:

I want to blog it Forward to sivakiran uppala. I look forward of Hearing exciting BPC News of him.


Remember the rules of the game:

- Follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you blog it forward to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.

- Read Moshe's blog again to make sure you follow the rules in your own blog:

•Provide an introduction to yourself

•Provide a fun fact about your country or yourself

•Add a cool picture of yourself or your homeland/town

•Answer specific questions that were "Blog It Forward" to you

•Answer 3-4 optional questions from the bank of questions provided below. Or choose to answer questions you make-up on your own.

•Create 1-2 personalized  questions you would like to blog forward

•List at least 2  people who you are blogging it forward to. Share why you choose them. Link to their SCN profile by typing @  and then their name (e.g @HisName).

•Ask the community to follow the Blog It Forward Chain in order to be updated when the people you "Blog It Forward" to post the links to their "Blog It Forward" blogs.


Thanks for reading my blog. Your Comment/suggestions are most welcome. Looking forward to read everyone's Blog It Forward.

Hello SCNite!


I came across this intestering BIF chain going around. Unfortunately most of my SAP network are lowkey here so I wanted to pull them together and pump them up for the action. So I dug into the chain and fetched an invite by adding myself here- Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table, If you want to know more about this Blog It Forward Community Challenge .


Sincere thanks to Jitendra Kansal for making me part of this chain.


My Introduction:

I am Priyanka Musale. I have been associated with SAP BO BI since more than 8 years. I started as software developer acquired BOCP and exauhlted myself as Administrator/Architect serving Media & Entertaiment and Investment Management firm.


I was born and raised in India. Someone did a nice job of articulating interesting fact about india in here http://www.indiaunimagined.com/101-interesting-facts-about-india/


My response to questions posted in Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal


1) What makes you smile/laugh?

- When I came across a exasperated BI Associate/User.


2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

- I would have been a Travel Guide/Chef


3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

- Stopped a Truck on busy Freeway! (No more details! :-) )


My Response to questions from Question bank from Blog It Forward Community Challenge


1) Share an interesting/funny story related to your project

-On my first day at a Client place, Project manager:dying to get a help on burning issues..... rolled his eyes and dropped his jaws as I entered conference room. Apparently he was expecting a fat lady with grey hair based on my telephonic interview; (I am not sure if it was my demonstrated experience/knowledge or my voice).

So he was on call with SAP Support and he introduced me to Case Engineer. Luckily...... On-call-Engineer knew me by Name :-), So we started with casual talk and Project Manager's face lit up like a Kodak Moment!


2) How do you think the way you were raised affects your Career?

-I started reading at reading at very tender age. This reading fever gotten me into reading everything about anything. SAP BO BI is a vast product carefully designed with the multiple logical layers. I like to read all the details about everything and that sure provide me good insights of how tool functions and makes me capable of handling it and troubleshooting it.


3)What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?


1. Team with right attitude (not necessary aptitude).

2. Correct tool and technology for requirement

3. A Subject matter expert

4. Clear role and responsibilities


I would now like to Blog It Forward to following people: Rickey Nguyen,VictorMLee,Manikandan Elumalai, Aniket Wagh, Irfan Mohammed, krish rao, mohit gupta,satheesh kumar vadivel,Laurent CONTI. I would like you guys to answer following questions for me-


1. What personal trait makes you different that others?

2. Share a funny/Tricky story about your experience with SAP.

3. What do you like about SAP Product/Services?


I hope you enjoy this BIF chain as much as I did.



Priyanka Musale,

Hello everyone,


Since long time I have been seeing various posts related to Blog It Forward Community Challenge ,it made me eager to participate in this. Thanks to Poonam Hingankar for including me in this chain. I am happy to introduce myself to SCN community.


If you want to know more about this challenge you can go to Blog It Forward Community Challenge , you can also get yourself registered for this on Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table


My Introduction


My name is Kalathil Shruti Aravind and I am born in Mahe, India. It is a beautiful town situated in Kerala state but officially part of Union Territory of Puducherry. Though I am born in Mahe, I am brought up in Mumbai where I have done my schooling and graduation. After my graduation I got placed in Infosys Ltd. I started here as a fresher and got trained in Mysore campus. Currently I am in Infosys Pune working in SAP Enterprise Portal. My journey with SCN is also new, I started exploring scn in search of answers to many doubts.

I am very friendly and joyful by nature. I believe in "Forgive and forget" principle, because I feel it makes life simpler . My hobbies are listening to music, reading novels and indulging in activities that keep me busy; it includes cooking, keeping myself updated with new technologies .



Places I lived


Mahe is a place with scenic beauty and is situated on estuary of famous Mayyazhi River and Arabian Sea. This place is also known as "Mayyazhi" which means "eyebrow of the sea". This place got famous from the novel "Mayyazhippuzhayude Theerangalil" (On the banks of Mayyazhi river), written by Mr M. Mukundan (my uncle ).



                              Me and my sister enjoying the sunset at the banks of Mayyazhi river


Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is built on seven islands, which used to be home for communities of fishing villages. Thus derived its name from combination of the words Mumba (name of Fisherman goddess) and Aai (i.e mother in the Marathi language), earlier it was referred as Bombay (meaning Good bay). It is considered as the busiest city and thus referred as "A city that never sleeps" .


                         Immersion of Lord Ganesha Idol on the last day of Ganesh Chaurthi Festival


Mumbai has embraced people from all walks of life and those living here (Mumbaikars) proudly say  "Amchi Mumbai" (Our Mumbai). It is a melting pot of many communities and cultures. Hence always buzzing with different festivals and celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Chirstmas, Navratri, Bandra Fest, Good Friday, Dussera, Moharram, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Maha Shivratri, Kala Ghoda Fest, Gudi Padwa, Dahi Handi and many more…


                                                                                     Bandra-Worli Sea Link


Mumbai is the richest city in India and country’s commercial and entertainment capital.It is one of the top ten financial centres in the world. Mumbai's lifeline - The Railways... every day carry more passengers per kilometre than any other railways.. More than 200 trains make over 2,000 trips along 300 kilometres of track, more than 6 million commuters travel on Mumbai’s suburban rail network each day.


Mumbaikars are usually food loving people.. from street food to fine dining.. they enjoy it all. You will always find them ready to dance on Bollywood songs, enjoy rains along with a cutting chai (half cup of tea) or just watch The God of Cricket -Sachin Tendulkar play. To know more about Mumbai, you can refer to Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar


The below picture is aerial view of Infosys Mysore Campus. Spread across 270 acre land, this is one of the world's biggest corporate training center for IT professionals.

Aerial_View_Infosys_Mysore_Campus.png     Infosys_Pune.JPG

                                                                                Infosys Pune Campus


My response to the questions asked by Poonam Hinganjkar in BIF post - Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar


1. Tell us one quality of yourself you would never want to change ?

         I am very friendly and easy to approach, also I love to keep everyone around me happy. I think that quality of mine I would never want to change


2. If you were not in IT Industry , what career would you have choosen for yourself ?

         If I were not in IT industry I would have not opted for service/job . Rather I would do my own business , something like having my own Resturant chain. Desserts would deffinitely be the most special item in my menu.


3. If you were to be a super hero for a day which one would you be and what would you do ?

          I would love to be Batman (I mean Batgirl ) he is my favourite superhero. I think he is the best because he is not someone who has extraordinary powers but had courage to do extraordinary things  (with the help of cool gadgets). If I were one like him I will try to destroy crime around and make world much better place to live.



I would now like to Blog It Forward to following people:

sivakiran uppala and Raj Kumar Salla


and my questions to them are as follows:


1. If given a chance to introduce something like BIF in SCN, what would you like to do?

2. Tell one best thing you like about your job?

3. Share with us one of the most happiest moment of your life.


Thank you all for taking sometime and reading my post. Your comments are always welcome .

Hi All,


First of all i would like to thank Poonam Hingankar for tagging me in her BIF Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar . You can read more about this initiative over here Blog It Forward Community Challenge . Special thanks to Moshe Naveh for starting this great initiative. Till now it has been amazing reading about different sets of people from all around the world because of this challenge . Trying a small effort from my side too, to introduce myself to the SCN world.


My Introduction


Frankly I will say that the most dreadful question according to me anyone can ask you is "Introduce yourself" , but i will try here to introduce myself.

My name is Harshada Deshpande. I am born and brought up in the 'Orange City' i.e Nagpur, Maharashtra   . It is located at the geographical centre of India . I did my schooling from Nagpur itself after which i moved to Mumbai to complete my graduation. Thanks to the campus placements i got placed in 'Infosys',  the dream company of every fresher . In Infosys training, we were trained in SAP ABAP module, where I was first introduced to the SAP world and I will say I am still trying to take a hold in this vast technology. Having trained in ABAP module i was hoping to get a project in the same technology, but instead got a project in SAP EP and Web Dynpro JAVA . So it was time again to learn a new technology.  I am thankful to my team for helping me in learning it.

I have just started to explore the technology. Hope i am successful in gaining expertise in it


Some facts About my Hometown - Nagpur

  1. Nagpur being located at center of India is an important hub for Indian Armed forces.
  2. It is also called 'Orange City' as the oranges grown here are very famous worldwide and are exported on a large quantity
  3. 'Zero Mile' stone is located in Nagpur which was used to measure all the distances. The distances of various major cities which are measured from here are carved on the Zero mile pillar.
  4. It is one of the emerging cities in the area of IT industry with big companies like TCS , Infosys, etc building their offices here
  5. Nagpur is also called the 'Tiger Capital of India' since it has vast forests and tiger sanctuaries within radius of few hundreds kilometers
    1. Pench National Park
    2. Tadoba - Tiger Reserve
    3. Nagzira Tiger Reserve, etc
  6. Vidharbha region has a distinct cuisine known as Varhadi cuisine or Saoji cuisine. This traditional food is famous for its spicy taste.


Some Photos 800px-GandhisagarLake.jpg

                                Gandhi Sagar Lake - one of the  artificial and oldest lake in the city built by historical rulers of the city



                                                                                          Nagpur at Night



              The Famous Oranges and Orange Barfi( a sweet made from Oranges) of Nagpur



The Zero Mile Monument




My answers to the questions asked by Poonam Hingankar in Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar


1. Tell us one quality of yourself you would never want to change?

    Well, that's a tough question to answer. I'll leave it to my friends and colleagues to

answer this question for me, according to what they feel about me


2. If you were not in IT Industry , what career would you have chosen for yourself?

     If not In IT industry then what (thinking of this makes me a lot )...  Let's see!!

I think I would definitely would have liked to be a Chef as I love cooking. I keep on experimenting different

recipes on my parents and sis


3. If you were to be a super hero for a day which one would you be and what would you do ?

    This is a funny question.. If i was to be a super hero, then I would like to be 'Shaktiman'


I would like to Blog It Forward to Amar Ghuge and Dayanand Gavas


My questions to them are

  1. Share afun fact/story about yourself that people don't know
  2. If you were not in your current position what/where would you be and why?
  3. What is your professional life dream?


Finally, I hope you enjoyed reading about myself and I thank you a lot for sparing out of your valuable time.

I appreciate all your valuable suggestions and comments




SCN (previously SDN) is continuously helping SAP customers, consultants to learn different components of SAP. The discussion section in scn forums helps clients to resolve the regular issues / incident in their landscape. Sometime customers find this site more useful then raise a SAP message in service market place. Again as a SAP consultant, to be active in this forum and participate any discussion is quite interesting. For me sometime it's a challenge to resolve an issue without touching the system and sometime I feel it’s a great learning place to know various ways to resolve similar issue and the hidden part of the incident.


From the last 2-3 month, I have noticed that some communities in Facebook & LinkedIn are also very much active towards the same that is helping sap customer, consultants regarding their sap query. Note down here that I am not comparing the whole scn community but only the forums discussion part. In this regard I found the SAP Basis communities in Facebook, which have more than 3000 members and nearly five hundred threads. Also consultants are actively participating here like scn. Further daily 20-30 incident reported and resolution also provided by other members of that community. Apart from incident people are posting new job opportunities in the market. Interestingly you can find the fresher, who just passed their graduation and want to be a SAP consultant in coming days are very much active in those queries and participation. .


7.png     6.JPG


Whenever I saw those communities and active threads, one thought comes to my mind why people using those while we have scn. From mine point of view scn forums are more secure, organized compared to those communities. The answer comes to my mind initially that may be, it’s the Facebook apps and mobile who make those communities popular. Usually I try to login into scn from my pc and available on fb almost all time in mobile. Then yesterday I thought let me try to use scn.sap.com from mobile. Then I go through safari browser. And my first try go in vain as I am not able to login into scn via safari browser.


IMG_2946[1].PNG     IMG_2947[1].PNG  


Then I am searching scn app in the app store and found scn connect. Immediately install that app in my mobile but failed to connect scn again.


IMG_2948[1].PNG     IMG_2949[1].PNG   IMG_2950[1].PNG


Then I come to one document in the below mentioned link




As per the instruction I downloaded that jive mobile app from app store


IMG_2951[1].PNG IMG_2952[1].PNG   IMG_2954[1].PNG


Now I am trying to login into scn via my user id details. Before that I have to activate a code for my mobile device from scn site. I went to preferences tab in my user id as shown below




Now choose Mobile tab and give a name of the device and click on Get activation code




Now note down the activation code and use this in your Jive app




Once I put that activation code, the mobile app redirect me to scn site under my user id hurry




Now I am able to participate the discussions, threads in scn via my mobile as well like I do chat and status update in Facebook I also got notification alerts if someone replied in my thread.


As I am now comfortable to ask , reply in scn through my mobile so my point that "FB communities are famous because of apps, mobile" is false.


So what’s the reason ... anyhow I agree in one point that those communities also helping sap consultants, customers like scn …But still all discussion in one forum is always a handy one. Lastly thanks to those developers and jive team who made this possible, that scn is available on mobile too.



I was blogged forwarded by Vivek Singh Bhoj - BIF.

This blog is a part of the "Blog It Forward Community Challenge".



I really appreciate Moshe Naveh for starting such a good initiative.


About Me:

My name is Raj Kumar Salla  was born in Hyderabad, India. I am SAP HANA Principal Consultant, joined SCN in 2012 and currently working at Excent. I am Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.


Fun Fact About My Country:



India is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.


TrainRoute.jpgThe longest train route in India  travels a distance of 4272 km in 82 hours, starts at Dibrugarh in Assam, North-East India to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu which is the southernmost tip of Mainland India.


Fun Fact About My City:


I am from Hyderabad also called as City of Pearls. What makes this city unique is






Buddha Statue - Tank Bund


Birla Mandir


Hyderabad Biryani (tasty & spicy food)Biryani.jpg

Hitec City - IT Hub                         International Airport


Hitec City.jpgAirport.jpg


Hyderabad celebrates many festivals in grand style. One of them is Ganesh Chathurthi (Eleven days festival to celebrate Lord Ganesha).






Questions I was Asked:


1. What is your best moment in life?

The best moment of my life was when I became father. That day  was a special day to me when I first saw my little angel . Her name is Hiranya and she is now around 2 years old.



2.How did you get into SAP technology?

It is a long story.

Initially I started my career as Mainframe programmer (COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS,......) and happy with my career it was leading to . One day my Manager suggested me to have multiple skills  and I was thinking what to pick . Then I thought to choose Reporting tool and switched to Business Objects(before SAP acquired Business Objects) and suddenly one news announcement , around October 2007, from SAP that it is acquiring Business Objects made me to feel . After working for quite some time on Business Objects, I switched to SAP HANA  and feel proud to be one of the early consultants to work on it.



Blogging It Forward


I would like to Blog It Forward to


2. Ramesh vankudoth

3. Swaroop kumar

and would be happy to see their answers for


1) Which is your favourite vacation and why?

2) What is the funniest incident happened with you?


Please read the instructions before joining the "Blog It Forward Community Challenge".

If you haven't been blogged it forward to and wish to join,

please let me know and I will "Blog It Forward" to you.

Thanks once again to all who had initiated and all who are making the ball rolling.

Every day we are getting new announcement for changes in SCN, most recent one would be Starting now: No more points for likes on comments/replies. Happy to see all the SCN Evolution.

Couple of days before I read the blogWhat kind of blog posts do we want on SCN? . After that thought of sharing about what kind of discussion we would like to see in SCN. But unfortunately today morning I reviewed the discussion Re: complaint against abap development mod and changed the view that fixing the root would be the best solution. Means train everyone not only about the rules, but also make them aware about the various kinds of violations.


Most of them noticed that one of the significant improvement in SCN which is “Alert Moderator” earlier referred as Report abused. I am hoping that promoting this feature would ultimately help not only my vision SCN Discussions but also entire SCN quality. Hence Through this blog I would like to share my view on new on Alert Moderators and how it makes difference in SCN quality.



Change Your Complaints As Suggestions



Still I have couple of contacts who were more active on Old SCN and never login new SCN. They are just more reluctant to accept the change. Even some of them not happy with the new features added in SCN. For all of them, I could say one thing that, we must need to embrace the change before complaining. I used to get bore for looking and working on same thing, whenever I saw something gets changed or newly added, I would be happy and I can also start from scratch as new beginning, this actually gives more energy and enthusiasm to you and at the end increases your contribution too. We are professionals and we need to train our self towards more positive approach.



After get into trial, If you need any improvement and not happy with already existing feature start posting your suggestion in Idea space. For instance take the same discussion Re: complaint against abap development mod , Nothing was wrong in this discussion, It is our right to get it clarified, when something went wrong. But the way used to express the feelings in the discussion went wrong. Not exactly sounds good. If The same would posted in Idea space would have more value. Is it ?



Even the tag "Alert Moderators" also one of idea suggested from idea space for SCN improvement.  Idea voted by more number of people, benefits get validated and finally implemented. Now it is available for all. This is how SCN works.



Alert Moderator - New categories



You can see the newly added categories inside the Alert moderator,  It is very simple English you can easily interpret and understand what each of the category means. It is very direct. I request all X million users in SCN to review this feature.





Why Alert Moderator



SCN is the open technical forum, anyone interested can create user and start to use SCN. How high our technology can grow, the same level misusing the technology also growing.  Last 6 month I have been extending my support in SCN as moderator. Moderation is not new for me. I am moderator for couple of LinkedIn groups, but the challenge in SCN is different. SCN has more guidelines and very professional technical forum. Since the day of beginning I had seen lots of violations cases. Some of them we can’t even imagine, how low level they done things. As a moderator we need to be more active and keep on assure the quality. Most of the time moderators could see such breach and actions have been taken immediately. But this is not going to help all the way. Because moderators can’t review each and every letter/word posted in SCN. It is you all the SCN users’ duty to report to moderators whenever you notice breach of SCN rules. This way we can make everyone including the reporter also to realize that what are violations in SCN. Hope Everyone loves these kind of the considerate member.


Alert Moderator feature is direct gateway for everyone to contact the moderators. You can use this feature anytime on SCN rules violation. This is implicit way of moderation by you all; After all it is all our responsibility to keep our SCN under perfect quality.


And other way when we are reporting, we are getting familiar with of all such violations; we were become more attentive of not making mistakes. Soon or later everyone become more perfect and more professional in SCN.



Failed To search



Out of all categories in Alert moderator, I like the one “Failed to Search”.  This is applicable for the people who take the things as granted.


SCN is very fortunate that has very talented and dedicated active contributors in all the forums. They are very sincere to answer the interesting questions passionately. But taking this as advantage some of them ask very basic queries or the generic queries might be answered more than n times in SCN itself. For instance, check the below




Simple search can give you the needed guide. Is it? This discussion is rejected under the category of failed to search. You may say that I am new hence I


We active contributors are happy to help in all the way, but why don’t we expect some basic effort from reporter side too. I request all the active contributors; please don’t entertain with these kinds of discussions.


Even I would like to post an idea of creating mission in SCN to promote the habit of search before post in SCN.



Just Use it



Like the above I mentioned, you can get clarified yourself with all the other categories, use it whenever needed and help the SCN moderation team. If you have seen any other scenarios, would like to add it also under the category of alert moderator, share it down below as comments, we will collect these suggestions and try to place on Idea space for further optimization of Alert moderator.

After all By educating our self of what not do ultimately helps to do only right things, this is the another motive for myself to write this blog and bring this new feature into everyone’s attention.


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