If the issue occurs every time when creating sales document, then customizing setting should be checked first. Please use report check_cm in SE38 and refer to note 18613.typical questions:


Question 1: I didn't assign any credit control area for the payer, why the credit control area is determined for the sales order?
Answer: Please check steps 1-4 of note 18613. You may have maintained credit control area for the company code or sales area.
The priority for credit control area determination is->

  1. Userexit->if not used
  2. XD03->if blank
  3. OVFL->if blank
  4. OB38



Question 2: Why the sales order is not blocked although I get the information message saying "*** credit check: credit limit exceeded"?
Answer: Please check the setting in T-code OVA8.
Field "Reaction" and "Status/Block" must be set together.
If not, the sales order won't be blocked even when the credit check failed.



Question 3: What is the proper update group to be set in OB45?
Answer: Default setting for update group is 000012 (delivery-related billing)
Update group 000015 (only S067 will be updated: open delivery and open billing document value. This update group is relevant if the customer doesn't want sales orders to be relevant for the update. Do not use this update group with dynamic credit check since S066 is not updated)
Update group 000018 (only S067 will be updated: open delivery value and open billing document value. This update group is relevant for business processes without a delivery, for example third-party orders, credit memos...)


Question 4: I have set all the settings for credit check, however the credit value is not updated correctly, why?
Answer: The credit check and the update of the credit values are separate processes which are also controlled separately by the respective customizing:
1) credit check is controlled by transactions OVAK and OVA8. Relevant note 18613
2) update of the credit values is controlled by VOV7 or OVA7: "credit acttive" flag.

The 'Credit active' setting only affects the credit update of the SD credit values (open orders, open delivery and open billing documents). This flag has no control on the credit check. So if for an order type, there is no credit check in OVAK and OVA8 but the "credit active" flag is set for the item category, the order will update the credit values even if no credit check is performed for the  order.
If the flag "credit active" is not set, the system will not update the open credit values. On the other hand, the system ALWAYS updates the FI credit value 'Open receivable' when the billing document is transferred to Accounting. So, although you deactivated the "Credit active" flag in OVA7 or VOV7, such an item will increase the 'Open receivables' and thus the credit limit used when the corresponding billing document is posted to Accounting.

Funtion modules for credit check:
SD_ORDER_CREDIT_CHECK-->for sales order
SM_ORDER_CREDIT_CHECK-->for service order/CRM

1.Take sales order for example, set breakpoint at SD_ORDER_CREDIT_CHECK->
Enter a new item or change item quantity(cost) to trigger a new check

When FM is hitted, search for the coding for specific check, for example static check

* static check                                                       
   if no_check is initial.                                          
     clear rkvbuk-cmpsa.                                              
     if t691f-cmpaa eq true                                           
     ( update      eq true or                                         
       t691f-cecki eq true or                                         
       t691f-strea eq con_error ).                                    
       perform static_credit_check using  update         <<<<<<<<Set here     

                                      rc_check_a rc_check rc_warning  
                                      rc_error rc_status_set          

xvbak-kkber                    1000          -->credit control area
xvbak-knkli                    0000001050    -->credit account
flg_order                      X

2.When above BP is hit, F5 to enter the Form for static check

PERFORM CREDIT_EXPOSURE_GET is to get the exposure
T691F-STVAW and T691F-STVLW are the "open order" and "open delivery" field in OVA8

SCC_OPEN_ORDER    -->open order value
SCC_OPEN_DELIVERY -->open delivery value
SCC_OPEN_INVOICE  -->open invoice value

3.PERFORM CREDIT_DELTA_ORDER is to calculate the current sales order value
Set BP at the next line after this Form and Press F5 to enter this FORM->

CALL FUNCTION 'MCV_STATISTICS_ORDER' -->FM for statistics update for order

SET BP at subroutine->
Program                       SAPLMCS1
Subroutine/Method/Module      OFFENE_WERTE_EINT

Then search for PERFORM cmpre_calculate(saplvkmp)-->program for credit price calculation

4.After CREDIT_DELTA_ORDER is complete DELTA_OEIKW is filled with current sales order

value, it is added to SCC_OPEN_ORDER(open order value)

                               + SCC_OPEN_INVOICE.

Open order, delivery and invoice value is summed up.


Then it is compared with the credit limit maintained in FD32.

If the open value is large than credit limit, message is issued to inform user that the credit check failed.
The message type depends on setting in OVA8.


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