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Take Your Solutions to New Heights with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (BoC)

With the stage now set on why cloud can be a game changer, I’d like to put the spotlight on an SAP business intelligence cloud offering that was introduced to the market at the beginning of 2016 called SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (formerly known as Cloud for Analytics).


Digital Transformation and what it means to a business?

There’s a lot of buzz associated with digital transformation, which is literally catching up with all the enterprises. But, what exactly is digital transformation? In its broadest sense, it is considered as any technology that connects people and machines with each other or with information. Whats the role of mobile technology in catalyzing digital transformation? How can mobile technology impact an enterprise and its employees?


If you like Salad Bars,Try HANA Cloud Platform

The SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP) provides opportunities to solve these unknowns. The platform comes with pre-built tools and components that allow them to easily compose new solutions and integrate them with any system. The skills and tools that are required to build such applications are readily available in the market. You can start small, learn from your initial projects and scale up as you go.


Will Blockchain Kill the Cloud?

For those not familiar with Blockchain it is viewed as the main technical innovation of bitcoin where it serves as the public ledger of all bitcoin transactions. There are many use cases for both cloud and Blockchain applications in the same way that there are use cases for both cloud and on premise applications. Many on premise applications have shifted part of their processing into the cloud for various functions and workloads making them more hybrid applications. For example an SAP S/4 HANA on premise customer might decide to create a new application that leverages SAP FIORI as a Service through our SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


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