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Members of SAP Community Network rely on it to learn product knowledge, develop new SAP skills and stay up to date with technology trends. Hear what excites them about LEARNING on SCN:


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" Nearly everything I have learned about my SAP specialty, I learned from the community. "


- Greg, Myers, Principle Technical Architect, EVtechnologies






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" I find I learned a lot going through discussions and types of experiences that other people post on SCN. "


- Jim Link, Vice President of Business Architecture, Bank of America








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" For sure SCN helps me sort out problems I encounter on the projects I work on. "


- Simon Kemp, National Service Leadn, PLAUT IT Australia





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" SCN is where I get the new information - what I may not know what I need to learn."


- Michelle Crapo, Sr SAP Developer, Westcon





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" Articles, blogs and forums are the best resource information on SCN. I work as a support developer for more than 3 years now and SCN definitely saves my life."


- Ekaterina Anachkova, Support Developer, SAP Labs




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" I joined SAP Community Network to resolve my day to day issues which occurs in my routine work. SCN is really helpful to SAP users. "


- Avirat Patel, ABAP Programmer, Corrtech International Pvt Led








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" SCN became an invaluable resource when I was first working independently. "


- Graham Robinson, Independent IT Professional






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" The University Alliances Community within SCN is very rich in resources and study materials. "


- Eunice Gomes de Siqueira, Professor, FAI-Center for Higher Education in Management, Technology and Education








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" I am so glad to be a part of SCN family. I know I am taking a lot more from SCN and HPI than what I give back. "


- Bala Prabahar, Computing Infrastructure Specialist, BAPS Software Consulting Services






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" SCN is the key for any SAP developer, there is nothing in the world like this for SAP techs. "


- Fernando Da Ros, SAP Developer






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