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Here you'll find information related to SAP systems running on DB2 for z/OS as database and System z as database server as well as for Linux on System z as application server.

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DB2 Connect 10.5 FP4 released

DB2 Connect 10.5 SP4 is now available on Service Marketplace. As a prerequisite to use the new Fixpak in an ABAP environment you have to apply lib_dbsl according to note 2049140. 31 Oct 2014  


Statement Cache History unwanted switched on
Although you disabled the Statement Cache History in DBACockpit configuration it will be switched on automatically with SAPCL 7.20 PL16 (see note 913109 for corresponding patch levels of other releases). Note 2070370 documents the temporary workaround to disable the DSC history again, the issue will be fixed with SAPCL 7.20 PL17. 30 Sep 2014  

SAP on IBM System z & DB2 for z/OS - Info Bundle

SAP and IBM compiled an information bundle which contains an overview presentation, solution briefs, architecture guides as well as many customer references. Follow this link or the link in the Key Topics section. 25 Aug 2014

Monitoring and Administration - News and Improvements

The Monitoring and Administration page has been updated with the latest news. 19 Aug 2014


Rapid Direct Access to Transactional Data in DB2 for z/OS by SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (DB2 Accelerator) is a workload optimized appliance add-on to DB2 for z/OS that accelerates SQL queries with unprecedented response time. The DB2 Accelerator can dramatically speed-up access to data that resides in a transactional system for reporting in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW) without extracting, transferring and loading the data to the SAP BW system. The approach shown in this documentation allows near real-time operational business intelligence and snap shot reporting with minimal impact on resource consumption in the transactional system. 15 May 2014


Casebook: DB2 backup, recovery and cloning for SAP environments - Update

As a strategic solution, DB2 for z/OS provides the integrated BACKUP SYSTEM and RESTORE SYSTEM utilities, which internally rely on DS8000 FlashCopy and z/OS DFSMShsm technology. The DB2 Cloning Tool and the DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS can be optionally used to further facilitate, automate and accelerate many of the tasks. The 2014 edition provides hands-on tips and tricks based on DB2 11 and z/OS 2.1 for using the above mentioned DB2 utilities and tools in SAP environments in the most beneficial way.

For DB2 10 and z/OS 1.13 the 2012 edition is still valid. 2 May 2014

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