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Here you'll find information related to SAP systems running on DB2 for z/OS as database and System z as database server as well as for Linux on System z as application server.

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SAP Business Application Accelerator supported by DB2 for z/OS and the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (DB2 Accelerator) is a workload-optimized appliance add-on to DB2 for z/OS that accelerates SQL queries with unprecedented response time. This documentation demonstrates how the DB2 Accelerator can be exploited to boost SAP business applications. 02 Apr 2015


DB2 Connect 10.5 FP5 released

DB2 Connect 10.5 SP5 is now available on Service Marketplace. As a prerequisite to use the new Fixpak in an ABAP environment you have to apply lib_dbsl according to note 2049140.
For Java environments of releases 7.00, 7.01, 7.02 the error described in note 2119284 is also fixed. 12 Feb 2015  

Updated: Dynamically Exploit a HiperSockets Network

HiperSockets devices provide the fastest TCP/IP communication between applications running in different LPARs within a single System z machine. Providing that the SAP Application Server (AS) under Linux for IBM System z and the Database system (DB) both reside on the same physical System z machine (CEC), then the option to utilize the System z internal HiperSockets network interface is available to you. This article can help you to configure and dynamically activate a HiperSockets network interface.26 Jan 2015


Updated: Reference Architectures

The SAP for Insurance on IBM System z Reference Architecture and the SAP for Banking on System z Reference Architecture have been updated recently. Follow the links to access the current versions.  08 Jan 2015

Edition 12/2014 of Business Continuity Guide available

A new edition of the guide "Business Continuity for SAP on IBM System z" is available. It is the complete technical reference documentation for everything related to High Availability (HA) for SAP on System z.  Major new topics include coverage of IBM System Automation for z/OS 3.5 (generally available since Sept. 2014) and an improved SAP Web Dispatcher policy. 18 Dec 2014



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