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SAP’s community for decision service management and business rules management technologies. Join us to learn everything about business rules from our helpful blogs, discussions, and resources. We look forward to your questions and contributions! Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) and Decision Service Management Systems enable organizations to manage business rules for decision automation. Business users participate in and control rule definition and change, while business process experts model, validate, deploy, update, and archive business rules through their lifecycle.

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Overview of SAP Decision Service Management

BRFplus – Business Rules Management System in the ABAP Stack

SAP BRM – Business Rules Management System in the Java Stack

Overview of Business Rules Management Technologies at SAP

Getting started with SAP Process Orchestration

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November 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP Decision Service Management and Business Rule Framework plus

Here is a new edition of the digest blog series providing an overview of content on SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).November 2014

SAP Application Interface Framework with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

This demo video by Richard Feco shows you how to use DSM with AIF. October 2014

SAP Decision Service Management Test Case Tool

SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) supports organizations in automating business decisions in their applications. Often, the decision making process is not trivial. Therefore, testing the rules that make the decisions is a must. Test Case Tool provides the infrastructure to define inputs and expected outputs for decision services. It is very well integrated with DSM and the BRFplus workbench. With note 2056709 “Test Case Tool - Enhancements for test results (UI)” the latest set of features for the test case tool was released. October 2014

Reduce your custom code by using BRFplus / DSM

Lukas Bretschneider gives you some examples from different projects (anynomized, of course) to show how BRFplus can replace custom code, increase flexibility (closer to business users, easier to change) and reduce costs (e.g. in case of upgrade, migration to HANA, etc., this is no longer custom code!). October 2014

A quick look at DSM HANA Expressions using Dynamic Database View

Tobias Trapp discusses his experience with decision tables created by DSM that are running on HANA, which may be the most exciting technologies so far. October 2014

Handling of Applications with the BRFplus API

Christian Lechner introduces some basic usage scenarios of the API of BRFplus/DSM. October 2014

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