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SAP and SuccessFactors HCM Suite helps HR drive business execution with solutions that are comprehensive, engaging and flexible enough to start anywhere and still go everywhere. Find user resources, including best practices, presentations, blogs, discussion, videos, elearning, wikis and more.

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The Cloud Versus On-Premise Challenge: Maximizing the Best of Both

Vinod Choudhary: This blog is intended to give you a quick overview of how SAP and SuccessFactors are working together to give our customers the full power of the cloud, without compromise. To get the full story, download this white paper: “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extension package for SuccessFactors demystified.14 April 14;&size=72

Did you know - Interesting facts about new hire onboarding

SuccessFactors Onboarding uniquely combines the critical and tactical aspects of onboarding (compliance and clarification) with more strategic aspects (culture and connection) in all talent management processes. Read more in Anke Doerzapf's blog. 1rst April 14



Managing A Global Workforce with Localization;&size=72David Ludlow lists in his blog 5 things that a true global and local HR system should be able to do in order to claim true localization support and help companies better manage their global workforces and he points out that SAP has gone beyond high-level globalization to deliver a “glocalized” cloud HR solution. 28 March 14;&size=72

Talking HCP: Building SuccessFactors apps on the SAP HANA Cloud

In his blog Luke Marson gives a summary of the interviews with Jon Reed and Chris Paine about the SuccessFactors Employee Central extensions package on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. 25 March 14;&size=72Eliminate the HR ‘CPA’ with SuccessFactors Presentations

Mark Brandau describes in his blog the advantages of SuccessFactors Presentations, they represent the new way to provide workforce presentations that have an impact. Beyond static presentations or reports, HR can now provide workforce presentations that are more clear, accurate, engaging, and insightful. 24 March 14



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