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SAP Community Network homepage for BW Integrated Planning: Here you can find valuable information including presentations, blogs, discussions, how-to guides and articles that give information on SAP Integrated Planning with NetWeaver BW, delivered features and other information relevant for implementation and operation.

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Get detailed insights into the features and new solutions provided with the Business Planning. Start with the Getting Started page and read about special topics on the SAP How-to Guides for Planning and SAP BO Analysis for MS Office page.


New: How to... Use SQLScript for Planning Functions in PAK 

The Planning Applications Kit is capable to execute calculation used in planning functions in memory and thus greatly accelerates the execution. Unfortunately not all planning functions can be executed in memory, especially custom defined planning functions using ABAP. This paper shows how such planning functions can be developped usiong SQL-Script


New: How To...Easily Create a Test Environment for a SQL-Script Planning Function in PAK

In the Planning Application Kid it is possible to use planning functions that are written as SQL-Script procedures. These procedures can replace planning functions that are created using ABAP, as ABAP based planning functions cannot run in memory.

In this paper we show a convenient way to create  a test environment directly in SAP HANA so development and testing of such procedures can be facilitated.



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