I need some help on how to define the filter criteria in  WEBI. Out of two dates (sale date and shipping date) we have to control the user to at least enter one date. They can also enter both dates if they want. I tried with different combinations of AND & OR in between the dates. I can not make them both as mandatory. I have to make them as optional and make them to enter one date at least. Check if the user entered at least one date, if they do not enter one date, we should not let them execute the report. This I can achieve in the BEX report with no issues by placing user exit ABAP code in I-STEP 3 by giving a popup message to enter at least one date. Repeat the message till they enter at least one date. Same thing not sure how to achieve in the WEBI report. I placed the code for this in BEX and built universe out of it and WEBI report on Universe. The logic of the BEX is not working on WEBI report prompts.


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