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SAP’s community for decision service management and business rules management technologies. Join us to learn everything about business rules from our helpful blogs, discussions, and resources. We look forward to your questions and contributions! Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) and Decision Service Management Systems enable organizations to manage business rules for decision automation. Business users participate in and control rule definition and change, while business process experts model, validate, deploy, update, and archive business rules through their lifecycle. Read more about:

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Wolfgang Schaper, Mariana Mihaylova


Carsten Ziegler, Jocelyn Dart


Overview of SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

BRFplus – Business Rules Management System in the ABAP Stack

SAP NetWeaver BRM – Business Rules Management System in the Java Stack

Overview of Business Rules Management Technologies at SAP

Getting started with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

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Featured Content Do you make decisions? Or just rules?

Many people set rules to keep from making decisions. With this blog Jocelyn Dart attempts to encourage you to tune your strategy with vibrant questions like: What’s the difference between a decision and a decision service? Why can’t I just use a web service, method or function module? How to decide whether to turn a decision into a decision service? What’s the difference between a decision service and a business rule and more. Check it out and post your questions! 21 March 2014 Common Misconceptions of SAP NetWeaver DSM/ BRFplus

In this blog SAP Mentor Tobias Trapp has a new challenge for IT. Who is so crazy to do hot deployment into production? “It comes the time that you deploy your application resp. change into production and you can use DSM with or without any downtime” says Tobias. 3 March 2014 Expression Types and Action Types in SAP NetWeaver DSM & BRFplus

In this guide Wolfgang Schaper uses an example of an action type for sending an email to illustrate how to create a custom action type or expression type. After completing this guide, you should be able to create custom action types and expression types. 28 Feb 2014 February 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) & Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

In this blog Carsten Ziegler highlights the latest and greatest reads in the BRFplus and DSM arena. Check it out, join the discussion and share in a comment if you have found other helpful content. 12 Feb 2014


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Centrally Manage Business Rules > Quickly and Flexibly

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