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Members of SAP Community Network rely on it to build their reputations as SAP experts, allowing them to share and give back to the community, and/or build relationships with potential clients if that is their goal. Hear what excites them about BUILDING REPUTATIONS on SCN:.


Bala Prabahar.png"Being active in SCN & other social media sites provides not just visibility but helps improve one's knowledge significantly."

- Bala Prabahar, Independent Consultant





Thorsten Franz.png"I’m asked for an opinion on consultant we’re considering hiring. The first thing I do: check out his #SCNcontributions."



- Thorsten Franz, Enterprise Architect, AOK Systems





Anooj Behanan.jpg"Building personal reputation on SCN add values and gained recognition to my career."

- Anooj Behanan, Senior SAP HANABusiness, Intelligence Consultant





Kevin Grove.jpg"When you work with people and connect with people and have dialogues with people, it starts to build a bit of a reputation that you wouldn't build if you just stayed within your company."

- Kevin Grove, Sr SAP Basis Consultant, Connective-Talent





Ajay Maheshwari.png"I gained a lot of respect within and outside IBM thanks to my contributions in the forums. I believe it has helped me in my career. And when I attend interviews now, many times I hear that “we have no question to ask you, you know everything”."

- Ajay Maheshwari, Lead Consultant, Infosys




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