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Members of SAP Community Network rely on it to make connections with peers, experts and SAP employees who can help them get more from their SAP interactions. Hear what excites them about MAKING CONNECTIONS on SCN:




“ Great Place to Build My Network..."  , video interviews with Corrine Nareau, Tom Matys, Vyerah Yenda, and Tom Cenes in SAP TechEd 2012




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"The folks on SCN are incredibly supportive and positive. The comments and feedback I receive are so motivating for me.”


- Thomas Dulaney, senior basis administrator, iLuMinA Solutions Inc






Frank Koehntopp.png"I have met countless people that have inspired me to look at stuff that I didn’t know yet.”


- Frank Koehntopp, Product Security Goverance, SAP






Tamas Szirtes.png"We can stay in touch thanks to the SAP Community. I find it impressive how this global community can keep similar minded people connected."


- Tamas Szirtes, Senior SAP Consultant & Partner, Intenzz





Sascha Wenninger.png"There are so many intelligent and inspiring people in SCN…”


- Sacha Wenninger, SAP Developer, Australian Postal Corporation







Kumud Singh.png"SCN has brought many ‘like-minded’ people in my circle and I am thankful to SCN for that."


- Kumud Singh, Team Lead, NTTDATA








DJ Adams.png"There's the amazing community called the SAP Community Network that brings together developers from all sources"


- DJ Adams, Senior Consultant, Bluefin Solutions







Fareez Ahamed.png"I would like to call it the best community network compared to any developer community network."


- Fareez Ahamed, SAp ABAP Consultant, Mphasis







Jansi Rani Murugesan.png"Being on SCN means being connected as one single family, the SAP Family."



- Jansi Rani Murugesan,Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.






Stephen Millard.png"Even connecting and interacting with people in a virtual community like SCN can develop new skills."


- Stephen Millard, SAP VSN Consultant, ROC







Kavindra Joshi.jpg“....I would like to thank SCN for this as I have seen people more knowledgeable and more enthusiatisc than me, so i was inflicted with those...”


- Joshi Kavindra, Application Consultant,Fujitsu Consulting India







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