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Getting Started with Code Exchange

Posted by Rui Nogueira in Code Exchange on Nov 5, 2010 3:37:35 AM

You are totally new to the Code Exchange platform and would like to know what it is about? You already know Code Exchange, but would like to have one document summarizing all the different questions and tutorials?

That's the purpose of this blog. I have structured the content in 3 levels and added additional information at the end.

Whenever I have additional material for one of the three levels I'll add them to this blog so that you can use this blog as kind of a compendium for Code Exchange.

Level 1 (Basics)

What is Code Exchange?

The article Code Exchange in a nutshell gives you a good explanation about what Code Exchange is and how it was build.

How can I participate in Code Exchange?

The blog How to join the Code Exchange area on SCN decribes how you can join the platform and how you can start your own projects.

Level 2 (The Details)

How can I access the code repository of a project?

The blog Code Exchange How-To: accessing the code repository of a project
 explains you how you can get your hands on the code of a project.

How can I provide feedback to a project?

Code Exchange Tutorial: Raising issues on a project explains how you can raise issues on a project and how you can track them.

How to join a project and how to manage project members?

In the Code Exchange Tutorial: Managing Project Members you'll get explained on how to join a project and how you can manage the members of your project.

How can I create my own project?

Creating your own project on Code Exchange explains to you how you can create your own project on Code Exchange.

How can I connect SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio with the Code Exchange subversion repository?

Follow the instructions in the video podcast SDN code exchange video part 2: Hands on code to understand how you can read/write code from a code exchange project with SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Don't forget to read the comments, too, as they give some additional help in setting up the Subclipse plugin properly if you work behind a firewall.

Level 3 (For The Experts)

How can I use the expert view of a project?

The blog The Code Exchange "expert view" for project members  shows you a video explaining what kind of functionality the Code Exchange "expert view" provides to the members of a project.

What is an Add-On?

Many questions came up about the meaning of an "Add-on". The blog SAP Community Developer License: Is my prototype an Add-on? tries to address those questions and to bring more clarity on the term "Add-on".

Additional Information

Featured projects

On regular basis I interview the project owners of interesting projects on Code Exchange and feature them on the Code Exchange landing page. Here is a list of all the interviews:

10/10/2010Featured Code Exchange project: ZGEOCODEListen to SAP Mentor Gregor Wolf talking at Innovation Weekend Berlin 2010 about his ZGEOCODE project on Code Exchange
10/11/2010Featured Code Exchange project from the Happy DinosaursDuring Innovation Weekend the "Happy Dinosaurs" developed the ZCoffeeCorner, a twitter-like application to simulate coffee-corner conversations. Look what this app is about and how it works
10/17/2010Featured Code Exchange projects: abap2xslx, abap2docx, clonehunterWatch the featured project on Code Exchange called abap2xlsx and abap2docx from Ivan Femia and Sergio Ferrari
10/21/2010Featured Code Exchange project: Super-Generic Mobile AppThose attending the demo jam at TechEd 2010 Las Vegas know Matt and Al won the contest. Watch them talking about their Super-Generic Mobile App on Code Exchange
10/27/2010Featured Code Exchange project: Java Logging 4 SAPWatch Peter Kulka talking about the Java Logging 4 SAP project on Code Exchange

About Code Exchange

This section contains community related content around Code Exchange.

Date TopicComment 
12/17/2009News from the extended code exchange product teamRui Nogueira takes the opportunity to share with you some outcomes from the extended code exchange product team that works on the definition and implementation of this platform
07/15/2010Public availability of Code Exchange for SAP TechEd 2010Code exchange has been in a closed beta phase since last year at TechEd in Vienna. Look what happened during that time, and when we plan to Code Exchange to the SCN.
09/16/2010Summary of Code Exchange Terms of Use presentation @ SAP Inside Track 2010 BrusselsAt the SAP Inside Track 2010 in Brussels I've talked about the terms of use of Code Exchange and addressed the questions I've collected from various SCN community members in the past weeks. In this blog you'll see a summary of the feedback and also the slides I've presented during that event
09/24/2010Using Code Exchange @ Innovation Weekend: Tips & ToolsUsing Code Exchange @ Innovation Weekend: Tips & ToolsYou are preparing for Innovation Weekend for TechEd 2010? This blog provides you with some tips & tools for the usage of Code Exchange during the Innovation Weekend
09/27/2010Code Exchange at the SAP Mentor MondayAt the SAP Mentor Monday on Sep. 28th, 2010 we had the pleasure to show in a public webinar a preview to the Code Exchange platform that will go live at TechEd Berlin in two weeks. Find here a summary of the content and the link to the replay. 
10/10/2010Code Exchange at Innovation Weekend: Interview with Andy SingletonInterview with Andy Singleton from Assembla right before the start of the 2010 Innovation Weekend at SAP TechEd Berlin. Assembla provides the subversion repository and the "Expert view" for Code Exchange projects
10/16/2010SAP TechEd Berlin 2010 Live interview about Code ExchangeAt SAP TechEd Berlin 2010 Gregor Wolf and I had the opportunity talking about Code Exchange in an SAP TechEd live interview with Craig Cmehil



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