We had a requirement where prompt value should be displayed to the users based on their access. For ex: If user has access to 1, 2, and 3, then he should see only those in the prompt values.


This is not achievable in Web Intelligence report as the prompt value gets data from master or transaction posted data.


To overcome this issue we have introduced Xcelsius to perform the task.


Step 1: Create a BEx query and have the characteristic in the row for which prompt should be created.

Step 2: Restrict the query based on Authorization variable


Note: we need at least one key figure in the columns.























Step 3: Create a Netweaver connection in Xcelsius dashboard and connect the BEx query.

Step 4: Store the data which is coming out of query and make it available in the combo box.

Step 5: Add a URL button, and assign the row A6 of Final URL sheet.


Concatenation formula is written in A6 to join A2, B1, B2, C2, D2, E2, F2, and G2. It will generate the required URL and will pass the value to Web Intelligence report prompt.


When user selects the value from combo box, selected value is getting stored in B2 of Final URL sheet.























Note: B1 is the definition of prompt which is available in Web Intelligence report, it should be as same as Web Intelligence report prompt as shown below.





























Step 6: Created an iView in SAP Enterprise Portal for the Xcelsius dashboard


Values are getting populated in the combo box from SAP BEx Query for which the user has access.
























Select the value from combo box and click on Submit button
























Once you hit the Submit button, it will open the Web Intelligence report in a separate window and it will start refreshing for the selected value.

















Now you have the Web Intelligence report refreshed for selected value which is passed from dashboard to Web Intelligence report prompt





















Web Intelligence report prompt screen with the values passed from dashboard.



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