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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance relational database management system for mission-critical, data-intensive environments. It ensures highest operational efficiency and throughput on a broad range of platforms.

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This is the place to engage with the community about running SAP on ASE. For developing custom applications for SAP ASE, visit the ASE for Custom Applications space.

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Getting Started with SAP Applications Using SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

The aim of this document is to help you get started with the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise database that is run with SAP applications.


Best Practices for Migration and Runtime

This document describes best practices that are specific to the migration and operation of SAP NetWeaver-based products on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE). In addition, this guide provides best practices for SAP Business Warehouse and other SAP applications based on SAP BW, like SCM/APO, SEM, and the SAP Solution Manager.


New Documents on High Availability

There is an updated version of the HADR Users Guide available. The guide is valid for the SAP Replication Server in general, but also for running SAP Business Suite on SAP ASE in an SAP Replication Server environment.

The following document focuses on installing a disaster recovery solution in two data centers with an SAP system in each data center:

HADR Installation in a Nutshell - Part II

Everybody using SAP Replication Server with SAP ASE and SAP Business Suite should have a look at the following document:

Rolling Database Update in an SAP ASE and SAP Replication Server Environment


Compression Advisor for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

With SAP ASE 15.7, advanced compression capabilities have been introduced that allow large data volumes to be stored more compactly, thus reducing I/O times. In addition, SAP ASE 16.0 provides an index compression feature which further reduces the overall database size. However, compressing existing databases requires resources and time to rebuild the indexes. This can become a challenge for multi-terabyte databases or environments with extremely high load and limited maintenance windows.


Configuring Automatic Database Space Expansion in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

This white paper introduces system administrators to the automatic database expansion feature in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. The author will focus on deployments of SAP Business Suite applications running on SAP ASE. With automatic database expansion activated, administrators can further reduce the time needed for administration tasks. More importantly, interruptions to business users can be avoided because the database server can automatically obtain the space resources needed for continuous operation.


Important Information

An issue has been identified that can potentially cause incorrect results in an SAP Business Warehouse system running on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. The problem has been observed whenever the optimization goal 'allrows_dss' or another optimization goal that includes optcriteria 'advanced_aggregation' is used for an SQL statement. This is typically the case for SAP BW systems. SAP ERP systems running on ASE are not affected. In SAP ERP systems, optimization goal 'allrows_mix' has been configured.

Details and corrections are available in SAP Note 2026328 - SYB: Incorrect results with SUM aggregation on decimal fields. We strongly recommend to implement the corrections in SAP BW as soon as possible.


On the Road to an Enterprise Cloud

Customer demands for support of virtualization are rapidly growing. SAP offers support for running its applications in virtualized cloud environments. You can start your projects and can bring the innovations from SAP into production in a matter of weeks instead of months, with complete flexibility of deployment choice. Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) is available for SAP Business Suite on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise.


For more information, read this article and SAP Notes 1630050 and 1492000.


DBA Cockpit: Automatic Table Maintenance for SAP ASE

Maintaining tables, indexes and data partitions is crucial for productive database systems. Continuous insertion, update and deletion of data induces fragmentation, bad cluster ratios and inaccurate optimizer statistics. The article shows how the DBA Cockpit and its automatic table maintenance for SAP ASE ensures good cluster ratios on tables and indexes, frees up unused space and ensures accurate optimizer statistics.


General Availability of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise


SAP Business Suite on ASE is available for SAP Business Suite 7i2010, 7i2011, 7i2013 and 7i2016. For more information, refer to SAP Note 1554717.

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