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August 2013 sees the anniversary of SAP – 41 years in business is no small achievement for a software company that has stood the test of time. In this week’s post we do a spot check on the current position of SAP and discover what they hold in their future vision for the company.

SAP: The Stats

  • Over 248,500 customers in 188 countries
  • More than 65,500 employees – and locations in more than 130 countries


SAP: Vision and MissionOur vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our mission is to help every customer become a best-run business. We do this by delivering new technology innovations without disruptions: enterprise mobility will transform consumption of IT; in-memory technology will simplify the IT stack and drive high value applications; and the cloud delivery of IT solutions will become mainstream. By leveraging our leadership in applications and analytics and combining them with new technology innovations, we can offer solutions that make our customers run better. To help our customers derive value from their SAP solutions in a fast, cost-effective and predictable way, we also provide professional services and support.SAP’s 41-year history of success is defined by a few key themes:

  • A belief that “real-time” data processing can help bring people closer to business intelligence
  • A dedication to innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable SAP to continually push what’s technically possible
  • An early commitment to collaboration and co-creating solutions with our customers



We couldn’t discuss the future without focussing on HANA. Whilst SAP says HANA represents the intellectual renewal of their company, they are now committed to building everything in the future on their revolutionary in-memory platform. That’s some dedication to their own technology and with good reason, as SAP CEO Bill McDermott said in a keynote at SAP’s Sapphire Conference earlier this year;

“The SAP Business Suite on HANA is at least 2000 times faster than any other product on the market today. And, SAP HANA has become the fastest growing software product in the world.”


How is HANA shaping the future of SAP, and the world?

We have collected below some of the most recent examples of how SAP HANA is changing things in a big way, across multiple industries.


Sporting Successes

In February this year, NBA launched a new site showcasing the league’s entire statistical history; to put that into perspective, the data includes every single NBA box score dating back to 1946/47!

Read the full story here.

Enhancing Business Information Quality

Announced a few weeks ago, SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward take business information management to an entirely new quality level.

Metrics can be added to data components so organisations are able to fully assess the negative affects of poor data management and put in place preventative measures.

Read more here.

Mobile Innovation

July 2013 also saw the announcement of the latest SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app that brings together all analytic applications from SAP into a single, easy-to-access mobile app format. This will enable businesses to use their smartphone and tablet more effectively to make and execute critical business decisions when out of the office. Read full benefits here.

SAP Giving Back…

SAP has always had a philanthropic element within its business and recognises that with great success, comes great responsibility. They take the opportunity to leverage the technology they have developed to give back in numerous ways.

Here are some of their latest initiatives:

Helping Orphans in Africa

By contributing technology and education-related donations to Young Heroes, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Swaziland, SAP is supporting HIV/AIDS orphans living in one of the world’s worst affected countries. Read more here.

Startup Power

SAP is keen for their technology to be used by established businesses as well as those in the startup phase. Particularly with the release of SAP HANA, the technology is no longer exclusively for large corporations. SAP’s Startup Focus Program which launched in March 2012 has seen over 500 startups from more than 54 countries adopt the technology with commercial and technical support from SAP. Read more about this program here.

While HANA dominates much of the future discussions surround SAP, we recognise also the impact their entire business suite can have on organisations around the world. We look forward to celebrating more milestones with SAP!



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