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SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade community space on SCN where you'll find blogs, discussions, articles and more. Connect with other SAP Community Network members to seek advice or share your knowledge about SAP ERP 6.0 upgrade.

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To get started with an upgrade to ERP 6.0, visit the Upgrade Info Center (SMP login required)

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SAP Experience Database (SMP login required)

Solution Browser Tool (SMP login required)

SAP ERP Info Center (SMP login required)

SAP ERP Enhancement Package Info Center (SMP login required)

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This Troubleshooting Guides will guide you through the steps you could take to resolve NW upgrade problems. Information include the upgrade troubleshooting guides, latest news, technical information, feature KBAs/SAP Notes, and much more. Feb 3, 2015

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Blog with top KBAs and latest SAP Notes for the upgrade

In this blog, James provides a list of the top knowledge base articles (KBAs) and of the recently added or updated SAP Notes and KBAs handling the topic of upgrade - the blog is planned to get updated regularly once a month. October 10, 2014

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