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SAP’s community for business process management technologies from SAP. Join us to see and contribute helpful blogs, discussions, and resources. Business process management (BPM), as a management discipline, helps companies optimize operational processes. SAP Business Process Management enables business and IT professionals to compose processes jointly using a single, directly executable process model.

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Realizing New Contours in Process Orchestration and Intelligent Processes at SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 the power of SAP Business Process Management and SAP Operational Process Intelligence on SAP HANA that enables you to design, implement, execute, visualize, collaborate, illuminate and integrate mission critical business processes from various sources, both SAP and non-SAP, in hybrid mix of on-premise and on-cloud landscapes. Check out the interesting lectures and hands-on workshop at SAP TechEd Bangalore in this blog by Archana Shukla and make sure to add these session to your agenda.

February 2015

Solving the workflow inbox clutter - Manage all your workflow tasks in SAP Fiori the newly released Fiori application called "My Inbox" a single inbox to deal with SAP and non-SAP workflows based on Fiori design language is now here. Check out the news in this blog by Neelaja Panickar.
February 2015

Results of the global NetWeaver PI Survey 2014 (Part 2 of 2)

Let's have a look at the focus topic for the BPM part of SAP Process Orchestration in 2014 in this blog by Holger Himmelmann.
February 2015

BPM OData: Implementing an Administrative Process UI

In part 6 of the famous BPM OData blog series, Vitaly Yarmolik explains how to build an administrative process UI. Such a UI can help managers to monitor and manage all the activities in their department. As usual for the blog series, Vitaly provides a detailed instruction including code samples. Have a look. December 2014

Register now: Solving the workflow inbox clutter - Manage all your workflow tasks in SAP Fiori now for the highly anticipated global webinar on the upcoming SAP Fiori workflow inbox previewed at Teched&&dcode 2014. Read how in this blog by Jocelyn Dart. December 2014

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