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Members of SAP Community Network rely on it to build their reputations as SAP experts, allowing them to share and give back to the community, and/or build relationships with potential clients if that is their goal. Hear what excites them about BUILDING REPUTATIONS on SCN:.



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"......His secret weapon was the SAP Community Network...His writing on environmentally sound business practices caught the attention of organizers of SAP's TechEd confab, who invited him to speak at the event. Later, he won an SAP-sponsored competition for innovative marketing ideas." 


- David Herrema, Senior SAP Consultant, Accenture




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"If at all my name is identified globally to some extent, it is only because of SCN."


- Lakshmipathi Ganesan, Senior Consultant, HCL Technologies




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"Definitely my presence on #SCN helped with securing one of my contracts”


    - Matt Harding, Independent SAP Solution Architect and Developer






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"SCN is the opportunity us to become an expert and to accomplish higher echelons in our career journey"

- Githen Ronney, Moduel Lead, MindTree







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"SCN is probably a better place to build up your profile"


- Jason Scott, SAP Technical Consultant, INPEX




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