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Are you going to SAP TechEd this year? Registration for Las Vegas is now open, and Barcelona will be here before you know it. There is an easy way to connect with other SCN members while you are there. When you register, just include your SCN ID in the registration form and you'll be eligible for the I'll Be There badge. (Your SCN ID is not  your user name or email address here's how you find your SCN ID.)


Then look for other members who have the badge so you can make plans to connect before, during or after the event. Participating in this mission is a fun way to fuel face-to-face connections with other SCN members you've been engaging with online. If you’re already following each other, you can DM (direct message) each other and set up a meeting time and location.



BadgeHover.pngIf someone has the badge on their profile, you can see which location they’re registered for by hovering over the badge. You may even notice some folks, like speakers and SCN team members, have more than one badge because they’re going to more than one SAP TechEd location.


NOTE: We award these badges on a weekly basis, not immediately, so it might take a few days before you see one on your profile. And although we are starting with badges for Las Vegas attendees first, we will award badges for SAP TechEd Barcelona once registration for that location opens, so please enter your SCN ID no matter which location(s) you plan to attend.


The field is on the Personal Information screen of the registration process.



If you’re already registered, don’t worry, you can still add your SCN ID to your registration. Here’s how!


  1. Find your registration confirmation email (sender should be SAP TechEd 2015 and the subject should be SAP TechEd 2015 <location> Registration Confirmation) and note your confirmation number.
  2. Go to Access My Registration and enter that confirmation number and password to log in.
    The Access My Registration Record screen appears.

  3. Select Edit your Personal Information.
  4. On the Personal Information screen, scroll down past the mobile number and email address and Twitter handle input fields, until you get to the section titled “SAP Community Network (SCN) ID.”
  5. Enter your SCN ID in the input field.
    (This is an I-, D-, C-, S-, or P-number. Here's how to find your SCN ID.)

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Continue button.

Your changes are saved, and the next time we do an upload of the “I’ll Be There” badge for your location, your badge will appear on your SCN profile Bio tab.


Jump start your SAP TechEd Las Vegas experience with an ASUG Pre-conference session. All ASUG pre-conference sessions will be Monday, October 19th.  Some are full-day (8:30 am to 5:00 pm) and half-day.


This is the 11th year of the ASUG-SAP TechEd partnership.  I have been fortunate to attend ASUG pre-conference sessions since 2007 and I haven't been disappointed.  It's a great time to get a deep-dive in a hot topic.




Two hands-on sessions include SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Deep Dive with SAP Mentor/ASUG Volunteer Ingo Hilgefort and Tame Big-Process Challenges with Intelligent Business Operations, Powered by SAP HANA.


For the Design Studio session, a subset of the abstract reads as follows:


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is SAP’s flagship product for the creation of dashboards and custom analytical applications. This full-day, hands-on seminar is a series of activities focused on the design studio in combination with SAP BW powered by SAP HANA.  Attendees will learn to use the different components in design studio and how to go from simple KPI dashboards to more complex self-service style applications.


The full list of sessions are as follows:

FULL DAY | HANDS-ON: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Deep Dive

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



FULL DAY | HANDS-ON: Tame Big-Process Challenges with Intelligent Business Operations, Powered by SAP HANA

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



FULL DAY | LECTURE: Get Ready Today for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with SAP's John Krakowski

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



FULL DAY | LECTURE: How to Make Your User Experience Awesome and Your Business Users Happy

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



FULL DAY | LECTURE: SAP HANA "101" Workshop: The Road Ahead for Customers

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



FULL DAY | LECTURE: SAP S/4HANA – The Next-Generation Business Suite: Innovation on Premise, in the Cloud, and in Memory

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



HALF DAY | LECTURE: Making IoT Real: What You Need to Do to Develop and Deliver Your IoT Strategy

8:30 a.m.-Noon



HALF DAY | LECTURE: Fast Track to Internet of Things (IoT) with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.


HALF DAY | LECTURE: How to Build and Extend ABAP Applications in SAP S/4HANA

1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.


See the full list of abstracts here.


Why attend a pre-conference session?


Thomas Dulaney, a previous pre-conference attendee says:

"I have absolutely *nothing* negative to say about the ASUG preconference sessions. The three presenters were incredibly well informed. The presentations were incredibly well prepared. It was clear that this preconference session was designed and developed as a smoothly flowing whole session and not a collection of one hour sessions designed for a different audience. "


Could this be you, attending a pre-conference session on Monday, October 19th?



*All photos by SAP TechEd photographer.


Message from SAP:

Register before July 17 and you can save $300 with early bird registration pricing. View all registration levels including the Buy 4 Get 5 Group Discount Package. 

See you in October

Can you hear it?!

Of course you can! It’s the sound of the SAP TechEd (#SAPtd) season kicking off!


SAP TechEd will take place 19–23 October in Las Vegas and 10–12 November in Barcelona.  There’s already a great buzz since the launch of the Las Vegas and Barcelona web sites last week!


We are continuously updating both event websites to include the latest information, so be sure to keep an eye on those! You already can check out this year's sessions overview, new tracks and hot topics, as well as details about the exciting new program for InnoJam and DemoJam.


One of the things about SAP TechEd that has not changed this year is the amount of money you can save if you register early – yes you can still save $300/€300!  Take a look at all registration levels and deadlines for Las Vegas/ Barcelona, including the Buy 4 Get 5 Group discount package for SAP TechEd Las Vegas/ for Barcelona



As ever, the SAP TechEd team has been working hard to provide you with the best of the best - from lectures, hands-on training, and demos to networking opportunities with the brightest minds, and of course the continuous entertainment and enjoyable evening  activities.  We plan to deliver a full program which will provide you with fantastic skills, training, and extensive knowledge, plus plenty of opportunities to engage with your peers in a fantastic location!


We’ll ensure you have the opportunity to learn new functionality and optimization practices from SAP developers and product experts using SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, SAP mobile apps and infrastructure solutions, and much, much more.


If you’ve never attended SAP TechEd, you may be wondering if this is the right conference for you.  If so, , we advise you to also check out SAP TechEd past events websites and  SAP TechEd Online, where you’ll find videos from last year's events, attendee perspectives, recorded lectures, and interviews from the show floor. You also can hear what Clas Neumann, senior vice president and head of SAP Global Labs Network has to say about the conference:

Will Ayd, Supply Chain Operations, Under Armour, and one of last year’s attendees, summed it up well:

“TechEd was an enormous success!  The preparations and accommodations made it easy to get access to the content I was interested in and the classes themselves provided me with a better foundational understanding of where the products are now / where they are going and what that means for my company.  Not to mention, the networking sessions were also a great forum to meet other experts in the industry and create contacts for future career development.”

This is the event for you as it has everything you've come to know and love.  

Don’t miss out! Reserve the date for SAP TechEd Las Vegas or Barcelona on your 2015 calendar now and ensure you register early to save those $$/€€! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Craig Cmehil

Let's Get Jamming!

Posted by Craig Cmehil May 22, 2015


In February we announced the evolution of the SAP InnoJam and the DemoJam at SAP TechEd events! Now with the registrations opening up soon for Las Vegas and Barcelona it's time to say a few more things about it!


Remember to compete at DemoJam you have to be selected at InnoJam and to be selected at InnoJam you have to register and attend the event!


We'll be announcing soon the "theme" of the event (hint hint we've short listed 3 themes and I'm thinking the term "well being" may indicate my personal choice of the 3) then once we announce the theme we'll be providing information in terms of tutorials and interviews around the main technologies such as the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA and of course from domain experts around the theme itself.


From the theme you may have ideas on what the challenges might be but the official challenges won't be released until you arrive on site to kick off the event, and yes the challenges from Las Vegas and Barcelona will be different!


This is an exciting time for the us, the InnoJam which started as the "SAP Innovation Weekend" back in 2010 has seen some small evolutions and changes over the years all leading up to this point. Many actually may not remember but in 2010 we talked about how this event could actually do what it is now, feeding the DemoJam with teams so for me to see it happen finally this year is pure excitement! Take a look back at our humble beginnings!


What is Innovation Weekend? - YouTube


How does Innovation Weekend work? - YouTube


Innovation Weekend Wrap-up in Berlin - YouTube


DemoJam is also a topic near and dear to me, having spent many a year hosting the event I'm anxious to see it evolve as well and I think having 6 teams from the InnoJam get up their on stage is a step in the right direction! I'm anxious to see SAP, customers and partners join in as teams to compete against each other and that in a levelled playing field with everyone getting the same information and knowledge in advance! Again we have come far!


SAP TechEd 2010 DemoJam - YouTube


SAP TechEd 2008 Berlin: Demo Jam - YouTube


So I hope that you sign up either as yourself to join a team upon arrival or that you and your whole team sign up together! Let's continue to make history!


See you in Las Vegas and Barcelona!


Yes, SAP TechEd is back && better than ever (according to an SAP ad) – the d-code name is dropped.  Submit today!


With only a few days to get your abstract in, submit yours and encourage your others to do the same, to ensure your attendance at this must-attend technology training and education event for SAP community.  For more tips on how to get your name onto this year’s ASUG at SAP TechEd program, see Don't Delay - Submit your ASUG SAP TechEd Abstract Today


Why should you do this?  I can't explain it better than Thorsten Franz does Why (and How) You Should Become an SAP TechEd Speaker


And don't forget registration launches in mid-June.  What is the value of SAP TechEd?  Thorsten again explains here: Convince Your Boss to Send You to SAP TechEd



Get submitting before midnight on May 24th! Submit today!  This is for NON-SAP speakers only - customers and partners are welcome to submit. 


Could this be you, presenting for ASUG at SAP TechEd, sharing your story, expertise, and raising your community profile?



Source: SAP TechEd Photographer


Also please save the date for Monday, October 19th, which is ASUG pre-conference day


Source: SAP TechEd Photographer

Since it is "throwback Thursday" take a look back and see why Community Members attend SAP TechEd - "it's not about marketing but what the products can do":

Competing in SAP TechEd Demo jam is always filled with excitement, thrill and fun. These gets double when your smart brain gives you an idea of using Flying Bots (Drones) for your demo.



Rescue-Bots can be used during flood, fire, earth quake or any other disasters. Bots can fly in the dangerous area where it’s difficult for human to get in. It scans the area, find out people who are stuck inside. It also detects the possible exits and dangerous objects like gas cylinder, boilers. This information is than passed to SAP HANA which process it and come up with safest path for the rescue team to follow.

Ingredients used to cook this concept are:


     1) OpenCV : For image processing

     2) Python : programming Drone for autonomous flight

     3) UI5 : User interface

     4) Visual enterprise : 3D model of ware house with objects like trapped humans, fire spots, Gas cylinder etc..

     5) SAP HANA  Last but not the least

     6) Parrot AR Drone 2.0 (Our Hero!!!)


We were quite confident with our demo but things got changed the moment we tried flying the drone in the techEd venue.

Our rescue bot was struggling with hundreds of wifi hotspots(thanks to 7000+ sap teched attendees ).

(Our Bot was using 2.4Ghz – 5 Ghz frequency which is same for wifi hotspots and other wireless networks and there was a big interference)

We spent 4 hours trying to find out a way to fly the drone with stability .During the process Drone smashed the wall, crash landed and almost gave one of my team members a heart attack.

At the End we somehow manage to fly the drone with stability .We have configure the drone such a way that the moment a fire alarm is detected ( simulated by mobile app ) drone will fly and started scanning the area using the image processing written in Open CV with the predefined path.


To demo the fire scenario we used the factory model with stickers on it which shows different objects like humans, fire, exits and gas cylinder.

Once this objects are detected with the help of bot’s camera and the open CV image processing algorithm the location is send to the backend.

We plot the objects in the 3D model which was prepared in visual enterprise as shown below.





Once we have the location of all the objects we determine the shortage path which needs to be followed by fire fighters to rescue the human inside avoiding the dangerous objects like gas cylinder or boilers.

This is how all the possible entry and exits path looks, out of which the system determines the safest path which can be used by rescue team when they arrive at the factory location.




When we have HANA how can we miss the analysis part!! We can do nice predictive analysis on how the fire spreads considering the air flow in the factory and exits.

At last it was a time to decide the winners.

And we did it Once more!!!




Thanks to my Geeky Team members: Trinoy Hazarika, Tanushree Das, lokesh Rajak, phani bhushan.


Here's the link to the On stage Demo:



On Monday I wrote this Announcing ASUG Call for Proposals is Now Open for SAP TechEd Las Vegas and now I want to offer some tips to submit below:


Submit Early

Why should you submit your abstract early?  To ensure your session is in the proper track is the main reason.  Track stories are listed here and I have listed them below:

  • Technology, Strategy, and Innovations
  • Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud
  • User Experience Design and Technology
  • Mobile Solution Development
  • Data Management and Modeling
  • Enterprise Analytics: Planning, Business Intelligence and Predictive
  • Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes
  • IT and Cloud Management
  • Security, Secure Development and Configuration


Knowing your Audience

You can watch this ASUG webcast that I did with ASUG's Jennie Moreau about ASUG Annual Conference - it includes knowing your audience and contains resources you may find useful:



Who is my audience?  What is their level of expertise?  What does your audience know / build on?  What are the pain points and success stories?  What did you overcome?  "What's in it for them"?  Why is this valuable information?  Share customer stories.  If you mention a customer's name, be sure to have their permission to present.


Be Brief

In your abstract, use concise words when submitting your session. Ask yourself if you will be able to fit everything you mentioned into a 60 minute session slot (generally 45 minutes presenting with 15 minutes question and answer).  Jennie Moreau says "hit and quit it".


Catchy Title

Make sure your title stands out with fresh content.  See catchy title example below:



Source: ASUG



Get a Peer Review

Ask your co-workers review your abstract and someone outside your realm understands your abstract.  A sample abstract is below:


Source: ASUG




ASUG Design Team

In this case, the Design Team for ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd includes ASUG Volunteers Kristen Dennis Gretchen Lindquist


The Design Team helps to recruit speakers for ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd and then reviews and rank abstracts

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I submit multiple abstracts?

A: Yes, multiple abstracts are welcome


Q: Will ASUG reimburse travel expenses?

A: ASUG does not reimburse travel expenses but if your abstract is selected you get to attend the SAP TechEd for free



Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Education sessions are typically 60 minutes long with 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes question & answer



Q: Why should I present?

This is an opportunity to showcase yourself and your company and plus you will get free registration to SAP TechEd.  You can be attendee and learn from other customer stories and learn from the SAP experts at their sessions.


Q: Are multiple speakers allowed?

A: No, multiple speakers are not allowed.


Q: What type of presentation focus areas are available?

A: I recommend that abstracts focus on best practices, return on investment, cost savings, lessons learned, "war stories", case studies

Q: I submitted my abstract, what are the next steps?

ASUG and SAP will review the abstracts - if selected, you will be notified in June/July.



Q: I'm ready.  Where do I submit?

Click here



Q: I am experiencing logon issues - what can I do?

Send an e-mail to saptechedspeaker.info@sap.com


The deadline to submit your abstract is May 24. Reach out to saptechedspeaker.info@sap.com with any questions.  Reminder this is for NON-SAP speakers only.



I know ASUG Annual Conference / SAPPHIRENOW is two weeks away, but today, call for ASUG Proposals for SAP TechEd Las Vegas (October 19-23) is now open.   ASUG and SAP are working together again in education again this year for SAP TechEd, offering customer-led education sessions and Influence opportunities.


Here are the details:


Call for submissions opens today

Submissions close on May 24

For non-SAP Speakers only


Please review the following information before submitting your session proposal.


From the SAP TechEd site:

Location and Date: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 19-23, 2015


This special call for proposals is open to SAP customers and partners who are members of Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG). SAP employees are not eligible to participate.


Session proposals are subject to a final review by the ASUG Design Team. You will receive notification regarding the status of your proposal by mid-June.


The deadline to submit ASUG customer session proposals is Sunday/Monday, May 24/25 11.59pm PST/8.59am CET. The ASUG Customer sessions are 1-hour lecture sessions.


The Session Owner is the speaker who proposed the session.

Session Owners are responsible to:

  • Provide session details
  • Review edited details and schedule
  • Submit presentation materials
  • Meet deadlines
  • Additional speakers or co-speakers are not allowed
  • Sessions may be scheduled twice based on popularity of the topic
  • All speakers are required to accept the Proposal and Speaking Guidelines before proposing a session or being approved as a speaker
  • Speaker Assignments are reviewed and approved by the track owners


Approved speakers receive:

  • Complimentary lecture-only conference registration
  • SCN Contribution points
  • SAP TechEd does not reimburse for speaker's time, travel or hotel.
  • Important - Make sure to look through the site and reach out to saptechedspeaker.info@sap.com with any questions.


Track story plans are here

Submit your session proposal here. Deadline to submit proposals is Sunday, May 24.



ASUG Members, the SAP TechEd 2015 call for speakers is coming soon!!!

ASUG members, start planning to present at SAP TechEd 2015!

Plan Now for Call for ASUG Speakers for SAP TechEd Las Vegas


The ASUG Design Team Kristen Dennis Gretchen Lindquist looks forward to your submission.  If you have questions feel free to post below.


Based on its success in Berlin and Las Vegas, an “Influence Lounge” with improvised format has been set up for the first time at TechEd Bangalore (March 11th to 13th) by the Bangalore PMCS team.

It was a huge hit with 18 interactive sessions and 397 customers/partners getting a chance to influence SAP’s products. We also have to thank our co-moderators Ankita and Sourabh and also the TechEd organizing team Peeyush and Arif for their support!



Objective & Format:

Influence lounge sessions help starting long-term relationships with local customers. Each session lasts one hour  - 10’ product pitch-in, 40’ influence-storming (Quick DT activities), 10’ Feedback & networking.




Key outcomes:

131 customers/partners signed up for end user activities through end user signup forms

158 twitter posts reached 7 422 unique users through #influenceSAP hashtag

130 Influence branded laptop stickers issued

123 business cards exchanged (or badge scanned) for further engagements

20 participants in average per session

7+ Props - Pod had it's own set of designed properties like stickers, posters, timers, smiley feedback cards, collection boxes, signup forms, etc.

6 Key high-demand topics including S4HANA, Ariba and SFSF

5 influence.sap.com site signups during session

3.61 / 4 – Customer Overall rating on influence sessions

3.7 / 4 - Speaker rating on activity relevance



Feedback from presenters:

  • Very productive, reached out to many customers willing to engage with us
  • Wonderfully organized, great arrangements
  • The way the feedback was provided (smiley cards), the info-sessions and dry runs was all very interesting and engaging
  • Liked the format – 10-min product pitch, keep it short/crisp rule, white-boarding and use of design thinking props
  • Prepared summary for further discussions about the “ideas” received during session and possible building of roadmap of our product feature
  • The format is very impressive to have an interactive session with customers in “Design thinking mode”



And it doesn’t end there. The presenters have been requested to report back on the feedback collected. Some of them have already created very detailed reports on their sessions and they are looking at next steps to take forward the inputs/suggestions received from customers. For example here is one of the success stories (from SFSF team on their success with influence lounge).


If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line to: Muthuraj


I have been an active member of SCN since 2012 and it has changed my life for the better. Normally everyone learns much from SCN but once  felt I earned from SCN and of course being a participant of the Tech Ed is itself a big earning. Its not just learning and sharing its much more than one can even describe. This being the second consecutive year as a topic leader and the SAP Tech Ed Attendee.

Last years Tech Ed : 2013


Tech Ed : 2015 : Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3


The hand on sessions , lectures , product road map sessions , Demo Jam , update us with the heat of the technology. The 3 day event takes you little ahead of the market trends.


I had got the chance to meet many of the friends whom I met last year and many wonderful people in SAP.

It was a pleasure to meet Marilyn Pratt , Craig Cmehil Ann Rosenberg Jason Lax Phil_Loewen
I really had a great time with Virinchy P  Midhun VPKrishna TanguduMidhun VPVirinchy P

Viswanatha Reddy A  on the last day of Tech Ed.






I would thank  Marilyn Pratt  from bottom of my heart for giving an opportunity to be a part of SAP Tech Live and thus making us a special participant and a part of SAP Tech Ed Live. It truly was a great recognition in the biggest event of SAP.


And I just realized after the long conversation with you , and after taking pics of many I had forgotten to take a pic with you.



You will be remembered for the things that you did here. Thanks for your years of hard work and dedication. Congratulation on your retirement. I wish you a long retirement filled with lots of fun and happiness.

Of course you will be missed here but would still ask to be in touch.

SAP TechEd Bangalore, India hosted 10 customers addressing at the customer corner sessions in 2015. Main players from the customer base during the customer corner session were as follows,


Customers flew from different parts of India and also abroad to present at the conference. The topics by the customer talk covered the major spread of the horizon from Technical, Functional and Applications areas. The topics were chosen with keen attention to the audience interest  and current market trend setters.

Topics represented were as follows,

  • HANA Cloud Integration
  • Mobility (On premise – Device specific)
  • EHP 7 Upgrade for Retail industry
  • Implementation Experience with UI5
  • Ariba implementation for procurement channels
  • Case study of HANA implementation


Sessions ran full house for all the three days of TechEd with audience running to a minimum of 65 participants for each session. The sessions close with a very positive note followed by Q&A. The sessions were good success and there were positive pulse  from both participants and speakers enabling share and learn  interface from each others experience.




Customer Comments:


"At the outset, let me congratulate you and your team’s effort in bringing TechEd closer to customers. Given the scale of this event, it was a well-organized and meticulously planned. Great job done!!! " - Mr. Saravana Kumar Ramanathan, Program Manager - Transaltus.



" We could truly understand SAP’s strategy in couple of areas including cloud. I really appreciate and Thank you for the same. It is great to
get deep insight during TechEd & DKOM and these are good initiative to interact with SAP team." - Mr. Pradip Puntambekar - Head of Delivery - L&T



Executive Lunch Meet – Tanja Rueckert & Customer Corner speakers

As a good-will gesture of thanking the customer corner speakers at TechEd, There was a networking lunch meet arranged on 11th of March 2015 with P&I Head – Tanja Rueckert. Customers felt the exclusive privilege in this meeting and really appreciated the arrangement.

Customers had their lunch with Tanja discussing on the various strategic areas like Cloud, HANA, Mobility, Success Factors and Ariba integration. Customers got the Big Picture and also an overview to SAP’s strategy, focus for 2015. There were also highlights on how customers can take advantage by participating in various influencing programs facilitated by PMCS team to continuously influence the SAP products.


Customers thanked for the arrangement and for allowing their voice heard to the executive board member in person.



Insights to Executive Network Session on Diversity talk | Top women leaders

As a diversity program, the simple thought of hosting top women leaders from various industries for brainstorming session was one of the surprise package. There were top women leaders chosen from the varied industries, Women leaders were invited to a round table discussion on the following strategic women empowerment theme topics like,

  • Recruiting Talent
  • Retaining Talent
  • Developing Talent
  • Building Women Leaders

8 women leaders were chosen from different market industry to participate in the discussion and all the below invites were arranged from PMCS, Bangalore.

  • Mini Sarasamma – VP-IT , Nilgiris
  • Sheetal Pinjarkar- - Executive Manager, Deloitte
  • Navya Dayal Manager-HCM , Allstate Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Seema Seth, Entrepreneur
  • Geetha Mohan  - Global IT Delivery lead - Cargil Business Service
  • Shilpa Mohanty, Sr. Manager - Novartis.com
  • Shivani Shetty, Manager –L&T
  • Sonali Nagle, Manager – L&T


The discussion was lead by  Bhuvaneshwar Naik and Uma Maheswaran. The participants concluded in a very positive note and like the company concept of empower women workers at SAP and for the diversity enablement discussions and have showed interest in participating in such discussion in future too.


Related SCN Link: http://scn.sap.com/community/sustainability/blog/2015/03/29/executive-session-on-diversity-inclusion-teched-bangalore#comment-576382

SAP  TechEd at Bangalore 2015 just finished.  Looking back, all I can say is WOW: what an amazing event! For the three day you could really feel the energy and excitement throughout the packed Show Floor that offered lots of educational and fun activities, Bernd Leukert's  demo-rich keynote, the exciting DemoJam and lets not forget the Strategy talks, lecture sessions & hands-on workshops.


We did our best in the SAP TechEd Live Studio to capture the people and great moments from the event


studio3.jpg     Bernd.png      studio4.jpg    studio1.jpg     IMG_9001.JPG       studio2jpg.jpg


Besides streaming live & recording of the Keynote, DemoJam and the Strategy Talks, we also produced over 30 interviews with SAP executives, SAP Mentors, community members and lots of SAP experts discussing SAP innovations, developments and product such as S/4 HANA, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Mobile, IoT, Community topics, SAP Labs and more.


All SAP TechEd interview replays from SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 are now available on the virtual platform.  So if you didn’t had the chance to attend or follow the three days of live broadcast—and even if you were there—have a look at the great content produced across a variety of topics and don’t forget to share it all with your communities and colleagues!


Watch the Highlights


SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015, Content Catalog:



Strategy Talks:

Technology Interviews :


Developers Interviews:


University Alliance Interviewers:


Community & SAP Labs India Interviews:

Hello SCN,


Hope you guys are doing good and back after a festival season. For me it extended with one more Techno-festival where all the SCN family came together to celebrate the technology .

SCN and SAP TechEd always had an impact on my professional career This is my 3rd time to SAP TechEd. I still remember my 1st TechEd where I was a bit nervous as it was for the first time and also with a certification exam to attempt. That event not only introduced me to SAP HANA for the first time but also guided me in understanding the product road-map of SAP which is still helping me to plan my career. Next year I returned again to enjoy the experience of sharing the stage before Demo Jam as a Topic Leader  with SAP Mentors and other Topic Leaders. This year was my 3rd TechEd experience which just got better and better by not only helping me to gain knowledge  but also by giving a chance to meet our excellent mentors, Gurus , ex-colleagues and my SCN Friends ( The people with whom I talk or discuss virtually through SCN but never seen them till now ).

As I entered into TechEd.. My first priority task is to register and collect my bag and badge



And as I stepped into the Main Hall. It was a pleasant surprise to see my photo all over the place , I was expecting the slides with my photo to be shown but i thought it would be just before Demo Jam in the evening. And this was truly a warm welcome from TechEd.




Then started the Key note from Bernd Leukert. Which was engaging and covered a lot around S/4 HANA which is SAP's Next Big Thing to create a Perfect Integrated Enterprise . You can find the reply of the keynote here  Few Snapshots below:






While attending the sessions and gaining new learning's from the speakers, Met many cool mentors,friends and made some new friends too. And of-course some Selfies and pictures too Alessandro Iannacci_ Jeanne , Malin Marilyn  Craig Cmehil, Jason LaxMuthu Ranganathan Midhun VP Rinku ChauhanVirinchy P Sara and Vivek .







PS: Thank you Vivek for sharing the pics


SCN has not only helped me to get in touch with professionals of similar of interest and learn more about SAP technologies, which truly had a profound impact on my career. Whenever any new product is added or new version comes up, I was never confused about the place to look out for, It was always SCN's amazing discussions, blogs, documents and the amazing forums through discussions with Mentors, Moderators and other virtual friends. That made me even more addicted to SCN like a similar way with FB/Twitter.The pleasant experience which humbled me in this year TechEd event was to be part of this exciting interactive session here .Where I was able to express my love towards SCN I hope with these session , will help to engage newbies in SCN to be more active and learn more about SAP technologies and spread the community spirit of Caring each other by Sharing .

We are all addicted to SCN, aren't you?




It was a true honor and real pleasure to meet people like  Jeanne , Malin and Marilyn and to discuss about the SCN's upcoming exciting changes to make SCN even more productive for its users.



Well everything seems so fun and happy right? But there is some sad news added up too, Which I came to know from her during the event and later came across this blog: How Do You Measure a Decade in the Life of a Community Manager?  Still I felt it would be really difficult to measure though. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors .


P.S. Thanks Midhun for the pics


All good things comes to an End isn't it?  Following the same, this event ended leaving behind so many memories,experiences and friends which I thoroughly enjoyed as a SCN Fan . Thank you #SAPTd for such a wonderful experience.



Krishna Tangudu



Never thought that a technical event could be so much fun. Those three days turned out to be the best days that really refreshed my mind which otherwise was damn stressed due to the regular college routine of internal exams. SAP TechEd Bangalore and SAP Techniversity were a lot more interesting then what I expected , in other words they exceeded all my expectations. It showed how a technical event can be combined with non technical aspects in the best possible way.



     The event started on 11th of march and we caught the first bus to the venue with a lot of excitement in our minds. The venue which happens to be one of the most famous exhibition centers of India had all the things right on track. We reached Bangalore international exhibition center in the morning to witness a humongous crowd of students and professionals who were here for this event.

     We started our day by watching various projects developed by the professionals which included many exciting and never seen before projects. My favorite project was an automatic drone developed by the employees of SAP. We also got a glimpse of the esteemed dignitaries of SAP company who were here to host and organize the event.

     After witnessing the marvels developed by the professionals, we also got a chance to see wonderful web application which was developed by our contemporaries and it was simply awesome, the students of BMSCE college had developed an e warranty application for which they had won the first prize in SAP app rumble competition which was organized by SAP a couple of months ago.

     The Demo Jam was one of the coolest thing to attend where various students and professionals showcased their extra-ordinary ability to think out of the box and develop projects and applications that were the need of the hour.

     On the second day, we were taken to a hall were many guests belonging to the SAP were invited to share their experience with the students assembled at the hall.It was delightful to witness such a large crowd of students belonging to different colleges of Bangalore.


     After the first session an amazing lunch was provided to us.There were many goodies provided to various students during the first session for the best tweet and for answering the questions thrown to them by the professionals from SAP. We next had a Wizathon to attend


     In  wizathon, we were provided with some data and we were asked to develop an interactive visualization of the given information using the SAP Lumira. It was a wonderful experience, we witnessed how a large amount of data could be sorted in minutes and conclusion can be drawn instantly using the software.The winners were provided with amazing gifts.

         I would like to thank our college for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event and I also want to thank SAP for conducting this wonderful and educative event.

To learn more about SAP,click here.




Yeah !


It was Wednesday,11th of March '15.


Well,there was something great about that day.


Wondering what was great ???


I have got two reasons.

Check them out,though the second one makes me happier

  1. I came back to Bangalore after a 2 weeks long tour with family.
  2. I found something in my mail inbox.See the image below







Screenshot of Confirmation mail

All i could feel was a really great thing coming my way.


Filled with excitation, I headed to the college and attended all the lectures,a victim of attendance shortage because of the tour All through the day,I kept waiting for the next sunrise.Around 9 p.m I received a mail from one of the SAP Student Ambassadors of my college regarding the  shuttle services for students to ease our rides to the venue.

My bags were packed for the March 12th.

I slept early to make sure that I reach the college in time and catch the bus.

Get,Set and Go !

March 12th,1015
Finally,It was the same  "awaited dawn" i was waiting for.
5:30 a.m - Got up

6:45 a.m - Headed to the college for the most awaited SAP6:15 a.m - Done with breakfast
7:45 a.m - Boarded the bus from the college and had some
about various SAP products and some of the ongoing courses on
with my friends during the ride.
8:30 a.m-  Reached the BIEC campus,Bangalore.

Wohhoooo !!
Well there were thousands of students from different  
colleges across Bangalore as well as so many 
professionals all around.
I had all the details of the events.
Have a look at them once.
After getting done with the check-in,we were
gifted cool T-shirts and SAP University Alliances bag

The welcome keynote began with an  introductory

noteby Ann Rosenberg,Vice President,Head of Global SAP UniversityAlliances,followed by clicks

from Google Glass and a couple of inspiring lines.

Then,we had a session about-

The Age ofDigital Enterprise by Cla Neumann about the future

of the world,Big Data,Smarter systems in sports


“Imagine cameras installed in the shoes of players,say batsmen which gives the most vivid results."


"Imagine a robot,which on detection of any problem,informs  the nearest person with solution for problem such as Refill my battery water."

Great !
Then we were explained about how SAP is maintaining to positionwith it's outstanding products worldwide and about various SAPclubswith ample oppurtinities for the members to excel.One of the best parts was the live 3D printer which can actually print 3-dimensional objects such as  footwears,automobile gears,cubes,architectural models etc.All you need to do is feed the required  specifications.

Jairo Fernandez acknowledged the students and spoke about the next generation for digital enterprise,face of 2020 workforce,IoT and Open digital collaboration.


"Time is Only you have"-Jairo Fernandez.





Well,who would forget Peelblr ?

A chance to win Pronto.

Fortunately,one of my friends won it

Congrats !!


Aviral Pandey took the stage and talked

about the smart home control.All the ideas which

used to be ideas and imaginations for people are

no more ideas today and are getting transformed into

reality gradually and SAP products are one of

such kind.

Imagine your car sending your door and air conditioner a message sometime before you enter your home"


"Imagine yourself playing Tennis on the ground floor and switching off a running fan on the third floor with a remote"



Sunil Agera and Arun Prasad talked  sap12.PNG

about their startup and brightened my inner flames

of being an entrepreneur.They talked about what

are the common benefits and risks associated with

becoming an entrepreneur.

Entreprenuership has got all the advantages !!



Students and SAP Mentors shared their knowledge on how to  crack the data,

hands on experience on SAP Lumira.Delicious Lunch for Viz-a-thoners

Wonderful experience for everybody !

Many good things to learn !!

Tweets and Conversations :

Thousands of tweets and tags displayed all over the

projector screen followed by gifts for the top 15

most creative posts and tweets.



A talk by the winners of SAP APP Rumble - 2015

sap1 - Copy.PNGThe winners explained the concept of E- Warranty they
cameup with for the contest and were very much appreciated for thesame.Even i participated but couldn't make into the finals.There were many other events going on for the 
Professionals.I went there for sometime and found dozens of renowned companies such as Oracle,IBM etc. explaining them how they are making the best use of SAP products.

                                       Lunch was nice.Upto the expectations...

Evening refreshment  was great.

Beyond expectations


Thank You SAP for such a valuable experience

Let us know SAP better -

  • SAP connects more than 1 million companies in 190 countries on the Ariba Network, the world's largest business-to-business network.
  • Cloud solutions from SAP provide the freedom for 29 million people to work from anywhere.
  • SAP HANA can increase analysis speed by more than 10,000 times, equal to walking from California to New York in 6 minutes.
  • SAP Mobile Platforms reliably delivers 1.8 billion text messages worldwide everyday.

SAP is empowering the generation.





To know more about SAP,click here


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