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Mobile App Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) accelerate the delivery of secure, scalable mobile apps on any device.

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Michael Appleby, Claudia Pacheco, Sue Berry


Jitendra Kansal, Kiran Kola, Midhun VP, Manju Venkatesha

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Featured Content

Martin Grasshoff

SAP Hana Cloud Platform mobile services 1.2 released
Martin Grasshoff announces the new release.  SCIM support, preview landscape, mobile web app support, and admin UX improvements, GLAS auditing are some of the features being described in this latest blog.

Gerhard Henig

SAP Fiori on Mobile Devices HCPms, SMP, and Fiori!?!? Bet most of you have thought of this combo before, but read Gerhard Henig's new article about merging them all together with Mobile Secure and more!

Kiran Karunakaran Lechner

SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 SP08 - What is new ?

Kiran Karunakaran  announces the release of the latest version of the SDK for SMP and HCP Mobile Services, SMP SDK SP08.

Milton Chandradas

New features for Windows in SAP Mobile Platform SDK - Part 6 (Offline support)

Milton Chandradas has put together a series of blogs on the new features in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK (same SDK as HCPms).  Take a look at Part 6 where he talks about offline support for Windows.

Holger Bruchelt

SAP Gateway for Microsoft Pack 4 - Integrating into SMP

Holger Bruchelt describes a beautiful integration that allows customers who are already using SMP to quickly bring the same data in Office applications as well


SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services & SAP Mobile Platform


SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile services

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