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SCN Space Overview

SCN space for the UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5), which supports application developers in creating quickly and easy user interfaces based on HTML5 and Javascript for mobile and web applications.

Space editors:

Alexandra Linde-Dunmire, Margot Wollny


Michael Appleby, Chandrashekhar Mahajan, Dennis Seah, Sakthivel Elango

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We are happy to announce our first ever OpenUI5/SAPUI5 convention - UI5con Frankfurt!

Date: Friday, March 11th 2016

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Duration: 1-day event

Admission: € 20 (no fee for speakers)

Participants: ~80 people

Twitter Hashtag: #UI5con

To participate on this event you have to register here.

UI5con is a non-profit community-driven convention about SAPUI5/OpenUI5 organized by our SCN community and the SAPUI5 team at SAP.

Developer Freebies

SAPUI5 Demo Kit
Get to know this demo kit. It provides a comprehensive overview on the SAPUI5 framework.


Download OpenUI5

OpenUI5 is the open source part of SAPUI5. It contains all important components and forms therefore the centerpiece of SAPUI5. Visit also the official web page and get more details.


UI5 Inspector (Chrome Dev Tools extension) new

This open source tool allows easy debugging of SAPUI5/OpenUI5 apps.

Its features are described in this blog. Also watch the video to find out more.


Check out the official YouTube channel for OpenUI5/SAPUI5. Here you can find videos and training material on OpenUI5/SAPUI5.


Sign up for HANA Cloud Platform and then follow this Getting Started Guide to access SAP Web IDE trial for free. Or download the local trial version and install it on your computer.

Featured Content

Get Involved: Impact SAP’s Solution for UI Adaptation by Sharing Your Needs

Interested in influencing the flexibility of SAPUI5 user interfaces? Read this blog from Thomas Niederbuehl to get further information on how this works and what is planned.

Optimizing OpenUI5/SAPUI5 Apps

When running an app in production the performance is important for a great user experience. In his blog, Matthias Osswald describes some simple techniques to boost the loading performance of OpenUI5 applications which do not even require you to touch app code.


What is OpenUI5 / SAPUI5 ?

In his blog, Andreas Kunz introduces OpenUI5 and explains the differences between OpenUI5 and SAPUI5.

Few tips for beginners to become a PRO in SAPUI5.
Wondering how to start learning SAPUI5?

Get some tips from Sakthivel Elango how he managed to become a PRO in SAPUI5.

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SAP Web IDE Release Information

SAP's web-based tool for developing and managing web applications is released for production - check the Release Notes!

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