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Find information on various topics under the semantic data warehousing umbrella including SAP Business Warehouse, Business Content and Extractor, Business Planning and SAP BWA.

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In-Memory Data Fabric - Overview



SAP’s revolutionary approach streamlines and simplifies Data Warehousing into an

In-Memory Data Fabric – providing greater speed and scale along with agility for

development and efficiency that reduces data movement and data preparation.

With SAP’s complete In-Memory Data Fabric architecture you gain the ability to:

  • Simplify: Reduce the work of managing and maintaining the warehouse
    —Eliminate staging databases, pre-computations, and artificial structures
  • Accelerate: Real-time response time regardless of data volume or data
    location;  manage and integrate massive volumes of data
  • Predict: Predict trends, needs, and customer behavior to get the insights
    you need to stay ahead of your competition

Unlike most other solutions in the market, SAP’s in-memory data fabric was built
from the ground up on a modern columnar database infrastructure with strategic tools
for modeling, remote data access, and high performance rather than simply
adding memory or columnar caching to an existing solution.

IMDF architecture.jpg



Release of SAP BW 7.4 SP8/9

SAP BW 7.4 SP8/SP9  powered by SAP HANA is the next milestone for enterprise data warehousing with BW on HANA and provides major enhancements in the area of running SAP BW on HANA as the Virtual Data Warehouse with the next level of Open ODS Views and additional CompositeProvider scenarios. In order to provide further simplification the Advanced DataStore object will consolidate DataStore Objects and InfoCubes.  Data modeling as well as query design will be supported via a common user experience. Big Data scenarios will be supported by SAP HANA dynamic tiering and performance enhancements will be provided for data staging as well as for OLAP analysis. Customers focusing on the planning capabilities will benefit from the enhanced Planning application Kit  and FOX usability.Update March 2015

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