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Elle Ding

Support is the New Sexy

Posted by Elle Ding Sep 18, 2014

Fall is exciting not only for students as the new school year begins, but also for tech savvies. After the release of the iPhone 6 on Sept 9, another wave of zeal for technology is approaching - 2014 SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas on Oct 20-24. To find out more about this event, check out the video below.



Have you grown tired of sales pitches and marketing jargon? SAP Active Global Support (AGS) will be at this educational technology event offering interactive hands-on sessions and workshops to provide you a unique opportunity to learn and connect with IT experts!

Who says support boring? At SAP TechEd && d-code, support can be the new sexy! Active Global Support (read more about AGS click HERE) will cover several key topics at the pods on the show floor designed to help you solve your daily challenges including:

          • ONE Support: Support of Hybrid Customer Landscapes
          • SAP Solution Manager
          • SAP AGS Innovation & Operations Control Centers
          • Agile Lifecycle Management & Run SAP Like a Factory
          • Landscape Transformation Management
          • SAP Solution Manager as a Managed Service


From lectures to product road map Q&A, code review and hands-on workshops, SAP Active Global Support offers a wide variety of sessions where you will hear about:

  • ONE Support - the simple and unified support experience to maximize the value of support.
  • How you can get mission-critical support and increase global collaboration based on industry and best practices.
  • Find out how the innovation control center can help you implement SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss the Innovation & Operations Control Center dashboards with our AGS experts.
  • SAP Landscape Transformation - facilitate the transition to new SAP innovations and enable improved testing and validation of application development activities.


For more information on the AGS session agenda, please click here.



Register today and join AGS on the show floor for SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas on Oct 20-24!


Let what happens in Vegas help you to operate your business better!

Every DemoJam season, audiences get a chance to witness creativity at its best and get an opportunity to be a part of the energetic, fun and loud crowd, which ultimately determines the winner. The tenth anniversary of DemoJam will be no less, in fact this year we have something NEW!


This year all demo submissions will get a chance to showcase their work through our brand-new online demo showcase. This means, DemoJam goers will not only get to see the demos live but they can go home and later view all the demos that were submitted. This online demo showcase gives all DemoJam participants the opportunity to impress their peers and the whole SAP ecosystem.


Also, this year we have new prizes. That’s right, this year you are taking something home, we’ve mothballed the old trophy and have something new, isn’t that exciting?


DemoJam has given us some amazing demos over the years. Here are some of my favorite demos (feel free to share your favorite demos too):

  • Learning geographical information through a book could be boring but thanks to Globemasters that won’t be a problem. Globemaster demos a playful, engaging and unique way to explore geographical information. And the best thing: after seeing the demo, you will know how to build a similar solution with just a few objects that are probably lying around in your office or garage. Globemaster can be used on SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand or with any other SAP system.


  • Rupam Bhattacharya and Jai Santhosh demoed SAP Augmented Reality on Mobile by using a retail store as the back drop, some markers and a phone. When the phone recognizes a small pattern on the marker in a store, it can then super impose directions to items in the store or 3D objects to you on the shelf. This application can be ease the daily work of supervisors, managers and even help customers find ways around the store.


  • SAP Freeway is mobile app that helps ambulances get to the patient and the hospital in the most efficient manner possible. This mobile app allows the drivers to get routes, change traffic lights and control traffic. This application was written in ABAP.



The tenth anniversary of DemoJam is only a couple days away and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a chance to participate. The last day to submit demos is September 20th, so submit your DEMO NOW!

Have you heard about the new partnership agreement between SAP and Apigee and the new product offering called “SAP API management” as result of this partnership?



Want to see this solution in action or chat with our experts face to face about it? TechEd && d-code will be the perfect opportunity for you.

               SAP API management intro video


One of the easiest ways to find the experts besides at the sessions is stopping by at our demo Pod 16 in the info zone.  We have cool giveaways at the Pod too! Besides the SAP API management topic our experts onsite will offer a series of sessions about SAP Gateway as well which is a technology that enables a simple way to connect devices, environments and platforms to SAP software based on OData standard. SAP Gateway is one of the important API sources that work seamlessly with the API management solution. Below is an overview of how SAP API management integrates with the SAP product family including SAP Gateway.



Here is what our team offers at TechEd Vegas:

1. Lectures and hands-on sessions on SAP API management and Gateway:

Session ID

Session Type





Session Date/Time




1 h

Cutting-Edge SAP API management leveraging REST

Orchestration, and Intelligent  Processes

Joav Bally








2 h

Consuming SAP Data in Google Apps by leveraging SAP

Orchestration, and Intelligent  Processes

Argyle Ferris (Google)

Himanshu Pande (SAP)



Wed,    4:30p-6:30p



4 h

Develop an E2E integration scenario with SAP Gateway, SAP HANA and SAPUI5

Orchestration, and Intelligent  Processes

Joerg Singer,
Tatjana Pfeifer, Oliver Liemert


8 a-12 p





2 h

Advanced OData Service Development with SAP Gateway

Development and extension
  platform for HANA and Cloud

Himanshu Pande, Mustafa Saglam




10:30 a

– 12:30p


Code review


SAP Gateway – Tune Your OData Services

extension  platform for HANA and Cloud






2. Related lecture and hands-on sessions  


Session ID

Session Type





Session Date/Time




2 hOData in SAP HANA Cloud IntegrationOrchestration, and Intelligent ProcessesMustafa Saglam, Joav Bally






1 h

OData in SAP Process Orchestration

Orchestration, and Intelligent

Christian Loos, Mustafa Saglam

Tue,  5:45p-6:45p

Wed,  5:45p-6:45p 


Mini codejam

1 h

Modeling and Composing OData Services for Mobile and Cloud

Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes

Mustafa SaglamTue 4p – 5p


Mini codejam

1 h

Let’s have fun with OData and Apache Olingo on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform

Development and Dev and
  extension platform for HANA and Cloud
Jens Huesken


12:15p – 1:15p


3. Speaker and Expert Networking sessions (30 min) – more speaker sessions to come

Session ID

Session Type


Session owner

Session Date/Time



Expert Networking Networking

Innovate with SAP Gateway and API Management

Tue, 3:30p-4p

Expert networking lounge


Expert Networking Networking

Integration and Orchestration Solutions at our Customers

Wed, 4:00 –
  4:30 PM

Expert networking lounge


4. Demo Pod 16 - SAP Integration Solutions and API Management

Our experts will be at the demo Pod in the Info zone with
several innovative demos to cover the entire SAP Integration solution portfolio
with API management as one key new offering.


5. Social Media Program

On top our social media program will be very active during the entire TechEd && d-code. Whether you are onsite or remote from Vegas, you can find the latest about SAP API management and Gateway on the following social media channels!

SCN – SAP API Management | SCN - SAP Gateway

LinkedIn | Youtube| Twitter | Facebook


SAP API management and Gateway Product Management Team

A winner of DemoJam receives fame, recognition and visibility among peers, but the benefits of DemoJam aren’t only limited to the winners but also extended to all the participants. All DemoJam participants are given the opportunity to steal the limelight even if it’s for only six minutes and the experience that will last a lifetime.


In 2008, DemoJam goers witnessed a demo that didn’t win, yet received a lot of attention. I know this because when I was doing research on whom the winner was in 2008, the name that kept recurring was ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment). ESME is a combination of SAP and Twitter-like technology. ESME is a solution that let users who need help solving problems, tap into the collective knowledge of their peers or surrounding groups of people with whom they would naturally work with. ESME allows for real-time “microblogging”/conversations with peers that help users solve their problems instantaneously. This real-time problem solving social media prototype runs on SAP NetWeaver with a Scala/Life server framework and an Adobe Flex/Air client. ESME draws its development team from the SAP community which includes both BPX’ers and business people that have an interest in learning how social media works and how it can help deliver innovative solutions to users’ daily problems. ESME presented at two DemoJams, Las Vegas and Bangalore, and they are surely remembered for their amazing demo.



Similarly, in 2012, a group of kids walked away with the limelight despite not winning the trophy. Yes, I’m talking about the three brilliant kids, Nikola Bura, Jordan Qassis, and Angelo Castro from Roberto Clemente Middle School in Maryland that demoed the app “Food Agent.” The iPhone app scans quick response (QR) codes on grocery products and provides users with information about the item’s origin and ingredients, and also alerts them if the item poses as a hazard. This iPhone app was built using SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP’s software solutions are often perceived by some as clunky, anachronistic, and suited only for big companies but these kids proved that to be myth. They presented their demo with great ease, charm and grace that kept the audience glued to their seats throughout the whole presentation. There wasn't a moment in their presentation where I felt it was a group of kids presenting the demo, they presented like true professionals. The trio lost the competition short of a few claps to Will Powell and Nic Doodson of Keytree yet even after coming in second place they were the talk of the conference. All three kids became instant SAP TechEd celebrities and even received recognition from CEO Bill McDermott and former CTO, Vishal Sikka. The kids were mentored by John Astill and are currently working on a hazards app that interfaces with the EPA databases.



DemoJam 2014 is the place to be! Give yourself the chance to showcase your talent, impress the entire SAP ecosystem and the opportunity to take home a lifetime worth of memories and maybe even the winning medal. The last day to submit your demo is September 20, 2014. Hurry and submit your demo NOW!

Craig Cmehil

Hacker Night is BACK!

Posted by Craig Cmehil Sep 10, 2014

After a few years of not being officially around we are excited to announce the return of the Hacker Night at SAP TechEd && d-code! For those who were with us in the years past you may remember the causal atmosphere, exciting technology and a chance to hang out and interact with lots of like minded individuals.


  • Hacker Night: We'll bring the power, Internet, food, and booze. You bring your laptops and your great ideas. Together, we'll build something amazing.


This year we've got SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, some IoT, SAP JAM and a few other things in store for those attending! It's a limited seating event and we will be sending out an opportunity to RSVP for the event for everyone whose registered for the d-code event in one of those technical style roles. We'll also have a few more slots for everyone else as well!


Never been to a Hacker Night before? Well I came across some of these old posts regarding the events of years past and of course we plan to make this comeback year even better!



Magic happens, connections are made and networks grow!


Three years ago, Craig Cmehil invited me to RIA Hacker night at SAP TechEd. I knew nothing about RIA, didn't want to know and secretly thought I'd be bored. But he said the magic words: 'There's free beer.' I'm eternally grateful to Craig because that night was an ah-ha experience.


Be sure to not miss out and RSVP early when the invites come out!

Are you attending SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas or Berlin this year? Zebra will be there, and our attending team has some insider insights for you!

To find out which sessions our team is most excited about and why, we interviewed John Ramsey, Advanced Technology Engineer at Zebra.


Which location will you be attending?

I will be attending the Las Vegas show, October 20th-24th, 2014.


Which sessions are you most excited about, and why?

There is a plethora of sessions to choose from, but the DEV category piqued my interest right away. DEV stands for Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud. Sessions in this category explore the most powerful technologies of the SAP HANA platform, and teach attendees how to write their own applications based on SAP HANA. With things going to the Cloud, I want to know how we at Zebra might build services and applications that work natively within the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. I will surely be attending DEV102 in particular, which will instruct attendees on SAP HANA Cloud Platform offerings and how customers and partners can benefit from them.


I’m also interested in TEC240 – this session covers how Cisco platforms are enabling applications and analytics innovation in IoT.  I want to understand some of the new SAP and Cisco innovations, and the strategy they are taking because that will help Zebra collaborate, especially when we think about Zatar and data integration.


Finally, I am looking forward to the Mobile Solution Development sessions to learn about SAP’s access, management, development and security tools.


Beyond the educational sessions, what events are you looking forward to the most?

This show features a technology showcase, and this year, I am particularly interested in Cloud integration. The technology showcase is an area of the tradeshow floor that features demos of apps showcasing new SAP technology. Personally, I’m excited to learn about how partners are going to be able to integrate into SAP via the Cloud. At Zebra, we’d love to learn more about how Link-OS and Zatar might tie in.


Every year, the event hosts a 5K that welcomes all attendees to flex their  athletic ability – will you be participating?


Yes. But, how do I say this – I’ll be walking.


What advice do you have for first time attendees?

First and foremost, I would recommend that first time attendees look at the map of the tradeshow floor and locate Zebra! Once they’ve done so, I’d recommend –

  • Creating a list of other vendors that they want to see, and nailing those out as quickly as possible
  • If they haven’t already chosen which sessions they’d like to attend, choose. Find out where they will need to be, arrive early, and work around that. Don’t miss the things that you came to see. It’s a busy show – have a plan.
  • Finally, first time attendees should make sure that they have enough energy for the entertainment – this year, Huey Lewis and the News will perform!

SAP InnoJam


It has become a tradition by now to kick-off the TechEd && d-code season with InnoJams and this year is no exception. This time around the event will take place in Palo Alto and resolve around the theme of 'Internet of Things for the Agricultural Industry'. Of course, HCP will be one of the key technologies we'll use and we'll have subject matter experts on-site to assist where needed. In fact, IoT is a key usage scenario for the HANA Cloud Platform and it's safe to assume that you'll hear more about this topic throughout TechEd. Helena Losada has all the details needed here: SAP InnoJam at SAP TechEd && d-code 2014


ASUG Pre-conference


Based on last year's success we will continue to host a pre-conference session in joint cooperation with ASUG prior to the main event. This year no other than Rui Nogueira will be your host and provide you with a 'Fast track to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform'. It's the perfect opportunity for those not yet (too) familiar with the platform to get up to speed with HCP, its capabilities and common usage scenarios. Not by coincidence, there will also be a dedicated block in which we'll showcase how-to develop sensor-based applications that communicate with HCP to give you a glimpse of how the platform caters to IoT scenarios.




Personally, I'm really looking forward to the keynotes this year!!!


With Steve Lucas and Björn Goerke we'll see two of SAP's most prolific and high-profile executives setting the stage and knowing that both are strong promoters of the platform I expect HCP to get a good amount of airtime.


If Steve pulls off another of his famous upbeat talks [VIDEO] about the value proposition of cloud platforms - as he has done at SAPPHIRE NOW - then we are all in for a ride! On this matter, I'm sharing the perception of Richard Hirsch that having Steve talk about the platform greatly helps to get the attention from the non-technical people in the audience.


As the HCP veterans among you know, HCP was incubated under the leadership of Björn and he was among the first executives to publicly talk about HCP (Announcing: Project River). He'll most probably share our plans for HCP and the future direction of the platform and address the developers and technical people in the audience in his inimitable style.



Session Overview


There'll be plenty of sessions related to HCP targeting beginners and veterans alike. Given that more than 50k of you enrolled for our openSAP courses we made sure that we have the right lectures and hands-on sessions to get you to the next level. At the same time we'll of course continue to provide entry-level sessions for those interested to learn more about cloud and cloud platforms. Here's the breakdown:


Session IDTitle / AbstractDate / Time



Lecture (2hr)

Overview of Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud


Big Data and the cloud rapidly change the way successful applications are built. SAP provides the platform for SAP HANA and the cloud to develop custom code in a professional way. This session provides an overview of development capabilities for SAP HANA native development, ABAP 7.4, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


Speaker: Karl Kessler

Tue, 11:15am - 01:15pm

Thu, 08:00am - 10:00am



Lecture (2hr)

Build, Extend, and Run Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform


SAP HANA Cloud Platform combines the power of SAP HANA with the flexibility of the cloud to build net new industry and LoB solutions, and to extend existing SAP solutions. Learn which services this cloud platform offers and hear how you as a customer or partner can benefit from it. The session includes live demos and real-world examples.


Speakers: Thorsten Schneider and Jana Richter

Tue, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Thu, 10:30am – 12:30pm



Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

SAP HANA Extended Application Services in SAP HANA Cloud Platform with Web IDE


Hands-on exercises to build and debug an SAP HANA native PersonsList application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench. Highlights include: SAP HANA native development (aka SAP HANA extended application services) and the benefits of a Web-based design-time that is integrated with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform


Speakers: Jens Glander and Robert Wetzold

Tue, 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Thu, 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

Build SAP HANA Cloud Applications Which Integrate with On-Premise Systems


SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the platform-as-a-service offering by SAP that enables SAP partners and customers to deploy and use Java EE and HANA XS applications in a cloud environment. In this hands-on session, you will learn how you can use the SAP HANA Cloud connectivity service to integrate cloud applications with an on-premise backend system.


Speakers: Markus Tolksdorf and Jens Hüsken

Wed, 8:00am – 10:00am

Thu, 8:00am – 10:00am



Lecture (1hr)

Extend SuccessFactors Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Applications


Already using SuccessFactors and keen on becoming part of their partner ecosystem? This session shows you how to start from scratch, build and deploy your first SuccessFactors extension and add a new flow or a completely new module to the system. It's up to you how your company will differentiate from the competition out there.


Speakers: Stanimir Ivanov

Wed, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Thu, 8:00am – 9:00am



Lecture (2hr)

Innovate and Simplify with Customer and Partner Developments


In this session we focus on: create a competitive advantage by customers and partner developments, simplify and renovate earlier ABAP-based extensions of SAP Business Suite, best practices and role models to quickly start innovations by using SAP HANA Cloud Platform for hybrid cloud/on-premise scenarios, and ensure economic viability of innovation.


Speakers: Wolfgang Weiss

Tue, 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Thu, 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

Unleash SAP Fiori-Like Applications to the Web on SAP HANA Cloud Platform


Learn how to run, extend and maintain SAP Fiori-like internet applications on a public cloud by using new HTML5 application services and tools of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


Speakers: Robert Wetzold and Jens Glander

Wed, 10:30am – 12:30pm

Fri, 8:00am – 10:00am




Hands-On Workshop (4hr)

Developing SAP HANA Native Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform


During this session, build a native SAP HANA application end-to-end. This includes: creation of a data model, implementation of business logic with SQLScript and server-side JavaScript (XS), creation of a user interface based on SAPUI5, and usage of cloud services.


Speakers: Rui Nogueira, Thomas Jung, Rich Heilman and John Astill

Wed, 2:15pm – 6:15pm

Fri, 8:00am – 12:00pm



Lecture (1hr)

Troubleshooting Applications in the Cloud


Problems typically happen in production and are usually not reproducible. Applications tend to get slow with significant user load. SAP HANA Cloud Platform allows to debug, profile, and optimize cloud applications. We walk through together the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform Eclipse toolset and peek into a real productive application.


Speakers: Stanimir Ivanov

Wed, 3:15pm – 4:15pm

Thu. 9:15am – 10:15am



Product Roadmap Q&A (1hr)

Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform


SAP HANA Cloud Platform combines the power of SAP HANA with the flexibility of the cloud to build net new industry and LoB solutions, and to extend existing SAP solutions. This session outlines currently available features, planned innovations, and the future direction of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


Speakers: Thorsten Schneider

Tue, 12:00pm - 01:00 pm

We, 10:00am - 11:00am



Lecture (1hr)

Integrate Existing Systems and Replicate Data to SAP HANA Cloud Platform


This best practice session shows you how to bring together applications developed on SAP HANA Cloud Platform with your existing systems. Learn about options regarding connectivity, data replication technologies, and process integration based on SAP HANA Cloud Integration and how those can be used in hybrid on-premise and cloud scenarios.


Speakers: Jana Richter and Udo Paltzer

Wed, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Thu, 3:15pm – 4:15pm



Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

Secure Scenarios with Cloud Identity Services and SAP HANA Cloud Platform


In this session, learn how to secure access to cloud applications. Based on the SAML 2.0 standard (Security Assertion Markup Language), configure browser-based single sign-on (SSO) scenarios, establish trust to applications, adjust policies and UI branding, and learn how to manage your user base in the cloud.


Speakers: Martin Raepple and Valentin Ivanov

Tue, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Fri, 8:00am – 10:00am



Lecture (1hr)

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – A Security Overview


Security, identity, and access management are top priorities when considering moving applications to the cloud. In this demo-rich session, learn how SAP HANA Cloud Platform addresses these challenges and hear practical guidance on how to use the platform to build and integrate applications that meet your security requirements.


Speaker: Martin Raepple

Tue, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Thu, 8:00am – 9:00am



Lecture (1hr)

SAP's Platform for Application Development – SAP HANA


SAP HANA drives innovation and simplification. Learn how SAP HANA emerges from on-premise to the cloud. See how it can be used to extend SAP Business Suite applications with Fiori-like UIs, and get a glimpse of SAP’s platform for new and innovative IoT scenarios.


Speaker: Andreas Wesselmann

Tue, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Thu, 4:30pm – 5:30pm


With so many valuable sessions to choose from it's hard to point out individual ones. Of course, it greatly depends on your skill level and interest on which sessions you should consider attending. However, if I would have to point out must-attend sessions my personal (!!!) recommendations would be the following ones:


Hands-on workshops:


  • DEV164, Build SAP HANA Cloud Applications Which Integrate with On-Premise Systems - Given that hybrid (on-premise & cloud) IT landscapes are the future I believe that this session is the perfect fit for those considering to extend their on-premise business into the cloud. Markus and Jens will teach you all you need to know to start your journey.
  • DEV260, Unleash SAP Fiori-Like Applications to the Web on SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Fiori has been a hot topic recently (and rightly so) and the capabilities that HCP brings to the table to empower you to build your own Fiori-like applications takes it to the next level. Robert and Jens have established a reputation for providing first-class tutorials (e.g. ESPM) and as such you're in for a special treat if you enroll for this workshop.
  • DEV261, Developing SAP HANA Native Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform - The list of people who run this workshop reads like the who-is-who in developer evangelism at SAP and includes no less than three SAP Mentors. You all heard about SAP HANA as a development platform and if you're curious to get a first-hand experience than you rather enroll for this workshop ASAP - if there's a seat left, that is!




  • DEV102, Build, Extend, and Run Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform - This session is the perfect fit for people new to the topic. If you want to get a solid overview than this session is the one to attend. Jana and Thorsten are both working in our Product Management team and as such perfectly suited to get you up to speed.
  • DEV203, Extend SuccessFactors Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Applications - Stanimir will cover another primary usage scenario for HCP: SaaS extensions. Those interested to extend SuccessFactors solutions or people with an HR focus should mark their calendars!
  • DEV207, Innovate and Simplify with Customer and Partner Developments - Wolfgang will share with you best practices and role models derived from the experiences made with existing customers and partners with a focus on on-premise extensions using HCP.


Roadmap and Overview sessions:


  • DEV100, Overview of Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud - In this overview session Karl will provide an overview about SAP's development platforms including HANA, ABAP 7.4 and of course HCP. If you want to get up-to-date on that topic, than this session is a good investment of your time.
  • DEV814, Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform - If you're curious about what's to come or want to know more about the recent announcements related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry then this session is the one to look out for. Thorsten will have all the latest news for you and you'll be among the first to know.
  • TEC106, SAP's Platform for Application Development – SAP HANA - Andreas is heading the HANA Platform Extension organisation, so if you want to hear it from the source, then this session should be your pick. He'll touch upon Business Suite extensions in the cloud, Fiori-like user interfaces and upcoming IoT scenarios based on HCP, in short - all the topics that will dominate the show-floor conversations throughout the event!



CodeJams - Developers Wanted!


The CodeJam sessions are the perfect opportunity for all developers coming to TechEd && d-code to get your hands dirty. Craig Cmehil and team will join forces with experts from the respective development teams to help you experience SAP technologies first-hand in a relaxed atmosphere. All CodeJam mini-editions related to HANA Cloud Platform are listed here, so make sure to add them to your personal agenda! (Remember: seats are located o a first-come, first-serve fashion!)


Not to forget...


Events like SAP TechEd && d-code are the perfect networking opportunity and with so many people from the HCP team on-site it'll be easy to get in touch with us. Step by our solution pod or reach out to the team via social media (e.g. Twitter) upfront and schedule a private chat with the people you want to meet. For that purpose we have recently compiled an overview of social media savy members of the team: SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Who is who


Last, but no least... make sure to follow our official Twitter account @saphcp as we'll of course cover the event and everything note-worthy! Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in just about a month...

The SAP Portal team is ready for another exciting SAP TechEd season 2014. We are looking forward meeting you in Las Vegas and Berlin. This year the following topics are on the focus of our lectures and hands-on sessions:

  • SAP portal portfolio and its strategic direction as a user experience platform including SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and cloud extensions, as well as the new SAP Fiori launchpad experience on top of the SAP portal portfolio.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal: learn how to easily create appealing business sites and solution extensions, develop SAP HANA Cloud Portal apps via OpenSocial widgets, and create your own solution extension for SuccessFactors, an SAP company.
  • SAP Fiori launchpad: get an overview about the solution, benefits, key capabilities, and services as well as recommendations for administrators and developers. Learn how to consume various launchpad services and business applications (transactional, collaborative, analytical), to configure the launchpad, and to explore the administration perspective.

The session catalogues are already available for Las Vegas and Berlin. You can find the Portal sessions by choosing the track/subtrack User Experience and User Interface Development -> Portal and UI Clients.


Sessions in Detail

SAP Portal Portfolio


Lecture: UXP202 SAP Portal Portfolio: Overview and Outlook
Hear an overview on the SAP portal portfolio and its strategic direction as a user experience platform including a highlight of the latest innovations, benefits, demos, and showcases from SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and cloud extensions, as well as the new SAP Fiori launchpad experience on top of the SAP Portal portfolio.


UXP207 ASUG Influence Council: Portal and SAP UIs Influencing Channels

Learn about the ongoing ASUG and SAP channels for staying informed, influencing SAP road maps, and collaborating with other customers. This is an opportunity to preview SAP Labs latest UIs tech, or discuss your business scenarios and ideas directly with SAP Portal experts and practitioners to impact the future direction of the SAP portfolio.


SAP HANA Cloud Portal


Lecture: UXP107 Attractive Business Sites and Extensions with SAP HANA Cloud Portal
Join this session to get an overview on SAP HANA Cloud Portal and learn how to easily create appealing business sites and solution extensions. The session covers benefits, showcases and key capabilities, latest innovations, as well as recommendations for developers creating SuccessFactors extensions.

Hands-On: UXP162 Experience SAP HANA Cloud Portal for Creating Engaging Business Sites
Experience the latest innovations of SAP HANA Cloud Portal in action, including the new SAP Fiori experience. In this session, we cover exercises and recommendations for creating appealing business sites, developing SAP HANA Cloud Portal apps via OpenSocial widgets, and creating your own solution extension for SuccessFactors.


Watch also this movie on HANA Cloud Portal as an introduction into this topic:




SAP Fiori Launchpad


Lecture: UXP104 SAP Fiori Launchpad – An Overview
SAP Fiori launchpad offers users a role-based, personalized, real-time and contextual aggregation point for SAP business applications and analytics. The session provides an overview about the solution, benefits, key capabilities, and services as well as recommendations for administrators and SAP Fiori developers leveraging the launchpad services.


Hands-On: UXP163 SAP Fiori Launchpad in Action – Central Access to SAP Business Content

Join this hands-on session to experience the new SAP Fiori launchpad in action. In the session, consume various launchpad services and business applications (transactional, collaborative, analytical), configure the launchpad, and explore the administration perspective.


Watch also this movie showing how the SAP Fiori launchpad is running on Enterprise Portal:



Note: You are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our SAP Portal experts at SAP TechEd conference already now, please contact us via sapportal@sap.com and tell us which topic you would like to discuss.


We are looking forward meeting you in Las Vegas and Berlin in 2014!


What is Coming Next?


We also plan a video series where you can meet our SAP TechEd speakers already before the event, and they will tell you what you can expect this year to hear and see from them.

The SAP Portal movie challenge is also running for SAP TechEd && d-code. You can win SCN badges and points. You do not know how to participate? Stay tuned! I will inform you in another blog about it in the next weeks.


Bookmark this blog to be informed on all additional news, we will provide in the next weeks.


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We've just decided to go ahead and extend the deadline for submissions to the upcoming Las Vegas and Berlin SAP TechEd && d-code DemoJam events!


It seems that vacations, school holidays and other things ran a bit longer this year than expected and we were asked to extend the deadline from September 10th to the 20th! So without further ado you have got it - the deadline is now the 20th of September and for those who thought the submission form was a bit complex we've made it simpler now as well!


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.17.27 AM.png


Provide us a link to your video, your name and email and of course your demo title and description and BAM! you are good to go!


If you have already submitted to the "old" form no fear we have those saved - BUT if you are not sure and would like to verify we have your submission by all means please simply contact me via email (craig.cmehil @ sap.com) and I will personally check on your submission!

The tenth anniversary of DemoJam is being celebrated this SAP TechEd && d-code season and it would definitely be a shame if one were to miss it. DemoJam is accepting demo submissions until September 20th, 2014 and if you are still looking for reasons as to why you should submit your demo, here are some reasons why: winners 2013 emea.jpg

  • Take the risk! If you have a brilliant idea then don’t hold back. Yes, it may be risk but is also is a great opportunity. If you are a partner, your company name will get noticed; if you are a developer, this will be your chance to showcase your skills.
  • Let the whole process of DemoJam be a learning experience; winner or not, you’ll walk away with something. Being a part of DemoJam will give you the opportunity to be mentored by past winners and SAP experts and leaders, get coaching on how to present the demo, tips on how to make your demo the best and this year all demo submission will be a part of the brand new online demo showcase.
  • Showcase your talent and visionary thought process through the eyes of technology. Let the world see what your creativity is capable of inventing.
  • Get the chance to impress the audience and the whole SAP ecosystem. You aren’t being judged by a panel of judges but by your own peers, so make the most of what you got.
  • Get the opportunity to take home memories that will last a lifetime, an experience that you’ll never forget and the winning medals – that’s right, this year you are taking something home, we’ve mothballed the old trophy and have something brand new!
  • And the most important reason as to why you should submit your demo is because IT’S FUN!

I hope my reasons will be enough to convince you to submit your demo but if you are still hesitant and still need a push, here are some tips to make your demo stand out and be the best:

  • Be creative! Even if the idea is simple be sure to put a unique twist to it; this will help you stand out and be remembered.
  • You only have six minutes up on stage, so make it simple and easy to follow.
  • Get to the point! Do not spend more than 60 seconds introducing your demo, if you do that you will lose your audience. Try capturing your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds of your demo (i.e. interesting facts)
  • Interact with the audience. The audience determines the winner, so do something that involves them: ask them questions, make the demo relative to the audience, think of what would interest you or capture your attention as an audience member and try to incorporate that into your presentation.
  • Be prepared; have your pitch ready and try to avoid last minutes changes.
  • Make eye contact, smile and have fun!

Demo submissions are open till September 20, 2014, so don’t wait any longer, submit your demo NOW!

1002915_668926113131219_1104765096_n_SM.jpgFor the first time ever, SAP TechEd && d-code is offering a Show Floor Only ticket for $199 per day. Yes, that’s right. You can now be part of the conference for $199/day. How far will this ticket get you? Well, if you plan your day carefully, you will be surprised at how much you’ll be able to get out of it as this ticket will give you access to one-time activities happening on the day for which you buy the ticket (e.g. DemoJam/Wednesday only, SAP Keynotes/Tuesday only) as well as activities happening on and off the Show Floor every day like Tech Talks, Hacker Lounge, SAP CodeJam, Technology Showcase, Code Review Sessions, and more.


You can plan your day so that you spend time with the experts learning about different topics such as the new SAP API Management solution, its features, scalability, security, connectivity, etc. Stop by the Open Source area and learn about SAP’s contributions to open source such as OpenUI5 and Apache Olingo, as well as the company’s support for CloudFoundry, OpenStack, etc. And check out the SAP Fiori/UX area to find out about the latest on SAP Fiori and SAP’s UX guidelines and tools.


You can also stop by the Technology Showcase and Info Zone areas to see demos of apps featuring new SAP technology releases and learn more about them from the experts. You can expect to see the latest in SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, Analytics, and Mobile, among others. Visit the SAP HANA Academy area to get an overview of the educational materials available for developers to get started on SAP’s technologies. Aside from the topics previously mentioned, make sure to also get some info on SAP River Rapid Development Environment.


14507-SAP_TechEd-Vegas10-24-13.JPGIf you want to get some hands-on experience, join the SAP CodeJam mini-editions for 1-hour hands-on coding sessions where you’ll get to explore SAP’s developer tools with the help of the experts. They will walk you through exercises to help you learn about the tools, how to start building your first apps, features, etc. (here is the list of sessions: Vegas, Berlin). Then walk over to the Hackers' Lounge and see first-hand how IoT works in real-life in a business environment. You’ll get to see IoT demos such as a Smart Vending Machine, Anti-Collission Cranes, Google Glass Apps, and more. Learn about how they were built, the technology behind them, how they were coded, etc. There will be gadgets such as Raspberry Pi devices, sensors, BeagleBones, etc. for you to play with, connect them to a laptop, hack something with fellow developers, and have fun.


Attend the Code Review Sessions and learn how to make bad code good and/or how to improve good code. Experts will go through real world examples and provide tips and techniques to ensure that the code that you write is secure, readable and efficient (here is the schedule of sessions for Vegas and Berlin). Participate in the Expert Networking Sessions and chat with the experts, meet the Mentors, catch up with old friends, make new connections, share ideas, and get inspired!


The Show Floor Only ticket also gives you access to the Strategy Talks, Product Roadmap Q&A sessions, Partner exhibits, Community Clubhouse, SAP Shop, and the ASUG Lounge. The ticket also includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. The ticket doesn’t include access to the educational lecture sessions or 2-4 hours hands-on workshops.

So, for $199 per day you can really get a lot out of the conference! The question is: how much will you be able to accomplish in one day and report back to your manager?  (Maybe spending 2 days for $398 might be worth considering…)


Note: The Show Floor Only ticket gives you access to the activities scheduled on the day for which you purchased the ticket (e.g. If you want to attend DemoJam on Wednesday, you’ll need to get a Show Floor Only Ticket for Wednesday).

To get an overview of activities for developers taking place at SAP TechEd && d-code, click here.

It's that time of year again folks! SAP TechEd && d-code is right around the corner, are you ready?


New Badge Missions!


To help you find and connect with SCN members who are planning to attend, we have a special badge just for registering with your SCN ID, it's the "I'll Be There" badge.


If another SCN member has the badge, and you’re already following each other, you can DM (direct message) each other and plan to connect before, during, or after the event. This is the perfect opportunity to meet face to face and network with the community members you appreciate on SCN!


By hovering over the badges in a user's profile, you can see which location they will be attending. If there are multiple badges, it means they are attending more than one. Once you have received it, you can also click on the badge in your profile to see who else has recently received it and perhaps you'll spot some folks that you'd like to meet when you attend.


Please note that these badges are awarded on a weekly basis, not immediately after you sign up, so you may have to wait a few days for them to appear on your profile. We'll be uploading the Las Vegas badges first, but the rest will follow shortly so make sure you input your SCN ID no matter which location you'll be attending!


Not Registered Yet?


If you haven't already registered, you can do it here! Remember to input your SCN ID when you register (this is NOT your email or username by the way, but you can find your SCN ID using this handy guide) that way you won't miss out on this year's missions and badges.


Already Registered, but Forgot to Input Your SCN ID?


So you registered and didn't input your SCN ID? No worries! You can still add it by accessing your registration account and following these simple steps:


  1. Hop on over to the Las Vegas registration access page or the Berlin registration access page.
  2. Input your confirmation number and password. Your confirmation number can be found in the email sent to you when you originally registered. If you can't find it, simply request the confirmation number again from this page!

The Access My Registration Record screen appears.

3. Select Edit your Personal Information.


4. On the Personal Information screen, scroll down past the mobile number and email address and Twitter handle input fields, until you get to the section titled “SAP Community Network (SCN) ID.”

5. Enter your SCN ID in the input field.
(This is an I-, D-, C-, S-, or P-number. Here's how to find your SCN ID.)

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Continue button.


Your changes are saved, and the next time we do an upload of the “I’ll Be There” badge for your location, your badge will appear on your SCN profile Bio tab!



Someone asked me if I would write a blog about how to register for the ASUG Pre-Conference sessions at SAP TechEd && d-code this week after I was able to walk them through the process.  This is if you have an existing TechEd reservation.


Note this is for Monday, October 20th, at SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas only.


Here are the steps:


1. Navigate to the home page at http://sapdcode.com/2014/usa/home.htm


2.  Select Agenda & Activities>Preconference Programs



3. Select "Add seminar to my current registration" (below right green box):



4. Locate your confirmation code.  It should be contained in your registration e-mail from sapd-code at events dot com - see below.



5. Return to the registration site and enter your confirmation code and password



6. Select the hyper link Edit your "Additional Programs"



7. Select desired program



The rest is self-explanatory, I hope.  I think where it might not be obvious is step 6.




ASUG at SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas - 2014 Blog Collection

ASUG Pre-conference Sessions

ASUG is has opened registration for pre-conferences session at SAP TechEd && d-code on Monday, October, 20th  - see Announcing ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Pre-Conference Sessions


ASUG Pre-Conference Sessions at SAP TechEd && d-code by Joyce Butler


See Your fast track to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the ASUG pre-conference posted by Rui Nogueira


Join SAP's John Krakowski for  ASUG Pre-Conference SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 Express Delivery to Your Business with SAP Solution Manager


Join Scott Braker for Big Data in Enterprise Information Management for Better Data Governance ASUG / SAP TechEd && d-code Pre-Conference session



Join ASUG in October

I hope you register soon or consider registering to enhance your conference experience.

This TechEd season marks the tenth anniversary of DemoJam, the ultimate geek competition! In its decade old journey, DemoJam has given the audience some of the most exciting, creative and mind blowing live demos using SAP technology. As many of you may know, DemoJam was launched as a way to showcase how SAP NetWeaver worked.


In 2005, Boris Gebhardt and Markus Frick held the winning DemoJam trophy at Boston and Vienna, for their “Cutting-Edge ABAP Editor and Debugger.” The ABAP Editor and Debugger was based on the SAP NetWeaver 2004, which automated and customized syntax coloring, bookmarking and collapsible code views to help better organize and manage even the most complex development tools. The Editor and Debugger introduced code templates, dynamic content and auto-correct options that understood what developers are coding, which helped programmers avoid syntactical errors. This Editor was more sophisticated and provided state of the art user interfaces that included split windows, customized screens to compare different sections of a program and speed development and debugging. What Gebhardt and Frick came up with in 2005, may not seem as exciting as the demos we have seen in recent years; however, it definitely was a vision into the future.


DemoJam 2011 introduced Marek Kowalkiewicz’s winning demo, InnoBoard. When I saw the first sixty seconds of this demo, I thought to myself, what was so great about this demo that it won? I thought it was another application just like Skype and Face Time, but I was honestly too quick to judge. As I sat there and watched the remaining five minutes of this demo, I was surprised and amazed on how unique his demo truly was. InnoBoard transforms any whiteboard or wall into an electric whiteboard by using a smartphone and a projector. The technology enables participants to collaborate from different locations and brainstorm ideas onto the same whiteboard. For example, if I was using InnoBoard and I posted something on my whiteboard, it would start virtually appearing on other peoples’ whiteboards that were using the technology as well. InnoBoard is integrated with SAP Streamwork that allows users to save and access the results after the meeting. Kowalkiewicz’s idea may have seemed simple at first but towards the end, all that came to mind was that InnoBaord really put the “inno” in innovation.


After seeing Keytree’s demo of Store Trek, my definition of creativity had a whole new meaning. I love to shop but at times, I do become quite lazy to go to actual store but, thanks to Store Trek there is a solution for that. Using SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform (formerly known as SAP NetWeaver Cloud), Will Powell and Nic Doodson created Store Trek, a combination of in-person and online shopping experience. They took an entire product database from a store and put it inside SAP HANA Cloud and stored it inside of SAP HANA. To make StoreTrek a virtual reality, they used a TV, PC and Microsoft Connect to view the store’s live products, compare sizes, see offers, and peruse the market. Since the product database is stored in SAP HANA, shoppers have the option of using SAP HANA Analytics to filter the products, allowing them to shop exactly the way they want to. This winning demo gave people the insight on how it would feel to shop in a 3D store without leaving the comfort of their own home which is definitely something to look forward to in the future.



Creativity is all around us, and most importantly within us. So don’t wait much longer as DemoJam submission date is just around the corner! DemoJam is accepting demo submissions until September 10th, 2014, submit you demo NOW!



Continuing the ASUG SAP TechEd && d-code meet the speaker series (Las Vegas), please meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code speaker Karin Tillotson who is a well-known SAP Archiving expert and ASUG Volunteer.  Her session is DMM122 SAP Archiving and SAP Information Lifecycle Management.


The session abstract states:

Attend this session to hear about the SAP archiving and SAP Information Lifecycle Management. Learn how to start an archiving project, hear some archiving best practices, and find out about SAP Information Lifecycle Management.


Karin has spoken at an ASUG TechEd session before.  I located this from an ASUG BI 2009 Newsletter that one of our volunteers wrote:


"BW Archiving.  MANY attendees; this is a popular topic.  Valero bought the PBS tool.  They use ADK-based archiving (for creating the data archiving processes).  They run the archiving processes once / year. "


Karin has also spoken at ASUG Annual Conference about archiving.  A co-worker of mine, who did not know archiving, returned from attending her session and sounded very knowledgeable about the topic.  This is a true testimony of how much you will get out of this session.


I asked Karin what she hopes attendees will get out of her session and she said the following:


I want people to learn about starting a SAP archiving project, best practices and to let them know about the SAP ILM Solution.  I have been working with SAP Archiving since 1999.  I have been an ASUG volunteer since 2003 (for the Archiving and ILM SIG) as well as the BITI Influence Community Facilitator since 2009.


Learn more about Karin below from her "SCNotty" entry a few years back:



Here are some really great blogs by Karin:


Tennis Anyone?

SAP Data Archiving Changes in ERP 60 EhP 6

Why I believe in the power of ASUG Influence Councils Part 1

Blog it Forward - Karin Tillotson


On a personal level Karin has taken the time to mentor me and other ASUG volunteers on how to run successful influence councils.  I also learned more about archiving too from her.



ASUG at SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas - 2014 Blog Collection

ASUG Pre-conference Sessions

ASUG is has opened registration for pre-conferences session at SAP TechEd && d-code on Monday, October, 20th  - see Announcing ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Pre-Conference Sessions


See Your fast track to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the ASUG pre-conference posted by Rui Nogueira


Join SAP's John Krakowski for  ASUG Pre-Conference SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 Express Delivery to Your Business with SAP Solution Manager



Join ASUG at SAP TechEd && d-code

Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center

ASUG SAP d-code Las Vegas sessions are now published - for a complete listing please see here





Join ASUG in October and meet Karin in person.


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