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Jamie Bates

Data Transfer Workbench

Posted by Jamie Bates Jun 28, 2016

Data Transfer Workbench

The DTW supports the automatic transfer of data into the system, designed specifically for the initial transfers. The Functions of the DTW compile of:

  • Administration & Organisation of Data Transfer Projects.
  • Tools for analysing required SAP structures.
  • Integration of standard data transfer programs.
  • Registration & Integration of your own data transfer/help programs.
  • Various techniques for loading data.
  • BAPI Interface/
  • Batch Input
  • Data Input (DINP)
    • Data conversion using the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW).

Essentially, this is the ‘pipeline’ for the system – the route between the data and the database systems.


Data Source

A data source for the Data Transfer Workbench will be, most commonly, a Microsoft Excel Document containing two rows at the top of the sheet, a Source row and a Target Row, with data beneath. To save this as a relevant document, when saving you must change the file type to .CSV (Comma Delimited) in order to use that file to import via the Data Transfer Workbench.


Importing to SAP

1.     Open the “Data Transfer Workbench” and log into the Company you are aiming to import data into.


2.     Select “Import” once connected and choose the data type in relation to the information you’re attempting to import via the DTW, selecting “Next” upon completion.


3.     Specify the type of Operation and select “Next”, choosing the Business Object you want to import and proceeding.


4.     Choose the Data Source, this must be a CSV (Comma Delimited) file and continue. On the “Map Object Fields” page, ensure the information provided, including mapping rules, source data and target data, is all correct.


5.        Follow the process until the end and click “Import” for the process to commence. Upon completion, you’ll be notified of any errors or if the data was successfully transferred.


6.     Open SAP Business One and locate the data once successfully


Dear All,


I have Installed HANA ED1.0_Ver.10 in Linux system with SAP B1 9.2 PL0  and i have done initialization of companies databases successfully under analytic services.


But while login with SAP Client to access the Interactive analysis report designer under Tools(Menu) getting the error...Contact your system administrator!


Please do let me know if i need to do any setups or prerequisites to access with the report designer.


Thank you in advance.


look forward to your reply




Now it is released !!!


We of the community who are users of SAP Business One we were waiting for this date !!!


On 15/06/2016 the 9.2 version of SAP Business One received the status of "Released for unrestricted use" with this all companies are prepared and interest can update your settings for this new version.


Since its launch in 12/15/2015 in the old program of "Ramp-up" now called "Early Adopter Care Program", the new version of the pointed to good news, as the "Project Management" and "Browser Access" eliminating the need for installation of clients in addition to several other features.


Information on the release is published in PAM - Product Availability Matrix, an affordable platform via S-USER which contains the information about the products: https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/pam the date release, status, date to support, links to downloads, software technical support information for the release, among others. Go and see !!!






A very important detail is that with the release of a new "Minor Release" the previous version no longer have updates, what does that mean?

With the release of 9.2 will not be released new PLs to 9.1, this is evidenced by the print below, which shows that 9.1 out maintenance on 06.30.2016 (this month !!!).


In summary, if you are using an earlier version to 9.2 and find a "Bug" the fix will only PL to 9.2 (exceptions may exist depending on the severity, but would not be the default).






Rodrigo da Costa Feula

Have you ever:

  • Had trouble installing an add-on?
  • Maybe had more trouble on a 64-bit client?
  • Needed administrator rights on every computer for the installation?
  • Pulled your hair out over the old add-on installation process?
  • Had to make sure an add-on, such as Intercompany, works smoothly on 150+ computers?


SAP Business One's new installation mechanism (since 9.1) can help you!


Here's how to solve the crisis quickly and effeciently:

  • Complete the installation of the add-on in both 32 and 64 bits on any client computer, making sure it runs correctly in both modes.
  • Use the Extension Packager from the SAP B1 SDK installation to create a package with both executable files. Here are the relevant screenshots for the Intercompany Add-on:






  • After you package the add-on as an extension, I suggest you remove the old add-on installation from SAP Business One (Add-On Administration window), ideally even eliminating it from the registration (SBOCOMMON).


  • Then use the "Manage Extensions for Lightweight Deployment" link to upload and assign the extension to the required company databases.


  • In the end, the add-on (now called extension) should be smoothly installed by the SAP Business One Client Agent on each machine upon logon. The only reason I have encountered so far that could cause this process to fail, is that the file is actually in use during installation. For that reason I have changed the name from "Intercompany" to "IntercompanyLW" so that it actually installs to a different path on each client computer.



Let me know if you find this useful! For my part I would have wished SAP delivered that install method out of the box, since the latest version of Intercompany is compatible only with Business One 9.1+ anyhow.



In the past six months, my friend based on the current cloud environment to prepare document, configure the company, etc...


But the B1 cloud administrator guide is not detail, not enough, not clear.


Also the SAP support is not enough.


My friend is facing the following problems

1.The mobile apps still not configure successfully. He ask few question, SAP support reply or ask 1 question, progress is slow.

2.The certificate will be expired but no software can update the certificate. He need reinstall whole environment when the certificate expired.

3. Extension is not work, no source, no idea. If have the sample source to connect the SQL server or any connection, that can improve his progress.

4. On premise add-on (XL reporter) cannot run or support on cloud. The reply is, use sap hana which has analysis tools or use crystal report but have limitation.


Anyone who have any problems or solutions, would you mind to share to improve the setup, configuration,implementation?




Hi experts,


one of my customers is using continuous stock with moving average method at warehouse level.

the stock open balances were registered in january with many errors in quantities and values.

Now they want to correct those values.

we try to use revaluation function, but it seems not useful due it consider always the current stock.


if we use good receipts, we can increas quantities and value but we change the item cost too.

if we use good issues, we can reduce quantities but the value depends on the current cost.


can you help me?


In this video, Aether Consulting Senior Implementation Consultant Ellen Maier shows us the capability of SAP Business One for companies that need to break out their financials by company/division/branch and just as easily view them at a consolidated level in a single database.  Ellen provides implementation tips by diving into the application to show segmented chart of accounts, cost centers, and branches in SAP Business One 9.1.


Link to video:  https://youtu.be/Og731bL4qAA


You can also run multiple companies in SAP Business One, which would have a separate database for each company.  Then you would use other methods to consolidate the companies into a single financial statement.  But this presentation focuses only on financial setup options when using a single database.


Business Scenario

- For companies that purchased SAP Business One but have not implemented yet
- The business has multiple companies/divisions/branches that you need to manage financially in the software and want to do so in one database
- The business wants to produce consolidated financial statements
- The business wants to drill into the detail of revenues and expenses by branch, division, and department


Segmented Chart of Accounts

- Determine account segments based on business processes and financial reporting needs

- Use the 4 default account segments, or define up to 10

- Segments can represent divisions, departments, regions, lines of business, entities, branches etc.

- Once created, you cannot change the length or type of a segment later on


Cost Centers

-  Prevalent financial method used in Europe

-  Reduces the number of general ledger accounts that need to be maintained

-  Use dimensions to group cost centers together

-  Use distribution rules to allocate direct and indirect costs and revenues to cost centers



-  Create sales and purchasing transaction for a dedicated branch

-  Reporting by branch, e.g. profit and loss statement per branch

-  Warehouse management per branch

-  Restrict usage of business partners by branch

-  All financial transactions will be separated by branches



SAP Business One brings incredible power and flexibility to companies that need to easily break out their financials by company/division/branch, etc., and just as easily view them at a consolidated level. About Aether Consulting:  Aether is an SAP Business One value-added reseller in Goodrich, Michigan.  We sell, install, implement, train and support our customers on SAP Business One.

Kennedy T

SAP Business One  9.2 PL 02

Posted by Kennedy T Apr 17, 2016

Hi All,



SAP Business One 9.2 PL02 is available for download...

Check with the following notes

2239680 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 9.2 PL02




Hello !  I wanted to know who publishes for SAP Business One the national level tax report formats  ( like Excise, Service Tax) and state level tax report formats (like VAT, Professional Tax) if there is a change made by the government. Is it the scope of SAP proper or that of the SAP authorized partners.

Those having tried the Fiori cockpit on touch devices may have noticed that the hover tips with numbers on graphs are not showing up, as they should (like in the following screenshot):




The reason for this is that Chrome (actually webkit) identifies the touch device and disables certain features it considers not relevant for touch devices. Those hover tips being one of the disabled features.


To make them work again, you can tell Chrome to not send the touchscreen flag to web servers. To do so, open: chrome://flags in your browser, and look for the "Enable touch events" configuration and set it to "Disabled".




Then restart your SAP Business One client, and voila, now the hover tips show up correctly!







Andy Grootens

DIC R2.0 for SAP 9.x

Posted by Andy Grootens Mar 23, 2016

Hello everyone,


Some time ago I came across the DI commander Get Your Kicks with DI Commander | SCN and later the DI Commander 2.0 - The New Generation Scripting... | SCN

both great work from Henry Nordtstrm. Later I did find a version for SAP 9.x on this SCN, but I have lost track of the original post. Since other users are asking for it, I thought to share it here. I have nothing to do with the development of this awsome tool, just sharing it. Use the above links for detailed information.



Andy Grootens



EDIT; I forgot it is not possible to share zip files on SCN, so here's the dropbox link:


Dropbox - B1TCH SAP 900.zip

Hi All,


I just want to share that we can change the Address Format as per our requirement because so many people are facing issues when generating report. They get as In for India and client want to have full name and user were not aware on how to change that format code to descriptive


SAP Business One enables you to form the address layout and components as required for your business.


In the Address Formats – Setup window (Administration -> Setup ->  Business Partners), you can create multiple address formats:



Drag the required address components to the left, use the arrows to set the sequence of the components, assign the relevant formatting to the text using the radio buttons.


To display country in full description instead of just code (Ex India instead of IN), Select country and click on description from right bottom window screen.


We can also preview our address format in the text box on the left of the window.



Harshal Makwana

Hi everyone.


I need some help with a report called in spanish "Informe operaciones num. serie".


I want to create this report in SQL Server but i dont find the logic between tables, and the virtual tables dont help a lot to my cause.


Could someone help me with the sintaxis of this report please. All that i wanto to know all the moves of all the serial numbers including the field "Sentido" (Entrada, Salida, Asignación, etc.)



The report in Sap Business One is the following:

imagen de reporte de inventarios.PNG

Hi all,


We are glad to announce the new SAP Business One Note Search. This new application is available under the "Get Support" tab.

With this newly refreshed application, you will enjoy a clean and intuitive user interface, as well as advanced filter options.

Check the video How to work with SAP Note search.


Associated with a better search UI for SAP notes, we also implemented an end-to-end lifecycle as well as executed an intensive clean-up of existing notes. Through archiving notes which are not relevant for the current installed base anymore, we have reduced the number of released SBO* notes by more than 50%.


As notes are the most important and central instrument in the lifecycle management of SAP Business One, we set the following objectives:           

  • Avoid waste caused by irrelevant SAP notes (spoiling search results, provoke useless accesses, and the use in customer incidents)
  • Significantly reduce the number of notes released to external an increase the quality of the published material
  • Simplify information search for SAP partners and customers, and SAP consultants via SAP notes
  • Lower the total costs in areas of implementation, operation, support, and maintenance


We are constantly working on optimizing the SAP notes knowledge base for you, archiving remaining out-of-date notes and reviewing/improving all other notes (metadata such as validity, clarity, etc.). Besides we will also simplify the note categories shortly.


I'll update you another time on some more details.

Best, Peter


SAP Business One 9.1 has enhanced the email functionality with more options for sending documents like invoices to customers and other business partners.  Aether Consulting implementation consultant, Laurie Michael has provided instructions for setting up the email functionality and executing a scenario of sending invoices through the system.  Send documents either individually, or in bulk.  You can also add default email subject lines and body text to speed up the processing of emails.


Read the full blog article at



Aether Consulting is an SAP Business One reseller partner in Michigan.


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