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Build big-data analytics solutions with the market leader. SAP IQ
is more powerful and efficient than traditional systems for extreme-scale data warehousing, advanced analytics, and business intelligence applications.



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SAP IQ 16 SP08 has just been released with the following new features:

  • SAP IQ’s In-Memory Row-Level Versioning Store for low latency concurrent writes, has been extended to IQ Multiplex for scale out IQ deployments.
  • Point-in-Time Recovery restores an IQ backup plus all committed database operations to a specified point in time.  This allows the DBA greater flexibility and control over database restore operations.
  • SAP IQ now includes an OData Server that allows web clients to communicate with an SAP IQ database server using the popular OData interface.
  • SAP IQ Cockpit is a new graphical administration tool for on-board management and monitoring of SAP IQ.  SAP IQ Cockpit is the first phase in the evolution of SAP Control Center towards enterprise scale administration and monitoring of all SAP database technology.


SAP IQ innovation continues, and we invite our customers to take advantage of these exciting capabilities and improvements!


Download a SAP IQ Trail and see for yourself

Webcast Thursday, June 12th, 2014 @ 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET


If you were unable to attend the ISUG -TECH conference in Atlanta or you missed that important IQ session, here's your chance get an in-depth look at the various new SAP IQ 16 features, as well as understand the essential tasks of collecting, correlating and viewing IQ performance and availability metrics.

Join Bradmark's Sr. Technical Consultant for SAP database products,Lou Stanton and Technical Sales Support Manager, Bill Baker as they address how IQ 16 delivers:

  • Significant data compression improvements resulting in more efficient data storage
  • Faster bulk and batch loads with a new parallel loading process
  • New internal query engine algorithms for even faster query response


Also learn how Surveillance IQ™ provides the essential tools for real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data repository and reporting to mitigate scheduled downtime and unplanned outages that stifle productivity, drain revenue and cause you grief.


Register Today... and discover with the power of both SAP IQ and Surveillance IQ, organizations are ensured of a high performance, highly reliable analytics engine for faster reporting, predictive systems, as well as consolidated data marts and warehouses.

Hi Everyone -

I wanted to let you know that the 2014 ISUG-TECH presentations are now available for most of the technical breakout sessions delivered at the 2014 Conference in Atlanta, GA. Live Video recordings (indicated by ) are available for some of the sessions, while others have audio recordings (indicated by )
to go along with the slide decks. Several sessions were workshops or had live demos and were not recorded.  Our SAP/Sybase teams will be bringing several of these to our members as tech-casts during the remainder of 2014.



If you did not attend the conference and you are not an ISUG-TECH Gold member you will not be able to view any of the content listed except the live video recordings for SAP ASE 16.  To access all of the content, Join now!

SAP IQ 16 is on fire - with another Guinness World’s record for largest data warehouse at 12.1 petabytes (PB).  It is an exciting milestone in SAP’s big data strategy and proof of our leading industry technologies. View the press release here.


Read Mike Hagman's blog to learn how we did with SAP IQ and SAP HANA along with the help of our partners BMMSoft, HP, Intel, NetApp, Red Hat, and MD&Profy.

BayStor from Bay Storage Technology (Bay Storage Technology ) is an innovative, software-enabled technology for deploying network attached DRAM and tiered storage on x86 commodity servers.   Over the last year or so, SAP has been working with Bay Storage Technology to evaluate BayStor's ability to improve I/O latency and bandwidth for SAP's IQ columnar database.  We have seen excellent results in our validation tests to date.  Since IQ uses a shared main database and shared temporary storage, many customers have expressed a wish to avoid continued purchases of large shared storage systems from traditional storage vendors due to their enormous cost. BayStor is an attractive solution as it is cost-effective, while providing a network attached shared storage solution with the performance of locally attached storage.  BayStor can be used for network attachment of any storage devices with or without DRAM caching. Since BayStor is seen by Linux systems as a standard block device, I/O intensive applications are accelerated without modification.

Check out this interesting white paper to learn more:

Evaluation of SAP® IQ 16 Multiplex Performance with Various Storage and Network Technologies


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