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Business Continuity summarizes the efforts to minimize business downtime of SAP Systems. In the Business Continuity space, we will provide and discuss useful information, share tips and tricks, and are looking for best practices to reduce downtime for planned and unplanned scenarios.

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Fail-Safe Operation of SAP HANA®: SUSE Extends Its High-Availability Solution  - NEW

SUSE is accommodating to the trend that SAP customers invest more and more in SAP HANA by providing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications – the recommended and supported operating system for SAP HANA. In close collaboration with SAP and hardware partners, therefore, SUSE will provide two resource agents for customers to ensure the high availability of SAP HANA system replications.

April 14, 2014




Would you like to get or do you even need an overview about SAP's Business Continuity offerings? Here it is ... ! - NEW

In 2013, various functionalities, tools, services and other offerings were released in order to help customers to reduce downtime in planned and unplanned scenarios. Find out in this new solution brief how the downtime minimization capabilities of SUM, the nZDM tools, the Rolling Kernel Switch and other functionalities and services can help you to minimize downtime. January, 22, 2014




Why splitting off the ASCS from PAS? - NEW

SWPM offers now an option to split off the ASCS. For more details please read the following blog. December 10, 2013





Business Continuity for SAP Systems Overview and Roadmap

This presentation gives an overview on a variety of concepts, tools, services, and documentation to help to reduce planned and unplanned downtime and minimize interruptions to customer business while at the same time optimizing total cost of ownership. November 25, 2013




nZDM for SAP NW Portal: minimize the business downtime of updates to a couple of minutes

Since July 2013 the SL Toolset includes near-Zero Downtime Maintenance (nZDM) for SAP NetWeaver Portal. With help of this tool you are able to implement SPS and patches on your SAP NW portal with a downtime of only a few minutes. November 14, 2013




SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and Near Zero Downtime Tool - An How-to Guide

This paper should help customers to understand Near Zero Downtime Maintenance Tool for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. It provides an introduction into how the nZDM Tool for PI procedure works, the prerequisites to be considered and shows where and how the tool can be used. October 11, 2013




Update: Connecting SAPSTARTSRV and Cluster Frameworks document

Running SAP in a high availability cluster environment needs additional interfaces to communicate between the SAP program sapstartsrv and the high availability cluster. At least it is essential to inform the cluster, if a SAP instance is started or shutdown. This article describes the reference interface implementation sap_suse_cluster_connector based on the version 2 of the sapscriptconnector API 2.

October 11, 2013




Rolling Kernel Switch - Updating the SAP Kernel Without System Downtime

The SAP Kernel is a set of executables and libraries that provide the runtime environment for an SAP NetWeaver system (ABAP mainly but to a lower degree also for Java). Updating the kernel of each application server instance in turn has been termed Rolling Kernel Switch. October 7, 2013




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