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The Cloud Service Center offers customer specific Enhancement Services, as well as Integration-, Migration - and Enablement Services. Besides Key User Assistance and Partner Development Assistance the Enablement Service also covers Training Sessions for the SAP Business ByDesign Studio. The new offering within the Enablement Service are e-Learning units. The first e-book was published couple of months ago and handles the topic form adaptation with key user tools. The new e-book is about the SAP Business ByDesign Studio and offers with its 50 slides a wide range of content: An Overview about the SAP ByDesign and the opportunities of field extension, the difference between field extension via key user tools and SDK and a customer request for field extension as case study with step-by-step guide for using the SAP ByD Studio- including illustrations, screenshots and code extracts. The e-book is purchasable at: and

Which topics shall we include in the next e-book? We appreciate any feedback!

Social Web is an important part of Online Marketing - if not THE most important part by now. The term Social Web contains the development of the internet in the direction of unlimited interactivity. Other than in traditional media, internet users have the role of a sender and a receiver at the same time and can therefore create and modify contents actively.

Social Media is the summary of all internet based applications which follow the principles of Social Web (or the so called Web 2.0) and allow the creation and exchange of user generated content. Social Media can be distinguished by two dimensions: Social presence and media richness. The social presence dimension shows the degree of contact individuals have during an interaction. Media richness determines how much information can be transmitted within a certain time frame. The following graphic clusters social media by the above described dimensions.






Social networks which have a high amount of self-presentation and a medium amount of media richness are the most popular social media tools whereas Facebook with approximately 900 million users (Roland Lindner, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 13.05.2011, Nr. 19, S. 46) leads all the rankings. Originating from a social network for Harvard students, Facebook proves to be a network for businesses increasingly where vendors connect with customers, partners and beyond. Companies have many possibilities, not only to create their own business page but as well start marketing campaigns and analyze their figures in real-time. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2011 examines 3342 B2B and B2C marketers using Social Media ( 92% of them reported the use of Facebook whereas most of them benefit especially of the increased awareness, traffic and improved search rankings which lead also to increased sales.

SAP itself is represented on Facebook with a couple of accounts about 93 official registered SAP brand accounts). The SAP Cloud Solutions account has an amazing increasing amount of followers (18530) and a high number of engaged users per day (see Social Media Report of SAP Cloud Solutions). After a long process of consideration, the SAP Cloud Service Center also decided to create its own Facebook page. There are several reasons for that: The lack of flexibility in updating news, presenting its service portfolio and benefits in a classical way, the urge to stay in a continuous contact with its stakeholders and at least the fact that already about 55% of its partners and existing customers are using Facebook (more than in every other social media channel). During the implementation process, the SAP Cloud Service Center worked closely with SAP Cloud Solutions and will also in the future collaborate with them in order to follow the same Facebook strategy.


The SAP Cloud Service Center assists customers and partners to get the most out of their SAP OnDemand solution by offering Extensibility, Migration, Integration and Enablement Services. Like this the SAP Cloud Service Center helps to make businesses run like never before. Visit the SAP Cloud Service Center page and share your feedback on

In the age of global business opportunities, what happens when a French supplier wants to order olives in Greece but does not have a purchase order form in Greek? This scenario may be an everyday occurrence but who can our French supplier turn to for guidance and assistance?


The SAP Business ByDesign Form Adaptation Community is a joint forum of expertise where customers and partners can collaborate on the translation and adaptation of outbound documents. A pilot was launched at the end of last year with three selected development and translation partners. Via the community, 28 outbound form templates were translated into Russian and will be soon be offered to customers officially. This very successful pilot paved the way for the official launch of the SAP Adaptation Community! Partners and customers alike are invited to join – either to offer or to request translation/adaptation services for forms.

Soon you will find the SAP Form Adaptation Community in SAP Eco Hub. Until then, we will be present in SAP Social Media Groups to spread the message of our rollout and stay in contact with all interested parties. We appreciate your feedback!


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