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SAP Canada is offering one lucky winner the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida on May 5-7, alongside a Big Data Boot Camp, which will help them boost their 'muscle memory' in data management and decision making.


All you have to do to enter is tell us about your Big Data challenges - where you need to trim business complexity and get your data in shape to run simple. We're all too aware of the common struggles, like having to mix and match spreadsheets to get answers, using data from outdated reports, and making big business decisions on gut instinct rather than cold,hard facts.


The Big Data Boot Camp prize includes meeting with an SAP 'personal trainer' to learn how the best companies in the world are leveraging Big Data and analytics, lunch with a sports team or industry  customer reference, and a specially designed agenda for SAPPHIRE NOW.


Following the event, the winner will get the opportunity to work alongside an SAP solution expert and gain access to our impressive customer network to discover genuine examples of how Big Data is bringing success. They will also join us in capturing the 'highs and lows' of their boot camp experience through written, photographic, and video content.


The competition is open to Canadian residents and entries can be made online until April 10th, 2015. SAP will choose the winner based primarily on the expressed need for big data tools and strategies.


Visit the Big Data Boot Camp page today to enter the promotion and see what other businesses are saying about their struggles. Join the conversation around Big Data fitness on Twitter as well, using the hashtag #BigDataBTCMP.

At the risk of adding to all the hype, I want to tell you there is no doubt about it: The IoT will be a very big thing for many big companies. I say that not as a newbie technologist who’s star-crossed over the prospect of products in the field continually reporting whether they’re about to break to the companies that made them.


Rather, I say it as a consultant who has been around the block with information technology for the last 27 years, and SAP software for the last 22. (You can just imagine how many technology hype cycles I’ve been through.) This Internet of Things is for real, as I’ll explain in this and subsequent blog posts leading up to SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference, May 5-7 in Orlando, where I’ll be speaking on the topic.



The IoT is especially real for companies whose SAP systems support high-ticket products whose customers can stomach little product downtime. If your company makes construction equipment, aircraft engines, power-generating turbines, automobiles, trains, buses, ships and other gear that keep the economy chugging, you need to take big notice of IoT. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to plan how your company will use IoT technology, and what it means for the way you architect your SAP and other enterprise systems.


Why will IoT be a game-changer for many industries? The fundamental reason is that what it makes possible for the sectors like those mentioned above is unprecedented: the ability for companies to continually monitor the status of their products as customers are using them – on the construction site, in their offices, at their bank branches, in their shopping center stores, and so on. From the moment customers take delivery of an item to the time they dispose of it, your product’s sensors, embedded software, communications devices and other technologies can inform you 24×7 how your equipment is performing in the field.


I just can’t overstate how ground-breaking that capability is. To deliberate how IoT will strategically impact the competitive landscape, TCS and Harvard Business Review recently published an analytical report, after discussions held at this year’s Davos. Download this report to gain insight from Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Adi Ignatius, the Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Business Review and TCS CEO, N. Chandrasekaran, who was appointed as Chairperson of the IT Industry Governors Steering of the World Economic Forum.  The capabilities that IoT will give companies will mean they can shift from getting the occasional snapshots of their products’ performance (e.g., when customers complain to their call center that they aren’t working) to generating real-time updates on their status. Through IoT, a manufacturer or user of a bulldozer, plane, train, power turbine or other industrial equipment will be able to understand the operating performance of those products in the field and fix or maintain them before a problem hits.


Consider General Electric, one of the biggest prosylethizers of the IoT. GE has predicted that over the next 15 years the IoT will save the aviation industry $30 billion, the power generation business $66 billion, and the healthcare sector $63 billion by keeping crucial equipment running. GE sells expensive equipment to those sectors (aircraft engines, turbines, CAT scanners, etc.). It has a vested interested in keeping those customers happy.


The central theme that runs through these kinds of products is that their customers rely on them to work every hour of the day that they themselves are working. Perhaps IoT will be less important to makers of, say, low-end home appliances. If your coffee maker dies, you can always go down the street and buy coffee from Starbucks or the local donut shop. If your lawnmower fails, your neighbor’s teenager and his mower may be available. But if you’re an airline, electric utility, oilfield equipment maker or construction firm, equipment that is down will cost you dearly.


So what does all of this have to do with your company’s SAP and other enterprise systems? In fact, practically everything. Simply streaming IoT data from your products in the field back to your SAP systems (whether on-premises or in the cloud) won’t be enough. You’ll need an industrial-strength database management system such as SAP HANA to handle the enormous volumes of real-time data following in.


But your SAP systems must be able to do much more than simply understand whether your products are heading for failure in the field (although doing that alone will be hugely important). Your SAP systems must be able to automatically set into motion the business processes in your company to deal what that pending failure. In other words, you’ll need to connect your IoT systems to the SAP modules that book orders, pick items from warehouses, and put delivery trucks in motion. For example, if you make equipment (like GE) that’s installed on airplanes and can ground a plane if it isn’t working, your IoT system needs to trigger the right actions in your SAP system so that the part is automatically picked at the closest warehouse and ready for shipment, and a truck is ready to deliver it to the right airport.


In other words, your SAP system and the business activities it supports will need to be prepared for the new world of real-time field data – e.g., how a company’s products are performing for customers. In that manner, IoT is ushering in a whole new world. In my next post, I’ll delve into what this new world means for your company’s IT architecture. The short answer is this: a lot.



Recent trends in the Life Sciences industry - increasing fluctuations in demand, the need for new, innovative products, globalization, and significant M&A activity – are adding to the complexity of already intricate supply chains. For example, 2014 was a record year for M&A, with over $200B changing hands. 

In addition, with cost pressures on the rise as a result of price erosion, an emphasis on patient outcomes and the patent cliff continuing to face pharmaceutical companies, organizations are limited in the types of investments they can make to impact agility, decrease lead times, and reduce inventory to unlock valuable working capital.

Yet there is no question that the supply chain of the future will require more and more advanced analytics, along with the appropriate simulation and modeling capabilities to evaluate increasingly complex and dynamic risks and constraints and to manage the supply chain more precisely. In addition, the volume of data will continue to grow –sensors on everything from products to machines, the availability of information across business networks – all will need to be incorporated to provide a full picture from which to make supply chain decisions.


So what are the right investments to drive end-to-end visibility for your company? For example, are you making the most of real-time supply chain reporting or are you making decisions from backward looking information? Are you spending time compiling and generating reports from a BW/EDW system or can you quickly analyze relevant planning situations at multiple levels of aggregation?

The focus of this microsession will be the types of analytical supply chain models market leaders are adopting and the results are they seeing. We will also discuss how analytics can drive not only cost efficiencies, but bottom line improvements.

Please stop by to join the discussion, hear from your peers, and lend your insights on Tuesday, May 5th from 3pm – 3:45pm or click on the link below to add this session to your agenda.  


Here is a Spring update from our ASUG Data Management SIG which is lead by ASUG Volunteers Ernie Phelps, DecisionFirst, and Trevor Dennison, General Mills


ASUG Annual Conference

For the tenth consecutive year, the 2015 ASUG Annual Conference is co-locating with SAPPHIRE NOW, May 5-7, 2015 in Orlando.  These premiere events bring together thousands of SAP customers, developers, and partners for educational content and partner exhibits that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Register Today



ASUG Pre-Conference Seminars seats at ASUG Annual Conference are filling up fast.  These in-depth sessions provide unparalleled content on the hottest topics in the SAP ecosystem, starting your conference experience on the right foot. Register for ASUG Annual Conference, and this pre-conference seminars to your agenda (additional fee applies): SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA® - All in One Day (Hands-On) with SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort.


Check out this justification letter if you need justification to attend.  Also see this handy ASUG BI abstract session list here.


See the sessions below sponsored by the Data Management SIG:




Let Your Data Take Flight: How Adobe Puts Data in Motion


Data Migration Path to Information Governance


Optimizing Global Data Quality at Rockwell Automation


CASE STUDY: Reducing Risk by Migrating off Custom In-House Applications onto Data Services


Managing Enterprise Data Quality using SAP Information Steward(SAP IS)


SAP HANA EIM- Smart data integration and smart data quality with HANA SPS09 at Intel

Upcoming Webcasts

Join us for these upcoming webcasts:

Link to past recordings can be found here.  ASUG logon required
Book Contest (message by SAP)
Message from SAP:Every day between March 30 and April 3, we are giving one lucky person the best-selling book Enterprise Information Management by SAP, Second Edition (SAP Press)The book will provide you with the opportunity to:
  • Gain useful strategies and best practices from experts and customers
  • Discover the complete set of SAP solutions for EIM to help you support information governance, data quality, data integration, and master data management
  • Explore step-by-step instructions for each EIM technology offering from SAP
  • Learn from successful customers on how to perform the most imprortant EIM tasks
To win, you must:
  • Register now to enter the daily drawing
  • Follow @OnPhilip on Twitter

Winners will be announced each day from March 30-April 3 at 8 a.m. PT on the@OnPhilip twitter page.

Save the Dates: ASUG SABOC & SAP TechEd

Join ASUG at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, October 19-23. The call for speakers for SAP TechEd is planned to begin the week of April 20. Stay tuned for more information.


Watch/Listen to ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor Joyce Butler discuss the value of SAP TechEd.


Additionally, 2015 ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects Conference will be August 31-September 2 in Austin, Texas. More information to come as it is available

To view all support workshop sessions, read here!


New and installed base customers alike are turning to SAP to help them get access to SAP innovations in a more efficient way with long term total cost of ownership in mind before the project even gets under way. With the new next generation of SAP MaxAttention model we offer them a framework to accomplish this.


Agile project principles, software pre-configuration, technology accelerators and specialized services are being leveraged in a holistic way to speed up deployments and reduce costs and risk for our customers.


In a joint approach the customer and SAP teams dive into an assessment of the customers market environment and identify and prioritize their business processes with the goal to group them into Foundational, Extension and Differentiating processes. This will allow all parties to put things into perspective and down the road to allocate the right resources, effort and budget to foster a spirit of innovation while keeping the attention on generic areas to the minimum required to be successful.


This priorization is followed by a detailed solutioning, conducted by SAP industry experts familiar with the extended SAP portfolio fit to meet the business requirements of the customers industry vertical. This not only takes into consideration the SAP applications, but will make sure that the right solution alternatives are selected for the customer taking into consideration the long-term SAP roadmap to make sure investments are future proof.


This then is followed by the identification of suitable accelerators for these solutions which in turn are then pre-assembled and staged for the customer either in the cloud or on premise as a ready-to-go clean slate model company for the customer. While there are many examples where the SAP platform offers choice, there is in many cases no need for the implementation team to spend time identifying the ideal combination of application components. The application architecture is already defined from SAP side and ready to be staged for the customer.


While new customers instantly see the value in this approach, installed base customers would like to see a way to leverage this concept for their benefit as well. If they choose to protect the investments done in their IT environment they can opt to use parts of their existing environment as qualified model company, focusing on the simplification or innovation part of the current landscape with well-established processes. This then can be tied into or enhanced with accelerators for differentiating point processes where they want to focus their attention on.


After the staging customer and SAP teams join hands to identify perceived functional gaps and close knowledge gaps to ensure functional gaps are not really solution know how gaps which would have resulted in system modifications that would add complexity and additional maintenance effort where actually not required. Upon the conclusion of the verification of functional gaps and hopefully an elimination of a large number of them, the findings are transitioned into the build phase where the delta requirements can be blueprinted and designed in a highly accelerated fashion leveraging the best practice blueprint documents as a baseline.


Choosing this approach helps customers to ensure maximum standardization for the Build and Run phase with faster time-to-value through pre-configuration, project accelerators and cloud deployment. Therefore, the next generation of SAP MaxAttention starts every implementation where possible with the model company. In addition we committed to constantly improve existing model companies and SAP best practice solutions based on implementation experiences using a feedback channel to SAP development and SAP best practice organizations.


If you’d like to learn more about this process, please join us at SAPPHIRE for a demo theater presentation (20424 – Accelerate Time to Implementation) at 4:30 in the SAP Service and Support Center followed immediately by a workshop in our workshop room right next to the demo theater. If you’d like to register for our workshop, or need additional information, please contact us at: sap_premium_maintenance_community@sap.com.


We hope to see you at SAPPHIRE!


For more event updates and customer success stories, please follow @SAP_AGS.


If you are going to SAPPHIRE this year, make sure to check out the SAP Service and Support Center on the SAPPHIRE show floor! We offer many informative and interactive sessions in our demo theaters, and have many experts available at our demo stations to answer your questions and showcase our tools and methodologies.


What if you can't get enough information from a 20-minute demo theater presentation? Let's face it - they are just too high-level and short and sometimes there are just too many people in the audience asking questions! We understand that and that's exactly why we also offer you something extra off the menu: 1-hour workshop sessions right after three of our special demo theater sessions! While demo theater sessions will serve to whet your appetite, full one hour workshops will take you into more detail, specialized level just for you!


Here is the workshop schedule (click the picture below to enlarge):



For detail description on the workshop Reduce project cost and risk leveraging a model company approach, read blog here.


Now impress your SAPPHIRE peers by telling them our secret menu. Believe us, they will thank you for being a SAPPHIRE guru and introducing them to these fantastic workshops!


If you have any additional questions or would like to pre-register for the workshops, please email us at sap_premium_maintenance_community@sap.com.

For more event updates and customer success stories, please follow @SAP_AGS.

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Engaging with your customers is not an easy task. Customers are fickle, elusive, intelligent, well-informed, everywhere and anywhere, and, most importantly, empowered. They define their own journeys, yet expect brands and companies to be there whenever and wherever they need them. And if you are there at the right time, providing the right and useful information and advice, you may earn their business and their loyalty. It’s a difficult and high-stake endeavor, yet the payoff is high. To succeed, you will need all the help you can get.


SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference may be just the place to be to get all the inspiration, ideas, advice, and help you need. Like past events, this year’s conference will take place in Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center from May 5 to May 7.


Let’s take a quick tour of what’s in store for you at our annual “get-together.”


You will be happy to hear that Paul Greenberg, the “Godfather of CRM,” author of CRM at the Speed of Light and an upcoming book on customer engagement for Harvard Business Press due out in 2016, will be highlighting his strategy for engaging customers in the 21st century.


Esteban Kolsky, principal and founder of ThinkJar, will be tackling how social selling can strengthen your relationship and engagement with customers.


Brent Leary, partner at CRM Essentials, has been collaborating with Social Media Today for the past five years on a well-known barometer of social customer service called The Social Customer Engagement Index. He will be presenting his findings and case studies from this latest research at the conference.


If you are looking to hear from your peers and industry leaders, you are in for a treat. Below are some of the customers who will be sharing their stories
at the show:


  • Mohawk Industries (see a great post here by Ryan Somers)
  • Atlas Copco
  • Insight Enterprises
  • Adobe
  • Loves Travel
  • Genband
  • NHL
  • Bentley Systems
  • Juniper Networks


You will hear how they are transforming their businesses in the age of empowered customers. Using technologies and solutions from SAP and our partners, organizations are able to engage with their customers at the right time on their journeys.


SAPPHIRE NOW also offers over 20 demonstration sessions featuring the latest solutions from SAP for sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce. Check out the Agenda Builder for session times and locations, and join us to find out how these solutions can help you solve your business problems, unlock new innovations, and engage with your customers on their journeys.


And if you want a more deep-dive discussion and to see the solutions in action, drop by our demonstration pods in the Line of Business campus (LB223, LB224, LB225, and LB226) at any time during the conference. Additionally, many of our solution leaders, such as Nayaki Nayyar, Volker Hildebrand, and Matthias Goehler, will be presenting their perspectives and solution strategies in ASUG presentations.


No company or person can be extraordinary without hard work. We must constantly learning new skills, trying new approaches, and pushing boundaries. I’ll bet SAPPHIRE NOW performer J. Lo is constantly working at her craft to be as extraordinary as possible. As Jimmy Johnson, the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys once said, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” So join us and get a little bit of that “extra” that you need to win.

Does this sound familiar to you? Your manager is requesting you to further improve your company’s business processes and to innovate to stay competitive. So you are looking for the right SAP tools and services that can help you to identify the business process improvements and the breakthrough innovations
that will have maximum value potential for your business.


This is how SAP can help you: Join our exclusive workshop on Tuesday May 5th at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn about the new support services that can help you in exactly achieving you business process improvements and innovation challenges.


During this workshop you’ll learn about the all-new Customer Innovation Readiness (CIR), the SAP Enterprise Support opportunity report (ESO) and an enhanced version of the existing Business Scenario Recommendations (BSR) report. The CRI can help in assessing your “innovation readiness” and in identifying future innovation opportunities. The ESO can help you maximize the value IT can provide to your business process performance. And the BSR provides you with tailored information on how your business can benefit from SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud applications.


Mark your calendars for this workshop: May 5th from 1pm to 2pm and inform us of your interest in joining:  SAPPHIRE NOW 2015, Global Service & Support Center (GSSC)




Note: this workshop is not included in the official Agenda Builder. You may register by sending us a mail to SAP Software Support and Maintenance.


We look forward to meeting you there!



Useful links:






Once again this year SAPPHIRE NOW is a must-attend for Retailers who want to innovate with out disruptions and learnhow to run smarter, simpler, faster and simpler. From groceries to fashion to electronics, if you are in retail, SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida from May 5–8 is where you should be.
SAPPHIRE NOW offers senior executives, IT decision makers and business managers in retail the opportunity to meet, network, and learn from peers, partners, industry and SAP experts, and executives.
  • inspiring keynotes - SAP and AUG leaders
  • SAP innovation updates -  S4HANA, the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in a digital and networked economy
  • presentations focused on innovation and results - PGA Super Stores, Ulta Beauty, Bessteller and many more
  • interactive discussion groups,
  • hands-on demos,
  • hundreds of partner exhibitions,
  • latest business strategies,
  • industry best practices
The retail presence in the Industries campus at SAPPHIRE NOW delivers must-see content for retailers in a special area of the show floor. It focuses on helping retailers simplify the interaction and develop a deeper connection with their customers and to increase the speed and profitability of their business.
Network with retail leaders and SAP executives at the Retail Customer Networking Event Wednesday, May 6th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Hilton This reception will provide premier food and beverage and an excellent environment to network and develop valuable new relationships.
Meet your peers and SAPs experts for Fashion and Grocery at the Fashion & Grocery Reception Dinners Wednesday, May 6th.
And - for a bit fo fun -  don’t miss this unique opportunity to see pop superstar Jennifer Lopez bring down the house at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference.
The SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando is your opportunity to join with leading retailers from around the world to see these innovative technologies firsthand and in action. Stay tunes for an update on all the Retail customers presenting.
To learn more about specific sessions and topics to be showcased at SAPPHIRE 2015, check out the Retail Sample Agenda or, for the full conference program, the SAPPHIRE agenda builder. See you in Orlando!

Just like the hard-core baseball fan who can’t wait to make his annual pilgrimage to spring training, I have begun counting the days to my annual visit to SAP’s big customer event, SAPPHIRE NOW, this May 5-7. Gearing up for this big event has been a ritual for me since 2010, when I became one of several leaders of our SAP delivery operations at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Today, these operations employ thousands of TCS professionals who are experts of the complex software system, which was brought to life 43 years ago in Weinheim, Germany by five ex-IBMers.


In that job and currently, as head of the TCS global SAP Practice, I’ve had the chance to talk with TCS clients around the world who run SAP to improve their business performance. I’ve moved from India to the U.S. and met many more of our customers. I’ve also spent more time with the top management of SAP itself so that we can even more deeply understand their direction and keep our services moving in lockstep with it.


But in this post, I’m actually not interested in talking about me. I’d much rather discuss the world-class SAP practice that TCS has been building since the turn of the decade. Today, we have more than 13,500 SAP consultants. Our SAP business has grown 30% in each of the last two years alone, and we now have more than 400 SAP projects that serve as world-class proof points of the results we generate for our clients. They include many large global firms, companies like British retailer Marks & Spencer, U.S. toymaker Hasbro, Swiss engineering powerhouse ABB, and the Belgium steel and chemical maker N.V. Bekaert.


So how has our SAP practice gotten so strong, and where is it going over the rest of this decade? That’s what I want to focus on in this and other blog posts that I will publish in this space between now and early May, ahead of SAP’s SAPPHIRE flagship conference. In this post, I’ll describe the market needs to which we’ve shaped our SAP practice. That will give you insights on why we’ve brought to market the SAP consulting services that we have today, and why we believe they’re different than those of other ERP consulting and IT services firms.


I don’t need to tell any executive whose company runs on SAP how important the software is to a well-functioning business. They’ll know of what I speak: SAP is the technology heart of a large, global corporation. It’s ensures that customer orders for chemicals, toys, paper diapers, cars, cell phones and other goods and services result in a product that comes off the assembly line, is shipped, accounted (from a financial standpoint) and billed for. The manufacturing, finance, supply chain, order fulfillment and many other core operations of big companies depend every day on their SAP systems to handle hundreds or even thousands of such orders. And our clients, in turn, depend on us to keep those systems running.


Skill gaps in implementing business transformation


But companies for awhile have needed more skills than technical ones to keep their SAP systems running. Companies have been coming to TCS for years to scope out and make the business process changes that are required to use SAP to its fullest extent. In fact, a study we commissioned Forrester Research to conduct last year of more than 100 companies that had implemented enterprise systems found the capability in greatest demand to transform their business was not technical at all. It was that soft skill known as “culture change.” The next five skills in greatest demand were equally as soft:


  • Organizational issues
  • New practices
  • Organizational design
  • Job and responsibilities definition
  • Getting people to change the way they work (incentives, motivations, and so on)


We’ve known for awhile that “the soft stuff is the hard stuff” when it comes to implementing SAP. That’s why we decided several years ago that our SAP practice skills couldn’t stop at installing and maintaining the complex information system. To be sure, we have dozens of clients who depend on TCS to keep manage their SAP systems and keeping them running – to keep the heart of their business pumping, so to say. But we have many more for whom we have scoped the business changes that are necessary for companies to maximize the business potential of SAP.


So that’s why we have a full suite of SAP consulting services– business process transformation, technology implementation and integration with others systems, and support. But we also deliver all that change much more quickly for our clients because they no longer can take years to implement SAP across their global operations.


In the next few posts, I’ll explain the core principles we’ve used to build our SAP practice into one of the 10 largest in the world and how our services have powered up many global enterprises.



The promise of trade promotion optimization has been top of mind for sales and marketing teams in the Consumer Products (CP) industry for years.  Yet the promise of trade promotion optimization - predicting promotion outcomes, building sustainable baseline volume increases, focusing spend on the most effective promotions, and maximizing revenue, volume and profitability for CP companies and their retailer partners - has yet to be realized for most companies.


Technical Feasibility versus Practical Reality



Technology advances over the last few years have finally made the mechanics of trade promotion optimization not only possible, but feasible.  Advances in in-memory computing have dramatically simplified data structures while enabling real-time data access, customer and consumer data is plentiful and readily available, advanced analytics solutions for modeling and optimization have moved into mainstream business intelligence, and flexible, simple user interfaces accelerate user adoption.


Yet feasibility enabled by technology still hasn’t always translated into a practical reality.  So, if technology is no longer a barrier, and the promise of trade promotion optimization remains a high priority for CP companies, what barriers do remain?  One might argue it’s the mechanics of trade promotion optimization itself – the data science talent required to develop and maintain models to optimize promotions, the ongoing challenges associated with harmonizing and normalizing massive volumes of high velocity, highly granular data, and the significant coordination required between sales and marketing teams running the optimization models and the IT teams managing the underlying data and systems infrastructures supporting the optimization processes.


A New Services-Based Approach




To help address these challenges, SAP is offering a new services-based approach to Trade Promotion Optimization that promises a new, and practical, reality for CP companies of any size.  SAP Promotion Sensing and Optimization is a bundled offering that includes the SAP Trade Promotion Optimization solution running with the SAP Demand Signal Management solution powered by the SAP HANA Platform.  Hosted by SAP via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, the subscription-based offering includes data upload, cleansing and mapping services for integrating and harmonizing internal and external data sources along with consulting services for building optimization models as well as providing ongoing, value-add analyses of promotion effectiveness including volume decomposition and price elasticity.



See the Solution Live at SAPPHIRE NOW


To learn more, visit the Consumer Products area of the Consumer Industries Campus at SAPPHIRENOW.  SAP will feature demonstrations of this new offering in the Consumer Industries Campus in the demo theater area on Wednesday afternoon May 6th and again on Thursday afternoon May 7th.


And, for more information on this and other valuable Consumer Products topics check out the Consumer Products Sample Agenda and the SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG Agenda Builder online.  We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Once again this year SAPPHIRE promises to be a can’t miss event for all things SAP and ASUG.  This is especially true for Consumer Products (CP) companies, who will have the opportunity to learn and see more about a number of industry critical topics, including these Top Five:


Demand Driven Supply Planning


As consumers engage with brands across more and more physical and virtual channels, CP companies have to keep pace with shorter lead times and unpredictable demand.  Planning for consumer demand across marketing, sales, finance and more, and coordinating those planning processes with sales and operations planning led by supply chain, will enable CP companies to develop a true consensus view of both baseline and incremental demand while
dramatically improving forecast accuracy.


Trade Promotion Optimization


Trade spend remains a significant expense for CP companies.  Yet, understanding which promotions are most effective, let alone predicting promotions to maximize future revenue, volume and profitability remains elusive.  New capabilities for advanced modeling and simulation combined with innovative bundled
solutions and services offerings from SAP make state-of-the art trade promotion optimization more accessible, more cost-effective and easier to deploy – at low risk – than ever before.


Commodity Management


Today, resources are both increasingly in demand and constrained.  CP companies must secure sustainable sources of long-term supply while mitigating the risks of unanticipated price volatility.  New solutions for commodity procurement, trading and risk management can help CP companies in all segments secure optimal prices and ensure reliable sourcing for commodities, packaging materials and other manufacturing inputs to avoid supply disruptions and manage margins - both critical drivers of sustained profitable growth. 


Demand Signal Management


Planning future demand, optimizing promotions and marketing campaigns, maximizing forecast accuracy and right-sizing inventory to match anticipated demand all require one thing – demand data.  Understanding what, where and when customers and consumers are buying is critical to assessing where and how to make adjustments to maximize results and predict and optimize future outcomes.  A new confluence of capabilities – high-volume, real-time data management; easy, streamlined data harmonization; and, advanced yet easy-to-use analytics and modeling tools – are giving CP companies unprecedented visibility to real-time consumer demand across physical and virtualization.


The Platform to be Consumer Driven


SAP S/4HANA, the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in a digital and networked economy. This new suite is built on the SAP advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA, and offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. Deployable in the cloud or on premise, SAP
S/4HANA is built to drive instant value across lines of business and industries with the ultimate in sophistication: simplicity.


To learn more about specific sessions and topics to be showcased at SAPPHIRE 2015, check out the CP Sample Agenda or, for the full conference program, the SAPPHIRE agenda builder.  See you in Orlando!

So it seems we all have a little Millennial generation in us – what is that you ask? In a recent survey , nearly half of the respondents across the entire age spectrum said they wanted to work for an organization that has a positive impact on the world. This closely aligns with the beliefs or callings of many US Public Sector employees as well.  SAP knows this.  That is why we have designed so many great activities at SAPPHIRE 2015 around changing the world and making a positive difference.


SAP’s vision is to make the world run better and improve people’s lives.  And our mission is to help our customers run at our best.  Come and see and experience this in many different ways:

  1. Learn how the State of Indiana is harnessing big data. Agencies across state government are collaborating to tackle big problems by using data to target issues such as infant mortality, recidivism, and tax and fraud.  Indiana is taking a new innovative approach.  Instead of deploying a one size fits all solution, Indiana is using advanced mathematics, Lumira visualization technology, and HANA in-memory computing platform to determine the root causes of problems and develop unique individualized solutions.  This technological resource is being used as an enterprise wide solution for complex problems.
  2. Micro Forums – come and learn in 20 minutes how to better serve your constituents, to make improvements in your jurisdiction and learn from others how they have done the same using SAP technology.  From Human Capital Management to mission readiness to saving costs to Big Data – see great examples of solutions that solve real world problems.
  3. Meet your peers – talk with your account executive to see who else will be attending SAPPHIRE 2015 and schedule time to meet.  It’s such a great way to get best practices and get to know your peers.
  4. Talk to experts – SAP solution experts will be onsite and will be demonstrating software, a great chance for you to see how SAP software can help you help your constituents.


Still need more reasons to change the world at SAPPHIRE NOW?  Check out http://www.sapandasug.com  to learn more.  Hope to see you all in Orlando, May 5-7.

With the days until the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference counting down, the excitement is building in Consumer Industries.   Our agenda this year promises a showcase of product enhancements, solution innovations and the highlight of best run organizations in Retail, Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution and Life Sciences.   Join your peers in Orlando to take advantage of all that SapphireNOW has to offer you and your organization such as:


Educational Sessions


Click here to view Agenda Builder and select your sessions.  The SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is the ultimate opportunity to maximize your SAP investment and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges. Through face-to-face interactions with executives, industry experts, peers, and SAP partners, you’ll be able to leverage diverse points of view as you expand your business network. Learn best practices, explore cutting-edge solutions, and discover ways to reduce complexity in your business. With hundreds of sessions, you have the ability to customize your experience based on what’s most important to you. 


Industries Campus


Explore new ways to help your business run simple with tailored Industry solutions that address the specific challenges of your market. Hear how SAP solutions running in the cloud and on the SAP HANA platform can significantly improve your business operations and profitability.


  • Gain perspectives from other customers in your industry as they share their success stories and approach to solution deployment.
  • See how you can apply new innovations such as the Internet of Things to improve visibility into your business operations and drive better decision making.
  • Extend your understanding of our business networks and how they can be used to streamline your business processes and get your products to market more quickly.


Keynote Speakers


Click here to learn about impressive Keynote speakers such as Michael Strahan; Super Bowl Champion, Fox NFL Sunday analyst, co-host "Live with Kelly and Michael" and "Good Morning America.” 




Join us as SAP and TCS present Jennifer Lopez n Concert.  Click here to more about actor, singer, film & television producer, fashion designer, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and humanitarian Jennifer Lopez has created one of the most successful and well-known brands in entertainment.


Thought Leadership


Learn about business and industry trends that are affecting the way people will conduct business in the future. Topics covered include the changing nature of customer engagement, importance of health and wellness, influence of youth, Simplifying the Workplace, the Networked Economy, the Future of Work and the Internet of Things.


The very nature of business is changing faster now than ever before in history. Find out how the world is changing, why these changes are taking place, and what you can do for your business to ensure it is ready to maximize the value and opportunities to
be gained from challenges in our not-so-distant future.


I look forward to seeing you in Orlando, May 5-7, 2015 for the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference.

SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando is coming soon and we are excited to share some information about the Asset Management presence at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, May 5-7. So start putting together your personal agenda today or check out the Sample Agenda for Asset Management, which is a recommendation to help you identify key sessions for Asset Management.

What you should not miss at SAPPHIRE NOW:


  • Hear how AltaLink L.P., the largest electricity transmission company in Alberta, Canada, maximizes the reliability of their linear assets by improving data quality, data governance, and reporting. Find out how they are using linear asset management, geographical information systems, and mobile solutions to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.
  • Learn how The Dow Chemical Company simplified and standardized product compliance and workplace safety processes to support innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth.           
  • Visit our Demo Station “Manage Assets for a Lifetime of Value” in the Line of Business Campus.
  • Visit our Demo Theater Sessions:


    • Explore Innovations in Asset Management: Learn about the exceptional user experience enabled by the SAP HANA platform and SAP Cloud portfolio. See what the latest enhancements in augmented reality, mobile apps, predictive maintenance, and 2D and 3D visualization have to offer your team.
    • Optimize Asset Management Through Mobile Apps: Increase productivity through mobile apps that offer employees full visibility into production and asset information. Find out how employees can gain the app proficiency necessary to readily identify and execute maintenance and other asset management processes.
  • Visit our Microforum Discussion:



    • Reduce Asset Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance: This discussion explores ways you can increase return on assets using predictive maintenance techniques. Learn how to lower costs through smarter decisions and improve asset availability to increase revenue, all while enabling efficient and sustainable asset management.
    • Enhance Resource Availability Through Collaboration and Automation: This discussion reveals how you can use technology to strengthen cross-organizational collaboration, increase maintenance efficiency, and benchmark achievement. Learn how automated scheduling processes improve visibility into resource availability and how real-time communication helps increase asset safety and reliability.
    • Maximize Asset Use Through Better Governance of Master Data and Unstructured Content: This discussion explains how use of accurate asset master data helps improve operational effectiveness and why thought-leading companies in asset-intensive industries agree. Hear about a data governance framework from SAP, Utopia Inc., and Open Text Corporation that supports synchronized governance of both asset-related master data and documents.
    • Improve Efficiency in Linear Asset Management: This discussion clarifies how you can improve the reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and safety of linear assets, including roads, rails, pipelines, and overhead power lines. Learn about SAP software that integrates asset data and processes with your ERP application to enable linear asset management focused on your industry-specific needs.


Hope you find this program interesting! I will share more details with you soon – stay tuned! Also, join us on Twitter @SCMatSAP to get the latest news.


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