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Tangoe- M2M, IoT, and finding the value in it

New connections like wearable technology, mobility, and particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), are emerging as key enterprise connection points of the future.These technologies – although not without cost, complexity, and risk – will help enterprises connect more effectively to customers, users, other devices, and the world in general. If M2M is a linear, closed system architecture consisting of hardware with a modem, a service plan and a data repository, then IoT is the next logical progression for data and application management.

AgilityWorks – Starting our SAP HCP Partner Journey

This year AgilityWorks signed up to join the SAP Platform Application Development Cooperation Agreement (PADCA) program and became the 1000th partner – we chose to focus our attentions on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP), enabling us to deliver stand alone and extension applications for SAP and non-SAP customers alike.As our journey progresses, the team is increasingly excited about how the platform is constantly growing and being enhanced. New features and services are appearing regularly that expand the platform’s capabilities, as well as continuous improvements of the existing feature set. It really showcases many of the benefits of a Cloud approach.

Smarter Cities Dig the Internet of Infrastructure

The smart city depends upon the proper administration and management of land information, ownership and extent of land coverage within its municipal and political boundaries, and importantly, is the basic infrastructure operating efficiently. With a more complete digital land base, city managers and politicians can more easily respond to requests and support citizen engagement by utilizing information derived from a geographic information system (GIS). Building upon a digital land base, smart cities can begin to add attribution (e.g. land value, taxes applied, etc.) to geographic features both above and below ground.


Adding Location Intelligence to IoT-

Location will provide both context and proximity, and underpins a fundamental need to understand where something is happening and its magnitude. As the sensor web grows, analyzing location-based data will be part of an expanding component of business analytics and location intelligence.

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