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Find information on various topics under the semantic data warehousing umbrella including SAP Business Warehouse, Business Content and Extractor, Business Planning and SAP BWA.

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In-Memory Data Fabric - Overview



SAP’s revolutionary approach streamlines and simplifies Data Warehousing into an

In-Memory Data Fabric – providing greater speed and scale along with agility for

development and efficiency that reduces data movement and data preparation.

With SAP’s complete In-Memory Data Fabric architecture you gain the ability to:

  • Simplify: Reduce the work of managing and maintaining the warehouse
    —Eliminate staging databases, pre-computations, and artificial structures
  • Accelerate: Real-time response time regardless of data volume or data
    location;  manage and integrate massive volumes of data
  • Predict: Predict trends, needs, and customer behavior to get the insights
    you need to stay ahead of your competition

Unlike most other solutions in the market, SAP’s in-memory data fabric was built
from the ground up on a modern columnar database infrastructure with strategic tools
for modeling, remote data access, and high performance rather than simply
adding memory or columnar caching to an existing solution.

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Reinventing the Data Warehouse with In-Memory Data Fabric

The basic paradigms underpinning enterprise data warehouse architectures are changing due to technology changes, expectation changes and business issues. In order to compete in today's fast paced real-time world, companies require a new, more realistic data warehouse infrastructure. SAP is re-inventing the data warehouse architecture to meet these new requirements. In this video Neil McGovern, Senior Director of Marketing for SAP Database & Technology, details SAP's new data warehouse strategy, the In-Memory Data Fabric (IMDF). Watch now. Update May 2014


SAP BW 7.4 on HANA -- Status quo and roadmap within the SAP HANA Platform offering

Dr. Stefan Sigg, Senior Vice President SAP HANA Product & Development, elaborates on the next step of delivering Data Warehousing on the HANA Platform.  With SAP BW 7.40, major steps have been implemented towards a merger of BW-managed and HANA-native DW scenarios. Furthermore, we thereby open the doors for a much more logical interpretation of Data Warehousing, leveraging federation technologies and transforming physical DW layers to semantical ones. The compute power of HANA is utilized in a more sophisticated way, without disrupting the logical BW content. More flexibility, agility, and openness will be given as well as the confidence to be part of a sustainable roadmap to deliver a new interpretation of Data Warehousing in the context of modern in-memory technology. Watch now Updated May 2014




Overview SAP BW 7.4 SP5 on HANA and further Roadmap

As new challenges arise in the market (exploding data volumes, new data sources, the need for real-time information access, etc), SAP BW on HANA continues to evolve in order to meet the growing challenges imposed on IT by these ever changing market forces. The release of SAP BW running on SAP HANA is a great example of how SAP BW has evolved to ensure organizations continue to leverage  their investment in SAP BW to meet these new  challenge.

See this presentation to learn what SAP is doing next to evolve SAP BW on SAP HANA with the  SAP BW 7.4., SP 5 on HANA. Update March 2014

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