Hi All,

As I mentioned, here are the notes of calendar week 7º:




2126701 Scheduling Job for Analysis Office failed with error "CreateProcess error=87, T

2126723 "Unsubmitted variables" is displayed instead of result when #Merge Variables# i




2118461 Error on Translation Manager for AO Presentation and Workbook

2100789 Open workbook from recent list fails, when current workbook contains protection

2105770 AO: Dynamic calculation is applied to the wrong formula

2106911 AO: Performance Tuning for "Show Levels"

2116971 Analysis Office: No connections are displayed after loggin to BOE server

2127691 Adding VBA to a non macro workbook opened from the BI Platform and saving it ba

2127660 Analysis Office: Application exception at undo operation

2129389 Analysis 2.x Log Files

Any suggestion, please leave a comment.


Kind regards,
Diego Ferrary

Hi All,

I will start to publish every Monday the delivery notes related with Analysis for Office. I will split in 3 topics: "How to", "Program Error" and "New Features". Follow the notes of calendar week 6º:




0002110682 How to get he log files of Scheduling in  Analysis for Office
0002045393 The Integrated Planning message's necessary information for Analysis Office




0002123211 Variants are not accessible after restart
0002125075 Autofit does not work with zoom level different to 100 %
0002125590 Active BIP system does not get selected in logon dialog when reconnecting
0002126208 Analysis Office: Support 'Save Language' flag for OLAP connections defined on B
0002126290 Launcher crashes when using parameter /AOOnly

Any suggestion, please leave a comment.


Kind regards,
Diego Ferrary

Hi All,



As many of you did not succeeded with Scheduling the workbook with prompt, Here I have created sample video(no audio), might helpful


AO Version :


BIP Platform : 4.1 SP5

Sample scheduling of Analysis Office Document with Prompts - YouTube



I would recommend to see the blog for detailed level information



Best Regards,


Hi All,


AO 1.4 SP10 Patch1 is available in SMP



Notes info :



BIP Add-on




issue while scheduling of workbook with Prompt(variable) is solved - should be working now


thread :http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-60492#comment-560174





I just found Analysis Office 1.4 SP 10 in http://service.sap.com/swdc

The corresponding note is also released: http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/2059338


With SP10 is should be possible to use "Create WebApplication" again if Design Studio is installed in 64bit version.


Update... you will need SP11 to have Create Web Application again for combination of Design Studio 64bit



Analysis Office 2.0 is now in ramp-up; the current GA version is 1.4


Here is the PAM and below are some key points:


Figure 1: Source: SAP


Figure 1 shows the preceding release is still supported for a year after the product goes GA


Figure 2: Source: SAP


Installer should point out what is missing and the link in the installer will point to it


Please note: No support of Office of versions lower than 2010


Figure 3:


BW is supported as before


SAP HANA SP9 or higher


New Features


Figure 4


Table design is an important new feature; it is also known as “Dynamic grid”


When you insert a cross tab, if you insert a row or color style, it would have been lost with navigation/refresh


Now it keeps OLAP navigation and color/structure cross tab so it is extended to layout


This is first step; note that inserting text and formula in empty cells after refresh is not this first release.


This is more for formatting and inserting lines.



Figure 5: Source: SAP


Property View is the third column in the Display panel.  It is an “Expert mode”


It allows users who are familiar with Analysis Office to assign several properties in one step


It is not introducing new properties but introduce properties in a visualization


It is similar to Query Designer


More to come – and I hope we learn more at BI 2015 next year

This was an update from BI on Excel Roadmap - ASUG BusinessObjects Conference Update but contains more details.


Please note the usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.


Figure 1: Source: SAP


Three SAP products + a partnership with Microsoft


Analysis Office is one the best integrated tools in to BW and HANA


EPM add in is for the BPC based


Live Office for the old Universes (UNV)


SAP has partnership with PowerBI for UNX


Figure 2: Source: SAP


The plan is for a single unified Office client crossing HANA, BPC, BW


Plan to extend Live Office to new universes (UNX) next year (Q2)


Figure 3: Source: SAP


EPM comes from Finance business user


Figure 3 shows the background for EPM


Shared access, apply dynamic formatting


It is integrated in Excel, PPT & Word


It has an offline mode


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Analysis Office comes from pivot table approach


Easy drag and drop onto the crosstab


Ad hoc for BI professional


It also has PowerPoint (no Word)


It supports BW IP and new embedded model


It has a rich API to build powerful Excel Workbooks; can use that to guide functionality


This is today’s positioning


Figure 5: Source: SAP


Investments are protected


If not on BW 740, recommend Analysis Office


If come from BPC classic, continue EPM add-on


At the end will have a unified Excel client


Figure 6: Source: SAP


Figure 6 shows the strengths of Analysis Office, including its ad-hoc features


SAP said it handles Big Data


It offers multi-platform support


Figure 7: Source: SAP


Figure 7 shows BEx Support for 10.1


Important to know what does not work yet (the limitations)




Figure 8: Source: SAP


Regarding Figure 8, the plan is to use without migration effort


Step-wise convergence through a common layer in Excel that synchronizes and governs Excel events


Figure 9: Source: SAP


Figure 9 pictorially shows the unified client.


Figure 10: Source: SAP


Figure 10 is the convergence for the Roadmap


Plans include a single installer, documentation


It contains UX harmonization – open and save dialogs


Figure 11: Source: SAP


Figure 11 has been discussed before


Question & Answer

Q:  Scheduling?  Scheduling without prompts support...  Not very productive.  When will prompts be available in scheduling?

A: It is being planned (planned innovations)


Q:  with the unification of EPM and AO, which broadcasting utility will it use -- EPM's or Business Objects?  I would prefer not Business Objects.

Q:  I would prefer the scheduling like BEx.  I don't want to have to have this in the Business Objects framework.

A:  BI platform supports, will extend to HANA.  Priority is the BI Platform for scheduling.  Looking at extending to Netweaver but not a concret time to deliver.  More customers requiring can move the priority 



Q:  Will the future unified excel client support BPC 10.0 or you will need to be on version 10.1?

A:  yes it will support 10 


Q:  sorry, maybe I missed, but he started by mentioning three current Excel interfaces, EPM/BPC, Analysis for Excel (OLAP), and Live Office -- but this last seems to have been dropped from discussion now, what is future plan for LO (or is that still coming)?

A:  He said Live Office would support new universe in Q2 2015 (planned) - it is being worked 



Q:  so Live Office will continue separate as is, ie. not part of convergence currently being discussed? thanks

A:  Mid term yes



Q:  Scheduling with prompts looks like it is coming!  Great!  Any work being done on publications with A4O?

A:  on the backlog with low priority for now.   


Q:  Can current versions of EPM and AO addins work without any conflicts now?  If not, when will this happen?

A:  side by side next year 



Q:  A-Office view events are not created in Audit database now. Is there any plan to have those events as part of Audit DB with the unified client ?

A:  specific to BW, HANA - look at BW for stats 



Q:  Will we need to install Excel on the BI4.1 server to schedule Analysis workbooks?

A:  You need to install the Analysis add-on to BIP - available at support.sap.com/swdc  


Q:  Are there any possible Fiori integration in the horizon?  

A:  nothing planned for designed principles.  AO designs for what is typical for use.  To be reviewed in the future 



Q:  It will be good to analyse in one Excel document data  that stored in the cubes (BW/HANA) and relational database (Universe), any plans to ad Universe support for unified Excel client ?

A:  Should happen in the future - complete framework that supports Live Office - no concrete plan  


Q:  It sounds like SAP is integrating BPC/outlook features to IP. ?

A:  yes 



Q:  with BPC there are folders where EPM files can be stored in,  will this be available to AO as well?

A:  Still have to find out 


Q:  how about SAP Portal km for storage.  :)

A:  Not sure - could use BI Platform, BW, HANA - first time KM repository for BI - open to discuss but have enough with 3 repositories 

Join us on Tuesday October 21st for the ASUG Analysis Influence Council session EA117. 



David Stocker.jpg



David Stocker is the Technical Product Manager for Analysis Office and Design Studio. He has a development background and was an Analysis Office developer for several years before moving into his product management role.


David Stocker will be providing an Analysis Overview along with an update on Analysis Office 2.0 and Analysis OLAP 4.1. 

We will also have time to answer your questions and to take your input and recommendations on SAP Analysis improvements and direction. 


Come join in on the discussion to drive product strategy via our forward looking discussions. 


learn && be heard

For more information, visit SAP TechEd 2014 Las Vegas

The usual Legal Disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.  SAP presented this at yesterday’s ASUG BusinessObjects Conference.  My notes are not complete as the hotel experienced AV issues so we didn’t see any slides 25 minutes into the presentation.


Figure 1: Source: SAP


Figure 1 shows the options today with Excel and SAP data sources.


Figure 2: Source: SAP


SAP said it took time to work on table formatting


For Analysis Office, they wanted to reach the point to close the BEx gap list


With third party access to your data source, it is never completely right


SAP has decided to update Live Office


SAP cannot give a timeframe on Analysis Office connection to universes


Figure 3: Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows ongoing work/updates to Live Office.


Figure 4: Source: SAP


UNX support for Live Office will be available by end of Q2


Figure 5: Source: SAP


Figure 5 covers the unified planning model.


Figure 6: Source: SAP


Figure 6 shows the convergence time line


The speaker also mentioned the "Concept of Unified Excel client as part of Design Studio/Lumira story" and to learn more at TechEd next month.



Stay Ahead : Attend TechEd && d-code – Win Big SAP BI BusinessObjects HANA Hands-on Sessions

Join SAP at the end of October for Reporting & Analytics 2014 INTERACTIVE conference - register here

This was a webcast today with SAP's David Stocker.


The usual SAP legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change


New roadmaps are coming at Las Vegas SAP TechEd


Figure 1: Source: SAP


BW supports of all BEx queries, calculated/restricted measures, structures, all types of variables, special OLAP functions, runtime currency conversion, variable merge and unmerge, full hierarchy support, and compact axes as of Q3 2014


In Q4 SAP plans to release in November Analysis Office 2.0


Convergence with Live Office is not in immediate timeline; SAP is working on EPM client


A future direction for Analysis Office to store and run on HANA and where HANA is acting as BIP/BW


Figure 2: Source: SAP


Figure 2 covers the EPM for BPC server


There is a convergence strategy with Analysis Office & EPM the speaker said they are not there yet


There is a NetWeaver Planning model in BW 740.  The next step comes in Analysis Office 2.0 to implement a core framework with both apps installed together.


Figure 3: Source: SAP


Native means connecting to the HANA backend up until 1.4 using the ODBC connection.  Customers for security reasons can’t use ODBC.


With Analysis 2.0 you can do http or https connection to backend to be used for Cloud with the BICS on client on backend


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Figure 4 shows how to define a local connection in Analysis Office 2.0: Use context menu and insert host name, port


Figure 5: Source: SAP


Figure 5 shows HANA /Analysis Office supported features, including scaling factor support


Figure 6: Source: SAP


Level based hierarchies can’t have multiple parents; this also applies to Design Studio


SAP note 2038663 is a general BICS on Hana limitation which also applies to Design Studio


The speaker said “any limitation here also applies to Design Studio”


Figure 7: Source: SAP


BIP is the recommended platform


Figure 8: Source: SAP


SAML ticket is the same mechanism that Design Studio uses in the BI Platform to Hana scenario


Figure 9: Source: SAP


The best practices are also the same for Design Studio


Build smaller, more dedicated calc views, easier for when user comes in contact with query


Part 2 is coming, focusing on Design Studio with Question & Answer



Consider attending SAP TechEd && d-code .  Join ASUG for the ASUG SAP TechEd Pre-conference HANDS-ON: SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BW and SAP BW on SAP HANA – All in One Day, October 20th.  This includes exercises for Analysis Office and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Register today


Also see:

Stay Ahead : Attend TechEd && d-code – Win Big SAP BI BusinessObjects HANA Hands-on Sessions


Next week David Stocker is presenting BI on Excel Update and Roadmap at the ASUG SAP Analytics BusinessObjects Conference. See Predictive Analysis and Analysis Sessions a ASUG SAP Analytics BusinessObjects Conference


Join SAP at the end of October for Reporting & Analytics 2014 INTERACTIVE conference - register here

On our “How to Guidelines” session of our “SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office” wiki page you can check all information to set the result size limit of your Analysis for Office. You can also check how to analyze the limit once you got a limit issue. Check it out: Analysis for Office Result Limit and Memory Consumption.


There you will find:

  • Front End Requirements and Memory Consumption
  • .NET Framework
  • Result size Configuration
  • Customizing table RSADMIN
  • Checking on RSTT trace



Diego Ferrary



Continuing the ASUG SAP TechEd && d-code meet the speaker series (Las Vegas), I am pleased to introduce speaker Joyce Butler


Joyce has been an ASUG Volunteer since 2002 and she is also anSAP Mentor


Joyce is presenting session EA 117 End Analysis Paralysis with the ASUG Analysis Influence Council


Meet Joyce (pictured left with SAP Ingo Hilgefort) :


Joyce is an SEC Alabama Crimson Tide football fanatic.  She is also the lead for the ASUG Analysis Influence Council.


She has "led over 14 full life cycle SAP BI projects within both supply chain and finance Since 1999, implementing SAP Business Intelligence decision support applications for use in financial and supply chain reporting and analysis ASUG volunteer since 2002" according to her speaker profile.  In addition to leading this ASUG Analysis Influence Council, she also leads the Design Studio Influence Council and services as the ASUG Analtyics Special Interest Group chair.


I asked SAP's David Stocker to comment on Joyce and he said the following:


Joyce’s hard work as an ASUG leader is instrumental in connecting SAP to the heartbeat of our BI user community; and the community to SAP.


Joyce helps lead the council in gathering requirements, driving towards a better solution for the customer and SAP.  You can see the Council's achievements How ASUG Members Influenced Analysis Office (and Sneak Preview)


The council helps drive product strategy for the next major release and upcoming releases.  It is one of the best benefits of ASUG.  Here is the abstract for this session:

Influence SAP at this open and interactive session for the ASUG Influence Council for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, editions for Microsoft Office and OLAP. SAP would like your feedback and the ASUG Influence Councils are the best form of input back to SAP. Learn how this Influence Council has already influenced SAP.


I asked Joyce what else she is doing at SAP TechEd && d-code and she is attending the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 and SAP BW – All in One Day Pre-conference session on October 20th (see more information here)


Here are some great blogs by Joyce:

My opinions and take-aways ASUG2014 and SapphireNow

Be Heard - Join us for ASUG:SAP BOBJ Design Studio Influence Council Update

BI Strategy - part 1 Table of Contents


Get Joyce's take on TechEd from this video from last year.  She's been attending TechEd since 2002!

"You build IT Solutions for your business users"

Joyce also wants to see SAP's Ingo Hilgefort as a raccoon You would like to see me as a racoon... here is your chance....

ASUG Pre-conference Sessions

ASUG is has opened registration for pre-conferences session at SAP TechEd && d-code on Monday, October, 20th  - see Announcing ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Pre-Conference Sessions


See Your fast track to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the ASUG pre-conference posted today by Rui Nogueira



Join ASUG at SAP TechEd && d-code

Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center

ASUG SAP d-code Las Vegas sessions are now published - for a complete listing please see here



Meet ASUG SAP d-code Speaker Charles Reeves - Implementing Enterprise Master Data Management

ASUG SAP d-code SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA Speaker - Introducing Pawel Mierski

ASUG SAP d-code Sessions Are Published - Featuring SAP Mentors

Journey to Mobile BI - Meet ASUG SAP d-code Speaker Peter Chen

Did you know?

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Kumar Chidambaram - Holistic BI BW on HANA Approach

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Heiko Zuerker - Solution Manager

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Sue Keohan - Customer Connection for Workflow

Effective SAP ERP on HANA Migration Strategy - ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Rajesh Gupta

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Girish Manmadkar - SAP HANA on VMWare Best Practices

Newell Rubbermaid Mobile Story to Improve Sales - ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Mohammed Siddiqui

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Sue Keohan - Customer Connection for Workflow

ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Profile - Martin Maguth - Top 10 Tools for Workflow Administrators

Comprehensive SAP Monitoring – Recognize Problems Before Your Users Do - Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Jon Friesen

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Dave Beldyk of DuPont - Learn about Wood Turning

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Jolene Jonas and Learn about Intel's Master Data Program

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Kyle Wardell - Migrating Dual Stack Systems - Jump


Join ASUG in October and meet Joyce in person.

Hi Customers,


SAP just delivered Analysis for Office 1.4 SP8 that contains the following SAP corrections:


  • 2041930 Convert To Formula does not work for dimension members with spaces
  • 2041133 Analysis Office dumps when importing text files into MS Excel with drag and drop
  • 2038901 Analysis Office prevents Excel from closing
  • 2038664 Log file contains API errors for SAPGetDimensionStaticFilter
  • 2037259 Analysis Office: Error at undo operation after workbook has been closed
  • 2034227 Text: 'Insert System.Reflection.Missing' in statistic step when inserting a query of query view
  • 2032253 Precalculation fails for workbooks with named ranges including special characters
  • 2032238 Enabled NCo tracing for BiPrecalculation
  • 2032085 AO: Timeout when trying to display list of data source from BIP
  • 2032069 AO on Office 2013: Inserting a data source from the backstage menu results in a exception
  • 2031598 Launcher does not create new Excel 2013 process
  • 2031244 Launcher fails when using Excel 2003
  • 2029946 Poor performance with large filters on Analysis tab
  • 2029886 AO 1.4: Excel 2013 - Performance issues when switching the context and when working with several workbooks
  • 2029832 Filter by Measure with Measure in Filter and Structure in the rows
  • 2028809 Exception when clicking in crosstab
  • 2028695 Using an apostrophe within a sheet name leads to an exception
  • 2027858 Bad performance during grid rendering in case of huge amount of columns
  • 2027119 Analysis Office: drag and drop / expanding hierarchy nodes not working using Excel 2013
  • 2027085 Adding the flat presentation of a dimension to the background filter does not work
  • 2026682 Reset Data Source and cancelling Prompts results in exception
  • 2025501 Filter Dialog and Value Help set and activate hierarchy for characteristic
  • 2025417 Removed Attributes / Access Mode menu entries for Mass Data Filter Dialog
  • 2023668 Missing translations in case of context menu for Execute Planning Function, Planning Sequence and Add Member tooltip
  • 2023432 Analysis Office: Exception if inserting a workbook from BW server after inserting a workbook from BIP server
  • 2023003 Missing alternative location for 'sapaocache' used for temporarily saved documents locally when opening Analysis workbooks from server
  • 2022924 Performance issue when pasting members from clipboard into Filter Dialog or Value Help
  • 2021910 Default value of setting CompressMetadata changed to true
  • 2021646 Workbook Logon User is not available when opening a workbook from the BIP Launchpad
  • 2020833 Analysis Office: filter information not displayed with correct member presentation
  • 2020434 Logging of AO launcher
  • 2020351 Propagate selection in hierarchically displayed keyfigures
  • 2019598 Poor performance when clicking on the information tab
  • 2019160 Exception Invalid Program Status\: No result set available when Pause Refresh is active
  • 2018409 SAPCallMemberSelector ignores parameter Selector Type if hierarchy is assigned to characteristic
  • 2018358 Analysis Office: Saving new document to the name and path of an existing document does not display a warning popup
  • 2017718 Formulas show error #N/A when cancelling prompts dialog
  • 2017317 AO 1.4: Wrong message "Data was saved (BRAIN-242)"
  • 2017284 Open workbook from backend several times may result in exception in case of OSS connection
  • 2016959 Formulas SAPListOfEffectiveFilters and SAPListOfStaticFilters only contains dimensions in drilldown
  • 2016735 AO cannot be used with Turkish regional settings
  • 2015452 AO 1.4: Hierarchy date is wrong for 9999/12/31
  • 2015441 Mass Data Filter dialog throws Out of Memory exception when too many data is pasted from clipboard
  • 2013551 User stylesets are missing after upgrade of Analysis Office
  • 2011200 AO: Undo history always contains the same decription text when changing the member access mode
  • 2011170 Emphasized formats does not occur correctly on planning cells
  • 2011111 Empty columns get rendered with maximum width
  • 2010638 Presentation doesn't get saved back to server on save
  • 2009865 Filter Dialog : Wrong data for member access mode
  • 2009468 Possible COMException with code 0x800A03EC when opening an Analysis workbook from server
  • 2008793 When launching variable prompts screen possible long messages are not available in message window
  • 2008055 Wrong node selection after change of time dependent master data object with enabled hierarchy in prompts dialog
  • 2007114 Translation not applied after copy of cross tab in components tab
  • 2006943 ArgumentException in some cases occuring if there are multiple sheets with same name in the workbook
  • 2005454 Searching for a Analysis workbook or presentation by description on BIP not possible
  • 2005434 Filter Dialog: Single value selection isn't applied
  • 2005278 Search in Filter Dialog on characteristic with hierarchy enables paste button
  • 2004759 Save Dialog: Entering a workbook name using IME
  • 2004021 SAP Formula is not calculated correctly when entered into a blank workbook
  • 2003968 Save Analysis workbook to BIP Folders view does not work
  • 2003401 Validating a variable value in the prompt dialog
  • 2003354 AO: Excel 2013 - Taskpane is still shown after closing a workbook
  • 2003278 Analysis chart is losing swap state of rows and columns after refresh
  • 2002592 Filter Dialog : Missing Access Mode switch for calendar view
  • 2002573 Formula shows result twice
  • 2001286 Analysis Office: nodes without text in Design Panel
  • 2000392 Server Type "Group" feature for Analysis Precalculation
  • 1994876 Value help does not display correct data
  • 1983668 Analysis Office: BEx Conditions and condition states in UI
  • 1976283 Error saving workbooks to BIP with relational connection to HANA system
  • 1962934 Performance: Pause Screen Update for Hidden Crosstabs
  • 1954665 Presentation doesn't get saved back to server on close
  • 1518359 SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office & BIP Add On Release schedule

To download the Analysis for Office Client's support package 8 please click here.

To download the Analysis for Office BIP Add on support package 8 please click here.


You can also check SAP note 1910505 - Analysis Office 1.4: Release Note for SP8.


Diego Ferrary

Support Team, NW Technology, AGS Primary Support

SAP Labs Latin America


For more Analysis for Office tool please check:

Part 1 is A First Look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Office - Beta 2.0 and on this blog covers table design improvements available in beta version 2.0 for Analysis Office.


Now you can insert rows and columns in the crosstab.  Some background is shown below:


Source: SAP




To do this you need to edit the registry as shown below:



Figure 1


You need to set the TableInterface to True


Figure 2


Figure 2 shows the crosstab




Figure 3


Figure 3 shows when I right click on a row I have the option to insert the row before or after.


Figure 4


Figure 4 shows the results of inserting a row "after"


Figure 5


Figure 5 shows the option of inserting a column.when selecting the "title" dimension, in this case, "Project".


Figure 6


Figure 6 shows the results of inserting a column.


More to come and learn more about Analysis Office at SAP TechEd && d-code:


EA265 Hands-on:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home


EA117 ASUG Analysis Influence Council:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home


Monday, October 20th, ASUG will host a hands-on BI session - more to come soon.

We first heard of the beta for 2.0 for Analysis Office back in March at this ASUG webcast How ASUG Members Influenced Analysis Office (and Sneak Preview)


Beta is not for productive use and is a first look.  Things are subject to change by the time the product is GA.


I applied for the program, was approved and was able to download the software last week.  First thing I noticed was that Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center was prerequisite; fortunately I was able to download it from the link in the installation.


You can have Analysis Office 2.0 and Analysis Office 1.4 on the same machine - the installation doesn't overwrite what is in already installed.


First there is a third panel in the display panel - Properties:


Figure 1 Analysis Office Beta 2.0


You can see in Figure 1 on the right the panels where you control compact display in rows, zero suppression, and display of negative values.  These features are available in today in Analysis Office 1.4 but not as easily accessible as they are in the 2.0 Display Panel.


Here is how Analysis Office 1.4 looks like today:


Figure 2 Analysis Office 1.4


Figure 2 shows the display panel on the right of the current GA version Analysis Office 1.4.


Figure 3  Analysis Office 2.0


Figure 3 shows the new Analysis Settings Ribbon, About Analysis and Help ribbons.  Again these settings are available in 1.4 but a little more easily accessible in 2.0



Figure 4 Analysis 2.0


Figure 3 Settings ribbon shows the Settings pop-up.


Figure 5 Analysis Office 2.0


Figure 5 shows a new feature of the context menu, the ability to right-click row after and row before.


More to come and learn more about Analysis Office at SAP TechEd && d-code:

EA265 Hands-on:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home


EA117 ASUG Analysis Influence Council:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home


Monday, October 20th, ASUG will host a hands-on BI session - more to come soon.


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