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SAP  TechEd at Bangalore 2015 just finished.  Looking back, all I can say is WOW: what an amazing event! For the three day you could really feel the energy and excitement throughout the packed Show Floor that offered lots of educational and fun activities, Bernd Leukert's  demo-rich keynote, the exciting DemoJam and lets not forget the Strategy talks, lecture sessions & hands-on workshops.


We did our best in the SAP TechEd Live Studio to capture the people and great moments from the event


studio3.jpg     Bernd.png      studio4.jpg    studio1.jpg     IMG_9001.JPG       studio2jpg.jpg


Besides streaming live & recording of the Keynote, DemoJam and the Strategy Talks, we also produced over 30 interviews with SAP executives, SAP Mentors, community members and lots of SAP experts discussing SAP innovations, developments and product such as S/4 HANA, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Mobile, IoT, Community topics, SAP Labs and more.


All SAP TechEd interview replays from SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015 are now available on the virtual platform.  So if you didn’t had the chance to attend or follow the three days of live broadcast—and even if you were there—have a look at the great content produced across a variety of topics and don’t forget to share it all with your communities and colleagues!


Watch the Highlights


SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015, Content Catalog:



Strategy Talks:

Technology Interviews :


Developers Interviews:


University Alliance Interviewers:


Community & SAP Labs India Interviews:

Hello SCN,


Hope you guys are doing good and back after a festival season. For me it extended with one more Techno-festival where all the SCN family came together to celebrate the technology .

SCN and SAP TechEd always had an impact on my professional career This is my 3rd time to SAP TechEd. I still remember my 1st TechEd where I was a bit nervous as it was for the first time and also with a certification exam to attempt. That event not only introduced me to SAP HANA for the first time but also guided me in understanding the product road-map of SAP which is still helping me to plan my career. Next year I returned again to enjoy the experience of sharing the stage before Demo Jam as a Topic Leader  with SAP Mentors and other Topic Leaders. This year was my 3rd TechEd experience which just got better and better by not only helping me to gain knowledge  but also by giving a chance to meet our excellent mentors, Gurus , ex-colleagues and my SCN Friends ( The people with whom I talk or discuss virtually through SCN but never seen them till now ).

As I entered into TechEd.. My first priority task is to register and collect my bag and badge



And as I stepped into the Main Hall. It was a pleasant surprise to see my photo all over the place , I was expecting the slides with my photo to be shown but i thought it would be just before Demo Jam in the evening. And this was truly a warm welcome from TechEd.




Then started the Key note from Bernd Leukert. Which was engaging and covered a lot around S/4 HANA which is SAP's Next Big Thing to create a Perfect Integrated Enterprise . You can find the reply of the keynote here  Few Snapshots below:






While attending the sessions and gaining new learning's from the speakers, Met many cool mentors,friends and made some new friends too. And of-course some Selfies and pictures too Alessandro Iannacci_ Jeanne , Malin Marilyn  Craig Cmehil, Jason LaxMuthu Ranganathan Midhun VP Rinku ChauhanVirinchy P Sara and Vivek .







PS: Thank you Vivek for sharing the pics


SCN has not only helped me to get in touch with professionals of similar of interest and learn more about SAP technologies, which truly had a profound impact on my career. Whenever any new product is added or new version comes up, I was never confused about the place to look out for, It was always SCN's amazing discussions, blogs, documents and the amazing forums through discussions with Mentors, Moderators and other virtual friends. That made me even more addicted to SCN like a similar way with FB/Twitter.The pleasant experience which humbled me in this year TechEd event was to be part of this exciting interactive session here .Where I was able to express my love towards SCN I hope with these session , will help to engage newbies in SCN to be more active and learn more about SAP technologies and spread the community spirit of Caring each other by Sharing .

We are all addicted to SCN, aren't you?




It was a true honor and real pleasure to meet people like  Jeanne , Malin and Marilyn and to discuss about the SCN's upcoming exciting changes to make SCN even more productive for its users.



Well everything seems so fun and happy right? But there is some sad news added up too, Which I came to know from her during the event and later came across this blog: How Do You Measure a Decade in the Life of a Community Manager?  Still I felt it would be really difficult to measure though. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors .


P.S. Thanks Midhun for the pics


All good things comes to an End isn't it?  Following the same, this event ended leaving behind so many memories,experiences and friends which I thoroughly enjoyed as a SCN Fan . Thank you #SAPTd for such a wonderful experience.



Krishna Tangudu



Never thought that a technical event could be so much fun. Those three days turned out to be the best days that really refreshed my mind which otherwise was damn stressed due to the regular college routine of internal exams. SAP TechEd Bangalore and SAP Techniversity were a lot more interesting then what I expected , in other words they exceeded all my expectations. It showed how a technical event can be combined with non technical aspects in the best possible way.



     The event started on 11th of march and we caught the first bus to the venue with a lot of excitement in our minds. The venue which happens to be one of the most famous exhibition centers of India had all the things right on track. We reached Bangalore international exhibition center in the morning to witness a humongous crowd of students and professionals who were here for this event.

     We started our day by watching various projects developed by the professionals which included many exciting and never seen before projects. My favorite project was an automatic drone developed by the employees of SAP. We also got a glimpse of the esteemed dignitaries of SAP company who were here to host and organize the event.

     After witnessing the marvels developed by the professionals, we also got a chance to see wonderful web application which was developed by our contemporaries and it was simply awesome, the students of BMSCE college had developed an e warranty application for which they had won the first prize in SAP app rumble competition which was organized by SAP a couple of months ago.

     The Demo Jam was one of the coolest thing to attend where various students and professionals showcased their extra-ordinary ability to think out of the box and develop projects and applications that were the need of the hour.

     On the second day, we were taken to a hall were many guests belonging to the SAP were invited to share their experience with the students assembled at the hall.It was delightful to witness such a large crowd of students belonging to different colleges of Bangalore.


     After the first session an amazing lunch was provided to us.There were many goodies provided to various students during the first session for the best tweet and for answering the questions thrown to them by the professionals from SAP. We next had a Wizathon to attend


     In  wizathon, we were provided with some data and we were asked to develop an interactive visualization of the given information using the SAP Lumira. It was a wonderful experience, we witnessed how a large amount of data could be sorted in minutes and conclusion can be drawn instantly using the software.The winners were provided with amazing gifts.

         I would like to thank our college for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event and I also want to thank SAP for conducting this wonderful and educative event.

To learn more about SAP,click here.

We group of students were lucky to be part of Data Viz-a-thon that was organized by #SAPTechEd .Attending SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015.v #SAPtechniversity W Marilyn Pratt. To learn more about SAP  https://www.sap.com/careers/index.html

The Experience was an amazing one at the #SAPTechEd student meetup .I was honoured to be part of  Data Viz-a-thon for students. Attending SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015.v #SAPtechniversity with W Marilyn Pratt was a dream which came true.

One cannot expect more than this wonderful experiance.Being a student taking part in such an event is itself a big achievement.

I was amazed by looking at the way people connected in the event.The cloud platform that i saw was just too good designed by SAP.I have also shared my experiences with my friends and have created interested in them by explaning them how important the product of SAP is to us in life.

wittnessed the HANA release in bangalore with the live Demo at the venue.Not to forget about the way SAP had organized the event.I am very much interested and looking forward in the development of technology with #SAP.I would try my best to coordinate,contribute and involve myself in the SAP events and in the technical field.

To learn more about SAP, click here  http://bit.ly/SAPcareer

Rakshita Kaulgud

A JamSAPed Day!

Posted by Rakshita Kaulgud Mar 16, 2015

     So this years SAP Techniversity Bangalore , the annual premier SAP technology,education, training conference created especially for students was hosted as a part of SAP TechEd 2015, on March 12th, in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre . This being my first conference of this magnitude of scale ,was something I was looking forward to for weeks. And it lived upto all the expectations. There were around 1500 students such as myself, some new to the experience , while some having experienced the same before, regardless I’m certain no one left dissatisfied.


     The event kicked off at around 9.30 am with the launch of the SAP Student Meetup program , a new initiative in which SAP is opening its offices and innovation enters as hubs for university students to explore and engage with SAP leaders and the latest of SAP’s technologies.


     One of the things that surprised me most was that every single one of the 20 or so talks that constituted the conference was interesting and had a lot of new content to offer; be it Clas Neumann’s talk on digital enterprise which was filled with many inspiring quotations or Volker Schmidt’s talk on Industry 4.0 or Jairo Fernandez's speech on ' the new face of work in 2020' . To add more appeal to whole ordeal was the demonstration of the drone , the Google Glass and the 3D Printer. All these latest technology sure did pump up some energy in the crowd. Atleast thats what the Twitter world was going crazy about!



That is Jairo Fernandez giving his "The new face of work in 2020 Speech!"



Indian made 3D Printers at the conference !


startup .jpg

Suneet Agera and Arun Prasad, 1 Enterprise, introducing SAP Startup Focus Program


On top of all of this, we also got great insights into the Internet of Things, various solutions developed using SAP technologies. For a beginner such as myself it was a great way to get introduced to SAP technologies like SAP HANA, SAP Friori and many more.


To add cherry on top of the cake, I also got an small token of appreciation for coming up with creative tweets on the event! So here is a picture of me along with the others who won the same..


Here a picture of us holding our prizes along with the lovely host Ann Rosenberg .




Soon after all the talks ended we were taken to a hall where all the solutions developed using SAP were being exhibited. This was something that kept us engaged for the next couple of hours. We saw a varieties of technologies like smart vending machine, small feedback systems and I also finally got to see the 3D printer up and close.


I guess my 2 biggest disappointments from the conference will be not getting a picture of the drone and not winning prento by PeelTV. But ,well ,the experience makes up for it I guess



My fellow batchmates from BMSCE who won the App Rumble Contest with their E-Warranty Idea ! Way to go guys !!


On a closing note I would like to say that attending these sessions has made me grateful for the fact that I am dipping my foot into the industry right at the time when so many opportunities are coming up!

Also ,I can safely say that I emerged out of BIEC, that evening, a more technically educated and inspired person ! Thank you SAP !


To learn more about SAP, click here


PS: Forgive me for the title. Apparently thats all I can come up with today ! Cheers !

Hello Everyone,


TechEd Bangalore just got over and I had an awesome experience.

This time TechEd was organised at a different place - BIEC.


Registration Counter and Entry to BIEC


After collecting the entry pass, I got a bag and to my surprise it had headphones - were needed to listen to lectures



A View of Keynote Hall, Lectures and Dining Hall


It was good to see SAP recognizing SCN Topic Leaders and their names flashed on the big screens


Keynote was mainly focused on S/4HANA and we got to see few demos related to that


During the Keynote, they also showed a demo on how to build an app for Desktop and mobile in less than 15 minutes.


The Hall was jam-packed on the first day


Later I attended a session on SLT and got to meet Tobias Koebler

It was a great pleasure to meet you in person.


It was a great pleasure to meet Marilyn Pratt, Malin Liden, Jeanne Carboni at the SCN Topic Leaders meet where we discussed about the future of SCN.


It was a pleasure to meet Craig Cmehil, Jason Lax and  was glad to meet my SCN friends again  - Virinchy P, Sakthivel Elango , Sara Iyer, Midhun VP, Krishna Tangudu and Viswanatha Reddy A in person


Couple of things that I missed at the TechEd were:


No mention of HDE(HANA Distinguished Engineers) - although the TechEd was focused on HANA but there was no mention of HDE

We talked to Craig regarding it and he told he was very busy this year and that next year they will have something for HDEs


Name of some of the SCN Topic Leaders were missing -  We discussed this with Marilyn


Overall TechEd was a great event and I loved attending my second TechEd.


We had an interesting SAP Teched event last week here in Bangalore, in a new location (BIEC vs KTPO) and in a new timing (March vs Nov).


0 BIEC.jpg 0a BIEC.jpg


The new timing was an opportunity to leverage this event for SAP to announce some of the new stuff that we have come out with and as a precursor to SAPPHIRENOW 2015


As a SAP Mentors, we got to connect with senior SAP Execs Berndt and Tanja, as well as attend the key notes, and other interesting sessions.

Thought of summarizing the 5 highlights


1. Data is at the core – S4HANA :


Right from the keynote and into the sessions, there was lot of talk on data, who owns the data, what you can do with the data, some cool possibilities and showcase how S4HANA becomes the center of gravity for this data for businesses.



The Analytics demo that was shown out of the transaction process S4HANA, really showcased the zero difference between OLTP and OLAP, the main differentiation of HANA.

One of the comment we had  was to see if this can be extended to creating what if scenarios and create plans, to better do a reliable prediction of business for future, which will certainly bring more value to businesses.

S4HANA becomes the perfect core at the center for the perfect integrated enterprise


1 S4HANA.jpg 1 aS4HANA.jpg


2. HANA cloud platform


HANA cloud platform is the PAAS platform that can be used by SAP applications, startups and others to build desktop or mobile apps, as well as IoT usecases, to provide solutions to solve problems for businesses.


You can get more information at http://hcp.sap.com/platform.html



2 HANA Cloud Platform.jpg


3. Build SAP Fiori apps easily


At teched, there was a cool demo shown on how within 15 minutes, an application could be built for both desktop as well as mobile use cases. It did not look trivial, an insurance claim app built very easily.


3 fiori apps in 15 mins.jpg



This is covered by SAP Web IDE http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-55465


We also came across another early stage solution called Build that’s coming up, which enabled building early stage working prototype that can be taken to customers or discussed internally to help cover the iteration better


This is a clear case of moving towards simplicity


4. Internet of Things


Probably one of the most hot topics at SAP Teched, where we saw some great showcases on Smart Vending, where you could play games and gift through vending machines, allowing all possibilities for connected retail. One of the lady who visited, wanted to have the machine installed in her husband’s office with jewelry in it which he can gift her

5 b IoT.jpg

We also saw the windmill being monitored by smart drones, a clear possibility for what can be done with IoT

5 a IoT.jpg

All of the IoT showcases can be enabled through IOT services in HANA Cloud Platform


5 c IoT.jpg



5. SAP TechUniversity

Finally it was great to be part of the 1500+ students attending SAP Tech University. It was great to see students participating in data viz-a-thon, IOT challenges, demo jams, mentor discussions and more. This next generation students are going to be rocking our industry, and Bangalore is truly turning to show the world that we have the best talent in tech.



Tech University.jpg



Overall SAP Teched Bangalore was a great event for tech education, challenges and most importantly networking…

This was my 3rd consecutive year in Teched. Each year was special for me. My first time in Teched was memorable in it's own ways- Jam packed; an opportunity I over used for learning. 2nd attendance in Teched was as a Topic Leader- On stage presence with SAP Mentors and other topic leaders. And 3rd time as Speaker and Topic Leader.


This time it was more like a guest in the event; High recognition within the delegates as a speaker, and the discussions with key people like Jeanne , Malin and Marilyn were around future of SCN.



I have found few familiar faces while delivering my sessions. A smile in their faces confirms that they also knows me. Being active in SCN resulted in some familiarity within the developer community. Giving sessions to familiar people was a cake-walk.


Another attractive activity was Teched Live Studio Interview- I hope I have made my presence well with other topic leaders in the Teched live interview on the topic "Addicted to SCN". I believe that our discussion would definitely attract the newbies to become active in SCN for their career success and to become more passionate on SAP's technologies.



What was the SAD part?

Yes, there was a very sad part in Teched - Marilyn is retiring from SAP. This news came to me before Teched after reading her blog How Do You Measure a Decade in the Life of a Community Manager? There are many people in the SAP community who are very much influenced by SCN. SCN has created passion in me towards SAP's technologies and that is my success. At this moment I don't have any big words to say to Marilyn - Thank you for everything you did.

Just after her Teched live interview we have given a small surprise tribute to Marilyn by singing a community song. Hope she will be in touch with the community even she retires. We love you Marilyn!!


At SAP TechEd Bangalore, we have sessions that explain and demo the end-to-end onboarding and implementation experience for the S/4HANA (SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA) in the cloud. We demonstrate how users can explore, try, scope, implement, and go-live easily and rapidly with S/4HANA in the public cloud.


S/4HANA comes with the new implementation experience. Based on a new Fiori Design, we offer the implementation cockpit as central access point for the simplified setup procedure that enables our customers to setup and run their cloud based solution. S/4HANA will provide Fiori Apps even for configuration. It also introduces a new approach to provide pre-activated configuration content and related demo data. Based on this, S/4HANA contains “ready to run” application scenarios, and a new lifecycle experience in which updates and upgrades can be implemented without conflicts. The content delivery concepts ensure that customers can adopt Innovations short after release.


Here is the schedule of sessions.


Thursday, March 12



TEC108      SAP Simple Finance: Simplified Consumption Experience            Lecture (1hr)

Venue: L3, Hall 3, Lower Level               Time: 11:30 - 12:30


TEC902      Simplified Suite On-Boarding and Implementation Experience      Demo Session

Venue: Demo Pod 3, Show Floor           Time: 11:00 - 13:00




Friday, March 13



TEC902      Simplified Suite On-Boarding and Implementation Experience      Demo Session

Venue: Demo Pod 3, Show Floor           Time: 11:00 - 13:00




Speaker - Sudharsanan T A


Sudharsanan is responsible for development of Packaging framework and S4HANA configuration applications in SAP Labs, Bangalore.





We look forward to seeing you at SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015!


In case of any queries regarding the sessions, you can contact me @ leon.limson@sap.com

Dear Friends


I thought of sharing weekly SAP news updates which I thought to be relevant for all. The table below contains the major updates for the period February 1 - 7 along with the relevant links. I have also rated the same so that you can properly prioritize it.


01-Feb-15itelligence, Inc. Launches ready2run.it Solutions for Critical HR Business Processes4/511) centralize.it provides a comprehensive HRIS solution that includes integrated employee and manager self service functions, organization, job and pay setup, standard HR processes with pre-configured workflows and globally defined workflows and triggers for employees, managers and HR partners.
2) perform&align.it is a comprehensive performance solution that allows effective employee performance management with comprehensive goal planning, performance form integration, tools to help provide more meaningful employee feedback and organization-wide goal execution alignment.
3) recruit.it provides a comprehensive and simplified talent acquisition solution with proactive hiring tools that incorporates a comprehensive requisition process to measure job compensation and competency data, quick candidate evaluation, talent pipeline management and integrated interview functionality.
02-Feb-15SAP, HP sign reseller agreement to offer 'SAP Fortify by HP'3/52Using static application security testing (SAST) analysis and dynamic application security testing (DAST) solutions from HP, SAP Fortify helps provide an immediate, accurate picture of software risk across the enterprise so customers can isolate problem areas within their organization as early as possible.
02-Feb-151,000 AstraZeneca employees will run its SAP estate by 20163/53As part of this best practice, AstraZeneca has refined its bug-testing processes for upgrades and migrations using a combination of semi-automated testing tool Panaya and SAP solution manager.
02-Feb-15visualmetrics, SAP BusinessObjects Partner, Awarded Coveted SAP ‘Recognised Expertise in Business Intelligence’4/54The advanced methodologies visualmetrics Professional Services function has created, namely DRIVE, which scopes and designs BI & Data Warehousing solutions, aligned to the customer’s unique business drivers & requirements, and delivers against those through the creation of greater internal competency within its clients and a collaborative approach to project delivery, demonstrates how visualmetrics Professional Services is able to drive the fullest use and value from the SAP Business Intelligence tools for its customers.
02-Feb-15iGrafx 2015 Brings Advanced BPM Capabilities with Process Automation, Process Narrative Publishing, Role-Centric Navigation, and SAP Global Template Synchronisation3/55iGrafx 2015 enables easy deployment of automated processes, creation of detailed process documentation for knowledge sharing, the ability to view and navigate all enterprise information that directly relates to a role within an organisation, and provides businesses that manage global SAP implementations a broader view into how changes affect business operations
03-Feb-15UXC Oxygen partners Concur for SAP Cloud3/56The partnership would give UXC Oxygen customers the opportunity to make significant cost savings. Organisations with unmanaged travel programs and manual processes can obtain immediate improvements when they start using Concur solutions. Concur helps organisations to optimise their business travel, expense and invoice management. Using Concur’s integrated Cloud-based solutions, customers can reduce out of policy expenses, improve compliance and have total visibility into their spend.
03-Feb-15Britehouse, Aveng Trident Steel gold excellence award points the way for SAP implementations3/57Britehouse, SAP's only African Alliance Partner, won gold in the Business Transformation category at the 2014 SAP Quality Awards for the use of a rapid deployment solution (RDS) for an entirely new SAP implementation.
We achieved company-wide transparency and real-time operational control in eight months. Taking the conventional SAP implementation route would have cost us at least 18 months and considerably more money – and been disruptive to the business.
03-Feb-15Injazat accelerates innovation and supports UAE’s economic growth in partnership with SAP3/58SAP and Injazat will join forces to provide customers with SAP Business Applications on a fully-managed secure cloud that enables real-time analysis of Big Data, while reducing cost, time to value, and risk.
03-Feb-15Sitrion Launches the Next Generation in Mobile Productivity with Sitrion ONE5/59Sitrion’s approach to meet this vision rethinks the concept of mobile applications and gives users a single solution that delivers:
1) Out-of-the-box use cases including task and workflow approvals, CRM, HR and field services
2) All use cases in one native app with the same user experience across all devices
3) Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app development up to 90% faster compared to traditional approaches leveraging Microsoft Visual Studio
4) Pre-packaged integrations with SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, SQL, Salesforce.com, and open protocols such as REST
5) Cloud hosting, eliminating the need for a separate mobile infrastructure
6) Secure and cost-efficient BYOD including single-sign-on
7) A cost-effective SaaS pay-as-you-go pricing model
03-Feb-15SAP revamps Business Suite with new UI, HANA analytics3/510Plattner promised a "soft transition" for customers that move to the HANA-powered Business Suite. Customers that move to HANA will get improved transactional data, but can use their old interfaces and reporting for a time period. At some point, SAP will flip the switch to the new user interface. Plattner said SAP and its customer base will have "a non-disruptive release."
03-Feb-15SAP Refreshes Flagship Software for Speedier Data Management4/511Two years ago, SAP shipped a version of its flagship software called Business Suite on Hana that now has about 2,000 customers, said Bernd Leukert, a member of the executive board in charge of products. Those clients have the right to use S4Hana, which is written expressly to take advantage of the Hana database’s capabilities.
04-Feb-15SAP unveils its biggest thing for 20 YEARS: Core suite with HANA4/512But of 253,500 SAP customers, HANA is used by just 3,600 at the last count in August 2014.
Other new features include a completely new UI that SAP claims works on any device – mobile, desktop and tablet. The UI is built using Fiori, the interface design technology unveiled by SAP in 2013 and described at the time as its predominant user-interface model. It uses HTML5 and CSS and talks to an SAP network gateway to reach the SAP back-end.
04-Feb-15SAP Unfurls SAP Business Suite 4 Running on HANA in the Cloud4/513SAP has rewritten more than 400 million lines of code to bring SAP S/4HANA to market in a way that is much simpler to implement and configure. The end result is that the amount of money spent on developing blueprints and configuring applications has been greatly reduced. McDermott says those efforts are in keeping with an SAP commitment to massively reduce the complexity of enterprise software.
04-Feb-15SAP Helps Saves Lives with Digitized Health Care4/514Recognizing that many Mexican citizens live far from urban centers, Previta has created a “health train” that offers mobile care clinics across the countryside. In addition, the company has developed a digital healthcare tracking-system that continues monitoring patients; and call centers staffed by medical professionals who provide advice remotely.
Another example is in Kenya, where about 1.4 million live births occurred yearly from 2005 to 2010. However, only half of these births were registered because registration offices are few and far apart. According to Professor Jan Eloff, a research expert at the SAP Innovation Center in Pretoria, South Africa, “SAP’s challenge was to develop a simple mobile birth registration application prototype. This app is making it easier for a healthcare provider, with the help of a mobile phone, to register the birth of any child within 90 days.”
04-Feb-15Presence of IT Receives SAP® APJ Partner Excellence Award 2015 for Cloud HCM Solutions Reseller3/515Award Highlights Presence of IT’s Outstanding Performance and Commitment to Its Partnership With SAP and Customer Success
04-Feb-15SAP S4/HANA – the user, analyst and partner views3/5161) SAP believes it has a 3-5 year window in which to refactor 400 million lines of code or
2) It doesn’t know where to start other than core financials as a moat to protect existing maintenance revenue.
04-Feb-15SAP S4 HANA marks beginning of the end for the IT stack3/517With a traditional data footprint of 593gb, the same business on HANA has a data footprint of 118.6. On S4 HANA this would be reduced to 42.3gb, however, if you were to separate historical data, as he advises, then this data footprint would be reduced to 8gb. In theory you could run a whole company on a phone.
By separating historical data which cannot be changed, the system will run faster and increase performance by 3x - 5x, with the most of the workload just being read only.
One of the key elements of the system will be its real time operating analytics, with the system designed around reducing IT loads by operating on one system.
SAP state that the system can simulate the results and performance of companies of SAP size and larger in 3 seconds, the on the fly real time system can also incorporate geospatial data, predict future demand and highlights areas of concern. This builds upon a connected relationship between human and machine where the system can give feedback on the fly and calculate development.
04-Feb-15SAP S/4Hana: Big Bet On 'Simplified' ERP4/518SAP wasn't entirely clear in its presentation what applications it will deliver and when, as part of S/4Hana. Wieland Schreiner, executive VP of S/4Hana, told InformationWeek that SAP Simple Finance, a simplified financial-management app introduced last summer, will be available as part of the S/4Hana beta public cloud SaaS service by the end of March. This will be followed by a managed private-cloud service in May and on-premises software by the end of October.
SAP will steadily roll out industry-specialized capabilities with S/4Hana, several executives promised, but they didn't offer details on which industries or when. Plattner mentioned that oil and gas, banking, and healthcare would not be on the list for S/4Hana specialization -- any time soon, anyway -- because those business are often averse to running in the cloud.
04-Feb-15Heinz puts SAP Hana in the cloud to boost global efficiency3/519Food producer  Heinz has deployed SAP Hana on Virtustream’s xStream platform-as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructure to boost efficiency.
05-Feb-15Ibhar Tech signs pact with SAP for CPM solution3/520Ibhar will now integrate and offer the in-memory computing capabilities of the SAP HANA platform with its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. Ibhar CPM 6.4 has been certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center to run on SAP HANA. The bundled solutions will provide customers with a greater ability to review strategic and operational performance at greater speeds and lower costs.
05-Feb-15SAP founder Hasso Plattner: 'If this doesn't work, we're dead. Flat-out dead.'4/521The new products announced on Monday, known as SAP S/4HANA, can still be used with Oracle's database, or other competitive databases. (It would have been suicide for SAP to do otherwise - enterprises do not lightly yank out their databases.) But there are special features customers can only get when using SAP's software with HANA.
05-Feb-15Heinz Selects Virtustream to Power Its Mission-Critical SAP Cloud Infrastructure4/522Heinz faced challenges integrating the disparate sources of data running across its high number of on-premises business intelligence platforms. They needed a single, flexible solution capable of providing granular, real-time visibility into company performance across all of that data to allow Heinz to boost efficiency and sales.  Heinz looked to the cloud for its flexibility and cost-saving potential, and selected Virtustream over several other enterprise cloud services and software vendors for its unique expertise with complex SAP HANA deployments, as well as its consumption-based billing model.
05-Feb-15S4/HANA: What does SAP’s next generation ERP mean for customers?3/523Reduced complexity
Fast analysis
How to migrate 'simply'?
06-Feb-15Capgemini Announces Availability of READYUpstream in the Cloud for Upstream Oil & Gas Companies4/524Earlier this year, Capgemini acquired Strategic Systems & Products Corp.(SSP), a provider of solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, which included the READYUpstream solution. Since the acquisition, Capgemini has committed to training and adding up to 100 additional READYUpstream consultants to support the solution and to drive the expansion of functionality for the solution. To address the increasing demand for READYUpstream and SAP software-related services, Capgemini established an Upstream Oil & Gas Academy program to train consultants in areas such as production revenue and joint venture accounting, COPAS (Council of Petroleum Accountants Society) rules and unique industry requirements. Capgemini is also expanding the READYUpstream platform to include additional future functionality for upstream analytics, mobile solutions and integration with field data.
06-Feb-15SAP's S4/HANA master plan: The lingering questions4/5251) Our database (if you want S4)
2) Two lines of code
3) What's the killer app for HANA?
4) Pricing
5) That lock-in feeling
6) How long?
06-Feb-15Excel4apps Adds GLSU from Z Option to SAP-Related Product Suite4/526Excel4apps, a provider of best-in-class Excel-based reporting software for use with SAP and Oracle, has announced that it is now a certified reseller of GLSU for SAP by Z Option, a privately held software developer and SAP software partner. GLSU is the market-leading spreadsheet uploader for SAP Financials, while GL Wand and Reports Wand from Excel4apps facilitate fast downloads of real-time data from SAP Financials and other modules.
06-Feb-15American Digital Strategically Partners with Symmetry Corporation to Deliver Industry Leading SAP HANA Cloud Solution3/527Together, American Digital and Symmetry designed a unique enterprise- class cloud solution designed to leverage the high performance of HP technology while offering the most cost effective and efficient cloud infrastructure. The SAP HANA offering in Symmetry’s Cloud was purposely built to meets the growing demand within the SAP marketplace of customers seeking an affordable, high performing, cloud based solution.


Hope this Helps



The other day I blogged about the hands on aspects of the Hackers' Lounge and now I'd like to share a bit more!


We will have some really cool demos in the space for you to come by and check out as well!


  • Smart City
  • Connected Manufacturing with Internet of Things
  • Condition-Based Monitoring and Future Engineer with Google Glass
    Augmented Reality Powered by SAP HANA
  • Smart Vending:  Connected Trade Asset Intelligence Powered by SAP HANA


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.38.31.png


We are packing the space full of cool stuff for you to check! Just stop by the show floor and have a look!


Want more, how about over 30 sessions in our SAP CodeJam mini editions!




Check out all the sessions here!



The Hackers' Lounge is coming to Bangalore at the SAP TechEd next week! What is the Hackers' Lounge? Well it's your chance to get hands on with the Internet of Things (including Tessel and Beagle Bone Black) and try your hand at sensor data being sent into and out of SAP HANA Cloud Platform!





We'll have computers and hardware set up for attendees to come by and try 3 different levels of projects. The first level will be simply getting sensor data to send into SAP HANA, the intermediate level will be the challenge of wiring up your own sensor to send data and the advanced level will be not only sending but receiving data from SAP HANA to your device.


We will also have some computers setup with experts there to help you get started with SAP HANA Cloud Platform as well from signing up to trying some of the different examples.




The Hackers' Lounge is all about hands on and giving developers a chance to get their hands dirty! So be sure to come by and check it out! Special surprise each day for those who complete the 3 levels of exercises as well but I'm not going to give too much info on that yet but needless to say "taking something home" should be a clue!

Updates (03/05): a new session has been added on OpenUI5 (see Wednesday's schedule)

Updates (03/06): added info about the Hackers' Lounge (offering additional hands-on experience for devs interested in learning about IoT)

Updates (03/12): published the updated schedule of sessions for Thursday and Friday including location.


The SAP CodeJam (mini-editions) program is back at SAP TechEd 2015 with lots of sessions and opportunities for developers to learn and get started with SAP’s technology and platforms with the help of the experts!


These 1-hr hands-on sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to get familiar with SAP’s technology and the developer tools available for you to start building your apps on SAP’s platforms. What’s even better is that all the sessions are based on free developer editions which you can sign up for at any time and continue learning and building your apps after the sessions are over (you’ll also have access to the materials and exercises used for each session).


At SAP TechEd Bangalore, we will have laptops loaded with the tools and available on a first come, first serve basis for each session. The sessions will take place on the show floor in two separate but adjacent areas (look for the SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions) signs – the CodeJam areas will be located in between the Hackers’ Lounge and the Info Zone).


Here is the schedule of sessions – there will be two sessions taking place simultaneously every day (one session per area):


Wednesday, March 11

Start Time

End Time

Session ID





SAP Mobile Application Framework




Enterprise-Ready .NET Applications Leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft




Let's Have Fun with OData and Apache Olingo on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform




Outlook Integration via SAP Gateway for Microsoft Leveraging SAP Fiori




Integrate SAP Data in Microsoft Outlook via SAP Gateway for Microsoft




Getting Started with SAP HANA Cloud Platform








My First OData Service Using SAP Gateway Technology




The Great Floorplan Manager Adventure




Develop Chrome Apps for SAP HANA by Using SAP¹s Open Source Contributions

    18:15   19:15    CJ634

*NEW* Quickly Build Responsive MVC Web Apps using OpenUI5 and Plunker


Thursday, March 12 - UPDATED SCHEDULE


Start Time

End Time

Session ID


CJ 1




Develop Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics

CJ 2




Enhance Your Application with Social Collaboration capabilities of SAP Jam

CJ 1




Develop and Extend Apps Online Based on SAP Fiori Design Paradigm

CJ 1




Getting Started with SAPUI5 on SAP HANA

CJ 2




Power Up Your Self-Service BI with Custom Visualizations

CJ 2




Develop Your Own Amazing Templates or Plug-Ins Using SAP Web IDE Tools

CJ 1




Develop and Deploy HTML5 Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

CJ 1




Your First SAPUI5 Mobile App

CJ 2




Get Your Hands On SAP Web IDE and Come Build Your SAP Fiori SAPUI5 App!

CJ 2




Build an SAPUI5 Mobile App with SAP Web IDE

CJ 1    16:30   17:30    CJ608 Getting started with SAP HANA Cloud Platform



Friday, March 13 - UPDATED SCHEDULE


Start Time

End Time

Session ID


CJ 1




ABAP in Eclipse

CJ 209:0010:00CJ609 Develop Chrome Apps for SAP HANA by Using SAP's Open Source Contributions
CJ 110:1511:15CJ630 SAP HANA Cloud Integrations with SuccessFactors for On-Premise Applications
CJ 210:1511:15CJ624 Getting Started with XS-Based Development
CJ 111:3012:30CJ632 Extending SAP Jam Work Patterns with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform
CJ 211:3012:30CJ614 Enterprise-Ready .NET Applications Leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft
CJ 112:4513:45CJ600 Integrate SAP Data in Microsoft Outlook via SAP Gateway for Microsoft
CJ 212:4513:45CJ613 SAP Mobile Application Framework
CJ 1




Getting Started with SQLScript in SAP HANA

CJ 2




Make your App Enterprise Class with Kapsel

CJ 115:1516:15CJ628 Building and Running Your SAP Fiori-Like Apps in SAP HANA Cloud Portal
CJ 2




Unlocking Mobile App Innovation with SAP Mobile Platform Open UI SDK

CJ 1




Enabling Predictive Analytics in SAP HANA Native Applications

CJ 2




Develop Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics


For a description of the content covered by each session, click here.


UPDATE: If you are interested in getting hands-on coding experience with IoT and connecting sensors, collecting data and uploading it to SAP's platforms, join us at the IoT Lab in the Hackers' Lounge (next to the SAP CodeJam mini-editions area on the show floor). We will also have IoT demos for you to check out.


We look forward to seeing you at SAP TechEd Bangalore 2015!




  • To learn more about SAP CodeJam, click here.
  • To sign up for free developer editions (e.g. SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAPUI5, etc.), visit the SAP Developer Center.
Megha Gupta


Posted by Megha Gupta Feb 26, 2015

Big data is the ocean of information we swim in every day – vast zeta bytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices and machine sensors through archives, docs, business apps, social media, public web, machine log data etc.

How is it changing the way we do our business?

With the right solutions, organizations can dive into all data and gain valuable insights that were previously unimaginable.

Big Data Platform, powered by SAP HANA, simplifies your IT architecture and support real time business. It improves the results in all areas of your organization-including sales, marketing, finance, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

Revolutionize your business with Big Data Applications

SAP HANA integrates predictive analytics, text analytics and big data in a single package. You’ll have the following abilities:

  • Run Big Data analytics on over 80 terabytes of data.
  • Analyze hundreds of billions of rows in seconds.
  • Monitor supply and demand in real time to respond faster than even before.
  • Integrate with Hadoop environments.

To know more about Big Data, attend the diversified lecture and hands-on sessions at SAP TechEd Bangalore. #SAPtd

Event:           SAP TechEd

Date:             March 11-13, 2015

Venue:          Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC)


By Social Warriors.

Follow us at:

Twitter: @sapwarriors | Facebook: Social Warriors

sam-yen-dschool.pngDuring SAP Teched Madrid 2012, I had the honour to Interview Sam Yen, chief design officer for SAP, for SAP Teched Live. To get to know Sam a bit better, I had the opportunity to stroll through the user experience and design thinking sections of the show floor. Sam told me how he got into his role, starting at Stanford where he completed a PhD in Design Theory and Methodology, and about building consumer apps for SAP, garage-style.


But he also told me about how he envisioned his passion for user-experience benefit the SAP organisation. At that time, he was trying to shift attention to a better user experience from the bottom up, applying the learnings from building those consumer-grade apps to a larger scale. And how he planned to eventually apply this knowledge for the greater good of SAP's entire array of products and services. At that time, Sam already mentioned a paradigm shift that should be happening in enterprise software, from a focus on features and functions to a focus on experience.

Today, end-users expect much more from their users-experience. While doing their work at the office, they expect the consumer-like experience that they see from their smart devices and consumer applications. Not only is this expected from a convenience stand-point, but after some critical question on ROI, Sam has also shown me how you can actually quantify this in terms of increased productivity and how to turn investments in user-experience into a solid business case.


And things have been going really fast. Together with Bernd Leukert, who was taking care of technical and development aspects, Sam was responsible for driving this change from within the SAP organisation. SAP's development organisation was transformed into a design-focussed organisation and the SAPUI5 technology, only publicly announced in 2011, would gain incredible momentum in a drive to accelerate renewal of broadly or frequently used user-scenario's. Eventually, from these efforts SAP Fiori was conceived, and now there are over 500 Fiori apps already!

But it didn't stop there. Fiori UX is now the representative of the renewal of SAP's entire user experience. Every SAP product now has a vision and a target to move towards Fiori: the business suite, S/4HANA, but even cloud solutions such as Success Factors, Hybris and Ariba.



Above: Sam Yen (left) moderating a panel during his TechEd presentation with ASUG CEO Geoff
Scott and Douglas McLeod from ExxonMobil.

Sam's 10+ years of experience doing design thinking and user experience at SAP is of keen interest to the customer base. This is why I am super excited about our upcoming TweetChat that I am going to host with Sam doing the heavy lifting of answering all of your questions.


When: Thursday, February 26th, 9am PST

Topic: The Users Strike Back: The Force Behind a New SAP Experience

Hashtag:  #SAPtd

Guest: Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer at SAP, @UXSamYen

Host: Jan Penninkhof, SAP Solutions Architect and SAP Mentor, @jpenninkhof

New to Tweet Chats?


They’re pretty simple. Follow the SAP TechEd hashtag, #SAPtd, for my questions and Sam’s replies, and then join in at any time with your questions and comments.


To prep for it, here are a couple of things you may want to check out:


Going to be super interesting. Mark it in your calendar: Feb 26th 9am PST, 6pm CET


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