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Continuing our ASUG SAP d-code Meeting the Speaker series I am pleased to introduce Charles Reeves of Graphic Packaging (pictured to the right/below).  His session is titled Implementing and Configuring an Enterprise Master Data Management and Data

Charles Reeves2 (3).png

From the abstract:


The objective of this session is to review Graphic Packaging International, Inc.'s journey to implement a new enterprise master data management and governance system using SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services. GPI is a leading global packaging company. The implementation involved creating new roles for people, new processes, and new technology.


Here is the Question and Answer with Charles:


Q: What do you hope attendees will gain by attending your session?


Data Management and governance has become a big issue for companies today.  With ERP data, Big Data and other data options managing and reporting on this data to drive business decisions has become very important. I would like attendees to learn that how the SAP Information Steward and Data services are great tools to successful maintain profile, cleanse and govern data.   And the tools are not just SAP specific, the SAP Information Steward, SAP Data Services and SAP BI BusinessObjects can work with any type of data source or system.  And the tools can be used with the SAP products such as BI/BusinessObjects.


This tool in combination with good business processes can be an invaluable asset to any successful company.


Q: What are your favorite hobbies?


DJ and Photographer

Q: What is your favorite laptop and most reliable laptop


Apple Macbook


Q: What are your favorite mobile devices?


Apple IPhone and Apple IPad

Charles Reeves as Darth Maul 2014.png

Q: What is your favorite movie?


Star Wars


See picture of Charles in his Halloween costume as Star wars character Darth Maul with dual light saber (left)


Q: How did you get started with SAP?


I started working with SAP in 2000 as a SAP Finance FICO configuration Analyst.  The last 5 years I have been working primarily in SAP Business Intelligence and Master Data Management. I have been working in SAP for 14 years.  My previous background is in computer programming and Financial Accounting.


I am co-chair of ASUG Portals SIG and a member of the ASUG Portals Influence Council


I enjoy working in the computer industry and developing new innovative solutions.



So I hope you will take the time to check out Charles' ASUG session at SAP d-code Las Vegas.  All photos were provided by Charles.






Join ASUG and other community members at SAP d-code Las Vegas


SAP d-code 2014 LAS VEGAS
Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center

ASUG SAP d-code Las Vegas sessions are now published - for a complete listing please see here

Save the date Monday, October 20th for ASUG SAP d-code Pre-conference Day


ASUG SAP d-code SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA Speaker - Introducing Pawel Mierski

ASUG SAP d-code Sessions Are Published - Featuring SAP Mentors

Journey to Mobile BI - Meet ASUG SAP d-code Speaker Peter Chen

Did you know?



Hopefully you saw ASUG SAP d-code Sessions Are Published - Featuring SAP Mentors that SAP has published ASUG sessions for SAP d-code Las Vegas. For a complete listing please see here


I am pleased to introduce Pawel Mierski:


Photo provided by Pawel


Pawel is responsible to developing and creating new BI Solutions for the Finance Group and  is also heavily involved in the Data Governance at Molson Coors.


His ASUG SAP d-code session can be found here


Here is the abstract for his session, titled A New Approach to Data Warehousing with SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA

This session is about how Molson Coors took a new approach to its SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) system using SAP BW powered by SAP HANA. Important benefits to both IT and users of Molson's smarter, simpler, and more agile data warehouse will be discussed with an example of how SAP BW on SAP HANA decreases development time by more than half.


He recently provided an ASUG webcast regarding BW on HANA.  Below is some of the Question & Answer:


  Q:  Hi - did MC follow the Database Migration Option [DMO] method?

A:  No - export database and import in HANA instance


Q:  What was the HANA version and revision again?

A: HANA Rev 69.03




Q:  How was disaster recovery handled?

A:  During upgrade, virtual machine crashed. Upgrade to HANA import and export process at same time; SAP finish manual- not sure of question.


Q:  For the listed Hana benefits, how many are related to Hana v just the more recent BW/BI/BOBJ versions?

A:  85% benefits are related to HANA




Q:  speaker mentioned about upgrading right after go live. From SP6 Rev 69.03 --> ??

A:  Live on HANA on Rev 60, 1st week after go-live, upgraded 69.03


Q:  How have you used SAP BW/SAP HANA on the Brewing side of the business as we all know that the Procure to Produce cycle for Brewers is long. Is there any thinking on how it can be incorporated into a differentiator?

A:  Process of making beer takes 5 weeks, HANA does not accelerate that. Do more global reports across areas.


Q:  Did MC have design time license as well along with run time license for BW on HANA?

A:  BW on HANA license - not enterprise license. SAP has changed license concept - more flexible




Q:  Didn't quite understand the solution for real-time (is it more frequent loads)...would you be able to explain again?

A:  BW on HANA takes less time to load data in BI system - BW 740 not have to load most tables. Can load data hourly without impacting systems.


Q:  did you use LSA++ and how?

A:  Not used yet - available in 740




Q:  have you used standard business content for BW modeling

A:  Most of solutions are based on standard content


Q:  our loads are taking most time on extraction from ECC we r using standard content

A:  more of a comment than question?


Q:  How do you "Justify" the high-cost of HANA appliances & software to Public-Sector clients who don't have the same kind of Fiscal & Market pressures that exist with a PRIVATE comapny like Molson-Coors...?

A:  Takes more time to develop something if not on more recent versions; more efficient if keep up with BI/BW/HANA releases


Q:  Did you do code optimizations in the transofmrations (Selects in field routine) before the migration? Did you have to do any post-migration optimizations?

A:  Didn't touch a single line of code, but could do it.


Q:  Disaster Recovery in the sense of production fail over to a secondary site / system in case primary goes down. This will need sync or async replication from primary to secondary site.

A:  Virtual machine - HP configured; if production goes down, there is a replication every ms > backup virtual machine takes over


Q:  how much data you r loading everyday and how much time it takes for you

A:  DB grows 50 GB each month; hard to say daily - 50M - takes about 1/3 time from before. 


Q:  You mentioned a project using HANA to do sentiment analysis.  Did you use HANA/SAP only to do the actual analysis or was HANA used with another tool such as ENDECA or Splunk?

A:  A third party gives sentiment analysis - send a CSV file, upload to workspace in BI


Q:  Speaker mentioned about providing HANA Studio access to BI team. Does it mean they model using HANA Studio on BW data?

A:  Yes, model in HANA studio


Q:  I don't think my question was answered - Was the Oracle DB compressed when  it was migrated over?  We are SQLServer with DB Compression and the sizing report did not give us much benefit.  We are going live Aug and worried we undersized.

A:  Oracle DB was compressed before migration


Q:  Were there ANY reports that ran slower compared to BW+BWA?

A:  no



Q:  Were any changes needed to Query properties? (for example in RSRT)

A:  Yes, had to do performance properties in RSRT


Q:  Did you use SI ?

A:  Basis from HP


Q:  What are the RDS packages you used?

  A:  The basis from HP took care of that part, so I am not sure which one he used..


Q:  Did you do any performance testing on Reports before HANA go-live?

  A:  Yes, we tested our most used reports (the 20% most used) and ran our tests on those.  All reports were faster on HANA than on the BWA


Q:  What releases did you upgrade to BI 4.1 and BW 7.4?

  A:  BO 4.1 and BW 7.3 SP9


Also see his BI 2014 interview with Dennis Howlett of Diginomica.com


So I hope you will consider joining Pawel and ASUG at SAP d-code Las Vegas.



In case you missed ASUG Annual Conference below is a listing of some of the BW related sessions and their presentations (no logon required):


401 Scotts Miracle Gro BW on HANA CloudLink
405 Schwan's Mixed modeling using BW on HANA & HECLink
407 How Molex Uses BW Workspaces - Agile BI
409 How to Get to BW on HANALink
310 Overview of how IQ augments SAP Landscape BW NLSLink
411 Data Warehousing in the Age of In-Memory Computing and Real-Time AnalyticsLink
312 Supercharged BI at Mondelez Integrating SAP HANA & BW  to Enable Rapid Analytic Innovations
512 Future of CRM & Reporting at Kellogg-Rapid Migration BW on HANA Link



Today is the last day to submit an ASUG abstract to present at SAP d-code for Las Vegas.  I've written about it before Consider Speaking at an ASUG Session at SAP d-code and so has fellow ASUG volunteer Gretchen Lindquist with It's not too late, yet, but hurry d-Code needs you


Submit today


Call for submissions closes: May 25

For non-SAP speakers only

Submit your session proposal at here


More information can be found at Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal



The types of sessions we are looking for include customer case studies, sharing real life experiences, best practices and tips and tricks. The tracks are listed here




Never Presented Before?

Then let SAP d-code 2014 change that.  Here are some resources provided by SAP d-code content team:


Skills Every Public Speaker Should Have


Effective Public Speaking Skills


Speaking about Presenting


Submit today

Note: if you experience any technical or logon issues please e-mail sapdcodespeaker.info@sap.com


Make sure this is a picture of you in October:


Photo by SAP TechEd Photographer


Consider Speaking at an ASUG Session at SAP d-code

Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal

Have you been thinking about submitting an abstract for d-Code in Las Vegas? Not to rush you, but time is running out, and the ASUG Design Team for d-Code needs you to submit that abstract by May 25. I am not going to repeat everything that Tammy Powlas has already explained so well here, but I do want to add that some of the tracks are still woefully under-represented in the submissions to date.


To all my SCN colleagues active in the GRC and Security spaces, I am especially encouraging you to consider submitting if you are an ASUG member or member of any of the non-US user groups that have a reciprocal membership agreement with ASUG. Presentations on your lessons learned with configuring BRF+ and MSMP workflows, experiences with Business Roles and Emergency Access Management are just a few of the technical topics that come to mind. Surely there is someone out there who has done a recent security design/rewrite or now has experiences to share with the Read Access Logging functionality rolled out not long ago.


Don't be shy, we really need you, so please do review Tammy's excellent post and take the plunge. We want a great representation of customer stories again this year at d-Code, and we can only do that with your help.


If you are ready to submit, you can do it here. Remember that the Call closes on May 25, and it is for ASUG members (or members of non US user groups that have a membership agreement with ASUG)/ non SAP employees only.

Wow it's hard to believe that DemoJam has been going strong now for what? Over 10 years!?! Well this year at the SAP d-code (formerly SAP TechEd) the DemoJam is there and it's going to be strong! So many fond memories over the years...



So many winners, so many teams, so many submissions and this year I think will be even better!


We've modified the rules this year, we wanted to take into account new uptake in the coding challenges, hack-a-thon style events and of course our own SAP InnoJam and SIT InnoJam events around the world!


Submit your most inspiring, innovative, or technically superior demo for the chance to win fame and fortune! OK, just fame. And maybe a little glory, if that’s how you define hearing fellow programmers howling your name.


Here’s how it works: You submit a cool demo then the awesome BUT anonymous selection committee invites the best submissions to compete live, on stage, at SAP d-code Las Vegas, Berlin, and/or Bangalore. The winning demo is the one with the loudest screams from the audience.


Finalists receive two passes to the SAP d-code 2014 location at which they’re invited to compete, with full access to all sessions, including hands-on workshops and technical lectures.


Rules for DemoJam

  • No sales presentations allowed. Violators will have their names and photos posted on Twitter with hashtag #missedthepoint.
  • Make sure your demo is original. Show us something that solves a real problem and could benefit SAP customers. And use at least one SAP technology or application in the demo.
  • The demo code must run. PowerPoint slides won't cut it.
  • Keep it short – six minutes max.
  • Choose no more than two people to demo your code.
  • A maximum of two people may present the demo onstage.
  • There are two ways SAP employees can participate in DemoJam:
    • If they created a demo in collaboration with an SAP customer, SAP partner, or an external individual or organization not linked to SAP.
    • If they created a demo during one of the several official SAP hackathon or coding challenges throughout the year.


Another addition this year is that those demos submitted from a hack-a-thon or InnoJam (officially listed ones) will receive a bonus during the selection process so those entries will automatically have a better chance of being selected but no promises that they will be!


Submissions are open and will close September 10, 2014 so get in there for sure.



Earn Cheers from Your Peers



Why should you consider speaking at SAP d-code (formerly known as SAP TechEd)?  Not only is your registration fee waived if selected, it is a chance for you to showcase your knowledge.  Note this is only for ASUG sessions at SAP d-code Las Vegas, October 20-24.


I also asked prior year SAP TechEd ASUG speakers about why they presented and why you should too:


Susan Keohan ASUG Volunteer, SAP Mentor said the following:



I am not a lover of public speaking, but I’ve realized that there are great benefits to doing it, particularly at an ASUG event or a d-code conference.  Preparing to speak at a conference forces you to re-learn your material in a way that will be easily digestible by your audience.  You may find during the preparation phase, that you end up learning more – because you’ve dug a little deeper than we do in our day-to-day work.   The whole preparation process makes you better in your day job.  Then you get to have the challenge of public speaking, which may take you outside your comfort zone, but that’s a good thing, because that’s what helps you grow!  And when you engage your audience, when you allow your true passion for your subject shine through, your audience will be engaged too!  There is definitely a feeling of accomplishment, a glow even, from having given a successful presentation.  So, you benefit by becoming a better speaker, coder, analyst.  Your company benefits because you have done these things, and because you have opened up new networks for information sharing.  Yes, we can send email or post on various sites to share our knowledge, but the face-to-face interaction with other professionals is incomparable


Are you afraid to present?  Then Sue offers this Public Speaking?  Oh please, not for me!




Graham Robinson SAP Mentor, gave his top three resents for presenting:


  • Prestige. Presenting at SAP's premier technology event enhances the way others look at you. It is simply a good career move.
  • Networking. People are very comfortable approaching speakers to ask questions or just to have a chat. Wearing the speakers' badge opens up countless additional opportunities to interact with the other attendees - especially the other speakers.
  • Presentation Experience. Speaking at a forum like SAP TechEd is a fantastic personal development opportunity. It causes you to learn your subject matter in greater depth, it increases your personal confidence, it improves your communication skills which it turn help you to influence others. And wouldn't we all like to be better at influencing others? For example - our children


Graham gave a great presentation last year - see Workflow Approval Anywhere, Anytime - Meet the Speaker Graham Robinson - ASUG SAP TechEd session


Photo of Graham on the right is courtesy of Martin Gillet


Here are the details:

Call for submissions closes: May 25

For non-SAP speakers only

Submit your session proposal at here


More information can be found at Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal


Submit today



It's just 2 weeks from today that call for submissions for ASUG sessions at SAP d-code ends.  Here are the details:


What is SAP d-code (source: SAP)

• For nearly two decades, we have delivered world-class technology training and education to customers, partners, consultants, and employees through the SAP TechEd conference series.


• In 2014, the SAP TechEd name will be retired and the conference will evolve into an exciting new program called SAP d-code, which will address education, collaboration, and networking for the entire SAP ecosystem of developers and technology professionals, incorporating the best elements of SAP TechEd.


SAP d-code Proposal Submission

• Submit your session proposal at here for the ASUG sessions at Las Vegas, October 20-24, 2014

• Deadline to submit proposals is Sunday, May 25 - two weeks from today!


Please note these submissions are for non-SAP speakers only.


Some more recommendations:

  • multiple submissions are allowed
  • please be as detailed as possible
  • all sessions are 60 minutes long


For more information on SAP d-code, see this video below with SAP's Mark Finnern and Craig Cmehil




Don't forget to submit -  submit your session proposal at here


For track structures see Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal


For submission steps see ASUG SAP d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal Submission Steps


The deadline to submit your abstract is May 25.  If you have any questions, please e-mailsapdcodespeaker.info@sap.com


Do you have stage fright or need more motivation to submit?  See Why (and How) You Should Become an SAP TechEd Speaker


You are invited to submit a proposal to share your experience and expertise with your colleagues to speak at SAP d-code to be held October 20-24 in Las Vegas.  Others will benefit from your experience while you make a valuable contribution to the SAP community's field of knowledge.  I've already received some questions based on Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal so I am sharing more information and how to submit below.


ASUG SAP d-code Proposal Submission Steps

Be sure to submit your session proposal at http://bit.ly/1gNvRtB



Click Next


Select SAP d-code 2014


Welcome page, please read all instructions


Sample abstracts are listed here


Be sure to accept the Speaking Guidelines




Be sure your abstract ties to a track story.


Please read the information above - there is only one speaker for ASUG sessions at d-code, unlike ASUG Annual Conference.


Complimentary registration is a benefit of being selected.


Key dates

Please review key dates below from the SAP submission site.



Questions received so far:

Q: Which track does data migration, EIM, archiving, ILM topics fall?

A: Depending on nature of abstract, it would go to Data Management and Modeling.  See Track Stories


Q: Can you explain more about the tying the track stories?

A: See Track Stories.  You are asked to tie your abstract to a track story, or “track story” justification.


Recap of how to submit:

View the education tracks planned this year.  If selected, you will receive a complimentary registration for the conference and it will give you valuable professional exposure.


Follow this link to create a speaker account where you can formally submit your proposal, review important deadlines, and other general information about SAP d-code.

The deadline to submit your abstract is May 25. If you have any questions, please e-mail sapdcodespeaker.info@sap.com



Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal

SAP D-CODE 2014 - Call for Customer Presentations

Call for Papers for SAP d-code (formerly TechEd... | SCN


Photo by SAP Photographer from SAP TechEd 2013


Could this be you in October?

Share your knowledge by submitting an abstract for ASUG sessions at SAP d-code. It’s that time to submit your ASUG proposal to present at d-code Las Vegas, to be held October 20-24.  For more information about the name change, see Chip Rodgers blog #SAPTechEd Expands to Become #SAPdcode!


Here are the details:


Call for submission opens: April 21 (today)

Call for submissions closes: May 25

For non-SAP speakers only


Here are the tracks:




Source: SAP


There is one new track over last year and four new hot topics.


Please note the submission includes track story justification includes why this proposal/session helpful for attendees.  For more details behind the tracks click here.


Frequently Asked Questions are as follows:


Q: Can I submit multiple abstracts?

A: Yes, multiple abstracts are welcome.

Q: Will ASUG reimburse travel expenses?

A: ASUG does not reimburse travel expenses but if your abstract is selected you will receive a complimentary registration to the event.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Education sessions are typically 60 minutes long, with a 45 minute presentation and 15 minutes question & answer.

Q: Why should I present?

A: This is an opportunity to showcase yourself and your company - plus you will get free registration to SAP d-code. You can be an attendee and learn from other customer stories and from the SAP experts at their sessions.

Q: Are multiple speakers allowed?

A: No, multiple speakers are not allowed.

Q: What type of presentation focus areas are available?

A: The Program Committee recommends that abstracts focus on best practices, return on investment, cost savings, lessons learned, "war stories", or case studies.

Q: I submitted my abstract, what are the next steps?

ASUG Volunteers and SAP will review the abstracts - if selected, you will be notified in June/July.

Q: Why should I submit?

A: See Why (and How) You Should Become an SAP TechEd Speaker  by Thorsten Franz

The site states:

"Approved speakers receive:

  • Complimentary lecture-only conference registration
  • SCN Contribution points"


Quote from Stephen Johannes, previous speaker:

"You don't need to present on "newest stuff" to get accepted....It is also a great way for you to deepen your own personal understanding of a particular topic. Even though you may think you know a topic very well, it is amazing how building the presentations will force you to pick up every single detail as part of you research. " - Stephen Johannes

Q: I'm experiencing logon issues and have additional questions

A: Contact sapdcodespeaker.info@sap.com

Q: I'm ready. Where do I submit?

Submit here


See this video from last year:



In this Cisco blog, Cisco says by sharing you “spark new ideas” Do I Really Have to Share? and "Good leaders should always be learning and then sharing that knowledge with others" - this is another reason to submit.


Submit today

Dear Solution Manager and SAP HANA Folks out there,


I'm happy to hear that the lecture ITM110 "How does SAP Solution Manager support SAP HANA" got selected as "Lecture of the week". In this blog I want to give you some insights into the content of this session.




The major goal of this session is to give the audience a broad overview and understanding about the SAP Solution Manager features that provide dedicated features for SAP HANA - both, for existing customers (that are already familiar with SAP Solution Manager) but also new customers (that haven't heard about SAP Solution Manager yet).


Not everything is new!

The good message is: Not everything has changed! If you are familiar with typical features of SAP Solution Manager such as the Monitoring and Alerting functionalities or the Change Control Management portfolio, you can easily adopt and transfer this knowledge towards managing an SAP HANA solution. Of course, there might be some differences hear and there - however, this is nothing special compared to other system or technologies you might manage already today.


Dedicated HANA related functions

The sessions starts with a general introduction to SAP Solution Manager, the concepts behind and how this fits into the SAP HANA story. After that we talk about how to setup a connection between your SAP Solution Manager system and your SAP HANA system, before we dive into the several functional areas, such as:

  • How to monitor SAP HANA via SAP Solution Manager?
  • How to do Root Cause Analysis with SAP Solution Manager?
  • How can I extend my Change Control Management functions towards HANA?


General SAP Solution Manager features

At the end, we will quickly go through some general topics and features in SAP Solution Manager that might not be different for HANA compared to other technologies but still provide value add and benefits to manage SAP HANA, as the goal from SAP Solution Manager is to support the entire application lifecycle.



If you haven't been able to attend this session at one of the SAP TechEd events last year, you can watch the online replay via SAP TechEd Live:


I hope you enjoy(ed) the session and it will help you to understand how you can leverage the potential and functionalities that SAP Solution Manager provides also for your HANA systems.


More Information

In case you would like to learn more about SAP Solution Manager and its functionalities, make sure you stop by in the SCN Community for SAP Solution Manager, visit one of our many Wikis or explore the SAP Service Marketplace area around SAP Solution Manager.


Last but not least a big thank you to all my colleagues who supported me for this lecture and helped by contributing their expert knowledge. Especially to Cay  Rademann (Speaker EMEA) and Rajeev Gollapudi (Speaker India).


Hope to see you soon at d-code 2014


Hi all,


A great start to April, as the SAP TechEd Live interview with our CEO Brian Weakliam (Why 1000 Startups are Building Applications on SAP HANA) hosted by Kaustav Mitra has been selected as Interview of the Week for March 31st! So, it is a great honour to give you a rough overview of the interview in this blog.


The TechEd Live interview is hosted by Kaustav Mitra and features Brian Weakliam, CEO of Bankhawk Analytics, Empie Strydom of MineRP and Jan-Kees Buenen of SynerScope BV. The interview features these three members of the SAP Startup Focus Program, who talk about:


  • What problems do their companies solve
  • Why they chose the SAP Startup Focus Program
  • How each company utilises SAP HANA and their experiences with both SAP HANA and the Startup Focus Program


So, if you are interested in the migration to SAP HANA, you can hear from three companies who have migrated and developed innovative solutions using the SAP HANA platform.


Check out the full video here:




Hope to see you at SAP d-code 2014,



Senior Software Engineer, Bankhawk Analytics

In my role as a product manager for SAP Solution Manager, it’s my job to update SAP’s customers, partners, and colleagues on what new innovations are planned for the platform. At SAP TechEd 2013 last October, I presented a lecture covering the roadmap for SAP Solution Manager, revealing the latest features. As part of the Two Value Releases per Year strategy, SAP Solution Manager was enhanced in both the “Build SAP Like a Factory” as well as “Run SAP Like a Factory” approaches. Integration with IT portfolio and project management helps customers plan and coordinate their releases and tasks, from project planning to implementation into production. A new central transport system infrastructure provides safe and flexible innovations to change management, and technical operations improvements extend and unify business process and technical monitoring. The recording of my SAP TechEd presentation is available below:



Since SAP TechEd last year, support package stack 11 has been released, which provides the new Scope and Effort Analyzer. This exciting functionality enables customers to adjust and test only what matters when managing innovation projects, providing change and custom code modification impact analysis while automatically generating a preliminary business blueprint prior to physical deployment. Detailed information is available at the new site: http://service.sap.com/sea .


In addition, a new version of SAP Solution Manager is currently in development which will enhance business innovation and value realization though graphical process design, model companies and pre-configuration while supporting hybrid SAP cloud solutions and SAP Business Suite on HANA. This new collaborative process design approach will streamline business and IT interactions, allowing both the IT users and Lines of Business to enjoy faster business innovation through a simple, intuitive and flexible process design application. For more details, see the latest version of the roadmap presentation at http://service.sap.com/roadmap -> Product and Solution Roadmaps -> Database and Technology -> SAP Solution Manager.


Best of all, this week I received notice that I will present the latest roadmap content in person at SAP d-code in Las Vegas, and hope you can join me to learn even more details about what’s planned for SAP Solution Manager.

SAP d-code Shanghai offered attendees the opportunity to interact with developers, students, professors, customers, and partners on a whole new level. The two day event took place at the Shanghai Expo Center on March 13-14 and showcased SAP’s brand new, developer-inspired event design.


Here are some fast facts about the external SAP d-code premiere in China:      

  • 4,500 guests attended
  • 200 developer buddies from SAP Labs China participated in the brand new developer to customer (D2C) Buddy Program
  • 800 students and 70 professors gathered to learn, apply, and share at the SAP Future IT Leader Program
  • 2.42 million Impressions were generated on Weibo, China’s popular social networking and microblogging service


SAP d-code continued the legacy of SAP TechEd’s most sought-after elements, including Hands-On Workshops, Demo-driven Lectures, and more. In addition to the familiar components from previous events, SAP d-code introduced the audience in Shanghai to several new and exciting activities, including the Vision Zone, D2C Buddy Program and SAP CodeJam (mini editions).


The Vision Zone revealed SAP’s goals for a brighter future in Smart Housing and Smart City by 2020. The innovative plans were presented in the form of nine demos within the following 3 categories:

Interactive Area:

  • Augmented Reality (Google Glass Demo)
  • Future Manufacturing with 3D Printing


Smart Housing:

  • Clothing: My Runway, Rebuild Connection with Consumer
  • Food: Future Food Administration Intelligence
  • Housing: Smart Robot for Housing Information Service


Smart City:

  • Healthcare: Genome Analysis
  • Transportation: Big Data Driven Smart Traffic; Smart Air Traffic System
  • Sustainability: Windmill Farm Layout Optimization


As part of SAP d-code’s mission to connect internal SAP developers with product experts, the D2C Buddy Program offered developers and customers the chance to innovate and collaborate with each other like never before. The successful turnout of 200+ developers led to eight customer roundtable discussions on relevant topics such as SAP HANA, SAP Anywhere, New Finance, SAP Fiori, and Business Intelligence.


This panoramic snapshot of the audience was captured by Chip Rodgers during Dr. Vishal Sikka’s Executive Keynote on Day 2:

Throughout his keynote, Dr. Vishal Sikka inspired the Shanghai audience by demonstrating the real-time impact that SAP HANA has to offer. He also covered the advantages that emerge out of SAP’s focus on topics like design thinking, co-innovation, and cloud services. During his keynote speech, Vishal noted, “Building on HANA’s success, abilities and potential, we must radically improve the developers and end-users’ experiences of software; and we must deliver applications and experiences that help to sustain, advance and power the world with great software; and finally build a culture of studentship, agility and purpose that inspires us to invent and innovate continually.”


Watch the full replay: SAP d-code Shanghai Executive Keynote: Dr. Vishal Sikka


For more updates on the 2014 external global event series, follow the #SAPdcode conversation on Twitter and join us on all of our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.


Additional Resources

Browse Photos: SAP d-code Shanghai Photo Gallery

Read the SAP d-code Announcement: #SAPTechEd expands to become #SAPdcode

Save the dates: sapdcode.com

Las Vegas: October 20–24, 2014 | Berlin: November 11–13, 2014 | Bangalore: Fall 2014

Hi everyone ,

Wondering what is Sap d-code ? Here we go ,

Sap d-code is all about coding ,  its an occasion where developers get together to share their experiences and expand their sphere of knowledge . Sap d-code at Bangalore was a developer's delight with an almost zen-like focus on coding , key notes and talks .

new beginning.jpg

The journey of miles set with the first step on day 1 at BIEC through an welcome note by Andy Dey -  the M.D of SAP Labs India .Welcoming developers from SAP Labs India , as well as from Success Factors and Ariba , he briefed the tech-menu set for the next days. Celebrating the past success and looking towards the future ,he said SAP has enhanced the portfolio to help sports run better . The first beneficiary of this was KKR team , who used a custom built HANA based analytic tool to make decisions at the 2014 auction. The company has also announced the partnership with the Bangalore football club .


Vishal speaks : expounding


The welcome note followed by a video keynote delivered by Vishal Sikha , SAP Executive Board member , mentioning the intensity of the changing world and the role of developers to get it much better . The conversation is often about response the end user feel about . In simple the drastic change is all about consumer satisfaction . Cloud has created the another paradigm shift with the focus shifting from systems to solutions providing great user experience .


Elaborating more into this , Vishal said the need is to simplify , In this context , HANA should be seen as greatest evolution which is more than a Database - it is a platform for SAP and others developers to develop applications .  In future , HANA along with Fiori will fuel the drive to simplify the user experience at SAP . Vishal talk was a persuasion to write code keeping end user simplification in mind .

Executive keynote : Entitled the end user


Vishal keynote followed by Bernd Leukert , Head of Application Innovation and member of Global Managing Board .  He addressed the importance of user experience , as it is the driving force . We have to satisfy them and by doing a constant upgrading without disrupting . We , the Developers are not only responsible for the code but also for the end to end experiences of the user , he pointed out .



KKR CEO , Keynote : Its all about Technology in Games


The customer keynote delivered by Venky Mysore , CEO of KKR . He explained how his business model  is connected with KKR fans all around , He said the technology has made things really easier for entertainment companies like , to get in touch with and always keep the KKR fans engaged with all other initiatives that KKR has taken . He was also overwhelmed for the new experience powered by analytic tool and said " I wish I could sacrifice a player to buy in SAP HANA !" .



Demo Jam : Coder's Point

Demo Jam.jpg

In the evening of the first day , total 8 teams has 6 mins with them to prove the best the deserve to acquire the 'title'  . The geek version of smack down at Bangalore has witnessed the innovation at its best ! The winners of the contest designed an Image Processing Application powered by HANA . On entering a persons picture , it finds the other pictures of the same person and additional information .


Conclusion :


After the High Voltage of Excitement at Demo Jam , the event further enlivened by Shaan - the Indian popular Singer .



Hi All,


SAP TechEd was fresh in my memories that now on 13th March 2014 we had our first look at SAP d-code. As Vishal Sikka had announced



Being a small part of this first event gives an amazing  feeling.


I am working in SAP LABS for quite some time I got an easy access to be part of this event and experience it firs hand. For people those who missed it don't worry as i will try to recreate it for you with this blog.


Day started @ 7:00 am when I got picked in the shuttle in front of Innovative multiplex. We traveled for 1 hour and 20 min to reach BIEC.


We all entered the Main Hall (Hall 2) for the key Note & guest speaker.




We Broke for lunch post the guest speaker where i met up with some of my buddies.


Post lunch we went to the other hall to attend UI5 Related Sessions.


Post the session we collected out goodies the SAP d-code Bag


Then we all assembled @Hall 2 for demo jam & Shaan's consort.






The reaming parts are as bellow:

Shaan Singing @ SAP d-code 2014 Part 3 - YouTube

Shaan Singing @ SAP d-code 2014 Part 4 - YouTube

Shaan Singing @ SAP d-code 2014 Part 5 - YouTube

Tum hi ho - king of melody-- SHAAN - YouTube


I hope you relived the SAP d-code 2014 with me in my blog.


P.S i know the song are not recorded that great but enjoy it.


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