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Design Thinking is a mindset backed by a suite of tools that gives us a powerful new way to solve problems and unlock potential. It complements our existing approaches by focusing on understanding the human side of things — what our technology is and what that technology means to you and to your customers.

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Fundamentals, for a better User Interaction

Achieving the right UX is a question of finding the right depths of it. Sharath M G finds that content on UX is more the tip of the iceberg. In his blog, he attempts to get a little deeper in terms of the solution to address the user concerns in a true way. Read on! August 28, 2014.



Innovation Management Framework: Making Innovation Probable and Repeatable innovation practices and processes are the key for companies to achieve innovation. Marco Cigaina, program manager at SAP Services Innovation, recognized the need for a workable innovation model containing a structured and consistent set of concepts what prompted him to write the book Innovation Management Framework: Enabling and Fostering Innovation In Your Company. In this blog, Nancy Langmeyer explains what you can expect from his book. August 28, 2014.

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