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SAP AG today announced its new plan for authoring tool integration. SAP’s strategy will simplify and expand its offering by integrating authoring tools into SAP Product Lifecycle Management software.


SAP´s new strategy for authoring tool integration

SAP’s new authoring tool integration platform, SAP Engineering Control Center, will help companies deliver innovative products and services in a shorter time to market, and will support a new way of developing products. This ties in with the broader aim of “idea to performance”, a holistic business approach to managing the entire life cycle of a product, from design to service.


Please read the press announcement that was launched  through our press and communication channels. (Link to the press announcement)


SAP has been CAD agnostic and supports multi-CAD environment through its integration to various CAD tools. SAP intends to simplify the landscape, enhance the overall user experience and provide a platform to support multiple tools in the future, thus enabling Systems Engineering.

Through the new SAP Engineering Control Center, SAP will provide a:


  • New, harmonized User Interface for all tool interfaces
  • One integration platform for all kind of authoring tools
  • A scalable platform for growth


The foundation of the SAP Engineering Control Center was developed by SAP´s partner DSC Software AG, based in Karlsruhe, Germany. In a joint project, SAP and DSC have been developing further enhancements and redesigned the solution to meet SAP´s development standards.The result is a new, powerful integration platform.ŸSAP and DSC are working with other strategic partners CENIT, CIDEON and .riess engineering to build new connectors for mCAD authoring tools and electronics.


SAP is excited to start a new area of Product Lifecycle Management.



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