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Mobile App Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) accelerate the delivery of secure, scalable mobile apps on any device.

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services 1.3.1 Release

Martin Grasshoff  announces the latest release which includes application-to-application single sign on.


Kiran Karunakaran Lechner



SMP SDK SP10 released - What is new ?

Kiran Karunakaran announces the release of the latest version of the SDK for SMP and HCP Mobile Services, SMP SDK SP10.




SAP Hana Cloud Platform mobile services 1.3 released

The HCPms 1.3 release includes new features - Support for OAuth, Actionable Push for iOS, Account Self-Service (SCIM), Same Origin Policy, and Capability based notifications.  Martin Grasshoff provides all the details in this new blog.


SAP TechEd Lecture of the Week

SAP TechEd held in Las Vegas is approaching, and Barcelona is following in November.  With the releases of SMP3 SP9 and HCPms 1.2, we have a lot of new features to show and talk about.  Sami Lechner discusses details in this blog.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services & SAP Mobile Platform


SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile services

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One SDK for cloud or on-premise deployments.

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