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If you have ever wanted to create a calendar style report and didn't know where to start then this blog post will hopefully help you out. There is a collection of different calendar style reports attached to this post.




a) a calendar created off of a date lookup table

b) a calendar which automatically populates the dates

c) a yearly view calendar which uses small RTF calendars to display the individual months

d) a sample finished report (nicer looking than the above 2) using the date lookup method...this report also contains a couple of small RTF calendars which can be used for linking from month to month


e) a calendar which populates all dates in a range but also has an on-demand subreport for the months

f) a yearly calendar created off of a date lookup table, 8.5" X 14"

g) a yearly calendar created off of a date lookup table, 11" X 17" (tabloid size)


There are instructions on the calendars a, b, f & g to help you get this style of report off of your data system...the calendars created off of a date lookup table are by far the easiest to implement and are also the fastest performing calendars.


The yearly calendars f & g are new for 2014 and both use a main report and subreport combo, both formatted with multiple columns, to create the overall view. Although there are no objects in the individual days in these particular samples, you can add objects such as (very small) charts, summaries, etc. to those days as each day is still a report group section.





Calendar Which is Populated With a Date Lookup Table95 KB
Calendar Which Populates All Dates in a Range237.5 KB
CalendarYearlyView1.22 MB
CalendarMonthlyView468 KB



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