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SAP Gateway is a technology that provides a simple way to connect devices, environments and platforms to SAP software based on market standards. The framework enables development of innovative solutions with "Anywhere World Class UX" bringing the power of SAP business software into new experiences such as social and collaboration environments, mobile and tablet devices and rich internet applications. It offers connectivity to SAP applications using any programming language or model without the need for SAP knowledge by leveraging REST services and OData/ATOM protocols.

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Preview of SAP API Management powered by HANA Analytics in the SAP Cloud

Elijah Martinez

Posted by Elijah Martinez on Jan 20, 2015

This blog provides the first look at the In-Cloud Beta release of SAPs API Management Platform including a preview video.

Book Analogy to understand Central Hub and Embedded Scenario

Amit Nigam

Posted by Ekansh Saxena on Jan 2nd, 2015

Follow this blog to understand Central Hub and Embedded Scneario using a book analogy.

Tutorial on SAP Gateway User Self Service

Aakash Raj

Posted by Aakash Raj on December 15, 2014

Step by step video tutorial on how to use SAP Gateway User Self Service for B2C scenarios

Andre Fischer

Posted by Andre Fischer on December 2, 2014

Creation of OData service from scratch making use of a CDS (Core Data Services) view from HANA

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