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Welcome, all - to this fresh new hub for conversations around providing an optimal customer experience!


As we know, consumers are evolving the customer experience faster than most companies can wrap their thought process around it; and the bar of expectations will rise faster and faster.


If you're passionate about selling, marketing and serving customers better than ever before, then this community is for you.

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Omnichannel vs Multichannel And The Future Of Customer Service

Making these complex ‘hand-offs’ between customer service channels must be fluid for the customer.  SAP's Kai Petzelt explains... Question: What Is Sales Performance Management?

Amy Moore explains why Sales Performance Management is the framework for optimizing sales success



Quick Question: What is Guided Selling?

Lana Smith illustrates guided selling while shopping for a family child car seat – more complex than you think!

CRM: What's Your Next Step? From Sales Efficiency to Increasing Your Sales Effectiveness

Dietmar Bohn sees the next generation of CRM going way beyond the SaaS-based SFA from the year 2000.


Hyken.jpgGUEST POST: 10 Tips For Getting to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Shep Hyken

This week's post is from Jeff Frank, Simplicity Sofa.  (read more)


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Can a Goldfish Show You How to Excite Your Customers?

Forbes CMO Network

McKinsey's Fabian Hieronimus on why small data can be as or more important than big data. (read more)


Unlocking Awesome Customer Experience By Truly Knowing Your Brand

Gone are the days when marketing copy was good enough. That polished stodgy messaging would fly."
(read more)




How Do They Make Money?

David A. Brock says: "To be successful leveraging partners and achieving results, the above is critical to understand.(read more)

Our Lighter Side

Derek Thompson.pngWhy Is Water So Expensive?

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic is an economist.  In this video, he shares the reasons why bottled water is 'expensive' knowing that in water, as with all things in economics, everything is relative...


(read more and watch the video)



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