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There's one thing that people associate with the term 'Cloud' and that is having access to it everywhere and anytime. Gone are the days where people accepted/tolerated long turn-around times or tedious processes just to get what they need to do their jobs. Especially developers are not known for their patience!


To accomodate to that mindset we - the SAP NetWeaver Cloud team - tried our best to make the on-boarding process for our platform as streamlined and simple as possible. However, if we take a look at our discussion forums we see some people are still struggling with getting started, even though we have documented it quite well right here:

Get your free developer license for SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 5 minutes


Whatever it is... (guess it goes back to RTMF) we know that real developers do not need to read manuals, just as a real men do not need to read instructions on how-to assemble any kind of electronic device or a piece of furniture, right?


Either way, we are also aware that all of us got way too little time on our hands to do all this reading and hence I decided to create a short little video walking you through all the steps it takes to get started with the platform: from point zero up to deploying your first app to the cloud - all that in roughly 10 minutes!


As you'll see it's pretty much straight forward (if you know what you're doing!)




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