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SAP’s community for decision service management and business rules management technologies. Join us to learn everything about business rules from our helpful blogs, discussions, and resources. We look forward to your questions and contributions! Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) and Decision Service Management Systems enable organizations to manage business rules for decision automation. Business users participate in and control rule definition and change, while business process experts model, validate, deploy, update, and archive business rules through their lifecycle.

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Carsten Ziegler, Stephan Schluchter


Carsten Ziegler, Jocelyn Dart, Christian Lechner


Overview of SAP Decision Service Management

BRFplus – Business Rules Management System in the ABAP Stack

HRF - HANA Rules Framework

SAP BRM – Business Rules Management System in the Java Stack

Overview of Business Rules Management Technologies at SAP

Getting started with SAP Process Orchestration

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SAP TechEd 2016 Bugle Sounds – Look for Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes to SAP TechEd? Take the opportunity to learn how to achieve process excellence, during digital transformation, by combining SAP Operational Process Intelligence and SAP Process Mining by Celonis; have a uniform Fiori user experience to workflows in S/4 HANA and capabilities to extend your cloud applications by workflow and rules and finally experience the latest enhancements in SAP Process Orchestration. Please ensure you have the sessions listed in this blog by Archana Shukla on your agenda.

August 2016

profile-image-display.pngUnderstanding DSM - That's so meta! and the Assigned to Managed System feature

Jocelyn Dart explains the role of metadata in SAP Decision Service Management and how DSM gets the metadata from managed systems. Also she has some tips for her readers. 2015: Reader’s Digest for SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

Time for another edition of the digest blog series for SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus). This edition contains enough content for at least two blogs. September 2015 interesting improvements in BRFplus and SAP DSM

A blog I recently wrote about some of the great work done by the support team: Improved code generation, support of HTML-formatted emails and performance improvements in activating and saving objects. September 2015 of Formal Language as Challenge in the Design Process of Rule Systems

Tips for rule requirement engineering (also called Rule harvesting). July 2015 your toolbox – how BRFplus and DSM help you get rid of custom code, and help you manage complex rules (part 1 of 2)

Business rules seem to be an important factor in the Mill and Mining industry. Especially the integration of the rules approach into the existing products and into variant configuration is a subject that creates quite some interest. June 2015 Rule Modeling Guidelines with BRFplus/DSM

Can we use the BRFplus application exit to use BRFplus to check BRFplus, e.g. enforcing guidelines on rules design? Yes we can! May 2015

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