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Jeanne Carboni

Migrating SCN Blog Functionality in 2011

Posted by Jeanne Carboni in About SCN on Dec 30, 2010 6:19:00 AM

Hello community!  I’m happy to share some great news with you as we close out 2010 and start looking forward to 2011.

The SCN team has proposed, and expects to receive funding for a platform migration project in 2011.  The long term vision is to have all of SCN on the new platform.  The value proposition for this project is to simplify to a single platform to make it easier for the community to participate, and to make the support of the community more effective. Current scope is to migrate all blogging capability to the new platform in 2011.  We will also consider forums as a late 2011 deliverable.

We have reviewed your past feedback on blog functionality, but we need your continued help!  You, the community members, use the existing tools in SCN all of the time.  We want to ensure that we provide a much improved user experience in the new platform.  It is critical that we have your input.   Here are three ways we plan to do that.

  1. First, we have a session in Idea Place titled SCN Blog Migration, where you can post your thoughts about improvements for blogs.  We will review all proposals and consider them, within the boundaries of project scope, budget and timelines.
  2. Secondly, we will invite 8 moderators / mentors to be part of the project team.  Their role will be to help collect and finalize requirements, participate in user testing of the new platform, and help us keep you informed about the project.  They will also assist in the roll out as “super users” who can encourage and support community members once we go live.
  3. Finally, we will provide an SCN Blog Migration presence that links to all project information.  It will include project charter, scope and plan, links to the idea place session, regular updates, and contact information.

At this time, we have drafted initial scoping and requirements for the project, based on past feedback from you, the users.  Once we have official budget approval, we will share the project overview with you.  Major milestones will be planned in January 2011 and shared with you shortly thereafter.

We are looking forward to working with you on this important step in the transformation of SCN tools! 

Enjoy the last few days 2010, and be ready to join us in this journey in the New Year!

(Special thanks to Michael Schwandt for his assistance in producing this blog!)



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