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Join ASUG at SAP TechEd Las Vegas next month.  You don’t want to miss updates from SAP but more importantly you don’t want to miss these great customer stories in these ASUG sessions.




Make sure to attend some of the ASUG education sessions and hear from peers about real life experiences.  Below are some top session picks from the ASUG SAP TechEd Design Committee:


  1. Design Thinking and the State of Indiana
  2. How Mylan Is Using SAP HANA for EDW, Data Hub, and Self-Service BI
  3. Stack More Beer in the Fridge: How Molson Coors Increased Its Productivity
  4. Fisker Automotive's Implementation of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas
  5. How Bristol-Myers Squibb Leverages SAP Solution Manager
  6. Deploying SAP Fiori for an Amazing Mobile User Experience
  7. Lessons Learned: Custom Data Mart Development on SAP HANA at General Mills
  8. How SAP HANA Cloud Platform Helps Bring Mobility to the Tire Sales Process
  9. Coca-Cola Company Best Practices for SAP BW Migration to SAP HANA in Cloud
  10. Lockheed Martin’s SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Migration


There are even more ASUG sessions on the website.  Be sure to join ASUG for an ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar on Monday, October 19 covering hands-on sessions for SAP Design Studio, user experience and more.


Michelle Crapo says “I want to bring one thing back and use it. Anything.  Usually I find that in the ASUG run sessions.”


See you there?


Source: SAP TechEd Official Photographer

Top image source: ASUG

SAP TechEd Barcelona promises to be an exciting three days of inspiration, education, and hands-on training, with more than 18 work weeks’ worth of content from which you can choose.  But some of our attendees want even more.  So new this year, we’re taking a page from our Las Vegas program and adding an extra day of pre-conference seminars as an additional option to your SAP TechEd registration.  These half-day and full-day seminars will provide you with access to some of the best minds in the industry – in a small-group setting – to further your education.


If you’ve already registered for the main event, and would like to add a preconference seminar to your agenda, not to worry.  Simply contact the Registration Office and they’ll assist you. And if you haven’t yet registered, what are you waiting for?  If you sign up by October 24, you’ll save €150.  Use the voucher code TESOCIAL2015 and you’ll save an additional €100.


What kind of sessions are we offering?


If you’re looking for hands-on instruction, we’re offering 1 full-day and 2 half-day hands-on workshops.  If lectures are more your thing, you can choose from 4 full-day or 4 half-day seminars.



  • Full day: SAP HANA product expert Ramana Mohanbabu will show you how to tame big process challenges with intelligent business operations.
  • Half day: Roy Jin, one of the product development experts responsible for SAP Enterprise Performance Management, will teach you how to set up SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, Version for SAP NetWeaver and show you how it works with SAP Integrated Business Planning for Finance.
  • Half day: Jie Deng, product manager for  SAP BusinessObjects™ Design Studio, and Alex Peter, product management director for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, join forces to teach you about both products and to show you the strengths of having both clients in a single software package.



  • Full day: Tim Steuer, the program lead for the SAP Solution Manager application management solution, will help you prepare for your journey to the newest version of SAP Solution Manager – version 7.2.
  • Full day: SAP S/4HANA experts Rudolf Hois, Janusz Smilek, Hardy Kuhn, and Kim Mathaess will get you up to speed on SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA software, including best practices for consuming and migrating to SAP S/4HANA, and customers who have successfully migrated will share their stories.
  • Full day: Balakrishna Gottipati is the product manager for SAP API Management and SAP Gateway, responsible for product definition and strategy.  In his seminar, he’ll teach you how to create a consistent API exposure across SAP and non-SAP platforms.
  • Full day: A team of senior experts from SAP and customers who have successfully implemented UX strategies, will show you how it’s done. Nis Boy Naeve is vice president for User Interfaces at SAP.  Andreas Hauser is senior vice president of the Design and Co-Innovation Center at SAP.  And Michael Falk is Director of Product Management for the User Interfaces department at SAP, focused on UX strategy as well as key UI technologies.
  • Half day: Dr. Jürgen Faisst, Managing Partner of HICHERT+FAISST and Secretary of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) Association, and Anita Gibbings, Director of Business Intelligence Solution Marketing at SAP, team up for a thought leadership seminar about the practical benefits of visualization standards in business communications.
  • Half day: Adbel Dadouche, Solution Architect for Advanced Analytics at SAP, will teach you how to build and adjust predictive models for typical use cases using the SAP Predictive Analytics solution.
  • Half day: Michael Ameling is the development manager responsible for the device management of the Internet of Things (IoT) services on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, as well as gamification service development for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  He’ll teach you how to configure sensors and connect them to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, how to consume sensor data, and how to leverage gamification services in your apps.
  • Half day: Join the team of SAP and community experts led by Margot Wolly from SAP User Interface Product Management to learn about brand new features of the OpenUI5 library, get inspired by real-life applications built on top, and discuss the further development plans.


Visit the conference web site for more details, including detailed seminar abstracts, times, and pricing.


We hope to see you there!

Dear Santa (SAPtd Staff) :


Last year I tried to be a good person and a good SAP mentor, I've running CodeJams, I did evangelize the community by visiting Startups Incubators and show to them the power of SAP HANA HCP, I bring customers to the wonderful world of SAP HANA and even bring them to the fantastic SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg for great projects.


So, now that the Christmas for any SAP person (SAP TechEd) is coming, I would like to ask you for the following things:


Just 5, I'm not than demanding :


  • A good WiFi: Seriously, we're almost in 2016, everybody (around 4k people) will bring at least two devices (smartphone and tablet/laptop), and we are somehow connected and consuming resources, who needs an USB drive if you can use SAP Mobile Docs ? but for that IT need to bring a WiFi for 10k devices.


  • A good Mobile App, what about a Fiori App ?


  • Please bring this bottle also to Barcelona (or at least one for me)  Maria Squicciarini please


  • More SAP Mentors interaction, people see us around with our blue shirts, sometimes in the stage, but who are those people, can we really talk with them, can they make a short interaction both ?


  • A PPT Free zone, ok is quite late for this in all the sessions, but we need to see Craig Cmehil showing real IoT examples, some drones flying around, some place where we can see HANA eating data like burritos


Extra one : we would love to see Martin Gillet and Thorsten Franz talking about the Tesla Experience and some ideas about how to use HANA to improve the experience


I really hope you can bring the Xmas presents to Barcelona


As this is a democratic community, you can Like to support the ideas

As we move ever closer to SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona we would like to announce our keynote speakers for both events! Click on the each keynote speaker below to find out more!

SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Quentin Clark
Chief Technology Officer and a member of the
Global Managing Board of SAP SE

Monday, October 195:45 p.m.–7:00 p.m.
Venetian Ballroom, Level 2

Steve Lucas
Global President, SAP Platform Solutions

Monday, October 19 • 5:45 p.m.–7:00 p.m.
Venetian Ballroom, Level 2

Bernd Leukert
Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE
Products & Innovation

Tuesday, October 20 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m.
Venetian Ballroom, Level 2


SAP TechEd Barcelona


Quentin Clark
Chief Technology Officer and a member of the
Global Managing Board of SAP SE

Tuesday, November 109:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m.

Steve Lucas
Global President, SAP Platform Solutions

Wednesday, November 11 • 8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m.

Here’s a hint:




They’re award-winning, multi-platinum-selling alt rock superstars who released their self-titled debut in 1997, an album jam-packed with chart-topping singles with which you’re undoubtedly familiar.  They’ve had a heavy influence on what is now the largest generation in the workforce – the millennials.  They’re currently on tour in support of their fifth – and reportedly, last – album.  But we’re super excited that they’re taking a break to join us in Las Vegas.


Think you’ve figured it out?  Click here for all the details...

                                                                               Author: Saurabh Raheja, Infosys Ltd., Chandigarh

The journey to the SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 started when I first saw a mail in the morning from one of my Lead within my organization saying "You have been nominated to attend SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 ". The moment I saw the mail it was like dream come true. I had always a strong desire to attend SAP TechEd (the largest technology event of India) if not every year then at least once in my career of SAP. I am highly grateful to my organization for providing me the chance to learn, grow and align my goals with the organizational goals in the journey of SAP.

Nominations were selected across India within my organization. Each nominee got the Registration Slip from SAP which is a very important document. This document we need to carry to the registration desk on the first day of SAP TechEd. The Registration Desk scan the document and provide badges, bag, headphones, notepad and a pen.

After that all the delegates across India from different locations and different organizations moved inside the venue. I was also one of them and between them. The feeling was great. The biggest SAP professionals from juniors to seniors most level have travelled to Bangalore to attend/participate in the biggest technical event of India. It gave me a sense of inspiration and motivation to grow, learn and to do something innovative and acknowledgeable in the field of SAP.

Once we entered the venue, there was a big display. Everywhere we could see SAP TechEd written on bold letters and it was like we are in the world of SAP. On the display was written all day 1 sessions and activities need to be completed on that day.

We then entered a big hall for the opening presentation of SAP TechEd 2015 event. All the delegates gathered there to attend the Executive Keynote Presentation by Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE Products & Innovation. He explained the new innovations that SAP brought this year which includes S/4 HANA.SAP has brought the whole of the business suite on HANA. He explained the advantages and many big improvements that SAP did. We were then showed the demo of exceptional speed that HANA has brought in the business and all very surprised to see such a wonderful demo. After that, the first morning half of day 1 was about to over. We just explored some places and then we proceed to lunch.

There was one big "Show Floor" in the event. Show Floor contains Product Road Map Q&A Sessions, Mini Theatre, Clubhouse, SAP TechEd Live studio, SAP Shop, and SAP Platform and Technology Showcase. We could visit any of the mentioned place and learn and clear doubts. It was open whole day from 9 am to 6 pm. In the evening we had one hour break for evening refreshments. After that we had SAP Demo Jam in the evening which stood close to 2 hours. The SAP Demo Jam is the ultimate developer competition. The Demo Jam Selection Committee has reviewed all submissions and invited the best to compete on stage in front of the SAP TechEd Bangalore live audience. One ultimate winner will be determined by audience feedback. The winner of this event were Trinoy Hazarika, SAP and Raju Borda, MSG Global Signapore" on the demo of RESCUE-BOTS – A Solution Powered by SAP HANA. One can also watch the demo online anytime. After the Demo Jam was over, Guest Keynote Vir Das addressed the audience and entertain the audience with its fun filled talks and dramas. Those who are not aware Vir Das is India's biggest name in the comedy circuit, having made a place for himself as a stand-up comedian and with his one-stop comedy consultancy. Then there was Networking dinner in the end of the day 1 were people gathered, talked, exchanged contacts and had fun. With this day 1 was over, I would say it was bit hectic day but we experienced a lot of new things in the world of SAP.

On day 2 and day 3 all the educational sessions, demos and hands On on different areas of SAP were happening parallelly. We had the option of going into any classroom. Mostly people were attending sessions related to their field of work or particular solution of SAP as it is simply not possible to attend all the lectures and session. I mostly covered areas like BO,BI/BW and HANA.We had the option of taking the notes to our home also. Also on later days we were given all the presentation to download used by SAP folks during the SAP TechEd.

I would say it was one of the biggest knowledge conference of SAP where one can gain knowledge, participate, showcase talent and place hold in the market.

Registering for Certification - An added Advantage

We also had the opportunity to register for the SAP certification at the discounted rate of 30 percent if registering with SAP TechEd. Some of the colleagues registered for it and I was also one of them. I had approximately one month time to write the SAP Certification. I registered for SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0 certification, wrote the certification on April 17, 2015 and I managed to clear it. In the Exam, the moment I clicked on submit button to finish the exam and immediately the result were shown saying "You have successfully cleared the SAP Certification" was the best feeling I had ever experienced till now.

I was on cloud nine as I would be called now a BO consultant.

At SAP the big events like SAPPHIRE and TechEd always serve as landmarks and everyone is eagerly
preparing latest information. Good there is vacation season as this liberates
some time (with others on vacation) to focus on this. While I will present this
year at SAP TechEd 2015 (if you want to book it look for TEC103)  on the
topic of S/4HANA overview, strategy and roadmap I revisited last year’s session
on Suite on SAP HANA.



In a sense this year’s session is a continuation of the story as SAP redefines business applications
in an era of in-memory computing. While some information is outdating fast like
actual adoption numbers (they have more than doubled since then), it is fair to
say that the general discussion in last year’s is still a worthwhile hear about
the in-memory journey SAP is on. The roadmap aspects presented have evolved
further and simple finance has led to S/4HANA. As Suite on SAP HANA is part of the
S/4HANA journey the general discussion is still relevant.


See you in Las Vegas or Barcelona

As most of you may know by now, I am involved in the new look InnoJam (along with Craig Cmehil and Alex Graebe), which feeds into the six DemoJam finalists at SAP TechEd. No longer will DemoJam finalists be given months to build solutionwe’re taking in back to the hack!


That reminds me… Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of and Judge the Young Rewired State’s final, the Festival of Code (http://www.yrs.io). Basically this is a young persons hack, which takes place over a week, so a little bit longer that our InnoJam, but culminates in a final which shows how great all of the kids have done. Some teams have overcome many hurdles, from not working with each other before, to learning new technologies and coming up with an idea for a solution that can be judged in these areas…


  • Should Exist,
  • Good use of Open Data,
  • Quality of Code and
  • Great UX/UI Design!


And YES we had at least 4 solutions based on HANA Cloud Platform from the Students!


Back to InnoJam... Our teams will have 36 hours to build a solution based on SAP Technologies, that is a solution to a challenge that they will get in Las Vegas and Barcelona respectively. Only then can they be judged and maybe also have the honor of… getting ‘down with the kids’!!!


Check out more about InnoJam here, and be sure to register soon!

It is that time of year again where we are creating content for the next installment of the ever popular, and imaginatively titled, “SAP HANA Roadmap” session for SAP TechEd. It is session TEC105 if you want to add it to your TechEd Schedule and favourites). SAP HANA has been on quite a roll of new capabilities since our last SAP TechEd updates with the release of SAP HANA SPS9 at the end of November 2014 and the recent SAP HANA SPS10 release in June 2015. The last update at SAP TechEd in 2014 can be found at: TEC101 - SAP HANA Road Map and the video at:


Getting down to what we will actually cover in this session;

SAP HANA SPS9 delivered a significant set  of major features like Dynamic Tiering, Smart Data Integration, Smart Data Quality, Multi-Tenant database Containers (MDC), Dynamic Tiering, Smart Data Streaming, etc. that we are continuing to build with SPS10 and through the next few SPS. We will detail the features and capabilities we are adding in all of these areas. We will also be revealing some completely new features that are not yet in the platform (and the suspense mounts!).

Side note/plug if you you need to catch-up on the changes since last years SAP TechEds:

For more info on SPS9, see this blog: https://blogs.saphana.com/2015/06/16/new-sap-hana-sps10/

For more info on SPS10, see this blog:  https://blogs.saphana.com/2014/10/21/what-is-new-in-sap-hana-sps-09/


SAP HANA is a very rich platform with lots of capabilities. It is a challenge to cover all the features and still make it easy to consume without feeling like you are drinking from the preverbal fire hose. We have listened to your feedback on this and the roadmap session format is changing to be more focused on you (i.e. your actual day-to-day job) and how you consume and use SAP HANA.


So what do we plan to cover?


For the System administrator, we will outline the planned innovations for system management, HA/DR, MDC, workload management, and support for new chipsets, virtualization products, operating systems and hardware certifications.

For those who develop applications, we plan to cover new enhancements to the developer tooling, languages and detail plans for upcoming new features to support new content/repository management and deployment options. We will also include updates on cloud development delivery too.


Data integration experts will learn of new features for integration cloud and on-premise deployments and continuous innovations to data acquisition and data cleansing. Additionally we plan to detail new features for support of metadata management and enrichment for SAP HANA and within “data lakes”. We will also cover further integrations with Hadoop and other data stores to both reduce the cost of development and to better leverage data in the enterprise “logical data warehouse”.


For the Data Architect, we will provide updates on the modeling tooling, enhancements to enterprise data architecting and further integration on new features and capabilities into the graphical modeler. We will also detail updates on data management and data aging features within SAP HANA. In the areas of advanced data processing we will share our plans for enhancements to graph modeling and processing, further extension of Text analysis and Text mining, extensions to spatial processing, further development of the Series Data features and deeper integration of machine learning algorithms with core SAP HANA capabilities.


Finally some love for the Security Administrators, we will share the plans to enhance user and role management, enhance audit and compliance, extensions to configuration, encryption and key management.


Wow yes, it is a lot! We also plan on having the SAP HANA Roadmap Q&A session on the show floor area this year. This is more interactive than the 1 hour lecture session and everyone is welcome to come and ask questions. The session number is TEC800 “Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA”


Finally, and really this time (!), we know that this session is very popular and to get the most benefit from it, it is strongly recommended to have an intermediate or expert working knowledge of SAP HANA prior to attending the sessions.


See you there.  Safe travels


Lori    Joerg    Mike

SAP TechEd registration is open:

     Las Vegas > | Barcelona >

In recognizing the important role our community members play within the whole ecosystem that is SAP, for several years, the folks who produce SAP TechEd have made 10 sessions available to members of the community as nominated by peers.


This is the second year I’ve had the honor of working together with Tammy Powlas and others to source these 10 sessions for SAP TechEd Las Vegas, and because last year the sessions were not only top-quality (as rated by YOU), engaging, and varied in content, I wanted to make sure you knew about them this year so you could mark your schedules accordingly. While some speakers and topics may be familiar to you, some of these speakers will be at TechEd for the very first time – but all are worthy of your consideration as you plan your agenda:





SysOps IMPROVED: Take the Best from DevOps and Data Visualization

Christian Braukmueller


Basis Admin & SAP Mentor

Independent Basis Consultant

Let's pick some ingredients from other successful areas to improve your SAP landscape. I'll talk about how, for example, DevOps, data visualization, and UI skills help you to make your technical infrastructure more reliable and transparent – even for the ones outside the admin silo. "Simplifying" your landscape needs some efforts. First, let's zoom into complexity, then, make it understandable via data visualization, and lastly, define a solution to control the complexity.


SAP Best Practice Integration with SAP Process Orchestration and Others

Daniel Graversen


Senior PI Consultant


Everybody asks for a best practice on integration projects. But does it really exist? In this session, we walk through the different guidelines that exist. This session covers successful integration set-ups. The following topics will be covered: adapter development, custom development to support functions, naming conventions, integration patterns, and multiplatform strategies. Also, what are the organization changes and set-up that make the most impact in the process.


Building an Application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Using Java and SAPUI5

Gregory Tutt


Global Solutions and Innovations Architect


In this session, we walk through an end-to-end scenario of creating a database on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and making a visual tool to read and update the content. We focus on best practices learned and bits of technology we used such as OData and the Java libraries that we recommend (for example JPA, Olingo). We share how we managed to use the metadata from our API to build a fully dynamic UX and overview on extending standard components to keep the standard behavior but change the rendering.


Best Practices for Dashboard Design with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Ingo Hilgefort


VP Product Management

Visual BI

In this session, attendees learn about best practices of dashboard design in two areas. The first part of the session focuses on a common set of dashboard design rules such as the usage of different visualization, colors, and text as part of the overall design process and provide good and bad design examples. The second part of the session outlines performance best practices when using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.


Right Mix of Tools, Techniques, and Education to Make User Experiences Good

Kevin Lee Elder


Associate Professor

Georgia College & State University

SAP is constantly getting refreshed with more tools and options every day. In this session, see real examples of how companies can keep their user experience education current with various resources. The following will be presented: ASUG Webinars and events, SAP Webinars and events, OpenSAP, Hasso Plattner Institute, massive open online courses (MOOCs), SAPInsider, SAP University Alliances, partners, and more.


Faster SAP Lumira Extension Development with D3 Data Manipulation

Kristina Pereyra


Analytics and Collaboration Technologies Analyst


So you want to create an SAP Lumira extension, but you’re not comfortable with D3? Get familiar with the time-saving D3 data manipulations that will save hours over debugging a homegrown JavaScript function. Through illustrative examples, learn to apply them to your own extensions. D3’s data methods can accelerate your development, improve maintainability, and stop yourself from reinventing the wheel.


Moving Your Current Apps to SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Mohamed Hisham


SAP Technology Consultant


This session focuses on providing an end-to-end guide for moving your existing and already developed applications from running on premise to running on top of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Both scenarios for SAP HANA studio and SAP Web IDE will be demonstrated.


SAP Fiori: Lessons from the Greenhouse

Nigel James


IT Consultant

Square Cloud

SAP Fiori is new and there is a learning curve. Coming from an ABAP background, there are new paradigms and challenges to come to grips with. Come and hear from someone in the trenches what works and what doesn't in creating a custom SAP Fiori app and the process of getting it to production.


Case Study: Customer-Facing Innovation Platform with ABAP for SAP HANA

Thorsten Franz

Enterprise Architect


Learn how a German health insurance company innovates customer-facing processes with ABAP for SAP HANA, and get an end-to-end technological view of their hybrid rapid innovation platform, ranging from on-premise ABAP to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. We discuss the quick wins and the challenges faced.


How ABAP Push Channels Help with Orders and Deliveries at a Concrete Co.

Paul Hardy

Senior ABAP Developer

Hanson Australia

ABAP Push Channels are a cutting edge SAP technology which replaces performance intensive constant polling with a "publish and subscribe" mechanism to receive messages from inside and outside your SAP system. Hear how an Australian building materials company used this technology to improve the speed of both call center processing times (incoming phone call notifications) and the communication of entered sales orders to delivery dispatchers (communication between SAP application servers).


Thanks to all the presenters for preparing this great content and thanks everyone who wanted to present a community session.  We had a great response and could not accept all of the proposals, so we hope you get a chance to check these sessions out and show continued support for the amazing SAP community that makes us who we are.



See you in Las Vegas!




Nigel James in one of his community sessions at last year’s TechEd




Sascha Wenninger on the view from down under



Community ...  The glue that holds us together

The SAP TechEd Hands-on workshop "TEC160: SAP Technology Highlights – Putting Them all Together" provides an overview of the comprehensive SAP technology offerings. It reviews the following technologies that are related to the SAP HANA platform:


  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • SAP HANA smart data streaming and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • SAP HANA development
  • ABAP
  • CDS (Core Data Services)
  • OData
  • SAPUI5
  • SAP Screen Personas
  • UI theme designer


Find a short introduction video to this 4 hours Hands-on workshop in the SAP SCN YouTube channel:


In the session catalog of the SAP TechEd conferences in 2015 in Las Vegas and Barcelona you find more details about the workshop SAP Technology Highlights.


See you at TechEd Las Vegas or Barcelona!



That's the answer, and now I'm done with my blog.   Oh boy, have you read any of my blogs.  I tend to get wordy very wordy.   So no - it's not quite the end, but you can stop here if you'd like.  Heck you can stop anywhere, I would never know.




Well I could pull from some older blogs.   But I'm not even though I may sound a bit repetitive.  I didn't go back and read my old ones.


Is your company on an "old" version of SAP?   You know under 6.0?   Even 6.0 is starting to be old.   Well then, you think to yourself, "Self, why go?  I won't use any of this?   I could use the dollars to do XYZ instead".   Personally I have no idea what your XYZ - it may be more important.   For me, Teched always comes up on top.  I guess that's why I've been to so many Techeds. 




  1. I ALWAYS have found something to use from them.   When I say ALWAYS I mean it.   And I really should follow up with a blog about some of the things I've learned and then used.   I have NEVER been on the most recent version of SAP shown there.  I highly doubt very many people are on that version.
  2. I find out what isn't going to work in the future.   I keep hearing rumors Web Dynpro is a dead technology.   It will be interesting to see what I hear at the conference.
  3. I've read - gasp - no it isn't true, that on HANA on the web, ABAP is not a good skill to have.  Combine it with something else.   OK, I've heard that one before.  And frankly after reading some blogs, I would never recommend HANA on the web.  It sounds way to inflexible.   So I want to dig into that a bit.  I also want to see what other skills SAP THINKS you should pair ABAP with.  I remember at one time it was all JAVA.  Not so much anymore.
  4. I want to bring one thing back and use it.    Anything.  Usually I find that in the ASUG run sessions.   Rarely, but sometimes, I will find something in the SAP sessions that I can use.  The SAP are looking far into the future or not so far.
  5. We are on and you will surely be amazed 4.6C.   Yes, we will upgrade at some point.  There has to be a strong business reason - I look forward to networking.   That's probably my number one reason for being there - the networking.   It is amazing what everyone knows and how easy it is to talk with them.
  6. I am going with my boss.   Oh the horror!   I'll have to be good this time.   My boss is not typical.   He is a TECHNICAL boss.   He knows SAP Functional, ABAP, .NET and I'm sure many more things.   (Did I say I love my new job?)   I really look forward to hearing things from his perceptive.  It will be a real eye opener for me.  He went to SAPHIRE.  So I already know we will be looking closely at FIORI sessions.
  7. It's like a Disney World for technical people.   Want to find some third party software?  There are many vendors who would love to talk with you.   Want to find someone who does what you do just to compare notes?  Oh yes, they'll be here.   Want to meet up with that blogger, mentor, or question answer.  OK, so they all won't be here.  But I bet you can find someone you've read about.  Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest?   Yippee!  I love my hands on.   I get to play with something new - this I probably won't use for a while but it is a mini training session given by the best of the best.   What other time can you have them as an instructor?  Sound like Disney world to you?  Maybe not.   For me it is.   I LOVE what I do.  


Have I convinced you yet?




Debunking bad reasons


  1. because you are thinking "I'm a shy person.  I won't network.   I'm the only one who would go from my company.   I'd eat by myself, and the sessions might be good but..."   Hey, I am a VERY shy person.   The best way I found to met people is the hands on.  You sit by someone you don't know and you pretty much have to talk with them.   The lunches.   OK - so you are going to sit alone.  Scope out the lunch area.   Is there someone else who is alone?  Is there a table where everyone seems to be talking?  Even yet is there a table that has a mentor at it?   Sit at one of these tables.   Someone alone and you can buddy up.   Conversation flowing and you can just listen and join if you feel comfortable or just listen and learn.   Mentor table?  They all pretty much pull you into a conversation.   Nope I'm not a mentor anymore.   BUT if you see me, feel free to sit down.   Even though I'm very shy, I try to talk with people at my table.   BASIS, ABAP, non-ABAP, pure internet developer...   It doesn't really matter.   I'll learn something from you, and hopefully you'll learn something from me.
  2. They are only presenting the latest software.   Well sort of.   SAP presents the latest and greatest.   Sadly it doesn't always move forward.   ASUG sessions present things you can use immediately.   And expert networking sessions - just go.   I can't do justice  explaining about them.  Some of the latest and greatest can be used in your current system.   And I'll tell you a secret, Shhh, don't tell anyone else, I don't think that HANA thing is going away anytime soon.
  3. It's a big place where they are trying to sell you things.   Sort of.   I don't really think so...   But yes, the third party vendors are there.   SAP is pushing the latest technology and versions.   BUT with all that there are tons of sessions.   These sessions promote learning.  You will find something that you like.
  4. It's in Vegas, if I send anyone they won't go.   Well if you send someone who doesn't love what they are doing - you are sending the wrong person.   I love what I do.   I may play a bit.   However, the sessions go from 8 AM - 6:30 PM.  If your brain fries before then, of course you're going to take a break.  But most of us will try to stay with it as much as we can. 
  5. I'm an independent consultant and I have a very limited budget.   Valid.   But you will network with many people that could be customers.   You will also learn the latest and greatest.   That in invaluable if you want to get that next high paying customer.  
  6. OK.....   I can't think of anything else.   But if you do comment.   I'll try to answer.   I've been to enough of these.   How many?   Well I stopped counting at ten.   And yes, I know about customer presentations - NOT THIS year, but I have presented at four different teched.   And let me tell you, my presentations were not the latest and greatest.   I didn't have access to the latest and greatest.


My personal feelings:


Snoopy dance, jumping up and down, smiling, clapping my hands, and spinning around happy.   I never thought I'd get to go with a new company.  (Have I said I love where I work? Smile.)




All out of wordiness for a few minutes.   Please do comment good and bad about Teched.   Or if you have some questions - I'm guessing someone will jump in and answer.


On behalf of the ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team (Kristen Dennis , Gretchen Lindquist, Kevin Comegys, the ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas have been published.  It includes content developed by SAP customers and partners, designed to deliver even more valuable guidance.


SAP TechEd includes the very latest updates that impact your work. At ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd, leading experts share key experiences, skills, best practices and latest trends to help you and your organization. With the ASUG sessions, SAP TechEd offers a great opportunity to learn and share successful strategies with your peers.  You’ll obtain insights and tools to take back to your organization and implement immediately.


Register today


Below are some customer stories that may be of interest:


Verizon: Implement SAP ERP Data Lake Analytics Solution Based on SAP HANA

DEV112SAP HANA Extended Application Services Native Development: Lockheed Martin
ITM121Coca-Cola Company Best Practices for SAP BW Migration to SAP HANA in Cloud
ITM236PepsiCo's Virtualization Transformation of 200 SAP Systems
MOB113Stack More Beer in the Fridge: How Molson Coors Increased Its Productivity
SEC206Deploying SAP Fiori to Meet the Needs of Your Current Security Model
TEC122Building the Business Case for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA
UX121Design Thinking and the State of Indiana
UX122Fisker Automotive's Implementation of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas


Be sure to check out the complete listing here


We thank everyone who submitted an abstract.  The ASUG Design Team received a high volume of customer submissions this year.  This is good as ASUG Members value customer stories.


Don't forget to add an ASUG SAP TechEd Pre-Conference session to your agenda.  Pre-conference sessions are Monday, October 19.  See more details at Announcing ASUG SAP TechEd Pre-Conference Sessions - Open for Registration


Here are some scenes from last year's pre-conference:


See SAP's Sam Yen invitation for you to attend SAP TechEd - "it's content and community"


See you in Las Vegas in October.

It feels like only yesterday we were getting ready to launch our websites as well as registration and now we are only two days away from hitting the SAP TechEd Las Vegas early bird deadline - July 17!


So before I continue I would just like to remind you all that you can save $300 if you register in the next two days! Click on the image below to find out more and to register!


Early Bird Reminder SAP TechEd Las Vegas.png


Don't worry you still have another couple of days to save €300 off registration for SAP TechEd Barcelona - but keep in mind it ends next Friday - July 24! If you prefer to register now or if you would like to find out more information you can click on the image below


Early Bird Reminder SAP TechEd Barcelona.PNG


With preparation going extremely well for both events we are in a position to offer you information on

preconference sessions, our session catalog, 5k fun run, SAP InnoJam and DemoJam topics and early exhibitor listings! See below for more!


SAP TechEd Las Vegas


Ensure you check out ASUG's pre conference seminars.


You can find all tracks and topics on our session catalog


Places are filling up fast for our 5k fun run! Find more details here and add it to your registration!


Our SAP InnoJam and DemoJam topics have just been announced! We have also make some changes to SAP InnoJam and DemoJam this year. You can find out all information about the changes and the topics here!


We are delighted to see that our exhibitors are flying in and our spaces are filling up very quickly! You can find the list of exhibitors here. The list is updated on a regular basis so make sure you check back often. Alternatively if you would like to become an exhibitor you can find more information here.



SAP TechEd Barcelona


We could have some exciting news about potential pre conference seminars coming to Barcelona...!! My lips are sealed for now but watch this space!!


In the mean time check out our session catalog for information on the tracks and topics we have on offer at this years event.


As mentioned above our SAP InnoJam and DemoJam topics have just been announced! We have also make some changes to SAP InnoJam and DemoJam this year. You can find out all information about the changes and the topics here!


We have started to compile our list of exhibitors for SAP TechEd Barcelona. You can find them here. Alternatively if you are interested in exhibiting please click here.


I hope the above round up provided some information on where we are with preparation for the events as well as what we have on offer at both locations.


We will be providing more information as we move closer to the events but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below.


Looking forward to meeting and engaging with you all!!


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