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Let's get our hands dirty by taking an example case of "Create Sales Order" - VA01 Transaction of SAP ERP. Using GuiXT, I'll demonstrate how you can go about simplifying the entire Transaction.

Step 1: Create a quick jump button for the user on a start/dashboard screen.


// Clear the screen


// Add button for the process that will fire VA01 on clicking, and any more you wish to add

Pushbutton (1,0) "Create Sales Order" "/nva01" size="2"

Pushbutton (1,35) "OBD               " "/nvl01n" size="2"



Step 2: Simplify Entry Screen.

First Screen of VA01 - Let's do the following...


  • Add default value(s) for quicker input if applicable
  • Hide unwanted/default fields from screen
  • Limit user choice for data input


File: SAPMV45A.E0101.TXT

// Set default value in Order Type field

Default F[Order Type] "OR" // Standard order

// Remove Group Box with all fields

Del G[Organizational Data]

// Assign smart Radio buttons for automatic data entry in required fields

// Add two radio buttons that enter appropriate values in SAles Org, Distr Channel and Division fields, when clicked

Radiobutton (2,0) "General orders" name="g_radio" [Sales Organization] "0001" [Distribution Channel] "01" [Division] "01"

Radiobutton (2,25) "HQ" name="g_radio" [Sales Organization] "1000" [Distribution Channel] "10" [Division] "10"




Step 3: Simplify Main Screen.

Second screen of VA01 - let's do the following...


  • Change some labels to user-friendly text
  • Reduce number of columns in the Table
  • Hide unwanted TABs and fields from screen
  • Add more functionality and integration


File: SAPMV45A.E4001.TXT

// Change sold-to party to "customer"

Text F[Sold-to party] "Customer"

// Identify unwanted columns and hide them by numbers or names as reference

ColumnWidth [All items,ItCa] 0

ColumnWidth [All items,Material group] 0

ColumnWidth ...

// Remove unwanted TABs

Del P[Item overview]

Del P[Item detail]

Del ...

// Add "import from excel" functionality to populate the table rows faster

// The specific implementation can vary, so the entire logic is excluded from here

// "import_data.txt" is a program that has to be written to your specific requirement

Pushbutton (col,row) "Import from Excel" "/0" process="import_data.txt"

// Add "create delivery" functionality in toolbar; you can add "post goods issue" etc...

// Inside specific script text files, you need to specify the user actions for the scripts to execute

Pushbutton (Toolbar) "SAVE and Create Delivery" "/0" process="save_and_create_delivery.txt"


File: Save_And_Create_Delivery.TXT

// If the user step is to save the order and then click on a menu item to create delivery, the same has to reflect within this script

Screen SAPMV45A.4001

  Enter "/11"

Screen SAPMV45A.4001

  Enter "/Menu=1,7"




NOTE: The above is a sample work, which may not be directly applicable to your case. But remember, once you know what you want, you can pretty much cook-up a better productive process within 60 minutes, using GuiXT. Many more avenues of consolidation are possible - we'll cover them as we proceed to write more on this forum. I've plans to throw many more examples that will help you as a guideline; if there's a specific confusion or requirement, I'll be happy to respond accordingly.



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