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Happy New Year! It is still January, so I guess it is still OK to wish you all a great one, with lots of laughter, love and a more simple business ;-)


Of the many SAP executives that the SAP Mentors have the opportunity to meet, Irfan Khan CTO for SAP Global Customer Operations is the one that comes into these conversations with the biggest open mind. He is able to clearly articulate his strategy, but is also seeking out to be challenged to get new insights that improve his vision.



Pictures taken by Martin Gillet furst #HugASuit campaign at Sapphire / SAP TechEd Madrid a couple of years back. If you have a picture from our recent meetings during #SAPtd in Las Vegas and Berlin, please post them in the comments.


This is why I am super excited about our upcoming TweetChat that I am going to host with Irfan doing the heavy lifting of answering all of your questions. Details:


When: Thursday, February 5th, 9am PST

Topic: IT 2020 Vision: The Modern IT Platform of the Future

Hashtag:  #SAPtd

Guest: Irfan Khan, CTO SAP GCO, @i_kHANA

Host: Mark Finnern, SAP Chief Community Evangelist and SAP Mentors Founder; @finnern

New to Tweet Chats?

They’re pretty simple. Follow the SAP TechEd hashtag, #SAPtd, for my questions and Irfan’s replies, and then join in at any time with your questions and comments.


To prep for it, here are a couple of things you may want to check out:


Going to be super interesting. Mark it in your calendar: Feb 5th 9am PST

SAP’s strategy is to leverage its core competency in solving business problems to make the world run better and improve people’s lives.

35 million business users already use SAP Cloud, seamlessly integrating with their on premise solutions and maximizing business agility.

Employees, at different positions, access corporate data of all kinds anytime, anywhere, on any platform, and even in areas with limited connectivity. So as to help the business adapt and innovate quickly to meet changing customer demands.

Why are we moving to cloud?

Cloud helps us to extract information from structured as well as unstructured data. Cloud is all about flexibility and choice. Clouds solutions are cost effective to purchase, deploy, manage, and can deliver rapid time to value. With cloud deployments, capacity and location planning are no longer in the hands of the customer, but are the responsibility of the cloud vendor.  This allows companies to respond quickly to any business changes.

To know more about Cloud, attend the diversified lecture and hands-on sessions at SAP TechEd Bangalore. #SAPtd


Event: SAP TechEd

Date:    March 11-13, 2015

Venue:                Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC)


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With splendid offers, #sap_teched_bangalore is definitely the place to be this summer.

Inviting all innovators and coding enthusiasts to join us at SAPs flagship technical conference and be a part of change! Register now!


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Hitesh Mohta

SAP DemoJam

Posted by Hitesh Mohta Jan 8, 2015

SAP TechEd – the premier SAP tech conference is back with the ultimate geek competition – SAP DemoJam! #SAPtd  #DemoJam

SAP DemoJam is the platform where you can showcase your innovative ideas, state-of-the-art applications and win hearts. Let your genius be recognized. Be among the league to inspire thousands of developers, engineers, and technologists. Let’s raise the bar higher this year.

Priceless rewards await you.


What you need to do?

SAP DemoJam is welcoming submissions. Submit your proposals and earn the ultimate glory of becoming the stars of the SAP Community. The DemoJam Selection Committee will review all submissions and invite the best to compete on stage at SAP TechEd Bangalore. #SAPtd  #DemoJam


What’s in it for you?
The finalists will receive two SAP TechEd Bangalore conference tickets – and gain full access to sessions, hands-on workshops and technical lectures.


Read the participation rules and submission conditions and send in your demo by January 15, 2015.

Submit demo ›


Come join the savviest of the league at SAP TechEd Bangalore. #SAPtd

Date: March 11-13, 2015

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC)



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Most people are so busy throughout the year that they never get to the pile. “The pile” is the bunch of stuff that you save in hopes of reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise consuming on some utopian future day when things calm down: books, albums, blogs, magazine articles, videos, movies and TV shows. At this point, it’s really more of an avalanche for me personally.



Holidays and vacations provide some respite from the hustle and bustle, and may actually afford us the time to catch up on the pile. For many, the end of December might be just the time for reflection on the year, personal development, or just browsing through our saved bookmarks.

With that in mind, I thought of the massive amount of content that was produced at SAP TechEd && d-code this year. And also the fact that it’s December and I hadn’t yet written anything about SAP TechEd Live, the interview program that just broadcast its sixth year of programming.

I don’t want to overload your pile, nor do I insist that you watch an interview segment on hybrid cloud/on premise strategy instead of reading that crime thriller at the top of your pile – but I urge you to take a look at the inventory of over 70 interviews we recorded in the SAP TechEd Live studio (100 if you include the roaming reporter segments) in Las Vegas and Berlin. Maybe there’s a tiny little gift for you!

Visit SAP TechEd Online for more video on demand, including keynotes, strategy/tech talks, lectures, and DemoJams.


Studio Interviews, by Titlestudio-Berlin-Vangle2.jpg

#DukeMBBStats: A Winner's Dream
1,000+ SAP HANA Use Cases: Which one is right for your business?
A Customer Perspective on SAP Screen Personas

A New Horizon: SAP TDI with Networking and Storage
API Economy - Impact on Business and Technology
Accelerating Your Journey to the Cloud with Testing-as-a-Service Powered by xStream for SAP Applications
Application-Centric Optimization for SAP HANA and Applications that Run on It
Build, Extend, and Run Applications in the Cloud with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Cloud: New Opportunities for the Mid-Market
Cloud: Public, Private, and Hybrid for the Enterprise
Cloud-Based Analytics: A Cornerstone of Your Big Data Implementation
Co-Innovation between SAP and GitHub
DemoJam Winners: Spot On!
Designing the Future – You Need More Than Tools and Technology

Detecting Security Threats in Your Enterprise Systems
DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and the New Composable Enterprise
Digital Acceleration for 100+ Year Old Companies using API-centric Architectures
Driving Future Growth through Co-Innovation on the Internet of Things
Driving Innovation with Design
Easily and Rapidly Embedding 3rd-party Content into Fiori Launchpad with Capriza
Embracing the User Experience Revolution
Engaging the Next Generation of Developers
Examining the SAP 2020 Vision for ITstudio-Berlin-Mentors2.jpg
Experience Developer Evangelism from the Inside
Global Reach and Security: Conversation with Tanja Rueckert
HP IT’s Journey with SAP HANA and the Road Ahead
How Can Companies Manage Complexity in the Digital Transformation?
How Intel is Influencing the Ecosystem Datacenter
Hybrid App Development with Cordova and the SAP Mobile Platform SDK
Innovative Development in the Cloud
Interview with Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board, Products & Innovation Technology, SAP
Interview with Björn Goerke, EVP and Corporate Officer, Product & Innovation Technology, SAP
Justify the Value of SAP Solution Manager Towards Your Business for ALM

Learning SAP in the Cloud
Meet the SAP HANA Innovation Award Winner
Moving the Core of SAP Business Suite to the Cloud
New AWS Region in Frankfurt, Germany: What this means for You
New Innovations in SAP HANA Platform
New SAP Mentors Embracing the Community
On the Evolution of Developer Tools and Languages
Open Source innovations around SAP HANA
OpenUI5 is Open for Contribution - What's Next?
Operational Decisions with Predictive Analytics
Platform, Open Source, and Developers: Björn Goerke Talks Technology
Remote Farm Repeat: Meet the DemoJam && InnoJam Winners
Returns on Mobile investment with Robert Bosch GmbH, Hillary's Blinds and SBB Swiss National Railway
SAP Announces New Solutions for Internet of Things for Business
SAP Business Network: Conversation with Sanish Mondkar
SAP Business One: Present and Future
SAP DataViz Challenge for Charity
SAP HANA Deployment Options and Operation Automation with VMware
SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers: Taking the HANA Community to the Next Level
SAP Jam Meets SAP HANA Cloud Platform
SAP Screen Personas: How Customer Feedback is Shaping an SAP Product
SAP Simple Finance, Front-runner of S-Innovations
SAP Solution Manager in the IT Service Management Market
SAP University Alliances: Building Future Talent for the SAP Ecosystem
SAP Vision for Analytics and Business Intelligence
SAP and Open Stack - The Inside Story
Secure Your Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Premise Landscapes
Shaping Developer Programs at SAP
Social CRM and the Future of Marketing Automation
Solving Energy Problems with Internet of Things
Startups: The Key to Platform Strategy
Students Are Ramping Up on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to Create the Future of SAP
Sven Denecken on Cloud, Implications of Hybrid Landscapes, and Co-Innovation
Technology Without Borders - Crowdsourcing for Critical Data Insights

The Cloud and the New Kingmakers
The Latest Innovations with SAP Analytics
The SAP HANA Marketplace - An Online Commerce Ecosystem for SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Apps
Unleashing SAP HANA Virtualization

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      The tenth anniversary of DemoJam was celebrated in a grand way at SAP TechEd && d-code this past week in Berlin. Berlin DemoJam goers got the chance to witness seven live entertaining demos, all of which were unique and full of creativity.


      Michael Weisz, Stephan Schultz and their team experienced a double win at Berlin by winning both the InnoJam and DemoJam. The IT-Systems Engineering students from the Hasso Plattner Institute created an application, Remote Farming, that provided the possibility to plant, water, fertilize and harvest your own plants in real life from the convenience of your own mobile device. Remote Farming enables its users to monitor the growth of their plants by checking live sensor data and even lets them watch the plants grow using a webcam. The IT-Systems Engineering students had 24 hours to create the application and the demo for Remote Farming.  Despite having such little time, the students managed to pull forth such a great idea which eventually led to their win.




If by any chance you missed the show, here is a quick recap of the night:


  • Tomer Steinberg kicked off DemoJam Berlin 2014 by demoing Run Your City Safer with SAP InfinteInsight. Steinberg presented a solution that will help police forces operate more effectively by predicting the location and time of when a future crime is likely to occur. With these predictions, it allows for police forces to be at the right place at the right time with the appropriate resources. The demo runs on SAP HANA, SAP Data Services Software, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, SAP InfiniteInsight, and Esri Integration for SAP BusinessObjects. Watch Demo


  • Next up were Leo van Hengel and Twan van den Broek who demoed Care-MIT: A Marketplace Where Care Points Can Be Exchanged for Care. Care-MIT is a social marketplace where you can earn Care Points by providing care to others and the points earned can be exchanged to give care to the ones you love when you aren’t able to do so yourself.  This unique concept that urges people to become voluntarily caregivers was built in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with a SAPUI5 screen. Watch Demo


  • Ronald Kleijn and Peter Cobee demoed Augmented Lost and Found, a new approach to a lost-and-found solution for a railway company. This interactive mobile solution runs on the power of SAP HANA and other SAP and non-SAP technologies. Watch Demo


  • Next up were Nic Doodson and Will Powell who demoed a different approach on how a customer thinks when buying anything. The “New Wave” Dimension of Omnichannel E-Commerce gives customers a realistic virtual feel of a product that they want to buy by analyzing their emotional response to a product. Doodson and Powell designed and manufactured their own virtual reality brain-sensing headset that tracked the emotional responses of customers on their overall product experience. The brain-sensing headset has immense possibilities for analyzing end-to-end experience and improving the design of any product which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for customer relationship management insight.  This demo runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform combining it with virtual reality brainwave sensing. Watch Demo


  • Heiko Maurer and Andreas Rotaru, Natural Catastrophe in Insurance – Get a Grip on Geo Data, demoed an interactive solution for insurance companies to easily get insight into their own exposure and the financial risk in case of a natural hazard, based on geocoded risk and weather data.  The demo which runs on SAP HANA can leverage a variety of information from different origins in one application to help insurers making the most of their data. Watch Demo


  • The last demo of the night was presented by Dirk Ras and Craig Haworth who demoed Business in Your Pockets (BiYP).  BiYP is a solution created for small and midsize businesses to help them become more sustainable. BiYP uses a telco as a cloud service provider and a smartphone to help run a business from efficiently. BiYP can add new customers to the system by using voice-to-text technology, create an automatic quotation using the description provided by the customer, and perform smart scheduling by using the customer’s location and the service provider’s calendar. BiYP is built on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Service, the front end is based on SAP Fiori UX design principles and SAP HANA provides real-time analytics.  Watch Demo


Both of the DemoJams in 2014 showcased amazing, creative and entertaining demos and I can’t wait to see what DemoJam Bangalore has to offer next year.

Hi all,

here is my personal summary of Teched&&D-Code in Berlin. It was my first time and I was really impressed of this event. I just focus on some of my courses I attended because I think this reflects the whole event in my opinion and I don't want to just repeat my statements with other words.




Evolution of the ABAP Programming Language


This was an awesome experience to me. Very well prepared and a lot of good examples. I’m absolutely fascinated about the powerful new features and ABAP it’s on the way to get a really cool syntax. As Lukas already mentioned in his blog I was also confused in the workshop itself and couldn't get all the point there. This wasn't a fault by the experts; it was me, because I was too long thinking how I could use a statement and therefor I missed some important information about the next one…


All I need to add besides Lukas entry is a big thank you to the presenters for a very well prepared session. Maybe you can check your examples and implement the SAP name-convention (I had a small conversation with Uwe about it), because it was sometimes a bit confusing if we were talking about a variable, structure or a table, but that is a really small detail to argue about.




Core Data Services – Next Generation Data Definition and Access on SAP HANA


CDS was a big point to me. Jasmin did a great job and I really liked the way she was presenting it. In my opinion CDS is the next major step to prepare systems to switch easily to HANA. I think a lot of customers will have an easy switch to Hana without having big trouble when implementing constantly CDS in the custom developments. Not  the right spot to talk more about this topic, but if you are a developer and don't know about it, search SCN





SAP Web IDE – The Simple Way to Build and Extend SAPUI5 Applications


I went here, because I was a bit confused why SAP develops the next IDE. Eclipse isn't that long established and now there is again something new? That question wasn't solved by the workshop, but I can understand why SAP Web IDE is introduced. I liked the examples and it really looked very easy, but in my opinion I think there is more than just click – template – click – WYSIWYG (my new favorite word) –test – done … but, the experience factor from my first try to that what it was shown in the demo seems to be on a good way right now.

After a talk with Thomas I got the information, that the version-saving and also the test-environment might be the major reasons why it is published in the “cloud”. So if anybody out there thinks it is going to replace Eclipse… forget about it.


How to Optimize SAP Fiori Network Performance

I found that picture right next to the fiori cafe and I absolutely agree with the sentence "Be our frontpage". Additional to that I got a theory about the 135degrees, but if anybody exactly know what is meant by it, please leave me a comment



I’m not sure what to say to this Code Review, because I did not understand half of the time, because of problems with the microphone and that the “tent” was placed right next to the roadmap-guys (and their microphones worked perfectly fine). What I took out of this was that I got the chance to find my speed-problems with an HTTP-Listener and the Gateway itself sends nice statistics about separated by the different components. So pretty cool in the end, but I hope the organization fix this next year.






DataViz Challenge with Doctors Without Borders

My personal highlight! I reversed my plans for Wednesday to join this event. It was absolutely worse to be an Attendee here. DwB is so important and it was a pleasure to spend some of my time to perhaps give them a new insight in their data. Of course, it was also great fun. Our team was really international; we had the following countries on the desk: Sweden, France, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany (Hope I remember it correct).

141112_DoctorsWithoutBorders_004928    141112_DoctorsWithoutBorders_004990

Team Tiger (who thought this is a good name?) ends at forth place, which isn't important by the way.




UXP263 First Look at the All New SAP Screen Personas – Simpler Screens in Two Hours


I booked this Hands-On and liked the presenting. Screen Personas is a very cool tool the business waited for a long time. To me it seems that the tool is robust and I will have my tries to implement some screens. Also nice, that Steve has introduced some real life examples and talked about the pitfalls he and his company went through. What I didn't like here was the hand-out. Not because it wasn't exact that what was shown in front. I expected something I could reuse at home and have also some additional information in my hand. Luckily I know the SCN-space


CJ626 ABAP in Eclipse


As a moderator of the space and of course one of the biggest fans from ABAP in Eclipse I took my time to attend in this mini codejam with Thomas. A lot of people showed up and that is pretty cool, because Eclipse shifts the experience to a new level. Not all people had a notebook-seat and so after a group of attendees recognized me as the moderator of the space we had a really good conversation about what to expect from eclipse and I hope I could get their mind on the way to AIE.


BoF17954 Moderating to Ensure Quality Content


This was a great session right before leaving d-code. We started talking at the planned time and my first thought was, that not much people joined us. So we started talking about SCN and what could be improved and during that, one after one joined us and in the end we had a nice community-event with a lot of active SCN-members. Lukas received his present from over sea and the Sleepless on SCN-Photo was introduced next/after this session. All I cann add here is that Moshe /Marilyn and the rest of the SCN-team doing a great job! Keep going and thank you for listening.

Eingebetteter Bild-Link  Eingebetteter Bild-Link


That's it. I could mention a lot more people here, but the message remains the same: Attend to such an event if you got the chance to, you will not regret it!




As part of the live studio staff for the event, I had a chance to listen in on a lot of conversations about what was happening at the event and within SAP in general.  There's no doubt that SAP HANA and Cloud computing were mentioned more than a few times but this isn't without good reason.  As an employee of SAP, it's very exciting to witness the transition to cloud computing or, more accurately, the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA.


About the event, it was really inspiring seeing and listening to the many students attending SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin.  We tend to focus on what benefits SAP Cloud and SAP HANA will bring to customers in the "now," but listening to the students I got excited about what we might expect further down the line because we're looking at a new generation of students with easy and cheap access to what can seem like unlimited and connectable computing power.


Like the generation before that leveraged to internet to extend and enhance their market reach, this new one will also be able to dream big and focus on what they want to do without having to worry so much about the technical and platform challenges, meaning less overhead and risk.  What they will create and how might it be integrated in SAP remains to be seen but I think were going to see some interesting things over the next couple of years.


Hear for yourself in this SAP TechEd && d-code Roaming Reporter interview from Berlin:



Well, i'm inspired: how about you?

Are you going to SAP TechEd&&dcode soon? Here are my 9 best tips on how to get the most out of your week.


1. Use the Agenda Builder

There is so much to see at TechEd&&dcode! Take the time to browse the Agenda Builder on the event website and choose wisely. You will probably not be able to see every lecture/workshop/etc. you'd like to see.


2. Book yourself in double

There's a lot going on at the same time! So choose two (or event three) things to see or do at the same time. So if a lecture ends up being about something you already know or if a workshop's exercises are not what you'd like to do, you always have a plan B.


3. Have a mobile device and download the SAP TechEd&&dcode event application

It's like having a personal assistant keeping you informed of the next workshops, schedule changes and other events that were not in the Agenda Builder prior to the event.

Lectures and hands-on workshops may change room, change time or get cancelled at the last minute, so always check before going and save yourself some walking! (See point 5!)


4. Browse the presentation material before going to TechEd&&dcode

Either download the presentation slides from the Agenda Builder (or if it's like Las Vegas 2014 - browse the USB key given at registration).

Take a look at the slides for a preview of the lecture/workshop you want to see and if the content is not going in a direction that interests you, you may want to check that second presentation you booked in your agenda (You read tip 2, right?)


5. Plan time for the show floor, Hacker's Lounge and other stuff

It's easy to plan every minute with lectures, workshops or other presentation - but don't forget to wander the show floor and other ongoing stuff like the Hacker's Lounge. You never know what you'll find and this is a great place for tip 7. It's also a great plan B for tip 2.


6. Wear comfortable shoes

SAP Tech&&dcode is a huge event and the convention centers are big places! You are going to walk a lot, so bring your most comfortable walking shoes.


7. Talk to people

Meeting people is an important part of SAP TechEd&&dcode. Chat with presenters, booth staff and fellow attendees. You'll never know what you may learn and these discussions are often the best memories.


8. Take notes

The days are so full of new information that it is worth it to take down notes. In a few month, you will thank yourself to writing down your impressions, ideas, and stuff that were not in the slides of the PDF files.


9. Follow the TechEd&&dcode event you are attending on the social networks

Like SAP TechEd&&dcode on Facebook or follow #SAPtd on Twitter. Take a look at what other attendees are up to and join the fun!


Enjoy your time at SAP TechEd&&dcode!

Thanks to all d-code participants to make this a great d-code experience.


Many questions on the Rapid Deployment Solution booth were asked. But my favorite moments are when the reaction to the answer is: “Really? I can do that? Where can I get it? Show me now!”.


This reaction I experienced, when I had explained that the rapid deployment solution shows in detail how you can integrate a Fiori app directly into your existing SAP Enterprise Portal, as a separate tab.


The iView for the Fiori app must be existing (provided by SAP), so that not all Fiori apps have an iView out-of-the-box at this point in time.This integration makes perfectly sense, if you already have the SAP Enterprise Portal up and running in your company, but you are only starting to use a few Fiori apps.


Let’s say, you are only rolling out only 3 Fiori apps to your employees and managers, then it might be overwhelming to introduce the complete Fiori Launchpad.


Another great advantage is that you can make use of the existing security setting of the SAP Enterprise Portal.


There are other accelerators of the Fiori apps Rapid Deployment package http://service.sap.com/public/rds-fiori-apps, that are also exiting. For example the rapid deployment accelerator documents provide for all “transactional” Fiori apps the SAP ERP Backend transaction codes. This will help you to check, if the implemented Fiori apps works, without necessarily having detailed knowledge of the SAP Backend processes.


For some Fiori apps the Rapid Deployment team has even documented the detailed customizing settings (not only the end-user transaction codes) needed for the Fiori app to run. This can be used as a pre-requisite check before starting the Fiori app deployment.


Be sure to download the complete package to get all the existing accelerators and documents. It’s for free for anybody logged-in with his Service Market Place user (S-user).


Thanks again for all the great questions.


If you have more question now, you can visit our SCN-site specifically on Rapid Deployment
Solutions and Fiori apps called SAP User Experience Rapid Deployment Solutions: http://scn.sap.com/community/ux-rds.

Hello folks,


TechEd && d-code 2014 in Berlin is over and it was an indespensable and marvellous experience. At this point I must thank my employer for letting me attend. I'm very certain it was worth it, both for me personally and for my company. The information I was able to retrieve will most probably have impact on our business in terms of adapting new technological approaches.





The Executive Keynotes..


..presented by Bernd Leukert, Bjoern Goerke and Ian Kimbell were, in my opinion, very informative and interesting, though, of course there's always a lot of management blah-blah in between where you could very well play consultant-bingo (no hard feelings please ). But that cannot be avoided I guess. I think Ian (who is hilarious by the way) really loosened things up and added a lot of humor, comedy and most importantly self-mockery to the event. During the short live demo, for example: "I want the application to be named Ian, because that's a good name for an application!". If you missed the event, I highly recommend to watch the replay over here SAP Executive Keynote: Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE Products & Innovation | SAP TechEd &a… especially if you want to know more about the "Internet of Toilets"


It's nice to see SAP doesn't have to take itself too serious anymore, even in public. In my opinion this emits a lot of self-confidence.





DEV262 - Evolution of the ABAP Programming language (Hands-On)


I did not take a look at the presentation beforehand so my expectations were a bit off. I thought there would be a comparison of "back then" (the time of macros) and maybe "recent past" (Netweaver 7.0 - 7.31) and then Netweaver 7.40 "now". However the session purely handled the new techniques delivered with NW 7.40 in comparison to NW 7.02/NW 7.31. Fair enough. Here's a picture to sum up how I felt during most of the exercises in the session:




Let me elaborate on that: I'm pretty confident in my ABAP skills, I mostly do OO-related stuff, WDA and a lot of dynamic and generic programming, i.e. I think I'm not unexperienced or lacking affinity for the language. However, the newly introduced commands that can be connected and nested in my humble opinion really rose the complexity of ABAP to a whole new level. I was able to adapt to the inline expression pretty quickly, the table expressions were then already making me feel uncomfortable and I had to look up the examples again and again to get things working. Once the table expressions were nested with groupings and so on I was completely lost, just looked up the solutions and desperately tried to make sense of what was in front of me. Phew!

The session was 2 hours, though I would've easily welcomed another 2 hours. SAP can and most probably will make a lot of money with delta-training here.


The session was hosted by Holger Janz and Karsten Bohlmann. I found Karsten extremly hilarious with his dry attitude. It was like "The new techniques are really a big step forward, now you don't have to feel clumsy anymore". "Clumsy" was the major adjective to describe "classic ABAP" (that means ABAP in 7.31 or lower). I was waiting for him to say something like "If you still use classic ABAP in 7.40 then you are clumsy and you should feel clumsy." or "The clumy minds of classic ABAPers are clearly deviant and must be purged." (he didn't, though , oh well ).


Expert Networking Session about FPM for WDA


I already knew all the stuff that was being talked about here, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass to ask the architects of the framework one stupid question that has been bugging me for years and I never got a straightforward answer to it anywhere: "What's the matter with the Admin Personalization Layer, isn't it completely superfluous?" After some struggle I managed to get an answer from Christian Guenther which basically came down to this: It's still there for historical reasons from the time where there was no complete implementation with the enhancement framework. Furthermore, it's thought of as a tool for administrators rather than developers. "So would there be any use case a developer would need to use this layer instead of the configuration layer, explicit personalization or enhancements?" --> "Not really". HA! I knew it!


UXP200 - Overview About SAP UI Technologies and When to Choose What (Lecture)


Now this was a storybook lecture-session. It covered all the relevant UI technologies, i.e. the front-end technologies, the development tools, the UI clients, browser support, availability in the business suite, interchangeability and overall strategy. The speakers Michael Falk and Johannes Wasserfall tackled the questions perfectly well and gave a lot of business examples. Nothing more to say about that except: top-notch.


One funny remark, though: There had to be this one unavoidable question: "Can I run FPM for ABAP on mobile devices?" --> "Theoretically it's going to render in some way, but you don't want to do it". ..


UXP202 - SAP Portal Portfolio – Overview and Outlook (Lecture)


The session was held in a quite small room which was hardest to find of all rooms that day at around 6.30pm in the evening when they were giving away free beer , so not many people attended. I didn't know Yariv Zur before attending this session (shame on me) which was exceptionally informative especially in terms of "Oh shi-, oh shi-, what do I do with my portal now that everything's going HANA?", "What solutions can I use where?" and "Why/When do I use what and what are the consequences?". That put aside, you gotta love Yariv's style which made the whole session very entertaining and casual-seeming


So, if you were theoretically interested in this session but decided to choose the free beer instead, I hope it tasted like shame and regret!




When I got home (I live in Berlin) I looked over my Agenda for Wednesday once again and then completely changed my plans for the forenoon because I realized the sessions I had initially chosen were mostly light-weight versions of the ones I already attended on Tuesday. It's a good thing I heeded the advice for first-attenders to have a "plan B" and a "plan C"




The forenoon mostly consisted of floating around visiting exhibitors as well as Q&A and Networking Sessions partially where I couldn't even remotely relate to the topic which, though, made it all the more interesting. I think it's always fun to find out about stuff that you didn't even know existed.


SEC262 - Secure ABAP Development - One Bug is Enough to Put Your Application at Risk


I must confess I expected a lot more of this 4 hour session. Don't get me wrong, I learned something new and it was interesting, but the content would have easily fit inside 2 hours of time and it could have been more in-depth. With 4 hours it felt really "stretched", oh well. On a more positive side, though, my seatmates were really cool people whom I could talk to and rant about technical stuff I'm currently involved in. After 2 hours I decided to sneak out and visit a BoF-Session.


BoF17945 - I'm a grey haired ABAP'er, how can I stay relevant?


The intension behind visiting this session originally was to learn about adaption processes (related to change management) how people would adapt new techniques and technologies that are made available and that you are confronted with inevitably. For example, there are still a lot of ABAP developers who neither use nor understand ABAP OO. So, I kind of thought "This might be interesting although it doesn't concern me because my hair colour doesn't match ". Fortunately I was 100 precent wrong. Tom Van Doorslaer turned this into the question whether ABAP developers would be obsolete once everything is going HANA and Fiori (and suddenly it did concern me). Turns out I'm still needed (Hooray!) even if everything is instantly macigally adopted to Fiori, because everything comes down to OData Services which come down to regular ABAP Classes plus if you have experience in WDA FPM, that isn't entirely for naught either since there are certain similarities in the architecture of SAPUI5 and WDA FPM so that smoothens the learning process for SAPUI5 (though, of course you would still have to learn the underlying techniques, i.e. Java Script, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, etc.).





UXP261 -Simplify Your Development with Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager


I attended this session because I wanted to have a better in-depth understanding of the FPM, more precisely concerning manipulation possibilities of standard applications. To my dismay, my expectations were off and the sessions purely concentrated on the new development tools (ATC) and on the FPM integration with entities for business logic (for example BOPF). Fortunately Christian Guenther showed me around in some of the BOPF transactions so it became clearer to me how things actually work and that in the end, it all comes down to abap classes again. It was surprisingly interesting how the FPM framework is being developed and how things have evolved. I have been involved with WDA for about five years now and looking at the new design approach it seems to be getting more and more abstract and complex, though, there also seems to be a cleaner separation of... how do I put this... "Layers that do something", i.e.:


back then:  Freestyle UI / Assistance Classes / Plugs for Navigation

afterwards: FPMs for Navigation / Freestyle UI / Assistance Classes

afterwards: FPMs / Generic WDA (GUIBB) / Feeder Classes

now: FPMs / Generic WDA (GUIBB) / Feeder Classes / Object Models ( for example BOPF )


Apparently it proves to be tidier when you build something from scratch. However, in my opinion, if you want to manipulate and scale standard applications in their business functionality then it's getting pretty messy and complex; this was way easier to manage in Freestyle UI. Anyway...


You young folks these days and your Floorplans and your BOPF and your HANA and your Sony Playstations and your hopscotch and...




UXP841 - Road Map Q&A: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe


It was about two years ago when we were actually forced to start using IFbA within our FI-TV project (the only alternative was ABAP List, i.e. making fools of ourselves). About a year later my colleagues who develop and manipulate those IFbAs were biting their keyboards because there was a rumor spreading that IFbA was going to be a "temporary solution" and going to be replaced by FPM Forms. Saved by the bell. Peter Barker cleared this one up: IFbA is and will be the major Form solution (there has been an attempt to develop HTML based Forms but that somehow died due to a lack of interest on customer side). On a negative side, it has been stated that SAPscript and Smartforms support will end in 2020; we'll see how that turns out. My colleagues started banging their heads on their desks when I told them, but I guess that's still better than keyboard-biting.


Peter stated that the roadmap and the development strategy is strongly influenced by customer input, so we'll most probably provide some input especially on enhancement possibilities for data retrieval in IFbA which is several times harder/more nerve-wrecking than in Smartforms.


Anyway, bottom line: The time / money we invested in IFbA was not in vain = all is good (for now).


CJ606 - My First OData Service Using SAP Gateway Technology


When I showed up ten minutes before the begin of the session there already was a long queue, so unfortunately I didn't get a seat for hands-on OData magic etc. Nevertheless there was still enough space to just stand in between and listen to the speaker. Bottom line it all came down to two basic pieces of information that I needed: The basis for OData development are ABAP classes and enhancements can be done via redefinition within extension classes (doesn't look/sound too complicated).


EXP18392 - Practical Recommendations for Developing Attractive, Responsive Apps with UI5


This BoF Session which wasn't even on the Agenda was hosted by Tamas Szirtes speaking about life experiences from SAPUI5. I'm glad I was there by coincidence. The most critical emphasis: Every problem can be solved with a spinning wheel ...  


BoF17954 - Moderating to Ensure Quality Content


At first we were four people including Moshe Naveh, lateron the group grew to eight or something. Kind of a pity that only so few people still had the energy on Thursday evening to participate, but it was still fun and very productive. We were debating on SCN in general, what is good what is bad etc.




The first person I bumped into after the Keysnotes was Steve Rumsby, it was just a short hello and bye because I had to sprint to make it to my hands-on session. A bit later that day I bumped into Steve again wearing a red hat (guess who of the exhibitors gave them away ) and we had a short chat. After that it got kind of scary and each second time I turned around there was Steve again (the conference wasn't that spacious afterall). I don't know if you know the game Slenderman, but...erm... yeah. On Thursday I had the chance to chat a little bit longer with Steve and he gave me some very powerful insights into SAP Screen Personas. Much obliged, Steve!


I'm very happy I was able to meet Tobias Trapp whose books concerning XML Data Exchange with ABAP saved my a** when I started breaking stuff in our SAP system back in 2010. Tobias was floating around several sessions concerning UI technologies which I also attended so there was a bit of time for chatting.


I don't remember when I found Moshe Naveh around the SAP Community "Space" (where they forgot to build the Clubhouse ); it was either Tuesday or Wednesday. I got my shirt but didn't put on the ears


It was at the end of the conference during Moshe's BoF-Session and afterwards when I met Florian Henninger, Marilyn Pratt, Andreas Profitlich and more awesome people whose names I fail to remember. Andreas then had to answer to Marilyn for being late over a year with his BiF-Blog; tsk tsk!


So this was it. Planning ahead and keeping alternatives in reserve was key so things did not end up in utter chaos. Again, I'm glad I attended and hope I will get another chance in the future!


Cheers, Lukas




P.S. Last but not least @ Stephen Johannes: The delivery has safely reached me... Marilyn most probably already sent you a picture, but just to be sure:





Last week, TechEd && d-code took place in Berlin,
Germany where thousands of our partners and customers attended our hands-on
sessions, demo-rich lectures & product roadmap Q&A sessions. Moreover,
we added a new segment to our event by allowing attendees to take advantage of
live coding and collaboration opportunities, new tools and training to build, manage,
optimized and secure the next generation of applications and solutions.

In case you missed TechEd && d-code Berlin, you can
find a list of all of our announcements and pics from the show floor and



SAP to
Deliver New Offering for Marketers

Customers Innovate

Expands Cloud Solution Offerings

Delivers New Business Applications for Internet of Things

Shell and Volkswagen Co-Innovate to Lay Foundations for Connected Vehicle

Replay videos,
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&& d-code


&& d-code Interviews

For more information on our SAP HANA Use Cases, please read
our blog written by Rukhshaan Omar - Simple
Way to Discover Where to Start with SAP HANA


Stay social with TechEd && d-code. #SAPtd

Feels like Christmas

Right, it's that time of the year again. TechEd season. To me, as a software engineer, this is better than Christmas. This year, it's the first time I'm going there as an SAP Mentor, so it's even more exciting and energizing. But also a lot more tiring...


I don't want to focus on the content too much, because

A: I haven't attended many sessions and

B: plenty of other people will cover that.


What I want to talk about, is about the atmosphere on the floor.


German humour

For me, it all started at the keynote.

Contrary to other years, the keynote was much less serious. In fact, I found that the speakers were taking themselves, and SAP, much less serious. And that's a good thing. Even the videos were a little bit silly, even though the message they brought was still very clear.


I like that. Self-mockery is a clear sign of confidence. SAP has moved from a defensive position, into a confident state of mind, where they know that their products are good, and they can joke about it.


That same attitude continued on the show-floor. I've seen multiple execs doing lectures (which I never really noticed a couple of years back) and they were delivering very clear and confident messages in a very humoristic way. (even the German ones. Yes, they do have humour)


UX, HANA and cloud

As usual, there were certain main-topics that kept coming back everywhere. not unlike previous years, most sessions dealt about UX cloud and HANA. What I was missing a bit were the "old(er)" technologies. What's happening in the WebDynpro space? What's happening in the CRM space? What's happening in...


Obviously there were a couple of sessions dealing about existing technology here and there. I was actually hosting one of those. I tried to give a bit of counterweight to SAP Marketing and wanted to highlight existing technologies such as WebDynpro for ABAP, NWBC, BSP and even SAPGui. I figured that maybe 10 to 20 people would show up, but I was pretty amazed by the enormous crowd standing in front of me by the end of the session.

veel volk.jpg


To me that proves that most customers are still way behind on SAP, and are actively looking for ways to leverage their current skills and to get on the journey towards SAP's vision. We as Partners, but also SAP, should actively help those customers to understand what strategy they must follow, in order to not get left behind.


The thing is though, I've seen a couple of UX presentations at TechEd, and unlike 2 years ago, they actually did a really good job at explaining that

  1. One technology does not fit all: you will have to support multiple technologies at once, and the target group will be defining to choose for one or the other product
  2. Fiori is not a big-bang approach. Take baby steps, but do hop on the bus early, because if you wait another 2 years, you'll get behind on the pack
  3. The business case for UX (and HANA) is not in what you can improve today, but on what you'll miss out on tomorrow.


Mentor madness

When I went to TechEd in the past, I was always a bit shy to approach the guys in the mentor shirts. I was curious to see if that was just me. To my disappointment, it's apparently not just me being shy, because there were very little people that reached out to me on the showfloor.


In fact, the only time that people reached out to me was right after my presentation, when I was wearing a plain white shirt and a vest.

That's something that needs work.


On the other hand, SAP executives suddenly became much more approachable when I was wearing the mentor shirts.

Maybe next year, we'll just have to put something on the shirts like: "Talk to me, I'm lonely"


But there's no doubt that the SAP Mentors are really jamming the community and the culture.

  • The Geeks Can Dance-band did a brilliant job at getting people to move and get out of their comfort zone at the back of the room.
  • The initiatives taken to reach out to humanitarian organizations and advise them on how to enable their data, really showed me that we're not just technology professionals, but we're also humans.
  • After Las Vegas there was the perception that SAP hadn't done enough to recognize the community. I wasn't at Las Vegas, so I can't comment on that, but I can happily say that I saw a lot of community recognition in Berlin.
  • The sheer amount of mentor sessions was also overwhelming. This is a souvenir picture from the expert lounge. I'm not 100% sure, but I think these are all Mentor-hosted sessions. That's baffling!

There were a lot of good things going on at TechEd, but it's never perfect. One of the things that I always put on my wishlist every year, is a fully equipped Community Clubhouse. Every year there is a clubhouse, but...


I feel that the clubhouse is not even close to what it could potentially be.

Now it was basically a coffee stand and some seats -which isn't bad to start- but I was hoping for whiteboards (and markers), hangout corners, posters, a photographer... Or even better, a real bar.


Something like an Irish pub where you can come to relax and talk to eachother. And maybe that's the perfect place to feature topic-leaders, meet eachother in real life, feature the other communities such as StackOverflow, ExperienceSAP, SAPHANA,... and bring communities and people alike, closer together.



Another thing that struck me, and even annoyed me, was the poor acoustics. The lectures given on the show floor really suffered from all the noise out there. The expert sessions were even worse. 2 tiny speakers to make yourself heard by 50 or more people, whilst only 15 yards further, someone else was trying to do the same and make his voice heard over yours...


That wasn't working too well. It's an issue to be tackled next edition. How can we isolate sessions from the noise on the showfloor?


Key take-aways

Next year:

  • Bring my own whiteboard markers
  • Bring DisplayPort to HDMI adapters (couldn't present from my own laptop, so no live-demo's)
  • Don't go out too late if you have to present the next day, cause people can't hear you if you lose your voice.
  • UX, nor HANA are a Big Bang. They are journeys.
  • If you don't start travelling now (I.E. sharpen up your skills, invest in WebDynpro, invest in gateway,...) you'll get hopelessly behind.

My brain is still overloaded from all the great people, discussions, inspiring talks and events - so I started with processing my visual impressions from this years top event for SAP developers.


I'm sure that you'll find that from the looks on peoples faces others seem to have enjoyed it as much as I did. Let's use this post to collect all the people who took pictures there and shared them. I'll add the official images once I know the URL.


Please send me links if you want me to add your page!


Frank Köhntopp (Google+): https://plus.google.com/photos/+FrankK%C3%B6hntopp/albums/6081695271230035553


Screenshot 2014-11-15 12.16.04.png


Martin Lang (Flickr): https://www.flickr.com/photos/martinlang73/sets/72157648805024129/


Screenshot 2014-11-15 12.14.40.png


Twan van den Broek (Google+) TechEd: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107351561478758764902/albums/6082396751612928001?sqi=117027354211531580169&sqsi=455a05d3-616f-4bd2-b90c-c99adc41baf1


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 21.26.35.png


Twan van den Broek (Google+) Innojam: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107351561478758764902/albums/6082398684025827121?sqi=117027354211531580169&sqsi=455a05d3-616f-4bd2-b90c-c99adc41baf1


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 21.28.18.png


Official #SAPTD galleries: http://d-code2014.event-hosting.com/TechEd-d-code-2014-Berlin-Germany/TechEd-d-code-2014-Berlin-Germany-226443.html


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 21.33.40.png


Alessandro Iannacci (Google+): SAP Teched && d-code in Berlin 2014


Screenshot 2014-11-17 06.56.03.png


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