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Erhan Keseli

Thoughts on SAP Netweaver Gateway

Posted by Erhan Keseli in SAP Gateway on Apr 5, 2012 9:08:34 PM

Hi gurus, I want to ask you a question about SAP Gateway.


Come on, you get used to read this sentence from upgrading to new SCN. And this is a joke.


When I downloaded SAP Netweaver Gateway from SCN it was very easy to setup it on Linux. Ok, I didn’t try to install it on Windows. I found some documents about Gateway. I read them all. It is good to know that documentation is very well on SAP Gateway. I implemented scenarios on the documents.



  • Easy installation. That's standart ABAP installation
  • It is easy to expose ABAP functions. Just some clicks and voila!
  • Easy to use screens. Mapping screens are enough good to use.



  • JSON is not supported
  • When you get an error, it is very hard to find where the error is.
  • Hard to remember transaction codes.


Well, that's my thoughts about SAP Netweaver Gateway. You can write your own thoughts below blog. Waiting for them!



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