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Announcing SCN's Topic Leaders for 2010-2011

Posted by Jason Cao in About SCN on Aug 22, 2011 10:33:51 PM

Another SCN Contest year (August 2010 – July 2011) is complete, and while Laure Cetin is away, I have the honour of compiling and announcing this year’s Topic Leaders. Thanks to our intern, Anne-Katrin Hempel, for her help in running the reports. (To learn more about Topic Leaders, please see Former SCN "Top Contributors" now SCN "Topic Leaders", or SCN’s SCN Reputation Program Overview page.)

And the Topic Leaders (by point categories) for 2010-2011 are...

(I'm taking a different approach by using Crystal Dashboard, instead of posting a list of 130 names. If you have trouble viewing the embedded Flash model,try downloading the latest Adobe Flash Player, or see the list-view on the SCN 2010-2011 Topic Leaders wiki page.)

Congratulations to you, and thank you for your dedication and contributions!

What’s new?

SCN Topic Leaders receive the respect and admiration of our community members for leading their topics, and we do our best to recognize and thank them for their contributions to the SCN Community. Topic Leaders attending SAP TechEd are invited onto the grand stage for an in-person round of applause. They also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Mark Yolton, and are invited to join a Topic Leaders discussion forum to candidly discuss and influence the direction of our community.

Here's good news! Thanks to the persistence and influence of Marilyn Pratt, the SAP Education team has kindly agreed to provide this contest year’s Topic Leaders with access to one SAP Certification test. This is another great benefit and recognition for our SCN Topic Leaders! Watch out for official details coming soon from our SAP Education team.

What’s next?

Well, more good news! I’m sure you’ve heard of our current efforts to move the SAP Community Network to a Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network ... Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!. This is an excellent chance for us to add NEW and MORE SPECIFIC topic areas, giving the community more opportunities to better identify experts. I think you’ll agree with me that some of the current categories are perfectly fine as SAP topics, whereas others are much too broad. I’m excited for the possibility to highlight the efforts and contributions of even more experts from this community.

SAP TechEd

I can’t offer Topic Leaders a pass to SAP TechEd. However, if you are able to attend the upcoming conference in Las Vegas (September 12-16, 2011), Marilyn and I are hosting a brief meet-up with all Topic Leaders (Top Contributors) past and present, in the Expert Networking Lounge (Tuesday, Sept 13, 1-1:30pm, Lounge 4). We will be doing the same at all TechEd events. Please come by and share with us your stories about SCN and your journeys to becoming Topic Leaders. Anyone aspiring to be a Topic Leader, or interested in meeting our community Experts, is also welcomed to join us.

If you are more interested in points and badges, please join me in a separate Expert Networking Lounge session, entitled “Badges, badges, badges” on Thursday, Sept 15, 2-2:30pm, Lounge 3. In this session, I’d like your feedback on SCN’s Contributor Recognition Program, and share with you new ways we are considering to recognize the efforts and expertise of our members. (Hint: It's in the session title.)

Congratulations once again to our Topic Leaders!



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