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In the age of global business opportunities, what happens when a French supplier wants to order olives in Greece but does not have a purchase order form in Greek? This scenario may be an everyday occurrence but who can our French supplier turn to for guidance and assistance?


The SAP Business ByDesign Form Adaptation Community is a joint forum of expertise where customers and partners can collaborate on the translation and adaptation of outbound documents. A pilot was launched at the end of last year with three selected development and translation partners. Via the community, 28 outbound form templates were translated into Russian and will be soon be offered to customers officially. This very successful pilot paved the way for the official launch of the SAP Adaptation Community! Partners and customers alike are invited to join – either to offer or to request translation/adaptation services for forms.

Soon you will find the SAP Form Adaptation Community in SAP Eco Hub. Until then, we will be present in SAP Social Media Groups to spread the message of our rollout and stay in contact with all interested parties. We appreciate your feedback!



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