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#SAPTechEd Expands to Become #SAPdcode!

Posted by Chip Rodgers in SAP TechEd on Jan 28, 2014 9:29:28 PM

For over 18 years, SAP TechEd has set the standard as SAP’s premier technology conference where you, our SAP community members and technology professionals gather every year to learn from top SAP experts, get your hands on the latest SAP technology, network with peers, and of course, have a great time doing it.


Well, it’s time to move to the next generation!


This year we are radically rethinking SAP TechEd and kicking off SAP d-code, the next evolution of technology education and training events. This new event series will celebrate developers as well as the entire ecosystem of technology professionals with the best of SAP TechEd lectures and hands-on training, as well as meet-ups, hack days, CodeJams and InnoJams.


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SAP d-code will continue to have valuable TechEd content for IT managers and architects, developers, system and database administrators, to security and business intelligence professionals.  But with the new SAP d-code, we’ll put SAP technology in the hands of developers and technology professionals to engage and explore new possibilities for collaboration, innovation and problem-solving.


Here is an announcement from Dr. Vishal Sikka, introducing SAP d-code:





What is SAP d-code?

SAP d-code is the newest conference in SAP’s renowned event portfolio. It is an evolution of the SAP TechEd program and is designed with additional elements to attract more external developers who are new to the SAP platform, as well as internal developers and the traditional SAP TechEd audience of IT Managers and Architects, Developers, System and Database Administrators, and Security and Business Intelligence professionals.


With SAP d-code, we are expanding our approach to our acclaimed technical conference series – growing beyond SAP TechEd’s scope, adding new experiences for developers, and increased opportunities for SAP customers and partners to interact and communicate with internal SAP developers and product experts.


Where will SAP d-code Events Take Place in 2014?


For 2014, SAP d-code event dates and locations will be:

  • Shanghai, China – March 13-14
  • Las Vegas, USA –  October 20-24
  • Berlin, Germany – November 11-13
  • Bangalore, India – Q4 (date TBA)



Does SAP d-code replace SAP TechEd?

Yes. For nearly two decades, SAP has delivered a premier technical education experience with SAP TechEd. Now with SAP d-code we are expanding the concept to include new elements that will deliver value to an even broader ecosystem.


What happens to all the valuable SAP TechEd components, like the hands-on workshops, lecture sessions, expert networking sessions, and Demo Jam?

Though we are retiring the valuable SAP TechEd brand, the event’s most valuable elements live on with SAP d-code. Intensive hands-on workshops, demo-rich lecture sessions, expert networking sessions, Demo Jam, CodeJam, InnoJam, meetups, hack days, and much more are all in the SAP d-code mix.


Will SAP Community Network (SCN) be part of SAP d-code?

Absolutely. Since its inception in 2003, SCN has been an integral part of SAP TechEd and bringing together the collective power of developers, partners, customers, business process experts, and others to enhance the value of their SAP relationship. This powerful collaboration continues to thrive with SAP d-code.


Why the name “SAP d-code”?

The SAP TechEd conference has always been about HOW to get things done – delivering the education and training to help customers get the most out of their SAP solutions. While SAP d-code still offers critical education and training programs on HOW to get things done, it is also a more collaborative opportunity to discuss WHAT is possible with new technologies and products.


As the name suggests, SAP d-code is about bringing together the broader SAP ecosystem – SAP and its customers, developers, and partners – to collaborate around new and emerging opportunities to “crack the code” on how best to apply technology to solve problems and deliver business results.


At SAP d-code, attendees dig deeper than ever to “decode” the thinking, the needs and drivers of thousands of SAP partners, developers and customers. Attendees will take that insight and collaborate with SAP developers to develop new ideas and innovative applications.


Who should attend SAP d-code?

SAP d-code will continue to have all the valuable SAP TechEd content for IT managers, architects, administrators, and developers who work with SAP technologies.


In addition, SAP d-code will have features for developers, IT professionals, and students who may not be SAP savvy yet, but who are curious to learn more about coding for in-memory computing, managing big data, creating enterprise mobile apps, and more.  Our goal is to bring together a larger number of developers – from SAP, our customers, our partners, and even from outside the SAP ecosystem – to engage with the longstanding SAP TechEd community of attendees.


Where Can I Learn More and Continue the SAP d-code Conversation?

Check out these online resources for more information and to join the conversation about SAP d-code 2014!



Channel *Where to Go
SAP d-code Website
Twitter  @SAPdcode
Twitter Hashtag  #SAPdcode
LinkedIn  SAP d-code | LinkedIn


(*Note that we are transitioning our channels from SAP TechEd to SAP d-code over the coming weeks.  If you are already following SAP TechEd accounts, you will automatically be following SAP d-code when they are moved.)


Watch for more updates and exciting information on the new SAP d-code program for 2014.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels to get the latest on SAP d-code.


We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!





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