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SAP community for SAP Inside Track. Find helpful blogs, participate in discussions, and benefit from the training and problem solving resources available.

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How to host an SAP Inside Track! Easy step-by-step guide to build a community!∓&size=72

An SAP Inside Track (SIT) is a local grassroots community organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge and expertise and to network about SAP related topics. Arif Mohamed Johari explains in his blog how to organize an SAP Inside Track. 29 September 15



Interview with Tsovi (Part III)

In the third part of our blog series we get in touch with Tsovinar Chugaszyan, working in the HCP product management team at SAP. She is an engaged SAP Inside Track (SIT) supporter, did a presentation on the SIT Frankfurt this year and is actually member of the organizing team for the SIT Walldorf which will take place on December 2nd and 3rd 2016 (registration form). Have a look also to the first blog and the second part.

19 July 16

Information and Insights from SAP Inside Track (SIT) Part II

Speech.pngHaving elaborated a small SIT history in the first blog part, you will find in the second part some insights from well-known SIT organizers and you may check out how satisfied SIT participants are and what are their actual wishes. 22 June 16

Information and Insights from SAP Inside Track (SIT) Part I

SIT_Reporter.pngWant to know more about SAP Inside Track events (SIT)? In the first part of the new blog series Ingvild Bayer gives you a short historical review about SITs around the globe and questions about this event are answered by SIT attendees and SIT organizers. 13 June 16

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