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In case of any complaint or recall issue from the customer, then we need to track what are all the materials used to manufacture the lot and trace the same.


In Batch management, we can track the raw material used for production through batch by using MB56 (Batch where used list) or In BMBC (BATCH cockpit); where as in serial number, there is no provision to track like batch management.


For serial number managed material we need to create additionally AS Built Configurations to track the serial number.





Serial No 1.png


Once the production of the material is carried out


1) Create an Installed base – With reference to production data in COIB


Serial No 2.png

serial no 3.png

Enter the material and serial number and click explode


Serial No 4.png


After enter the component serial number and click transfer


serial no 5.png


Serial No 6.png


The same way we can create  a link for dependent material




Enter the material and serial number and click explode


Serial no 7.png

After entering serial number, click transfer


Serial no 8.png

And click the save button.


Serial no 9.png


Select the Create/Change as built in foreground


Serial no 10.png



2)  Once the material is returned back from the customer due to any complaint


Go to  IH20 or IH22


Serial no 11.png


Serial no 12.png

Enter the finish material no and serial number & execute


Serial no 13.png


You will find the installation base no.


With reference to installation base no, we can display the dependent material serial no linked with 300305


Go to IB53


Serial no 14.png


Serial no 15.png


And enter


Serial no 16.png


We can find the all the serial no of the dependent materials which is assigned to material 300305 & serial no 2.




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