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Now that SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is generally available, I would like to review more of the features


Define Data Source



It is easy to define a data source, by simply right clicking in the outline section.


Edit Initial View



I like the fact that it is easy to edit the initial view so you don't have to go back to the BEx query for changes.  You can also see the data live, and use pivot-table like features that look similar to Analysis for Office.


Notice it also has a pause/refresh feature, which means you can do several navigation steps without going back to the server.




Design Studio offers a what you see is what you get experience, giving you a sense of how the application looks as you build it.  The middle shows the Outline of what is going on in the application.



The language in scripting editor is a subset of JAVA script, it is called xTEXT. With the provided content assistance (ctrl + space) you will be able to write the scripting even you are not a developer


It uses modern development such as auto-complete, drop-downs.


Tool tips are available to tell you the data sources


It offers one-click deployment to the web browser


Summary of Features

1) Deploy quickly to the iPad

2) Knowledge of programming is not required

3) Can connect to SAP Hana, BW, or ECC (if you are on enhancement package 5 or higher)

4) Eclipse based interface consistent with Hana modeling studio and Information Design Tool

5) WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get as you design the application

6) Edit Initial View - you can add columns and rows to the application without having to go back to the BEx Query Designer





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