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Those who closey follow my blog may have been wondering about my lack of blogging in the last couple of months and the reasons behind it. Well, truth is... the fact that I haven't been as active as in the past in this regard does not mean that I have abandoned this aspect of my job - the OPPOSITE. In fact, I put it to a whole new level... I've been writing a book.


Writing a book


Building Extensible Composite Applications with SAP - Book Cover

It all started around two years ago with my first few articles and blogs about the topic of extensibility in Java applications being published on SDN, which were well perceived by the community. Shortly after I found myself confronted with the idea about writing an entire book about the topic, which I just couldn't resist. So I jumped on the challenge...


I have always enjoyed blogging, discussing technical topics with my peers and sharing my thoughts and views here on SDN. Yet, writing an entire book takes it to the next level for sure.  While I spent more than one late-night session seeing the project's steady progress kept me motivated. The excitement of getting the chance to write an entire book - especially for such a reknown publisher as SAP Press - kept me going for the last couple of months.

The positive feedback I received from my colleagues who reviewed the individual topics rest-assured me that I was on track with my vision of writing a book that offers a unique selling point. Not only does the book cover various extensibility techniques in great detail, but I also managed to incorporate my knowlegde gathered in over 5 years of Composite development projects. As such the book provides insight on best-practices and proven design patterns that help to build flexible Java applications. Despite the title I did not solely focus on extensibility techniques exclusivly, but also point out other topics and concepts typically encountered during Java development projects based on SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. 

Feedback welcome


Enough of the advertizing now... in fact, the main motivation for today's blog has been to setup a place for discussions about the book. I explicitly want to encourage all my readers to post their feedback and questions here. The more, the merrier! :)

PS: Oh, I almost forgot... now, with the book getting into print these days  I hope to get back to my routine of blogging on a monthly basis. The potential topics have been pilling up on my desk over the last couple of months and I sure got some very interesting articles up my sleeve... stay tuned!


Extensibility Sessions at TechEd'09


As personally I will not be able to attend TechEd this year due to other assignments I'd like to take the opportunity to refer you to some of the sessions presented/hosted by my colleagues that cover the topic:

  • BPM300 - Architecture Guidelines (Oliver Mayer, Volker Stiehl)
  • CD267  - Java Extension Configuration Framework in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment(Raphael Vogel)
  • BPM360 - Composite Application Development: the Business Objects and Services Layer (Katrin von Ahsen, Stefan Henke and Volker Stiehl



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