Hi All,


I have the following issues with WEBi report selection input parameters (prompts) that use BW BEx Query variable. Could anyone please assist?


As I am having Bex variable i.e.Fiscal year/Period with options - "Single value and Optional" and its display properties as “Text” and Text view is “Medium-Length Text”.

When we running the Bex query the data is getting like...Jan-11, Feb-11, Mar-11 (Correct data)

But where as in WEBi Reports in the prompt level it is showing data as 01.2011, 02.2011,...like Key data (Wrong data).


Fiscal year/Period Condition syntax is below:

<OPTIONAL><FILTER KEY="[!V000006]"><CONDITION OPERATORCONDITION="Equal"><CONSTANT TECH_NAME="@Prompt('Fiscal Period','A','Fiscal year/period\LovFiscal PeriodBase',mono,primary_key)"/></CONDITION></FILTER></OPTIONAL>  


The Requirement is as follow......The WEBi Prompt data should be Jan-11, Feb-11, Mar-11... as per Bex report.


Can you please help us.....





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