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SAPPHIRE NOW is a great place to learn about business networks and procurement. If you are headed to Orlando for this year's exciting event, be sure to attend our sessions, visit our showcases, and take advantage of a wealth of content on these hot topics.


Top 3 reasons to join us in Orlando...


  • LEARN about the latest innovations in procurement solutions and business networks, covering all categories of spend: direct, indirect, travel, and contingent labor
  • CONNECT with thought leaders, colleagues, and solution experts from SAP, Ariba, Fieldglass, and Concur
  • ENJOY thought-provoking keynotes and fun entertainment


To make it easy for you to plan your visit, here's a helpful guide to all the content related to business networks and procurement at SAPPHIRE NOW. As with all events, there might be last-miniute changes to content, scheduling, and locations. Please make sure you verify your selected sessions in the online agenda builder.


See you in Orlando!


Cloud_BIB logo.PNGIn this global economy, individuals expect the connectedness, convenience, and simplicity in their personal life to translate to how they operate in the business world.  SAP delivers the most comprehensive Cloud LOB portfolio to transform organizations of all sizes - across all industries – business gets the flexibility to use the cloud when and how they want.  The Cloud is Growing Up – Fast!


Watch, Listen and Learn for Yourself in Orlando!


Learn from SAP customer innovators on how they transformed their business with cloud solution adoption. Hear from SAP Partner experts who will  demonstrate and help solve your unique business challenges from HR to Procurement to Sales to Customer Service and everything in between.  Below are my top “must see” sessions to help your business run simple.


Tuesday, May 5th

Get Ready for Change with a Real-Time Readiness Assessment:  11:00 - 11:20 am (SID 22267)
Jump-start an upcoming cloud project by tackling risk factors before you begin. See how an interactive, real-time readiness assessment with instant feedback can help. Explore the practical steps you can take to address readiness issues, such as building user adoption, establishing a culture that embraces change, or strengthening executive support.


Transform the Learning Experience with Cloud-Based Solutions:  3:00 - 3:20 pm (SID 25169)
Change the way your employees learn. Find out how Disney reimagined its approach to learning by building new capabilities for employees globally. Learn how Disney delivered highly relevant content specific to its businesses and introduced high-quality, exclusive learning experiences with solutions from SuccessFactors, an SAP company.


Wednesday, May 6th

Realize Fast Results When You Implement a Cloud Solution Without IT Help: 1:00 - 1:45 pm (SID 22281)
This discussion covers how to get up and running quickly and cost-efficiently with integrated business management software. Find out more about the SAP Business ByDesign solution and evaluate the delivery and management options available through SAP partners for this cloud-based solution.


Streamline Document-Intensive Processes with Signature Management Software: 2:30 - 2:50 pm (SID 22287)
Explore why leading organizations are eliminating paper and pen and automating key processes in procurement, human resources, and sales. See how companies can accelerate transactions, increase speed to results, reduce costs, and improve security and compliance with the SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign.


Deliver Superior Customer Service Across All Channels4:00 - 04:20 pm (SID 25171)
Discover ways to make your customer service department more successful than ever. Accelerate the adoption of an omnichannel service strategy by using the SAP Cloud for  Customer solution and software from hybris, an SAP company. Simplify the customer experience with a self-service portal that integrates knowledge management.


Thursday, May 7th

Empower CFOs with Stronger Control and Clearer Visibility into Procurement: 9:00 - 9:45 am (SID S25170)

This discussion explores the business implications of controlling the purchasing function without restricting it. Discover how to give finance managers strength in negotiations, sourcing, and contracting without weakening costing and process adherence. Meet the CFO’s need for savings and efficiency while increasing visibility into procurement.


Integrate Job Content Data and HCM Processes in a Decentralized World:  1:00 - 1:20 pm (SID 25172)
Discover how leading organizations are unifying job content. See how your organization can efficiently manage data across people and job-related applications, HR and management groups, and HR information systems while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Find out how SuccessFactors Talent solutions and HRZ®JDMS services can help.


Grow and Run Simpler in a Complex World:  1:00 - 1:45 pm (SID 25311)
This discussion examines decision factors that resulted in a clear business case and ROI for moving core HR solutions to the cloud. Hear why Arizona Chemical Company, with SAP partner EPI-USE Systems Ltd., chose the SuccessFactors Employee Central solution to manage the company’s growing workforce needs and deliver new stakeholder value.


Build a More Effective Procurement Strategy: 2:00 - 2:20 pm (SID 25190)
Optimize procurement in your organization by understanding the value drivers. Learn more about solutions from Ariba, an SAP company, and discover how they can help you transform procurement operations. Gain additional insights from the lessons learned during implementations where Ariba solutions have been deployed and integrated with SAP solutions.


Simplify Contract Management: 4:00 - 4:20 pm (SID 22268)


Eliminate manual processes, reduce validation errors, and streamline activities for managing contracts. Discover how you can free up IT resources by reducing the complexity of building contract files, making contracts searchable, and significantly accelerating transfer times of legacy contracts with the Ariba Contract Management solution.



Be sure to add one or more of these cloud sessions to your agenda via the Agenda Builder tool.  If you should have any questions, stop by the Partner and SME Solutions Center. SAP Cloud Partners can help you buy, build, implement, service, and support your unique needs.



See you in Orlando!


Carolyn Horiel, Cloud Partner Marketing

There is less than a week until the SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 conference, May 5 – 7, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Over the four days of this event attendees will have the opportunity to network, learn and simplify.


SAP S/4HANA will be a popular topic at the show, so here are the four simple ways that you can engage with SAP S/4HANA experts at SAPPHIRE NOW:


1. Connect with Rosemaria Giesecke and Mark Labedz to Get a Free Trial of SAP S/4HANA


Meet with Rosemaria and Mark to try out the next-generation business suite without risk and find out how it can benefit your organization. These experts will show you how to use a live system of SAP S/4HANA as a free trial version to see the value of instant insight across key roles and business processes.


2. Experience Easy Configuration with SAP S/4HANA by Stefan Kaetker


Let Stefan Kaetker take you through a guided configuration and easy onboarding of the next-generation business suite that can transform your business. In this session, you will see how easy it can be to adopt SAP S/4HANA from discovery through cloud trials to deployment thanks to preconfigured best practices.


3. Meet the Experts at the SAP S/4HANA Exhibit Area


Start your SAP S/4HANA journey at a special exhibit, located between the Platform & Technology campus and the Business Networks campus. Visit with experts at the 6 demo stations to get an overview, see demos, create your personal journey and even experience a special showcase that will be revealed at the event. Here are the demo stations:

    • Explore SAP S/4HANA, the Next-Generation Business Suite (SH428)
    • Identify the Value of SAP S/4HANA (SH429)
    • Experience the Simplicity of SAP S/4HANA (SH430)
    • Deploy SAP S/4HANA on Premise, in the Cloud, or Hybrid (SH431)
    • Start Your Journey to Transform Finance with SAP Simple Finance (SH432)
    • Discover the Personalized User Experience of SAP S/4HANA (SH433)

          Experts: Amra Huber, Bert Schulze, Katie Moser, Helen Sunderland, Michael Lamade, Jan Gilg, Rosemaria Giesecke, Mark Labedz, Sunder Ramesh

Arne Schmidthals, Birgit Starmanns, Udo Laub, Mike Voloshko, Alexander Lingg


4. Reserve Your Spot in an Interactive SAP S/4HANA Workshop with SAP Service and Support


Learn about the methodologies used to uncover new business and transformation opportunities with SAP S/4HANA. Hear how SAP customers have already benefited from this business scenario based approach, walk through holistic migration strategies and how Rapid Deployment Solutions can help speed the process.


Note:  How to reserve your spot

      • Select the session(s) you wish to attend using the "Reserve your spot" links. (You can reserve as many sessions as you would like)
      • An email will pop up with the Session Title and two fields in the body of the mail for you to populate
      • Simply type in your name and the name of your company and hit send.
      • Space is limited, so to ensure you are able to attend your desired session, please reserve as soon as possible.

          Experts: Ana Ammann, Lance Holbert, Christine Sievi, Jay Foard, Bhuvan Wadhwa, Joachim Plumbaum, Johannes Beigel, Kristina Henn


On behalf of the S/4HANA SAPPHIRE NOW team, we are looking forward to meeting with you next week in Orlando. If you have not already done so, please read the blog post Top 4 S/4HANA Must-Dos Leading Up to SAPPHIRE 2015 to add top S/4HANA content to your agenda.


Safe travels!


Tower Defense titles are the top selling category of games for Apple’s iOS platform. These games set the player on a map where their goal is to stop opponents from reaching a specific point on the map by building a variety of towers that stop opponents from entering a protected area. Most typically in these games, the opponents have varied abilities and rewards for stopping them, which then allow the player to upgrade their towers in order to make them stronger and more effective against their opponents. When talked about in the industry, most often you will hear of active governance referred to as a firewall for your data. The problems with firewalls are that they are typically visualized as a monolithic, unchanging separation between the data and the system. When I think of the business process of active governance, I prefer a Tower Defense metaphor as it more closely relates to the twists and turns data takes through its journey into the systems of record. The metaphor also speaks to the constant upgrading, tweaking, and refining that is inherit in any effective active governance implementation.

When thinking about the business processes of information governance it is perhaps the active data governance business processes that most closely fit the traditional thinking around what it takes to design, model, and deploy traditional business processes around an organization. These parallels are most closely drawn due to a foundational element of active governance: there is no active data governance without process governance. Active governance business processes govern the collection, entry, and modification of data and tracks who is performing those activities, and how those activates are being performed over time. This level of visibility provides not only insight to the business process, but it also gives leaders the ability to materially impact the processes to meet the needs of he business.

Going back to the Tower Defense metaphor, as more opponents stream through the map they get more and more difficult to defeat. Their armor is stronger, they go faster, and can sometimes even fight back. As more and more data elements and people get involved in the active governance processes, the ability to control the quality of the data as well as high quality process execution becomes more difficult. To combat this complexity, high quality active governance processes need to be highly adaptable to change and must continuously improve. With the high levels of visibility and accountability inherit in active governance business processes, areas for improvement are easily identifiable and naturally lead to the instinct to refine these processes to make them more efficient. This inclination should be embraced, as a culture of continuous improvement will lead to ever increasing value being derived from active governance business processes.

Data often takes a circuitous path to get into systems with divergences and false starts along the way. Having the proper series of defenses in place, through active governance business processes, prevents invalid, irrelevant, non-business ready data from ever reaching the systems of record on which an organization runs their business.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions, please join me at the 2015 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference from May 5-7 in Orlando, FL at Booth #246.

Sandra Thiel

Innovation Made Simple

Posted by Sandra Thiel Apr 28, 2015

Does my title sound like a paradox? As business moves quickly and customers even move faster, it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. Frankly, you need to continuously innovate. Does it mean hard work for your company? Not necessarily. The trick is to build an organizational culture that helps sustain innovation from top to bottom.


This is what Beiersdorf, a German-based market leader in skin care products, learned. To improve its process for capturing, evaluating, and implementing new innovation ideas, the company decided to join a co-innovation project with SAP. The SAP Innovation Management solution is the result of this collaborative project.


In an interview with SAP News, Alexander Ramin, Global Process & Application Solutions and Department Lead of Innovation for Marketing and Sales at Beiersdorf , shares, “For me, the most crucial aspects of the solution are its compelling user experience, its ease of use, and its comprehensive campaign management. From the company perspective, the availability of a mobile app was also decisive. Users can enter their ideas at the very moment of inspiration, meaning that spontaneous thoughts and suggestions don’t simply go to waste. Another aspect that sets this solution apart from others on the market is its extremely high performance powered by SAP HANA.”


Want to learn more and see SAP Innovation Management in action at SAPPHIRE NOW? Join our demo theater session “Manage Innovation Projects More Effectively for Faster Completion” on May 5 – 6.


Or start the conversation with our innovation management experts on SCN.


Ideas are abound – start capturing them now and rapidly turn them into value-generating innovations that drive your business forward!

SAPPHIRE NOW as always continues to mark a time at SAP where we showcase our latest innovations, get to meet our existing customers and start building relationships with our new customers and the larger SAP Community. My colleague Pras Chatterjee talks about the "New Perspectives in Planning" that will shared at SAPPHIRE. SAP is about making the lives of our customers simpler ! On that note we decided to make planning simpler. With the launch of our latest solution SAP Cloud for Planning, finance professionals can really simplify and optimize the FP&A Process. Built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with embedded analytics and collaboration and consumer grade UI, this application has truly transformed how the FP&A function and the role it will play in finance organizations.


Plan Simpler with SAP Cloud for Planning

Attend these Demo Theater Sessions and learn how you can plan better by simplifying financial planning and analysis. See how the SAP Cloud for Planning solution helps by delivering a people-centric user interface, embedded analytics, collaboration capabilities, and powerful modeling, all within a single product. Also get a chance to meet with the SAP Cloud for Planning Product Experts and discuss how this solution can solve your current challenges of FP&A.


Explore the Benefits of Planning Solutions in the Cloud

Attend these Demo Theater Sessions and learn how to make your planning faster and simpler with real-time insight, collaboration, and powerful modeling. See how the combination of the SAP HANA platform and the SAP Cloud for Planning solution make this possible. Examine all the new design features the cloud planning solution offers.


Get Ready for Next-Generation Financial Planning and Analysis in the Cloud

Join SAP and Deloitte in this micro forum discussion.This discussion will help you determine if you're ready for simpler financial planning in the cloud. Hear SAP and business partner experts discuss the access, collaboration, and deployment benefits of a cloud-based planning solution and offer sound advice on how to get started.


We look forward to seeing all of at one or more of these sessions. If you are unable to attend any session come by our  "Simplify Financial Planning and Analysis" Demo Station located at LB210 in the  Line of Business Finance area. Learn how to Plan Simpler  with SAP Cloud for Planning and have a great SAPPHIRE.

Ready and pumped up for SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 in Orlando (May 5-7) or haven’t got the time to prepare yourself and think about which sessions you want to add to your must see list?

For sure, S4HANA will be THE #1 topic at SAPPHIRE this year – everyone is looking forward to hear more on roadmap, deployment options and customer adoption. Other topics like enhancing the user experience and driving adoption of SAP installations are still hot on the agenda – remember that it’s just 1 year ago when Bill announced on stage that SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori will be included in the core license?


A recent ASUG survey showed that more than half of ASUG members say their companies either already have or are working on a defined user experience strategy, with about two-thirds planning to use SAP’s Fiori technology within the next couple of years. Asked for the top drivers behind their UX strategy, 83 percent chose “enhance user experience/improve adoption,” while 75 percent selected “improved productivity,” and 60 percent chose “improve user mobility(desktop, tablets & smart phone)” experiences. Finally, 14 percent say they’re already using the Fiori Launchpad despite the product’s relative newness and 64 percent say they plan to be using Fiori within the next two years.


If you want to see what can be achieved when leveraging Fiori and a design driven development approach then checkout the showcase with Daimler AMG.01 AMG.jpg

Not only will you be able to see really cool cars – you will also be able to hear and understand how a team of experienced SAP designers and developers leveraged a user-centric design approach drives to design and build a solution which comes with a superior user experience and boosts productivity and Daimler AMG:


Customer Showcase with Daimler AMG

  • Location: Convention Center Lobby
  • Sunday through Thursday during show floor hours
  • SAP Hosts: Jessica Feurer, Lisa Mattes, Enrico Mrass, Mirco Stern 


     View the latest AMG vehicle and learn how Daimler is building an innovative solution on SAP HANA and leveraging the latest in UX to help triple their sales by 2020.



See you in Orlando – safe travels!




The retail industry is more dynamic than ever. Today's customers have moved way beyond the right product in the right place at the right time. Customers are now clamoring for a simple, personalized, and compelling shopper experience.


Winning retailers understand a shopper’s digital footprint across all channels and take necessary actions for success:

-Align planning and execution seamlessly

-Recruit, train, and empower store employees to deliver consistently on the brand promise


With SAP for Retail solutions, the business has been re-imagined. Real-time retailing across any channel, on any device, at any time is ready – here and now. With a common, real-time data platform to execute retail applications, retailers can completely transform how they interact with customers, create assortments, design promotions, and optimize their supply chain. SAP for Retail solutions help retailers to run more simply, rethink operations, and re-imagine the customer experience.


At the SAPPHIRE® NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, take the opportunity to join with leading retailers from around the world to take the opportunity to join with leading retailers from around the world to see these innovative technologies live in action.


From groceries to fashion to electronics, if you are in retail, you should be at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, from May 5–8. Discover the latest innovations for retail designed to help you offer an integrated personalized and seamless shopping experience to your customers.

your consumers.


Hear from retail leaders like adidas Group, ASICS Corporation, BESTSELLER, Brooks Brothers, Loblaw Co. Ltd, PGA TOUR Superstore, Target Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, ULTA Salon, and Under Armour INC how they are mastering today#s challenges in retail.


Register today to start your journey toward being able to Run Simple. To learn more about specific sessions and topics to be showcased at SAPPHIRE 2015, check out the Retail Sample Agenda or, for the full conference program, the SAPPHIRE agenda builder.


If you cannot attend live I encourage to make sure you follow the event online SAPPHIRE NOW Online | SAPPHIRE NOW ONLINE


I hope to meet many of you at the event. If i don't i will do my best to share the insight with you during (@joergkoesters) and after the event here on SCN.




Joerg Koesters

In a few days I’ll be jumping on a plane to Orlando to attend SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. To provide you with some planning assistance I would like to recommend a few SAP service and support related “must-see” sessions. Below is a list of the sessions I’m most excited about.



1) See What’s Next for SAP Solution Manager (Session ID SC20421)

May 6 at 2.30 pm & May 7 at 3.00 pm

Simplify integration from design to operations by centrally managing your software lifecycle. Learn about the strategic direction and planned innovations for the SAP Solution Manager application management solution. Find out how it supports hybrid deployments of cloud solutions from SAP and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.


2) Explore Software Deployment Options That Can Help Your Business Run Simply (Session ID SC20429)

May 5 at 1.30 pm & May 6 at 11.30 am

Keep pace with fast-moving innovations with easily consumable software. Learn about a simplified model for deploying SAP S/4HANA on premise, in the cloud, or with a hybrid approach that lets you migrate between the two.


3) Find Your Right Path for Migrating to a Real-Time Business Platform (Session ID SC21389)

May 6 at 1.30 pm & May 7 at 9.00 am

Get ready to become a real-time business. Learn how to migrate to the SAP HANA platform. Examine the pros and cons of various approaches. Get an inside look into the associated timelines. Understand how upgrades, ABAP customizations, and Unicode affect your migration planning. Demystify SAP HANA and learn how to simplify, accelerate, and innovate.


4) Beat Complexity to Maximize Competitive Advantage (Session ID SC20408)

May 5 at 11.00 am & May 7 at 3.30 pm

Unlock your company’s full potential with successful and sustainable innovation. Learn how the innovation control center, with the SAP Solution Manager application management solution, focuses on designing and creating solutions to SAP standards. Hear how it maintains the pace of innovation while reducing costs through project and gap management.


5) Convert IT into a Value Center (Session ID SC20411)

May 6 at 3.00 pm & May 7 at 4.00 pm

Demonstrate the power of IT to create real value rather than costly overhead. Learn how an on-site operations control center can help your company avoid expensive disruptions, increase efficiency, and realize additional business value.



These are my personal top 5 sessions. Please share what sessions intrigue you the most below in the comments section. Hope to see you onsite in Orlando next week!








Find all blogs and videos related to this topic here. Learn more about the SAP Service and Support Center at SAPPHIRE NOW here.
Stay in the conversation by following SAP Software Support & Maintenance on SCN and YouTube.

Benjamin Wilk is the social media ambassador for SAP Support and he is part of SAP’s global Maintenance Go-To-Market organization.

For all those with an interest in SAP's HANA Cloud Solutions and who are (or may be) attending SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 in Orlando (May 5-7), then I am sure you will find the information below of interest.


Having attended countless SAPPHIRE events in the past, I know that finding the best or most appropriate sessions for any given topic area can be a somewhat daunting experience. So I thought I would highlight for you the best sessions and activities focused on SAP HANA Cloud solutions to help you quickly navigate your journey and locate the best sessions while at SAPPHIRE.


The first thing to note is that there are over 65 SAP HANA Cloud sessions taking place across the show floor and throughout the 4 main campuses and centers at SAPPHIRE this year. Of those, here are the ones I recommend:


Accelerate Innovation with SAP HANA in the cloud <Customer Panel>  Session ID 20301

"Hear how 4 companies are using SAP's  HANA Cloud solutions to build, extend, or run SAP core applications or new innovative applications in the cloud. Learn about their success running key areas of the business in a secure managed cloud environment"


Achieve Superior Customer Experience with SAP HANA Cloud Platform <Customer Theatre Session> Session ID 20299

"Learn how technology provider GENBAND replaced an older system with a series of integrated SAP solutions using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, resulting in superior customer experience."


Harness the Internet of Things with a Cloud Platform <Customer Theatre Session> Session ID 20300

"Hear Siemens has adopted SAP HANA Cloud Platform to tap into the IoT to revolutionize the way it does business.


Simplify your move to the cloud with SAP as a trusted partner <Microforum>  Session ID 20307

"Join this small discussion group to learn about the role SAP plays in helping you move your business to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service and the breadth of the managed services covered in our standard service-level agreement


Simply Financial Planning by Moving to the Cloud <Microforum> Session ID 20304

This discussion explores how you can simplify your financial planning and analysis cycles by leveragig the SAP Cloud for Planning solution, powered by SAP HANA


Extend cloud solutions for customized business requirements <Demo Theatre> Session ID 20321

Find out how to use SAP HANA Cloud Platform to extend solutions including those from SuccessFactors to meet your specific business need


Improve Business Flexibility with the Right Cloud Option and Migration Plan <Customer Theatre Session> Session ID 24637

Make your enterprise more flexible and cost-effective by reshaping processes and systems using on-premise, private, or hybrid cloud options. Hear directly from  companies in how they evaluate the best technology option for their business and manage a smooth transformation to the cloud.

Transform Your business on a journey to the cloud with SAP Services <Customer Theatre Session> Session ID 25134

Learn how La Trobe University simplified its IT landscape using the SAP Simple Finance solution with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service and cloud solutions



And for details on additional  SAP HANA Cloud sessions and activities taking place at SAPPHIRE NOW  this year, I encourage you to visit the SAPPHIRE NOW homepage from which you can build your own HANA Cloud agenda using the Agenda Builder tool.


Dan Kearnan, SAP HANA Cloud Team

Take a look below at the Top 13 Sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW and click the links to register now!

Find your right path for migrating to a real-time business platform.jpg

Find Your Right Path for Migrating to a Real-Time Business Platform

Wednesday, May 6, 1:30pmEST – Demo Theater

Get ready to become a real-time business. Learn how to migrate to the SAP HANA platform. Examine the pros and cons of various approaches. Get an inside look into the associated timelines. Understand how upgrades, ABAP customizations, and Unicode affect your migration planning. Demystify SAP HANA and learn how to simplify, accelerate, and innovate.

Transform your business on its journey to the cloud.jpg

Transform Your Business on its Journey to the Cloud with Services and Support

Wednesday, May 6, 5:00pmEST – Microforum Discussion

This discussion details how to speed time to value as you adopt a more nimble, cloud-based business structure. Hear how the SAP Services organization can maximize your success as you migrate to a cloud-ready IT landscape. Learn how our proactive support services can also speed the adoption of SAP solutions for customer engagement and commerce.

Maximize flexibility by simplifying even massive IT operations.jpg

Maximize Flexibility by Simplifying Even Massive IT Operations

Wednesday, May 6, 3:00pmEST - Theater Presentation

Keep your organization agile and connected, whatever its size. Hear how the U.S. Army is transforming its immense logistics and finance systems to simplify operations and deliver accurate information enterprise-wide. See how governance and digital technologies are enabling this transformation and supporting a more efficient military infrastructure.

Run simple with a single source of service and support.jpg

Run Simple with a Single Source of Service and Support

Tuesday, May 5, 2:30pmEST – Theater Presentation

Speed innovation with seamless support for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid IT landscapes. Hear how SAP provides a unified approach for delivering the SAP MaxAttention offering. Discover how this approach enables Loblaw Companies Ltd. to manage total cost of ownership, improve user adoption, and simplify customized solutions.

ATB innovates with zero-downtime maintenance.jpg

ATB Innovates with Zero-Downtime Maintenance

Wednesday, May 6, 2:00pmEST – Theater Presentation

Upgrade your mission-critical solution without any customer impact or business interruption. Learn how ATB Financial achieved that goal when upgrading its core solution based on banking services from SAP using a new SAP methodology.

accelerate time to implementation.jpg

Accelerate Time to Implementation

Wednesday, May 6, 4:30pmEST – Demo Theater

Roll out software faster and adopt innovation at a lower cost. Jump-start the blueprinting of SAP software with SAP Best Practices packages. Rely on standard functionality and minimize custom code. Reduce operational costs. Do it all with an on-site innovation control center that lets you enhance IT and “Build SAP Like a Factory.”

                           Journey to the Cloud and Transform your business.jpg                             

Journey to the Cloud and Transform Your Business with Expert Support

Wednesday, May 6, 11:00amEST – Theater Presentation

Streamline operations by moving your on-premise applications to the cloud. Learn how La Trobe University simplified its IT landscape using the SAP Simple Finance solution with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service and cloud solutions from the SAP for HR solution portfolio. Hear how expert services from SAP help La Trobe focus on key tasks.

Follow a simple unified approach.jpg

Follow a Simple Unified Approach to Services and Support

Thursday, May 7, 9:00amEST – Panel Discussion

Manage complexity and achieve better business outcomes with IT projects. Hear how Loblaw Companies Ltd., Cardinal Health Inc., and McKesson Corp. are executing their innovation and strategic road maps to drive tangible results. Learn how they’re benefiting from a new engagement experience based on increased governance and collaboration with SAP.

Improve business flexibility.jpg

Improve Business Flexibility with the Right Cloud Option and Migration Plan

Wednesday, May 6, 3:30pmEST – Theater Presentation

Make your enterprise more flexible and cost-effective by reshaping processes and systems using on-premise, private, or hybrid cloud options. Hear how companies evaluate the best technology option for their business and manage a smooth transformation to the cloud.

Plan a successful journey to your real time platform.jpg

Plan a Successful Journey to Your Real-Time Platform

Thursday, May 7, 1:00pmEST – Theater Presentation

Transition smoothly to a real-time business. Learn how DuPont, a world leader in market-driven innovation and science, streamlines business operations and meets global reporting needs with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA, SAP Landscape Transformation software, and SAP Service and Support offerings.

Engage consumers while streamlining global processes.jpg

Engage Consumers While Streamlining Global Processes


Thursday, May 7, 2:00pmEST – Theater Presentation

Keep customers actively involved in your brand and simplify core business processes enterprise-wide. Learn how ASICS Corporation is strengthening digital commerce and consumer engagement with the SAP hybris Marketing solution. Hear how the company is also harmonizing processes across regions with the SAP Fashion Management application.

Manage innovation projects more effectively for faster completion.jpg

Manage Innovation Projects More Effectively for Faster Completion

Tuesday, May 5, 1:30pmEST – Demo Theater

Discover how you can bring innovation projects to successful completion faster by making it easier for teams to plan, manage, and collaborate on projects. Find out how the SAP Innovation Management and SAP Portfolio and Project Management applications help you maximize efficiency in R&D for faster time to market.

To learn more, check out SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2015 - Collection of SAP Service and Support Blogs & Videos! See you at SAPPHIRE!

PS_image.jpgGovernment agencies, contractors, and public universities continue to experience the impact of budget cuts, decreased federal spending, and a wealth of regulatory requirements. That’s nothing new. However, over the past five years, one thing has changed – the rising influence of approximately 1.3 billion constituents. Not only are your customers affected, but so is your business.

Global debt over the last seven years has grown by $57 trillion, posing new risks to financial stability and undermining global economic growth. Thanks to social networks and crowdsourcing, global citizens are more aware of today’s economic situation. Even more game changing is their ability to band together at a moment’s notice to voice their demands for greater accountability, transparency, monetary discretion, safety, cyber security, and ethics. And everyone is listening – especially politicians.

With only finite time, money, and personnel resources on hand, it’s very difficult to fulfill mandated program and service requirements, as well as the public’s call for change, on a timely basis. To deliver financial returns as well as social and political results, the need to integrate information, processes, and technology becomes even more critical.

By considering the unique needs of each organization, services from SAP help simplify operations without disruption. Many organizations realize the advantages of simplified, fully integrated information and processes across government departments, government levels, and borders.

Find out at SAPPHIRE NOW how we help these organizations succeed in an environment that is highly uncertain and demanding.


Better Budgeting in Higher Education: Lesson Learned in Doing It Yourself

Experience the benefits of better budgeting with a do-it-yourself approach. Hear how Duke University secured greater transparency and accountability by establishing public budget formulation with little outside support.

  Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how you can start your transition to simplification without disruption.

The Challenge


This year we have heard a lot about how SAP can help simplify, and therefore improve, your business.  From simplifying your landscapes and your technology stacks with innovative cloud solutions and SAP HANA to simplifying the user experience with UI enhancements like Personas and Fiori, SAP is all about simplification.  In all of these solutions, the answer is in the technology.  As always, SAP Education can help with understanding and deploying that technology.  New SAP solutions are designed to break down all the barriers between you and the knowledge you need to effectively and efficiently roll out new SAP technology.  But, your challenge doesn't end at the keyboard.  Our mission, in SAP Education, is to continue that roadmap to include your users - to get between the keyboard and the chair.


How SAP Education can help


Let’s first consider what you need to understand and implement new SAP solutions.  Traditionally, this work has been done by your SAP Project and Technical teams.  The challenge to these teams has been to get the knowledge and training they need when they need it.  The barriers of cost, travel, access to experts and time away from the project have created gaps between what was *possible* to achieve with SAP, and what your solution *delivers*.  The SAP Learning Hub, Customer Edition, address that need.  No longer are your project and technical team members constrained by time, travel and cost.  Learning Hub subscribers can access *any* learning they need when they need it.  Because of this, projects will be able to exploit the full value of the SAP solution stack and SAP customers will be able to see an improved time to value as projects should achieve their goals with fewer knowledge constrains.


Once the solution is built, things get messy because human beings are messy.  Well, maybe that’s the wrong word.  Understanding and quantifying behavior is challenging because everyone works and behaves differently.  So… they are messy.  We want to clean up the mess.  And to do that we need to start by understanding what everyone is doing.  Armed with that knowledge, you need to provide users with the instruction or help they need, when and where they need it.  Then, you want to make sure they have improved and take on the next improvement challenge.


Simply put the solution is:  Analyze.  Instruct.  Repeat.


SAP Education brings simple solutions to the table specifically to help bring simplification and value between the keyboard and the chair.




Analyze the real needs of your organization and your users with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa.  SAP UEM will give you the insight needed to find (and address) the challenges your users are having with using the system.  How you address those challenges is up to you – further training, UX improvements, process improvement, new technology, etc.  But, before you can improve ANYTHING, you must first measure it.  If you want better user adoption, don't measure Help Desk tickets, measure users!  That’s what SAP UEM does  - it provides user analytics so you can see where your users are truly challenged, so you can address those challenges.  And because SAP UEM continues to measure your users over time, you can evaluate if your efforts are paying off.




Easily develop, maintain and deliver training and documentation with SAP Workforce Performance Builder.  WPB is the state-of-the-art SAP solution for end-to-end authoring, editing, and distributing various training and performance support materials regardless of the subject area, be they IT, soft skills, documentation, etc. Simply put - why create different materials, using different tools, for different delivery methods, and different user populations?  The way most organizations try to help their employees only causes more complexity.  WPB can bring simplicity, speed, and power to a critical (and often overlooked) need of your company: knowledge sharing.  So, armed with your understanding of your users from SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, you can create what those users need in SAP Workforce Performance Builder.  Oh, and distribute it to them right through their application.  Or on their mobile device.  Or through their Learning Library.  But, no matter how they get the knowledge, you still need to make sure it’s useful, accurate and up-to-date.  WPB helps there to, because  it is designed with this very need in mind, maintaining and updating these materials is a snap.




Don't let this cycle die  out.  SAP Education can help you kick-start this process and get your organization ready for the changes ahead with our Organizational Change Management and End-User Services.  But, the UEM + WPB solutions will allow your organization to build a repeatable, justifiable, continuous improvement cycle.


Find out more

Come visit SAP Education on the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2015 and make plans to attend the following
demos and workshops:




Dates & Time: 


SC504:Simplify Knowledge Transfer Through Learning Innovation Demo Station



Tuesday, May 5   11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Wednesday, May 6   11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Thursday, May 7   12:00 – 5:30 PM



SC21806: Maximize the Power of Your Organization with Learning in the Cloud



Wednesday, May 6   5:30 – 5:50 PM


Thursday, May 7   3:00 – 3:20 PM 


WORKSHOP: Accelerate Business Outcomes with Cloud-Based Learning


The key to driving value from your SAP investment is to focus on increasing adoption and user confidence. During this workshop, join SAP Education experts to explore the latest cloud-based learning offerings and understand how these tools help leading organizations enable their employees to develop the skills and insight needed to accelerate business outcomes across the organization.



Thursday, May 7   3:30 – 4:30 PM


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In previous posts, I share insights into how TCS has developed an award-winning SAP practice by enhancing our consulting services and addressing the soft skills required for large scale IT-enabled business transformation. Here, I will take a look at how we closely collaborate with SAP to bring benefits to our clients.


This collaboration is essential given rapid technology advances and recent changes in SAP’s software products for the cloud and focus on S/4HANA. Already, SAP counts more than 70 million cloud users of its technology. It projects its cloud revenue to grow more than fourfold between 2014 and 2020, to at least $8 billion (which would be a third of SAP’s $24 billion revenue last year).


Our clients rely upon TCS to provide strategic guidance as they build roadmaps to adopt new technologies and evaluate how IT can best support the business. To deliver on this, our SAP practice actively collaborates with SAP at multiple levels to stay in sync with their strategic direction and product plans. The fact that we’ll be presenting our client successes and expertise in eight sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW, May 5-7, in Orlando is testimony to our partnership with the Walldorf, Germany-based software company. If you are attending SAPPHIRE NOW, I encourage you to attend our sessions to hear from executives at API, British Gas, Cardinal Health, Hasbro, Performance Fibers and Tetra Pak about the ways they leverage SAP to deliver benefits to the business.

As an SAP Global Partner, TCS is committed to strengthening our relationship with SAP from the highest levels of our organization.  In recent years, we set up a new alliance team with SAP, which created even stronger bonds between our SAP practice leaders and their SAP counterparts. And our partnership is a major reason why I moved from Mumbai to New Jersey in 2012: to get closer to SAP’s leadership group, whose U.S. headquarters is outside of Philadelphia.


In addition to continuing to make big investments in SAP specialists, TCS opened a global Center of Excellence in 2011 for our work on SAP HANA at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then last October, we opened another center there to develop applications for improving the SAP user experience—based on SAP’s Fiori and Screen Personas software. What’s more, we set up an SAP innovation center in Paris last year. Since they opened, we’ve brought more than 200 TCS clients into these two SAP centers. These concentrated areas of expertise enable us to innovate with clients and demonstrate the power of SAP technology, running simulations and test cases that build sound roadmaps.


Our partnership with SAP is destined to get even stronger over the rest of this decade, as both organizations take our collaboration and shared objective –  to help large, global companies synchronize and run their operations in real-time – to new levels.  As technology continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, we look forward to bringing together TCS experts across the business, from industry specialists to consultants focused on cloud, the Internet of Things, mobility, robotics, etc., to advise our clients with holistic technology answers that will keep them competitive.


“Mutuality is the hallmark of organizational collaboration” among alliance partners, wrote Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter in the Harvard Business Review. “The best alliances try to maximize the value of the whole relationship, which then makes it more valuable to each partner.” In working with SAP in the years ahead, we couldn’t have stated it any better. I look forward to SAPPHIRE NOW and the many opportunities that our team will have to sit down with SAP leadership and product experts to discuss their vision and announcements that may come out of the conference that we can then bring to our client engagements. Please share your questions with us and let us know if you’d like to meet with our team during SAPPHIRE NOW.


While establishing effective business processes around data monitoring is akin to seeing a doctor, having the proper, governed business processes in place around remediating identified data errors is more like receiving a prescription and ensuring that you take the entire dosage. When combined, these business processes form a closed loop of data remediation that can reduce business process interruption and increase operational efficiency.

High Performing Data Cleansing

A high performing data cleansing process should be able to operate on its own as well as on the backend of a monitoring business process. When operating independently, the cleansing business process needs to flow the cleansing work through to the proper users at the proper time, facilitate approval routings, and track those cleansing activities from beginning to end.

As with all information governance business processes, getting users to live as close to the data involved as possible is key to successful execution. Giving users access to the tools they want to use in the way they want to use them can help them acclimate to and successfully adopt these business processes throughout the organization.

Flow and Tracking of Data Cleansing

The flow and tracking of a cleansing business process also needs to be easily adaptable to different areas of the business. While it is easy to say that all departments and regions will standardize on one cleansing business process, the reality is that users in different cultures and parts of the organization will need to work with business processes tailored for their needs.

Regardless of these customizations, however, global standards should be set for the business processes and the best practices that measure their effectiveness. To this end, key metrics must be created throughout the execution of the cleansing business processes and tracked against service level agreements and other KPIs to ensure these ongoing business processes are running to plan.

The goal of the cleansing business processes is to resolve data issues before they cause business interruptions, overruns or other issues. It is important to understand that implementing these business processes takes time and refinement over the course of their implementation. Just as cleansing continues to make data better, feedback loops for continuous improvement should also be included in the process. The better the cleansing process, the less time bad data can exist in your systems, which in turn will lead to smoother organizational executions.


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